55 Front Verandah Ideas and Improvement Designs

rustic verandah with slanted hardwood floors

Your home’s front verandah is the face that people see from the kerb. Your home will be judged by what they see – your front lawn and verandah. A drab verandah will likely lead to a boring home and an uninspiring interior. Here are 50 great front verandah ideas and upgrade designs to easily improve kerb appeal and create an impressive front for your home;

1. Outdoor Curtains

Up the charm factor of your front verandah with billowy light curtains. Comes in handy as a privacy screen or shade against sunlight glare. 

cosy verandah with curtains

2. Black Pergola

Extend your verandah with this chic and modern pergola. Add climbers for shade and allure.

extended verandah with black pergola

3. Hanging Planters

Hanging plants add definition to your front verandah. Make use of that vertical space to bring beauty and kerb appeal.

Southern style verandah with hanging planters

4. Stone Steps

Define the entrance to your home with impressive stone steps.

brick stone verandah steps

5. The Rustic Sofa Swing

Swings are among the top front verandah ideas. Be unique with this recycled pallet with sisal string cords sofa swing.

country style verandah with pallet swing sofa

6. Step Lights

Step lights are a sensible and functional addition to your front verandah.

verandah step lights

7.  No Railings

Take out the railings and keep your verandah more open and inviting. The columns make your front appear taller and statelier.

no railings verandah

8.  White and Blue

Add powder blue to sparkling white and you have a cool and airy verandah. Curtains and skylights help complete the look.

elegant white and blue verandah

9. Bougainvillea Climber

Cultivate bougainvillea shrubs as climbers for your verandah. They are sturdy lush green plants with bright long lasting flowers.

verandah with bougainvillea climbers

10. Screened Verandah

Screening is on the list of practical front verandah ideas, keeping insects and debris out, while maintaining an open view.

cosy screened verandah

11. Rustic Modern

Enjoy a rustic, modern verandah by highlighting warm wood decking, minimal furniture and clean lines.

rustic modern verandah

12. Creative Drop Lights

Offset a cosy corner with statement drop lights. 

French country style verandah

13. Shades of Brown

A neutral colour palette provides warmth  to a verandah. Think tan cushions, creamy walls and ceilings and warm terracotta features. 

rustic verandah with slanted hardwood floors

14.  A Touch of Greece

Add a grecian feel to your verandah with column and curve architecture. Enhance with a white and blue colour palette. 

Grecian style verandah

15. Large Modern Planters

Large planters are fast becoming a favourite amongst front verandah ideas. Geometric shapes in monochromatic colours make a strong focal point within your space.  

large modern outdoor planters

16. Tropical Inspirations

Create your own tropical paradise in the comfort of your verandah by introducing a variety of exotic coloured plants. 

wicker and tropical verandah

17. Vertical Blinds

A totally open front glass verandah with the option to close. Clever!

glass verandah with vertical blinds

18. A Pop of Colour

The neutral stone flooring and timber panelling, allows for exploration of colour! Think bright printed cushions and lush floral plants. 

glass panelled verandah with stone floors

19. Comfy Sitting Nook

Maximum privacy and absolute comfort helps to create almost an indoor feel to your verandah. 

cosy verandah with window shutters

20. Hanging Lounge Chairs

Add a nice touch of whimsy with these adorable hanging lounge chairs. Perfect for alone moments – with a good book, or your dreams.

hanging lounge wicker chairs

21. Potted Garden

One of the greatest front verandah ideas for gardening. Small potted plants are more manageable, and the triangular stand lends height and character. 

A-frame planter stand

22. Grey and White

Behold the understated elegance of grey and white. The huge pot of hydrangeas perfectly complement the cool design.

elegant grey and white verandah

23. Rustic Modern

Timber columns, wicker, and dark wood decking. Modern, with a lot of character.

modern rustic verandah

24. Modern Neutrals

The tasteful combination of mocha and cream effectively enhances the greens, creating a timeless verandah design. 

tasteful verandah design

25. Clear Roofing

Get that totally outdoor feel while keeping a roof above you head.

backyard verandah with a swing

26. Bare Brick

Display the raw beauty of bare brick in your front verandah. The columns, furniture and accents are kept polished and simple.

bare brick verandah

27. Flower Perfect

Bring the garden to your verandah! A nice profusion of bright flowers is all you need to transform a drab front to breathtaking.

potted flowering plants

28. Built-in Bench

This built-in side bench is a seat, a side screen, and a kiosk all in one. 

patio with built-in side bench

29.   Louvered Shutters

White louvered shutters efficiently screens and add style to this white columned verandah. Dark furniture and bright green accents are perfect to foil the stark whiteness.

