50 Awesome Pergola Design Ideas

grey garden gate pergola

Pergolas incorporate beauty and function to your front or backyard. They are garden or yard structures that provide seating, shade, and comfort outside your home. A thoughtfully designed pergola will provide character to your outdoor space and define a separate area from the rest of the yard. There are different pergola design ideas to match your needs. A pergola can be a relaxing corner for tired gardeners, a cosy garden nook for readers, an outdoor dining area, or an installation to maximise your frontage appeal.

1.       Old Romantic

This classic pergola design feature charming white rafters, purlins, and side lattices, a comfortable sofa, and small fountain. Perfect for relaxing outdoors on warm afternoons.

white pergola with latticed sides

2.       Modern Minimalist

This minimalist construction offers the bare essentials – seating, shade, privacy screen, and an eye-catching addition to the garden.

roof deck minimalist pergola

3.       Side Curtains

Infuse ethereal charm to your garden pergola by adding gauzy curtains to one or more sides. Use different curtain material to match your needs – thicker for more privacy, prints and colours for more vibrancy.

classic pergola with side curtains

4.       Private Corner

Need privacy, comfy cushions, and light fixtures in the garden? Create the prefect corner nook with this smart pergola design.

cosy corner garden pergola

5.       Garden Swings

Swings are in most popular pergola design ideas. Instead of installing benches or sofas, up your pergola’s playful quirkiness with a couple of swings!

patio pergola with swings

6.       Wisteria Fascination

Climbers and pergolas come together dreamily! Wisteria shrubs add colour, dainty flowers, and glorious scent to your garden.

black pergola with wisteria creepers

7.       Garden Pod

This corner pergola pod offers utmost comfort and privacy to your outdoor living options. The quaint box can easily fit into even the smallest yard.

cosy pergola pod

8.       Retractable Canvas Shade

Need shade but only for few hours a day? The retractable cloth or canvas shade is your perfect solution. Bring them on when the sun is shining too much, and pull them in when you need unhindered view and space.

deck pergola with retractable canvas shade

9.       Pallet Bed Swing

What can be more comfortable than a day bed in your backyard? A swing pallet bed! Dress it up with colourful mattress and pillows – perfect to offset the black posts and beams of the pergola.

small pergola with pallet swing bed

10.   Blue Oasis

Blue shade, enough comfy cushions, privacy screens on one side and lots of free flowing air! This is the coolest part of your yard.

comfortable stand alone pergola with sofa and shades

11.   Wicker Appeal

This basic white pergola becomes interesting with the white curtains. Adding wicker furniture transforms it to something quaint, chic, and adorable.

charming white deck pergola with wicker furniture

12.   Deck Perfection

With a basic pergola, lots of gauzy curtains, shabby chic seating, and creative lighting, transform your boring ordinary deck into something spectacular!

rustic deck pergola with creative lighting

13.   Backyard Complete Combo

Bring all your garden installation together – firepit, swing, seats, and patio, and define the space with a pergola.

backyard circular pergola

14.   Garden Nook

This pergola is ideal for smaller backyards. Just put together what’s important – seats, a table, tiled floor, a pergola, some potted plants, and some climbers.

small garden pergola with creepers

15.   Creative Lamps

Adding dramatic details and conversation pieces to your pergola is always a good idea. These vintage lamps will offer the needed illumination and the added attraction to your garden or yard.

glass jar pergola lights

16.   Geometric Screens

Steer away from the usual slats and opt for the more imaginative geometric screens and roof for your pergola.

geometric pergola screens and shade

17.   Gardener’s Haven

This pergola is the centrepiece of a beautiful lush garden. The basic pitched pergola sets the serene air and the shabby-chic bench provides all the invitation you’ll need.

gabled garden pergola

18.   White Lattice Panels

Timeless pergola design ideas include white posts and beams. This is a classic pergola turned extraordinary with the addition of lattice privacy panels and black furniture set.

white patio pergola with privacy panels

19.   Canopy Shades

Thread canopy through the beams to provide more shade on summer days and whenever the sun is shining too strongly. Use different colours and designs to match your personality and moods.

threaded canopy shade for pergola

20.   Tropical Lush

The beams are almost obscured by lush climbers, privacy screens are cascades of plant roots, and seating is rustic. Raw, sultry, and warmly welcoming!

rustic stand alone pergola with tropical climbers

21.   Basic Black Pergola

Just need something nice to add to your already amazing front yard? A basic black pergola will define your property without taking away attention from your perfectly landscaped and manicured yard.

basic black garden pergola

22.   Reader’s Nook

Snug in the back corner of your home, a pergola with a comfy seat is the perfect reader’s hideaway.

cosy patio pergola

23.   Modern Pergola

No crude carpentry work allowed here. You will need professionals for the perfectly positioned side slats for privacy, impeccably appointed seating, dramatic lighting, and flawlessly constructed floors and roofs.

modern pergola

24.   Living Pergola

Plants for your pergola roof and side panels is vibrant, green, and beautiful. A living pergola also provides cooler space and fresher and better air quality.

