50 Modern Living Room Ideas and Designs

modern living room

Living rooms are the most public room in our homes. It is where we usually receive and entertain guests. Living rooms are designed to impress and display our public image and style. Here are some modern living room ideas and designs to inspire your next remodel;

1.       Modern Minimalist

The classic mid-century modern interiors stripped down to a more contemporary feel. The minimalist look features neutral colours, clean walls and minimal décors. Light colours and the open glass wall balance the black accents and warm wood tones. Sleek, minimal and modern.

modern minimalist living room

2.       Posh and Edgy Additions

The timeless black and white colour scheme get a boost from the texture, patterns and gold accents. The sofa textures and prints give the living room an edgy look, while the gorgeous golden accents make the room look posh and upscale.

edgy living room design

3.       Mediterranean Inspired

Recreate the sunny and warm Mediterranean in this bright living room inspiration. The plain white walls are a great background to the colourful and rustic Mediterranean template – amber and sienna tones, terracotta and medieval patterns.

modern mediterranean living room

4.       Desert Colours

Bring in the warmth of the desert into your living room! This bright and pretty living room features the warm colours of the desert – tawny, sand, buff and tan. Make the space your oasis by adding comfortable seats, enough lighting and personalised artwork.

desert inspired interiors

5.       Light and Space

Update your traditional and stuffy mansion living room by stripping off unnecessary drapes and curtains, removing excessive wall décors and freeing the floor of the carpet. The stripped-down look gives a more contemporary and minimalist vibe. It lets lots of natural lighting in and makes the room appear larger.

modern living room

6.       Chic Farmhouse

Rustic, charming, beautiful. This modernised farmhouse retained all its charms while getting a modern look. White walls and ceiling to balance the darker shades of wood and brick. A Turkish patterned rug, classic leather couch and pops of potted plants complete the chic country style of the interiors. 

chic farmhouse style

7.       Mirrored Centre Table

Nothing works like the cool and edgy mirror to give the space a modern air. Also perfect for smaller spaces, the mirrored centre table bounces off the light and mimics the transparent look. The versatile piece can fit into any interior design and style.

classy living room

8.       Dignified Cool

This cool grey living room is stylish, modern and edgy. The bare concrete walls, black accents and minimalist vibe give to create a trendy look. While the tufted leather seats provide the dignified and refined air.

trendy living room

9.       Lush Attraction

Bring in the warmth of the tropics with this lush forest inspired living room. A huge log – smoothened and varnished serves as the centre table, while warm green potted plants installed on honeycomb holders dominates one wall.

woodsy themed living room

10.   Whites and Blues

A classic and sophisticated concoction of whites and blues. This predominantly white living room is tastefully accented with varying shades of blue. Bright and airy, its minimal use of patterns and colours makes the look beautiful and timeless.

elegant living room

11.   Updated Bohemian

The boho look gets an upgrade! A dip-dye yarn curtain dominates the white plain walls and an assortment of patterned pillows bring in bright colours. The shaggy rug is retained together with the huge potted banana plant to reinforce the boho chic.

modern bohemian living room

12.   Brick on Display

The modern industrial look is trendy. This living also managed to retain its structural charms by highlighting its key elements – brick walls, wood panel floors and arched windows. The comfy sectional, steel-framed tables and the eye-catching abstract painting give the living room its modern look.

chic industrial interiors

13.   Elegant Ash Tones

Modern, sleek and elegant. Uncluttered and welcoming, this living room showcases the minimal number of items, and that good pieces go a long way. The thought-provoking wall art, a pair of globe pendant lights, a comfortable sofa and an elegant centre table.

small modern living room

14.   Sunken Sofa

Add another dimension to your living by creating this sofa in a pit. The sunken living room style allows more vertical room to highlight your ceiling. This living room features dramatic chrome ball lights, hidden lights under the sofa and light wood panel flooring.

sunken living room

15.   Charcoal and Marble

Minimalist, ethereal, timeless. The beauty of marble is highlighted by the matte charcoal walls and accents. Shapes play a dramatic role in the design, leaving out the trimmings and etchings, one is forced to see the lines, corners and colour tones.

black and white living room

16.   Compact Maximalist

A roomful of colours, shapes and patterns! So much happening is a small room. A bright patterned rug, avant-garde art and a smattering of indoor plants makes the room busy. But the more neutral colours of plain white walls, grey and blue help tone down the glare.

