60 Gorgeous Fence Ideas and Designs

polished wood fence wall

Fences can make or break your kerb appeal. They are no longer just to secure space and mark boundaries, fence walls are now widely used as the edging to frame your garden, the highlight to your landscape design or as the focal point of your frontage. Choosing the right one amongst hundreds of fence ideas and designs is vital. The best fence matches the homeowner’s style and its surroundings and provides solution the fencing needs.

1.       Modern Black Horizontal Slats

Elegant, minimalist and stunning! You can never go wrong with this black steel and white concrete combo. The easy-to-maintain and tough fence also comes in a simple yet tasteful style. 

modern black and white fence

2.       Slatted Wood Fence

Rustic inspired fences are among the trendiest fence ideas and designs today. The warm cedar tones of the horizontal wood slats smartly complement the chrome frame and house numbers.

modern wood fence

3.       Solid Concrete Backyard Walls

Upgrade your old and tired concrete fence into this chic and stylish wall. A whole new coat of cement should conceal the weathered blocks. Just add geometrical lines for that smart finish.

modern concrete wall

4.       Vertical Timber Fence

Chunky, unique and imposing! Go rustic all the way with this tough timber fence. The best fencing option if you really don’t want to hide your front yard but still want outsiders out.

vertical timber fence

5.       Brick and Metal Interchange

This is the perfect upgrade if you already have an existing concrete or brick fence. Tear down alternate sections and replace with trendy metal slats. When you already have an imposing wall, try to tone down the colours, choose modish yet neutral hues.

brick and metal fence

6.       Etched Metal Fence Door

Add a hint of whimsical to a rather austere fence. The leaves and branches pattern of this etched metal fence door is certainly interesting.

etched metal fence door

7.       Bamboo Privacy Fence

Organic and dramatic. This beautiful bamboo frame fence will look good in any setting and landscaping. It provides ample coverage and is easy to build.

bamboo privacy fence

8.       Modern Gabion Wall

Gabion walls are among the toughest fence ideas and designs and have been in existence since medieval earth. Upgrade the rough wall by carefully stacking the stones, forcing them into precise lines and shapes. Choose pretty coloured stones with interesting patterns.

gabion walls

9.       Frosted Glass Fence

Frosted glass fences are ideal privacy screens. The panels are cool, stylish and attractive. The smooth glass panels perfectly complements the rough wood frames and boards.

frosted glass fence

10.   Contemporary Steel Privacy Fence

This is the ideal front yard fence if you want that awesome kerb appeal! Contemporary and stylish. The tar black steel pikes and its unique design are perfect when you want to really standout.

contemporary stell fence

11.   Metal Sheets and Wood Combo

This metal sheets and wood slats combo is affordable and utilitarian fence without sacrificing style. It’s easy to put up, tough and you can still customise the look with paint colours.

metal sheets and wood fence

12.   White Horizontal Slats

Classy sophistication with lots of style. This all-white, no-frill and top-of-the-line fence is also tough as nail. It’s simple, durable and easy to maintain.

white horizontal slat fence

13.   Modern Pallet Fence

Highlight rustic country charm to your backyard with this pallet fence. Let the natural wood tones frame the profusion of colours in your garden. Charming, without even trying.

wooden backyard fence

14.   Solid Metal Panels

Very modern and sophisticated. Solid steel plates of random width adds a touch of imagination to the rather imposing installation. Creative use of paint can also transform the fence – from its harsh presence to something fun or charming.

solid metal panels

15.   Wood Slats and Stone Wall

How about combining the ancient gabion wall with the modern wood fence? You get a highly attractive, very modern and really tough fence!

gabion and wood fence

16.   Etched Metal Screen Panels

The finely etched metal screen panels add a healthy dose of delicate charm to the rather tough-looking fence. A great upgrade option for those old steel bar fences.

etched metal screen panels

17.   Matte Black Wall Fence

Fence up like you mean business with this black wooden fortification. The unpretentious wall of horizontal wood slats is practical and functional. The modern minimalist style is simply attractive.

matte black fence wall

18.   Modern Wood Privacy Fence

Stylish, current and striking. Give your fence a breathing space with this creative fencing style. The installation lets the air freely pass through and still provide almost full coverage.

modern wood fence

19.   A Climbers Wall

Extend your garden up to your fence by building a wall of greens. The refreshing and lush fence speaks of fun lifestyle and lovely tradition.

