35 Striking Outdoor Lighting Ideas and Designs

outdoor lantern string lights

A lot of your kerb appeal depends on you outdoor lighting. Your beautiful garden and landscaping look sensational during the day, could you let it go and disappear into the dark after the sun goes down? More than illumination, outdoor lighting also helps prevent accidents and secure your property. Dress up your front yard and gardens with these awesome outdoor lighting ideas and designs.

1.       Overhead Deck Lights

Every home should install some motion sensor lights for lighting and security. These overhead solar lighting won’t add up your electric bill. A couple strategically installed in your front and back yards are enough to provide powerful lighting and sensitive sensors.

overhead deck outdoor lights

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2.       Solar Pathway Lights

These sleek and modern stainless steel post lamps will add a classy touch to your driveways, pathways and walkways. The clear lens enables optimum lighting and chic finish.

solar outdoor light post

You can purchase this stainless steel solar lights here: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01E8GEG06

3.       Clear Globe String Lights

Create a cosy and romantic atmosphere by adding string lights to your yard. These clear globe lights give out a warm and dreamy glow. Perfect for pergolas, porches and fence gates. Great addition to garden parties too!

clear globe outdoor string lights

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4.       Dragonfly Fairy Lights

Dragonflies are lovely elusive creatures. Bring in a wonderful touch of magical and whimsical to you garden with these colourful dragonfly fairy lights. They will light up the trees, plants, grass, windows and fences.

dragonfly outdoor string lights

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5.       Hanging Bottle Lantern

Quirky, creative and colourful! One of our favourite outdoor lighting ideas and designs. Dress up your fences, porches and outdoor living areas with these environmentally friendly lanterns. You can make your own hanging bottle lanterns too!

hanging bottle outdoor light

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6.       Wide-Angled Sensor Light

Secure your front entrances and backyards with a powerful, bright illuminating sensor lights. This wide-angled lighting has 120-degree sensors, bright illumination and comes in an elegant design.

motion sensor outdoor light

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7.       Icy White Garden Bulbs

Do not wait for the holidays to enjoy these fun lighting cheer. String up some crystal ball bubble lights to light up your garden, highlight landscaping designs and add fairy lighting to cosy outdoor nooks.

white garden string lights

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8.       Landscape Light Stakes

Light up your driveway, pathways and walkways with these easy to install outdoor light stakes. No wiring and connections needed. Just pick a spot and stake to the ground. Great for highlighting and edging landscape designs.

landscape outdoor stake lights

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9.       Mosaic Glass Table Lamp

Bring in this colourful and bright ball of light into your garden. It is colourful, cheerful and features a solar panel, no installation and wiring necessary. Just leave in your garden, patio and outdoor living spaces. It will charge during the day and light up at night.

mosaic glass table outdoor light

You can buy this mosaic glass ball garden light here: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01HCXSRXE/

10.   Glass Ball Stake Lights

Add spots of bright colours to your garden with these glass ball stake lights. You can also use them to edge pathways and walkway.

glass ball outdoor stake lights

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11.   Waterproof Cylinder Lamp

Light up front doors and entrances with a pair of these modern stainless steel cylinder lamps. The cool urbane modern design includes vertical light slots and a brushed nickel finish. Perfect for modern homes.

waterproof cylinder outdoor lamp

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12.   Purple Fairy Lights

Adding fairy lights to your yards will light up the area, highlight garden nooks and define landscaping designs and. These purple LED lamp beads give subtle lighting, whimsical colours and create a unique and magical space outdoors to enjoy.

purple fairy outdoor lights

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13.   Solar Ice Rocks

Lighting up your yard is a breeze with these solar ice rocks. Just place the rocks strategically around the garden, along pathways and driveways. Equipped with solar panel receptors, the rocks will charge during the day and automatically light up at night.

solar ice rocks outdoor lights

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14.   LED Glowing Ball of Light

These stunning mood lamps are just what you need to bring in the wow factor to your outdoor space. Add a few of these glowing balls of light to garden nooks, verandahs and patios and enjoy muted lighting and colourful night landscape.

LED glowing ball outdoor lights

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15.   Landscape Pathway Lights

A modern version of one of the classic outdoor lighting ideas and designs. The vintage streetlamp design gets an upgrade with a solar panel, smaller dimensions and sleek metal finish. It will give wistful ambience and illumination to gardens, driveways and pathway.

landscape pathway outdoor lights

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16.   Vintage Black Wall Lantern

This vintage black lantern gets an update. The same beautiful and graceful curves and arches, but with modern lighting implements. Perfect for walls, entrances, posts and porches.

vintage lantern outdoor light

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17.   Outdoor Security Lights

Light up and secure all corners of your property with this motion sensitive outdoor security lights. Installs in almost any surface, the unobtrusive lighting stays off until motion is detected.

outdoor security lights

This LED motion sensor light is available here: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B017LYD93C/