modern maximalist living room

17.   Modern Mancave

Bare concrete walls and ceilings, exposed electrical pipes, black furniture and grey-toned rug. Everything in this living speaks of a strong and dominant personality. The widescreen TV, sleek furniture and strategic lighting give the space its modern feel.

modern industrial living room

18.   Purple Touches

Grand, modern, beautiful. Pops of bright and pretty purple liven up the contemporary neutral tones of the living room, matching the greys and white of the interior. However, it’s the silver globe pendant lights that are easily the highlight of the room.

modern living room

19.   Ocean Tones

Bring in the cool and breezy vibe of the ocean with lots of water shades. Ocean, teal, cerulean, lime and emeralds. The water bubble chandelier is just the perfect highlight to complete the look.

ocean themed living room

20.   Concrete Walls

Bare concrete walls give a cool, edgy and modern style. The lack of trimmings and colour is mostly attributed to the minimalist trend. This living room managed to infuse colour by adding the two bright orange frames. The edgy industrial look is accentuated by the modernistic metal chandelier.

modern concrete walls

21.   Surprise Elements

The delicate interior vibes coming from the gauzy curtains and welcoming baby blue sofa is disrupted by the surprising addition of a golden swing and the rustic wood flooring. Comfy, tranquil, haven.  

gold indoor swing

22.   Mid Century Pastels

Fun colours, relaxing vibes, great styling. The favourite modern mid-century interiors get an upgrade with the lively pastels. The light tones also help create an illusion of space, perfect for smaller livings rooms.

pretty living room

23.   Imperial Tropical

The many inclusions of tropical elements can easily overwhelm a room. This living room tastefully put together rattan inspired seats and chandeliers, leaf prints and cobalt blue accents by picking regal pieces to foil the look. The two-storey room has enough space for majestic curtains, carved seats and a colourful woven rug.

luxurious living room

24.   Grey Squares

This cubed grey living is fun, plush and modern. The sectional sofa in light grey is complemented by the square-patterned rug and the white and grey printed pillows. The black glossy-topped centre table takes centre stage, while the warm tones of wood flooring give the room a classy rustic touch.

modern grey living room

25.   Modern Farmhouse

A lot of farmhouse charms, without the farmhouse clutter. Cleaned up walls, minimalist colours and edgy light fixtures give the house a modern look. While the comfortable sofa, printed pillowcases and the wood pallet centre table provide the pastoral charms.

modern farmhouse interiors

26.   Pink Moroccan

A burst of pink from a striking Moroccan interior. The modernised exotic design features a red brick wall, exposed wood beams, a wire globe pendant light and a bright pink Moroccan sofa with a matching pink ottoman that also serves as the centre table.

pink moroccan living room

27.   Modern Country

The rustic country home gets a modern upgrade – white clean walls, bare concrete floor and the fascinating metal mesh sofas. The design also kept the pastoral charms from its wood mantlepiece, wood accents and rope bubble light features.

seaside living room

28.   White Minimalist

Beauty in simplicity. This bright and spacious living room uses white as its dominant colour. Accent colours are minimal and mainly coming from natural wood tones. The huge skylight provides ample lighting. This is nature, polished and brought inside.

white living room

29.   A Cosy Pit

Space efficient and exceptional design. Certainly not the common living room arrangement, this cosy pit hub is contemporary and stylish. Highlighting the modern wood flooring and steel ceiling, the interesting set up is also a great mix of modern industrial and Asian exotic flair.

pit living room

30.   Wood Elements

Several shades of modern grey dominate this modish living room. The black, white and greys of the interiors are balanced by the warm wood elements – centre tables, beams and ceiling. Points of interest include the floral flower doddle wall feature and the unique metal pendant lighting.

modern grey living room

31.   Sunset Hues

Warm, welcoming, modern. This amazing living room is a burst of warm sunset colours – beige, blush, ruby, fire and brick red. A copper floor lamp complements a ceramic pink pendant light. And the cool of the light blue sofa balances the warm colours.

red living room

32.   Monastic Vibes

Serene, striking, modern. This dressed-down living room gives strong minimalist vibes, where everything has a purpose, even the extravagant woolly throw blanket is there for a purpose. The bare monastic room is made warm and welcoming by the fireplace and the comfy sofa.

concrete minimalist living room

33.   Old World Elegance

This timeless design evokes the charming, warm and carefree days from the technology-free era. Where living rooms were the most important room in the house and conversations were done face to face. Lots of comfortable seats, enough room to move around, centre tables with enough storage for reading materials and ample lighting were the important features of the living room back then.

