40 Spectacular Front Gate Ideas and Designs

The easiest way to boost your kerb appeal is to add a stunning fence and front gate. A great design will showcase your home, your garden or your spectacular lawn. Front gates are also installed for more practical reasons – privacy and security. The best front gates fit the home structure and style, the owner’s personality and needs and complement its surroundings. Here are our favourite front gate ideas and designs to inspire your own;

modern gate

1.       Modern Grey

Cool, sleek and modern. Complementing the concrete walls and floor, the steel grey gate with clean vertical lines provides average coverage, letting the outsiders get a peek of the inside – ideal for suburban homes and townhouses. 

modern grey steel gate

2.       Iron Mesh

This contemporary gate provides tight security without hindering the view. The dark grey iron mesh contrasts the bright outdoors. Best for gardened lawns and front yards.

iron mesh swing gate

3.       White Laser Cut

Fashionable and elegant, this front gate is perfect for modern city townhouses. Designed to impress, the graceful pattern cuts perfectly balance the contemporary plains of the walls.

laser cut steel gate

4.       Minimalist Slider

Providing full coverage, without being cumbersome. This solid gate is heavy, sturdy and solid, ideal for front gates opening to busy streets. Adding wheels makes it easy to move. The modern minimalist design is sleek as it is striking. 

modern steel sliding gate

5.       Cedarwood Farmhouse

For grand entrances, this cedarwood farmhouse gate provides all the drama, the charm and the magnificence of the countryside. The stacked stone posts complete the rustic vibe of the design.

wood farmhouse gate

6.       Aluminium Screen

Sleek, modern and elegant. This aluminium screen gate provides maximum security while allowing a peep from both sides. Great design for front gates of city homes, gardens and suburban front lawns.

modern steel gate

7.       Gothic Wood

Wood is a common feature in many front gate ideas and designs. This impressive and massive wood gate evokes medieval charms and magnificence. The imposing dark wood panels are complemented with black steel fittings. Gothic and dramatic.

gohic wooden gate

8.       Entrance and Pergola

Adding a pergola to your front gate easily boosts your home’s kerb appeal. This modern steel and concrete combi is minimalist and efficient. The pergola holds the lighting, while a mesh panel is integrated for safe peeks.

contemporary home entrance

9.       Frosted Glass Gate

Using glass for the front gate is a novel and impugnable idea. But this cutting-edge design that incorporates frosted glass with steel is striking and graceful in its simple lines. 

steel and glass gate

10.   Timeless Wrought Iron

The classic and graceful wrought iron gates are here to stay. Charming and nostalgic, wrought iron gates are fully customisable, sturdy and cheap. Perfect when you have a great front yard and garden to show off!

classic black iron gate

11.   Home and Entrance Matching

This modern gate is designed to match the house. Matching the fence and gate designs with the house integrates the look and style. Best for suburban homes or city houses where you want to make an impression.

modern gate design

12.   Timber and Metal

Seasoned timbre and metal edgings create a great front gate look. Rustic, elegant and timeless. This gate provides maximum coverage and security and will easily match any home style and design.

wood and steel gate

13.   White Wood

When you need maximum security and still want your gate to look welcoming. The impressive entrance is sturdy and secure. Painting it white tones down the imposing look, while the slot design provides a good view from either side.

elegant white gate

14.   Contemporary Wrought Iron

A great updated look of the classic wrought iron fence and gate. Instead of the curves and lace designs, this one went minimalist and current with clean lines and fewer trims.

modern black iron gate

15.   City Black Gate

Sleek, black, modern. This townhouse front gate design is eye-catching yet secure, perfect for suburban homes where foot traffic is heavy. The solid wall provides the needed privacy, while the black steel gate softens the look and adds a chic vibe.

modern townhouse steel gate

16.   Aluminium Horizon

When you want good coverage without totally blocking the view, this contemporary aluminium driveway gate is perfect. The sleek grey metal sheen complements the modern grey tones of the fence and home.

aluminium driveway gate

17.   Rustic Wood Squares

The best front gate ideas and designs never go out of style. Bucolic, traditional and magnificent! This is a grand entrance, a fitting precedent to a magnificent home. With lots of character, the gate is welcoming, nostalgic and impressive.

classic wood gate

18.   Laser Cut Metal

The simplicity of this gate design is what makes it striking and remarkable. A bare metal sheet, precise cuts added and traditional hinges and latch, the design is inspiring – effortlessly classy.

iron sheet gate

19.   Wood and Stone

A great combination of modern and charming, this wood and stone gate is stunning. Using a lot of natural elements – wood, stone and concrete, the modern design also comes with a mesh steel panel. Top-notch design in looks and in functionality.

wood and stone entrance

20.   Vertical Pipes

Futuristic, unique and exceptional. When you want to go for the extraordinary and impressive kerb appeal, this chrome pipe fence and gate will certainly catch all the attention. The sturdy material will last a long time, making this edgy gate also a practical choice.