live fence

20.   Vertical Slat Fence

The toughest fences don’t always have to be boring and harsh. This black vertical slat fence breaks down the monotony and unforgiving presence of metal fences with its imaginative styling and design.

vertical metal fence

21.   Stunning Polished Wood Wall

This is one beautiful and captivating fence. But despite its delicate appearance and stylish assembly, this polished wood wall is secure and tough.

polished wood wall

22.   Stainless Steel Light Posts

Sometimes you really don’t need a wall or a fence. When you’re that lucky, all you need are these dashing stainless steel light posts and some gardening to highlight your front yard.

stainless steel light posts

23.   Privacy Hedge Green Wall

A good wall of shrubbery provides full coverage, helps cool the air and cost very little. However, cultivating your green wall could take up years. For the meantime, install a temporary barrier like a wire or picket fence.

garden hedge

24.   Modern Black Iron Fence

The minimalist styling that includes clean lines, basic colour and no-fuss design makes this ultra-modern black iron fence standout. The state-of-the-art swivel gate is an impressive bonus.

modern steel black fence

25.   Square Lattice Fence

Quaint and lovely. This square lattice installation are perfect for setting up boundaries without closing off the views. You can use wood patterned iron, aluminium or steel for a longer lasting fence.

wood lattice fence

26.   Cool Grey Metal Fence

Contemporary, cool and chic. Great for front yard fencing where you can keep your house and show off your garden. This design will easily complement any modern landscaping. 

steel grey fence

27.   Minimalist Rustic Wall

When the yard is an extension of your home, your fences are your secondary walls. While the outside are mostly plain and mean, the interior should be stunning, functional and beautiful.

modern minimalist garden wall

28.   Lattice and Roses

This lovely and delicate looking fence is also functional and tough. Instead of wood, use stronger materials like steel or iron. The roses might take a while to grow, but once they’re up, you can have years of beautiful and perfumed screen.

lattice and rose fence

29.   Modern Wood and Concrete Wall

This fence is modern, smooth and of very interesting design. The fortified black concrete wall is actually chipped off in the middle and installed with vertical wood slats. Ground-breaking style and great looking fence.

modern wood and concrete wall

30.   Cedar Fence and Pergola

When you want to stick with beautiful traditions and style, this bare cedar fence fit you just right. Solid, well-made and naturally gorgeous. The pergola gate seals in the charm.

fence and pergola combo

31.   Classic White Fence

The classic low white iron fence is the city version of the white picket fence. Upgrade your classic iron fence by eliminating the curlicues and other adornments. Keep it simple with clean lines to align with the modern minimalism of today.

classic white fence

32.   Perforated Metal Fence

Perforated metal sheets in a basket weave – fun, inventive and attention-grabbing. You can even weave in few trees! This is the fence that will transform your home into a landmark.

perforated metal fence

33.   Wood and Black Iron

Opulent style and gorgeous colours. This wood and black iron fence is full of drama and flair. Fitting for those who can’t abide with the generic and neutral minimalism.

wood and black iron fence

34.   Bamboo Garden Hedge

Live bamboo plants can provide coverage and set up boundaries like any other fence. Bamboos are faster to grow that other hedge plants. However, these vertical-growing plants are also grass and can be perennial, maintenance is required if you don’t want it to encroach your space.  

bamboo garden hedge

35.   Horizontal Wood Fence

The horizontal wood poles secure the yard without blocking off the view. Ideal for dog runs, gardens and spaces that you want fortified but not really concealed.

horizontal wood fence

36.   Modern White Picket Fence

Picket fences are still among the favourite fence ideas and designs. This upgraded picket fence is still white, but with the more modern shape and minimalist construction.

modern white fence

37.   Contemporary Wrought Iron Fence

Tough-looking, sleek and ultra-modern. Clean lines, solid black paint and modern lock contraptions. This fence commands respect and attention.

black iron fence

38.   Free-Standing Iron Slats

This fencing style is so simple it stands out! The boundaries are marked with a line of free-standing iron slats. Serves the purpose, and looks amazing too.

free-standing iron fence

39.   Modern Pallet Fence

The unassuming wood pallets can be used to create something incredible and functional. This modernistic and artistically assembled pallet fence is simply stunning.

creative pallet fence

40.   Horsetail Privacy Screen

Horsetail is easy to grow, low maintenance and eye-catching. Its amazing structure of tall deep green stalks are perfect privacy screens. The modern grey planters contribute to the sleek look of this horsetail fence ensemble.

