50 Front and Backyard Landscaping Ideas You Must Try from the Landscaping Experts

A recent design by Oakmont Landscaping

A recent design by Oakmont Landscaping

A beautifully landscaped front and back yard provides the ultimate statement piece to any home. Each brings the perfect opportunity to wow your friends and family and enhance the look and feel of your home. Beautifully landscaped front yards bring an incredibly positive first impression, framing your home and prefacing the interior. While a landscaped back yard brings a stylish entertainment area for parties, playtime and me time.  We have partnered with Troy from Oakmont Landscaping, who are Brisbane landscaping experts, to provide you with 50 incredible landscaping ideas that will transform the look and feel of your home. Here are our favourite designs;

1. Outdoor room

Bring the inside outside with a beautiful open sitting or dining area or even an outdoor kitchen. With an outdoor room the sky is the limit. Literally!


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2. Tropical forest

Nothing says tropical island paradise like your very own mini tropical forest. Plant tropical trees, shrubs, and bushes with a matching base and watch as your garden transforms into the ultimate tropical getaway.



3. Vege garden

Love to cook? You will love your own Vege garden. Bring the freshest ingredients into your kitchen right from your own backyard. Not only is it an environmentally friendly addition, but it is a ton of fun too for the whole family!



4. Circles

Tired of square gardens? Try something different. Circles are a classic landscaping design that breaks away from the more industrial looking squares.



5. Floating bench

Modern, stylish and unique, floating benches bring the wow factor to seating. Commonly made using gorgeous hardwood this is one way to spruce up your backyard sitting area.



6. Two level yard

If your front or back yard is hilly you have the perfect opportunity to transform your yard into a manicured, multi-tiered statement piece. Utilise retaining walls, such as what is offered by landscape design expert Troy, to achieve this affect.


7. Pergola covered outdoor area

Pergolas are perfect for any backyard. Turn your sitting area into an all-weather haven, providing you a worry-free outdoor escape. They are so flexible that you could even create an outdoor living room complete with a tv. Get creating!



8. The classic pool

Looking for a fun way to cool the kids down in summer? Or even a relaxing place for some, cool, calm quiet time? You need a pool. This classic has been designed and then redesigned to be able to fit into almost any sized backyard.



9. A splash of colour

Colourful plants, pots, and more can lift any space into a gorgeous haven that you will love spending time in. Try adding colourful plants, or even cushions to your outdoor furniture, to add a splash of colour across your yard.



10. Fire pits

When the kids are all grown up it is time to turn your back yard into the ultimate conversation and party space for adults. The firepit offers the perfect centre piece. Sit around, with a glass of wine and a couple of friends on a cool night and let the conversation flow while the crackling fire warms you up.


11. Grass insets

If you want a stylish pathway the put away the concrete or stones and try grass insets between your pavers. Not only does this add a splash of colour but it provides a refreshing, natural aura to your yard that will impress any visitor.



12. Vines

Want to transform your boring concrete or brick wall? Add a classic feature that will turn any garden into a mystical wonderland.



13. Rose garden

Add a classic English makeover to your garden with roses. Much loved for the variety of colours, beautiful petals, and wonderful scent, you can truly transform any garden with roses.



14. Beach theme

Sand, tropical plants, rustic woods, and reclaimed driftwood can turn your backyard into a beachside getaway. If you don’t live beside the beach you can take it to you just by theming your garden. Be careful with sand next to pools as you may need a special filter.



15. Outdoor shower

To compliment your beach themed backyard why not include an outdoor shower to wash off all the sand. Decorate it with towels and surround it with natural woods and you will have a stylish space to wash off after a swim.



16. Flower covered pergola

Want to transform your pagoda with a classic European style? Cover it with flowers! Not only does it provide a gorgeous, colourful aesthetic, it provides a living roof to escape the sun and cool down under on hot days.