creative metal gate

21.   Cottage White Picket Fence Gate

Quaint and charming, a classic country style elegance. This white picket fence gate is ideal for front lawns entrances and front yards with garden and foliage as the white perfectly complements the intense greens and vibrant colours.

white picket fence gate

22.   Driveway Metal Screen

This ultra-modern design provides just the right degree of privacy, a great exceptional look and maximum security. The roll-up design is also space-efficient and ideal for city homes and townhouses.

modern steel driveway screen

23.   Tuscan Barndoors

Warmly welcoming, charming and pastoral. It is also dependable and sturdy. This classic Tuscan barndoor gate befits a happy home, warm weathers and good times. The metal ring handles and hinges stamp the faithful and classic design.

wood barndoors gate

24.   Minimalist Wrought Iron

This fence and gate design perfectly match the modern minimalist homes of today. Clean lines, basic colour and efficient functionalities are evident in the design. Black is used for the gate and fence combi to better make it stand out and define the space.

modern black gate

25.   Lasered Steel

Add grace and style to the basic cold grey steel gate with carefully lasered cuts. The graceful curving design of the cuts lends elegance and sophistication.

lasered metal gate

26.   Wood and Iron

It is hard to go wrong with a classic. This is a modern take on the mid-century modern look. Wood is incorporated into the grey steel frame. Its warm wood tones balance the cool grey of steel.

wood and iron gate

27.   Viewing Slots

Zen minimalist design with bare wood, concrete and glass. Viewing slots added to your front gates are a great security feature. It lets the inside get a glimpse of who’s at the other side. Use tempered glass for durability and complete the gate with some strategic lighting.

modern minimalist gate

28.   Rustic Ranch Gates

Elegant, striking and classic design. Impress with this imposing yet charming ranch gates. Burnished wood panels are welcoming, the curves charming and the sophisticated iron handles classy.

rustic ranch gate

29.   Modern Metal Panels

The simplest front gate ideas and designs prove to be the most striking. This modern metal panels gate is made out of metal squares and rectangles in random sizes, put together to form a fascinating, uptown and trendy look.  

metal panel gate

30.   Laced Iron

Modish, glamorous and beautiful. The graceful and charming filigree iron gate will never go out of style. The delicate etchings complement the vintage cobbled stone, murals and stone columns of the home.

graceful black metal gate

31.   Stunning Grey

Cool and modern, elegant and stunning. The modern grey tone of this driveway gate is pleasant and striking, matching the other neutral hues of the exterior design. Thin white lines cut the boredom and synchronise with the clean structural lines of the home.

modern steel gate

32.   Block and Mesh

A modern front gate for the modern home. Efficient and minimalist, the design features blocks of solid sage green steel and steel mesh insets. The sturdy material provides maximum security while the mesh insets allow a peek from both sides.

modern metal gate

33.   Black Metal Slider

Maximum security, sleek looks and efficient design. This sliding metal gate is everything you need. Imposing, sturdy and impressive, the gate also comes with a slider feature for ease of operation.

black iron gate

34.   Minimalist Metal Slats

Modern and quirky, this metal fence and gate combi is stylish, durable and striking. The streamlined design features grey vertical metal slats, an iron gate frame and a chrome handle and house number.

vertical iron gate

35.   Regal Black Iron

This gate is regally impressive! The ironworks and detailing befit royalty. Wood panels are added for maximum coverage, while the red brick posts and cobblestone pavement add in plenty of rustic charms.

classic royal gate

36.   Etched Aluminium

Turn a boring solid aluminium panel into an interesting work of art with some gorgeous etchings. The bamboo design of the etchings on this metal gate provides a dramatic touch of Zen to the cool modern look. Beautiful.

elegant steel gate

37.   Matte Black Spokes

A lot of modern front gate ideas and designs include metal elements. Metal black spokes attached to a metal frame to form this modern and sleek fence and gate combi. The random slants of the spokes add a quirky touch to the perfect symmetry of the modern design.

minimalist steel gate

38.   Folded Iron Stunner

Fascinating and eye-catching. The interesting design features folded iron plates, giving the gate a sleek and mesmerising look. The iron plates effectively impart strength and security, while the brilliant design belies a creative character.

modern steel gate

39.   Striking Wood and Chrome

Gleaming chrome and warm wood tones, this striking gate is attractive as it is impressive. It is also made out of sturdy materials and designed to last. The side screens allow a view of the outside while the solid wood panels provide the needed privacy.

wood and chrome gate

40.   Mid-Century Modern

Belying the modern home behind, this gate evokes a lot of mid-century modern nostalgia. The steel and wood combination are romantic and charming. Stacked stone posts and gravel driveway add a lot of rustic vibes to the design.

mid century modern gate

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