horsetail privacy screen

41.   Woven Metal Slat Fence

Metal fences are among the most favoured fence ideas and designs. They are easy and quick to install, very durable and flexible in style and design. This simple metal slat fence becomes special with its woven construction.

metal slat fence

42.   Louvre Privacy Wall

This heavy wood fence exudes oriental charm and stability. The heavy dark wood timbers resonate solidity, while the slanted louvre slats are distinctive and fascinating.

oriental wooden fence

43.   Barn Wood Style Fence

Add a healthy dose of country styling to your front yard with this low barn wood fence. Comes simple and functional, but with a lot of pastoral wholesomeness.

barn style white fence

44.   Chicken Wire and Climbers

The right styling and your favourite climbers can make chicken wire fencing work for your city townhouse. It’s sturdy, striking, affordable and easy to maintain. Just water the plants!

chicken wire fence

45.   Modern Wood Textured Fence

Low fences are perfect when you to showcase your front lawn. This modern wood textured fence is already stunning by itself, but will also frame and highlight a beautifully landscaped front yard.

low wood fence

46.   Charming Fence and Arbour

Arbours are pretty additions to fences. It can support and hold fragrant or flowering climbers to top off the fence. Add arbours for lovelier and distinctive fences.

wood fence with arbour

47.   Horizontal Stacked Fence

This ingeniously designed fence is sure to capture attention and awe. Using wood or metal slats, the stacked up installation is tough and contemporary. Effectively secures your space without blocking off the view.

modern horizontal stacked fence

48.   Brick and Garden Fence

Adding a vertical garden will dramatically transform and upgrade your old basic brick wall. This colourful wall garden is definitely eye-catching as it is fascinating.

brick and vertical garden wall

49.   Horizontal Stained Boards

Instantly upgrade old and boring iron fences by simply adding stained wood boards. Optimise coverage with strategic placement of the boards.

iron and wood fence

50.   Practical Wood and Concrete Fence

Half and half fences are common – stronger and heavier material for the bottom half, like concrete or stone and lighter and more decorative material for the top. Until recently, iron grills have been a favourite top. This wood and concrete mix is the modern upgrade of the well-loved fence style.

wood and concrete fence

51.   Vertiscape Garden Wall

Transform a plain and forgettable wall by adding a garden! This Tetris styled vertical garden of colourful succulents is just what you need to spruce up a plain concrete wall.

vertical garden wall

52.   Stained Pallet Wall

Not many fences can compete with a solid wall of beautifully stained pallet. The full coverage affords you total privacy. Wood polish protects the wood from the elements, making it last longer. You can also opt for wood-textured composite or vinyl materials for optimum durability.

modern wood fence

53.   Concrete and Wall Planters

Adding planters can instantly liven up your solid concrete fence. Plant easy to grow and low-maintenance shrubs to the outside of the wall and an herb garden on the inside. Fun, colourful and environmentally friendly.

wood box planters

54.   Modern Laser-Cut Steel Panels

City-sleek, ultra-modern and urbane. This precise-cut steel panel fence personifies a dynamic and innovative charm.

modern steel fence

55.   Wooden Pallet Garden Fence

This is an easy and brilliant DIY fencing project for the weekend. Get several wood pallets, have it stand on its side and secure the stability or just pile them up, you don’t even have to take them apart! Then create pockets and load up with your favourite plants. You got yourself a garden and a fence.

pallet garden fence

56.   Basket Weave Fence

This is another fence unique and attention grabbing fence idea and design. The basket weave pattern of the wood or wood textured material is fascinating and distinctive. Very original.

basket weave wood fence

57.   Red Picket Fence

When you love your picket fence and can’t think of replacing it, just swap the traditional whites for a stunning red! Fun, outrageous stylish and simply grand.

red picket fence

58.   Low Staggered Concrete Fence

Modern and rustic, this fence just made fence gates seem overrated. The staggered placement of low walls maintains coverage without gate gaps. The wood detail matches the house and easily highlights the house number.

modern stagerred fence

59.   Modern and Lush Garden Wall

Transform your yard into an absolute oasis. Water, wood and plants. This Zen-inspired wall garden is simply magnificent.

lush back yard oasis

60.   Creative Fence Wall

When you don’t have space for a garden, use your fence. This creative fence wall incorporates wood, steel and greens for an attention-grabbing and marvellous garden wall.

creative fence wall

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