garden pergola with plant roof and sides

25.   Black and Silver

Infuse something slick and modern touch to a lush garden. The intricate metal shade adds glamour to the edgy solid black pergola and silver furniture.

contemporary black pergola

26.   Iron and Wicker

Black pergola design ideas are popular because the dark colour perfectly foils the vibrant surroundings. Wicker furniture and wrought iron railings add beautiful details and style.

suburban terrace pergola

27.   Roof and Water Feature

Nobody can miss this extravagant pergola! The awesome architecture includes, clean lines, an eye-catching roof feature, and a matching water installation. A design feat!

modern steel pergola

28.   Splendid Colours

Colours can instantly make a small and modest pergola into a delightful backyard feature. Throw in some pillows and a floor mat in lively colours and you have an inviting spot.

Zen pergola with vinyl roof

29.   The Zen

This pergola design provides height and depth, and helps the small yard look bigger. The basic black posts, beams, and purlins match the wood and stone Zen vive.

black roof deck pergola

30.   Rustic Charm

Put together the warm wood tones of the pergola and wicker appeal and you have one charming and inviting garden spot.

rustic garden pergola with privacy panels

31.   Etched Roof Screens

Etched metal shades take your pergola from humdrum to extraordinary. Iron or aluminium roofs are durable, light, and offer endless design options

etched metal pergola shade

32.   Pergola and Swing

This dreamy pergola and swing combo can fit even the smallest yard. It offers the frame to showcase lovely climbers, and a snug seating to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.

charming pergola and swing combo

33.   White Elegance

White pergola design ideas are among the most popular for its elegance and timeless appeal. This is an example of understated beauty – clean lines, lovely screens, and a touch of colour in the wrought iron furniture.

elegant white pergola

34.   Grid Roof

Parallel lines too conventional for you? Try this grid roof design to instantly create a surprising unique and outstanding pergola!

walkway pergola with grid shade

35.   Steel Cool

Modern, cool, industrial. This pergola design is for the unapologetic, the open, and the honestly confident.

modern industrial steel pergola

36.   Arched Pergola

This amazing pergola is creatively designed, unique, just the right size, and incredibly lovely!

unique arched pergola

37.   Rosy Hideaway

Capture beautiful moments in this all natural, rosy, and rustic pergola. Building and creating this beautiful pergola might take time, but the results will all be worth the wait.

rustic pitched pergola with rose climbers

38.   White and Green Classic

Pergolas are great yard features and separators. This beautiful white and green pergola is the platform to highlight lovely creepers and frame quaint seating area. It also separates the pool area from the rest of the garden.

shabby chic garden pergola

39.   Garden Gate Pergola

No ordinary gate can compare to this grey pergola entrance. The carved beams and extraordinary choice of colour promise amazing things ahead!

grey garden gate pergola

40.   Cushy Corner Nook

This no-fuss pergola offers the shade, the comfortable seating, and privacy anyone needs when relaxing and enjoying the cool air outdoors.

small corner pergola

41.   Thatched Roof

Bring the outback into your home, even for just a while. Dress up your pergola for special events by lining straw or similar materials for an outback vibe.

patio pergola with thatched roofing

42.   Outdoor Room

Extend your living area by building a pergola over your terrace. This is a great idea for outdoor kitchens and living rooms.

steel patio pergola

43.   Rustic Stand Alone

This classic pergola design highlights the warm wood hues of the posts and beams. The retractable shades makes it adaptable to shade needs. Add comfy cushions and you have an incredibly comfortable outdoor room.

rustic stand alone garden pergola

44.   Solar Panel Roof

Using solar panels for your pergola roofing is an extremely sensible idea. Maximise space, enjoy the shade, and take advantage of the green energy from the sun. Win-win for both you and the environment.

patio pergola with solar power roof

45.   White Stone Pillars

Inject some Grecian touch into your pergola with these white stone posts. The dark beams match the furniture. But it is the green lush creepers that takes this pergola to perfection.

Grecian pergola with white pillars

46.   Mariners’ Pergola

Pergola by the sea! Wood deck, bare posts and beams, and knotted rope for purlins. The Moroccan lamp adds an exotic hint that will take your imagination to the seven seas!

hexagonal deck pergola

47.   Rounded Pergola

Dress up a bare corner of your home with a rounded pergola. Surprising, elegant, and eye-catching!

white rounded patio pergola

48.   Pitched Roof with Flower Creepers

Want a shade but can’t decide if a roof will stifle the light off your front patio? Build a pergola instead! The beams and creepers will provide the shade and up your kerb appeal factor.

pitched patio pergola with flower creepers

49.   Wood Pallets and Lights

You don’t need to go grand with a pergola. This small-scale installation is made of re-purposed wood pallets. Add a string of light bulbs and you have perfectly charming garden feature.

cosy wood pallet pergola with swing

50.   Patio Delight

Build a curved pergola over a patio for an impressive backdoor space or front entrance.

impressive curved patio pergola

Do you have any awesome pergola design ideas and garden improvement ideas that we haven't covered? Why not discuss it on our RenoForum!