classic living room design

34.   A Colourful Industrial

The typical modern industrial interiors are dominated by grey, black, metals, concrete and bricks. This spacious modern industrial living room inject pops of colour to lift the sombre vibes. The green, purple and reds give the space a fun and vibrant look.

modern industrial interiors

35.   Two-Storey Elegance

A luxurious and elegant living room design when you want to impress! Done in shades of beige and browns, the bright green accents liven up the space. The impressively long silver bubble chandelier emphasises the two-storey height of the room.

luxurious living room

36.   Saharan Inspirations

Spacious, modern, elegant. Shades of ash, sand and browns project the warm air of the desert. Minimal décor is needed, but the framed desert scene underscores the design theme.

elegant living room

37.   Stone Walls

Complement the plain walls and clean lines of the modern living room interiors with something rough and surprising. The wall featuring stacked rough stones is truly exceptional and astonishing.

stacked rock wall

38.   Pastel Patterns

Quaint, pretty, fun! Infusing a lot of bright colours is a fun way to make the most out of limited space.  You wouldn’t complain about the size of this colourful living room because of the patterns and colours. The round glass and gold centre table adds a touch of posh to this charming room.

small pastel living room

39.   Boho Chic

Exciting colours and patterns, macabre curtains and a pouf pillow. A shabby chic side table, a guitar and a collection of vintage items. All revealing a carefree spirit, an old soul. Modernise the topsy-turvy boho interiors by keeping the walls white and clean and the floor clutter-free.

colourful bohemian living room

40.   Luxurious Greys

Modern, minimalist, luxurious. Creating a minimalist luxurious room is tricky. The key is by making every element of the room count, choosing top quality pieces and excellent finishes. The deep greys of this room are the perfect background to set off the gold accents and the marble wall. Elegantly luxurious.

luxurious living room

41.   Breezy by the Sea

Idyllic, rustic, cool. The calming shades of blue, the rustic charm of wood and the modern feel of white clean walls and wood flooring. The two-tone sofa set keeps things interesting, while the exposed wood beams emphasise the luxury of space.

lakeside house living room

42.   Indoor Oasis

Reminiscent of a warm oasis nook, this living room features all of its natural elements – wood, sand hues, driftwood and lush plants. Make the room comfortable with snug seats, warm lighting and enough room to move around.

small modern living room

43.   Modish Glam

Glamourous and chic, modern and stylish. The black walls give an impish goth air, while the use of mirrors creates a glamourous feel. Silver touches, fuzzy throws and vases of roses complete the alluring interiors.

glam goth living room

44.   Curved Elegance

Break out of the common flat walls and corners! Convert to this circular room, with curved walls and no corners. To complement the space, create a circular living room with this elegant curved sofa, oval centre table, round area rug and circle recessed ceiling.

circular living room

45.   Bay Windows

This beautiful living room showcases space, soft colours and ample lighting. The cream and beige theme are complemented by the pink palette, resulting in a pretty and delightful styling. The huge bay windows and seats complete the charming room.

beautiful living room

46.   Cosy Scandinavian

This stylish Scandinavian living room features the clean lines, neutral colours and efficiency of a minimalist interiors. Its white walls and wide windows let in natural lighting, while the lush green potted plants add pops of colour.

small living room

47.   Coppered Sheen

Elegant and posh, metal accents bring in a luxurious touch to any interior design. Brushed copper gives a rich sheen that can complement or improve any room design and style. This exceptional copper floor lamp picks up the colours of the rug, matched the copper table and stool and brightens the grey tones of the room.

copper floor lamp

48.   Nautical Blues

Bright and perky blues can liven up any living room interiors. Cool as it is cheerful and coming with the spirit of the sea, blue shades foil the glare of white. This modern nautical blue living room features different shades and patterns of blue.

blue and white living room

49.   A Glass Wall

Open up a room, create space and let in light. This glass wall creates an indoor/outdoor room, letting you enjoy the views of the outside and natural lighting while in the cool and dry comforts of an indoors room.

living room with glass wall

50.   Peruvian Patterns

Bright and snazzy, Peruvian patterns can steal the show. Add the colourful patterns in your living room rug, throw pillows or sofa prints. Balance the striking designs with dark, white or muted walls, lots of light and bare floors.

Peruvian rug

Do you have any modern living room ideas and designs that we haven't covered? Why not discuss it on our RenoForum!