classy verandah with louvered shutter screen

30. Burnt Orange on White

This basic white verandah is turned into an extraordinary front with a lovely mix of burnt orange, greens, and warm browns.

lovely verandah with wicker furniture

31. Flower Boxes

One of the prettiest front verandah ideas – install flower boxes to the railings. Instant charm, colour, and fun.

flower boxes on verandah railing

32. Roman Inspired

This Roman inspired verandah includes imposing columns, marble floors, and iron furniture and accents. The covered pergola is a great idea for design and functionality.

verandah with whilte pillars and marble floors

33. Carved and Cushioned Chairs

You can never go wrong with a magnificent piece of furniture. These carved seats bring back the wondrous days of the past. 

verandah with Victorian seats

34. Candle Lanterns

Candle lanterns are pretty, whimsical, and functional. Place several lanterns for character, and light them up during special nights when you need to heat up the romantic air.

Moroccan outdoor lanterns

35.Trellis Side Screen

Not really a wall, but it provides the needed definition. A white trellis is always charming.

cosy verandah with white trellis

36. Greenhouse Inspiration

Create a mini greenhouse in your verandah with the combination of a glass wall, garden tools, wooden chairs and lush greenery. 

rustic greenhouse verandah

37. Comfortable Rockers

Lists of front verandah ideas will not be complete without the comfortable rocking chairs. Very quintessential, sweet, and idyllic.

old country verandah with rocking chairs

38. Lovely Lavender

Tired of classic white verandah? Keep the light verandah theme, but replace white with a lovely shade of lavender.

lavender verandah by the sea

39. Dreamy Daybed

Maximise comfort by adding a daybed to your verandah! This daybed is narrow enough to be a couch, but wide enough for comfortable naps. A curtain can provide privacy when needed.

cosy white verandah with day bed

40. Plant Privacy Screen

Plant several layers of climber like jasmine, rose, clematis, or wisteria and let it cascade a pretty green wall.

verandah with plant privacy screen

41. The Grand Entrance

Put your front door in focus with symmetrical plants on both sides, dramatic paint, and lighting.

spacious verandah with hardwood floors

42. Shabby Chic

Achieving the shabby chic is tricky. You have to get the just right amount of shabbiness. The secret is not compromising on quality.

small cottage verandah

43. Wicker and White

This wicker and white verandah is a truly gracious and comforting mix. Add in bright red floors for a bit of character.

gracious South verandah with wicker furniture

44. Hanging Garden

Create dimension and live verandah shade with a hanging potted garden. Keep it neat and beautiful by choosing pretty tiny plants and uniform planters.

apartment verandah with hanging planters

45. Contemporary Stylish

Adopt the contemporary trend of today’s homes into your verandah. Neutral earth colours, rustic, and clean lines are a great choice. 

contemporary minimalist verandah

46. Wooden Bench

It only takes a wooden bench and few pillows to turn this almost bare verandah is into an idyllic and welcoming front.

verandah with wooden artisan bench

47. Privacy Shutters

Love the openness of a verandah but still need your privacy? A shuttered verandah can be opened and closed as needed.

verandah privacy shutters

48. All Shades of Yellow

Yellow is sunny, bright, and perky. Too much yellow can be blinding, but this clever mix of shades is cheerful and dazzling.

bright Queenslander verandah

49. Homey Hammock

Bring on your inner Bohemian with a relaxing and laidback hammock.

backyard verandah with a hammock

50. Lots of Red

Red is the colour for a front verandah that calls for attention! Soften the effect with pretty wicker furniture, airy curtains, and interesting accents.

colourful verandah with curtains

51. Chic Class

The colours, furniture, and design are bold, classy, and poised. This verandah is for the strong and confident.

cool and bold verandah design

52. Wisteria Screen

A bright curtain of feathery wisteria is enough to draw admiring eyes from the kerb. It might take years to cultivate wisteria climbers, but the result is one you can take huge pride in.

open verandah with wisteria screens

53. Relaxed Oasis

Front verandah ideas are towards creating a welcoming, relaxing, and attractive front. This cool green and grey combination delivers all.

cosy tropical verandah

54. Bright Furniture

Bright furnishings bring colour, jazz, and gorgeousness to this rather plain verandah.

screened verandah with bright furniture

55. Metal Railing

This verandah keeps things toned down, elegant, and stately. Neutral cool colours are pleasing to the eye, while the chrome railing heightens its modern sophistication.

Cape Cod verandah style

Do you have any eye-catching front verandah ideas and improvement designs that we haven't covered? Why not discuss it on our RenoForum!