18.   Rotating Lawn Lamp

This rotating lawn lamp moves with the stirring of the wind, adding life, movement and colours to your garden. The hanging metal lamps feature changeable colours and wind spinner.

rotating outdoor lawn light

You can purchase these light wind spinners here: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00PC37MFG/

19.   Exterior Wall Lantern

Elegant exterior lighting for the modern home. Made of steel and honey art glass, the chic oil-rubbed bronze finished lantern glows warmly with muted light.  

exterior wall lantern

You can get this exterior wall lantern here: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CQODOI8/

20.   Wireless Sensor Light

Discreet, efficient and economical. One of the most sensible and practical outdoor lighting ideas and designs. This wireless sensor outdoor LED light features a 100-degree detection angle. You will only need a few strategically placed lights to safeguard your grounds.

wireless sensor outdoor lights

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21.   Tealight Drip Candles

Enjoy candlelight dinners, a relaxing atmosphere and romantic evenings in the garden without the hassle of relighting candles every time the wind blows it out. The frameless LED drip tealight candles give out warm white light and looks and feels like the real thing.

drip candle outdoor lighting

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22.   Meteor Shower Drop Lights

The wait for the elusive meteor streaking the sky is over. You can now enjoy meteor shower every night in your garden. The metallic blue light feature a mesmerising show of cascading raindrop light.

meteor shower outdoor lights

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23.   Steel Cylinder Wall Lamp

Sleek steel cylinder wall lamp to match elegant contemporary homes. The sophisticated design feature a vertical steel cylinder with lights coming from the top and bottom. The polished graphite finish enhances the classy look.

modern cylinder outdoor wall lamp

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24.   Garden Mosaic Stake Lights

Lampshades for the garden! These colourful mosaic solar lampshades provide decorative glow to your garden, pathway and walkways.

mosaic garden stake lights

You can buy these mosaic outdoor lights here: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B016XXAFUC/

25.   String Ambiance Lighting

Firefly string lights give out delicate and enchanting illumination to your outdoor space. Use these solar-powered night lights as a whispery outdoor curtain, drape on plants and hedges or string around your garden. Also, great lighting option for outdoor parties.

outdoor string lights

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26.   Garden Rock Lights

Choose the outdoor light installation that will not ruin the natural elements of your yard or garden. These rock lights look like rock boulders and will easily blend with nature. Unobtrusive lighting to light walkways, pathways and define landscaping designs.

garden rock lights

You can avail of these solar garden lights here: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00WQQA5KQ/

27.   Purple Blossom String Lights

Boost up your garden appeal with some delightful and enchanting decorative outdoor lighting. This purple blossom string lights can perk up garden nooks, trees, fences, pergolas and hedges.

purple blossom outdoor string lights

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28.   Waterproof Rope Lights

Have your own nightly light show with these waterproof rope lights. Define your outdoor space by adding rope ambiance light to fences, tress, porches, pathways and landscaping edging.

outdoor rope lights

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29.   Multi-Coloured Flower Lights

Can’t decide on one colour? Get this multi-coloured flower lights and outdoor decoration. Adds colour and delightfully lights up your yard. String along fences, plants, windows and beams.

colourful flower outdoor lights

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30.   White Globe Stake Lights

These white globe stake lights will complement sophisticated landscape designs. The solar lighting bubbles are best to line driveway, pathways and entrances.

white globe outdoor stake lights

You can buy these LED globe stake lights here: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01DA4FIRM/

31.   LED Lantern String Lights

Add a dreamy Asian touch to your outdoor space by adding these miniature lantern string lights. The LED and waterproof ball lights give out the same warm white light that inspires romantic evenings.

outdoor lantern string lights

These solar lantern string lights are available here: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01D40BVO6/

32.   Landscape Spot Lights

Spot lights effectively highlights the best features of your yard without getting on the way. It is one of the top outdoor lighting ideas and designs. These landscape spot lights feature frosted glass lens, diecast aluminium and a sleek black finish.

landscape outdoor spot lights

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33.   Bronze Lighting Sconce

Something old and beautiful. This vintage bronze light sconce reflects an era of romance, decadence and beauty. Inspire the same rich and ecstatic ambiance in your garden, main entrance or porch.

vintage bronze outdoor light

You can buy this outdoor lighting sconce here: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N2TJD9N/

34.   Vintage Sconce Pendant Lamp

This vintage sconce pendant lamp is a timeless design. Its classic style, aluminium alloy and bronze finish will complement contemporary home designs, and is not about to go out of style.

vintage outdoor lamp

You can buy this vintage wall lamp here: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01NAITAJ9/

35.   Glass Jar String Lights

Romantic lighting effects from something ordinary as glass jars. You can even DIY this charming night lights. Vials or any small jars can be frosted or left clear. Fix into holiday string lights you can find in any home depot store.

glass jar outdoor string lights

You can purchase these glass string lights here: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01LW3RIMJ/

Do you have any stunning and eye-catching outdoor lighting ideas and designs to add? Why not discuss it on our RenoForum!