17. Garden fountain

Fountains are the perfect centre piece for any garden. Whether you want to create an impressive entrance, or a relaxing backyard corner, a fountain is the go-to addition. It can also provide a lovely place for native birds and lizards to sit, allowing you to watch colourful birds play around on hot days.



18. Conversation pit

The perfect space for grown-ups to entertain their friends. Just like the fire pit, a conversation pit is the perfect addition for when the kids go away. Low maintenance, high fun, enjoy spending time with friends in your backyard paradise. You can even add a fire pit into the centre.



19. English courtyard

If you have a small space, but are unsure what to do with it, turn it into the classic English courtyard. Add vines to walls, rustic furniture, planters with colourful flowers and maybe a nice water feature. The English courtyard provides the perfect relaxation space to escape from the world. Sit down with a good book, and a glass of wine in your ultimate cosy getaway.



20. Tree shaded patio

If you want provide shading around your patio without having to install a roof you could try using trees. Mature trees provide an excellent natural cover, providing you shade while still providing that outdoorsy feel.



21. Play with shapes

Go beyond squares and circles and experiment with different shapes. If you are installing a pool, instead of choosing a square design, try a kidney shaped design. This could break up square monotony and give you some fun shapes to work with when theming.       



22. Offset pavers

Offset pavers provide a natural, in appearance, stone path layout for those looking for something different than modern squares. Lead your guests on a unique journey with offset pavers.



23. Classic porch

If you want a space to sit back and relax, while overlooking your garden paradise a porch is the perfect option. This classic option rarely goes out of style, and when done right can offer a gorgeous, rustic relaxation space.



24. Orchard

If you have a large backyard consider turning part of it into an orchard. Plant citrus trees and a variety of fruits to provide your family a delicious selection of naturally sweet foods to enjoy. Orchards are a must have for any large, rustic country backyard.



25. Tree lanterns

Transport yourself to a fairy wonderland with tree lanterns. Hang gorgeous lanterns from trees or cover them in fairy light sets and transform your garden into a mystical fairy-tale world.



26. Driveway/path lighting

Light the way to your home with hidden lighting along your pathways. You can use solar lights that simply turn on at night or if you want to get fancy add hidden edge lighting to low walls along the path.



27. Sculpted hedges

Sculpted hedges make an impressive statement in your garden. They are natural fences that allow you to frame your garden with a bit of greenery.



28. Square walkways

Modern, simple and tasteful, you can never go wrong with a square walkway. Whether it be with pavers or a stone concrete mix, squares provide the ultimate modern look to any home.



29. Plant beds

Surround your yard with manicure plant beds providing a safe space for your plants when playtime comes around. Plant beds provide the perfect accent to turf or courtyards, adding a second level or dimension to the space, breaking up any flat areas.



 30. A small greenhouse

If you have a green thumb, then a greenhouse is a must have. Fill it with your favourite plants, providing you with a natural getaway when you need to escape the world. A greenhouse creates a gorgeous, nature filled space for times when you need peace and quiet.



31. Indigenous plants

The perfect addition to any home is indigenous plants. Not only should they be easier to grow in your yard, but they restore the natural beauty of your land and preserve the species for future generations. Indigenous animals also love these plants as they restore their natural habitat.



32. Raised garden bed

The ultimate way to break up a flat yard is with raised garden beds. Create a tiered space reminiscent of native South American ancient structures. Not only does it add beautiful greenery to your space while breaking up a flat area, it also looks impressive. Add the wow factor to your yard with a raised garden bed.



33. Japanese inspired garden

Add a splash of Zen to your garden with a Japanese inspired theme. Perfectly placed rocks, ponds and water feature will turn your backyard into a relaxing haven. Japanese gardens can be difficult to get right so make sure you do a lot of research or hire an expert.



34. Hidden garden

Everyone wants their own secret garden where they can hide away and be transported to another world. Fence off a space in your garden with hedges or vined walls, add a secret gate and voila you have your own hidden space to escape to.



35. Flower lined staircase

Natural, beautiful and the perfect entrance piece to any home, a flower lined staircase is a must have for any rustic styled front yard. Lead your guests through a line of flowers as they walk to your front door. This accent to a staircase provides an excellent first impression to any home.



36. Large planters

Want to let your plants stand out, break up a flat garden, all without breaking the bank? Large planters are your friend. They offer a home for your plants that features them amongst your yard without requiring any advanced landscaping.



37. Garden walls

Combining the best of a vine wall and a flowered gazebo is a vertical garden wall. Transform a bare wall with flowers. This vertical garden provides a natural beauty to a wall that otherwise would have stood out like a sore thumb.



38. Minimalist fencing

Want a grand gate and fence at the front of your home but want a more modern aesthetic than classic wrought iron gates? Minimalist fences may be exactly what you are looking for. Try mixing black metal with white rendered brick posts. Minimalist fencing will provide you with modern, gated privacy.



39. Natural timber fencing

An understated classic, natural timber fencing can transform any yard with a simple, rustic aesthetic that pushes your plants to the forefront. If you want to cordon off an area of your yard for a private, hidden space, natural timber offers a flexible, affordable fencing type.



40. Stone

Stones offer a modern surrounding to your pavers. If you want a modern path to your front door consider using light coloured pavers with darker coloured stones. This will keep your pavers cooler in summer to step on, while offering a chic, modern contrast.



41. Corner Garden

Do you have a corner that is begging to be transformed? Try creating a small corner garden complete with a comfortable bench. Plant your favourite flowers, add some nice lighting and create a gorgeous space to sit back and relax. Quiet time would never have looked so beautiful.



42. Garden lighting

Accent your gardens with lighting. Different to tree lights, this addition will create a night-time focal point for your garden. Consider playing with lighting colour. Garden lighting will add that wow factor across your garden and is perfect for parties.



43. Galvanised water trough

Want to see more wildlife in your garden? Provide a reason for them to come with a galvanised water trough. You will see local wildlife lounging around outside and inside the trough all through summer. If you love lizards, this is a must have.



44. Bird bath

A classic addition that brings colour and sound to your garden. Attract local birds and watch as they play and swim in your bird bath. Far smaller than a proper water feature, a bird bath is able to fit in most gardens and comes in many different aesthetics.



45. Garden arbour

If you want a grand entrance then an arbour is the place to start. Lead your guests through a flower paradise walkway to your front door, stunning them with beautiful flowers. If you have ever been to a park with an arbour, like South Bank Parklands in Brisbane, then you will know how breathtaking an arbour can be, especially in spring.



46. Wooden benching

Is a garden truly complete without a nice bench to sit down in and enjoy the fresh air with a cup of tea? The perfect afternoon outdoor retreat spot is your garden bench, allowing you to keep an eye on the kids while kicking back and admiring your garden. Everyone needs a garden bench.



47. Winding path

Add a sense of magic to your yard with a winding path through your garden. Straight out of a fairy tale, a winding path offers a fun adventure for kids and a gorgeous mythical aesthetic for you to admire. If you love fairy tale wonderland yards, then you need this.


48. Archways

Archways provide the perfect entrance to any yard. No matter your theme you can find an archway that will accent the yard beyond it. Whether it be rustic, classic, Japanese or modern.


49. Floral variety

If you feel that your garden has become a bit same-samey consider shaking it up by varying the flower types. Choose accent colours or styles, match small with large and bright with dark. Changing up the floral types within your garden will have transformative effects, bringing it to life.



50. Wispy plant

Soften harsh lines of a modern yard or accent a rustic yard with wispy plants. These plants are soft, moving with the wind. They create a beautiful aesthetic that is hard to ignore.


Do you have any exciting modern front yard designs that we haven't covered? Why not discuss it on our RenoForum!