60 Delightful Family Room Ideas and Designs

shabby chic

The family room is the less formal and more relaxed living room. Usually situated near the kitchen, it is where the family converges. The family room often doubles as the playroom, entertainment room, study area or the baby’s day room. Here are some stylish yet delightful family room ideas and designs that can inspire and help you plan the perfect family room for your home. 

1.       Comfortable Minimalist

Relax in this clean, simple and streamlined family room. The design features soothing white interiors with a comfortable couch and a minimalist stylish rug. The vintage lamppost and shiny round table adds glam and sophistication. 

comfortable family room

2.       Blue Prints and Warm Beige 

Feel at home and relax after a busy day in this light and airy hub. The wide glass door gives a spacious and modern look. The bare wood centre table is a masterpiece with its simple polished look, matching the reed rug and featuring pull-out cabinets to store your favourite books to indulge while taking a break. 

blue and beige family room

3.       Attic TV Room 

Reinvent your attic from boring to stunning! Bond with the whole family and enjoy your favourite movies or TV shows in this cosy attic retreat. The white interior is well-balanced with the sofa in a lovely shade of turquoise, while the zig-zag patterned rug and colourful footstool add a playful vibe to the room. The brick wood wall and exposed beam ceiling give the room its laidback styling.

attic TV room

4.       Kids’ Portraits 

Like most family room ideas and designs, this kept it simple and classy and let the kids be the focal point. The unique mahogany centre table stands sturdy and chic. Built-in wall shelves are functional for storing family pictures, displaying your favourite ceramic vases and housing treasured toys. The portraits of your children adorning the walls give a whole new level of light and happiness in the room.

photo wallframes

5.       Striped Walls 

Family room has never been more fun with this playroom theme design. Add colourful baskets to contain toys and clutter. The wide centre table also doubles as a play area for the kids. The striped wall design elongates the room making it more spacious than it is, while the cool grey and white combo keep the room light and bright.

bright family room

6.       Bright and Charming 

Kids grow fast, don’t they? Renovate your family room to this bright and charming nook. Give life to your jar collection by personalizing them and turning them into vases. The white vintage lamppost standing next to the comfy sofa and rustic rug creates a homey and friendly warmth ideal for relaxation, cosy chats and reading your favourite novels.

charming family room

7.       Mid Century Modern Elegance 

Nostalgic and glamorous, this inspired design takes glitz to the next level. The high ceiling, mirror walls and overall white interiors make the room light and airy. The scattered embossed stones feature on the wall look fascinating and a good conversation starter. Adding perfection to this design are the curved sofa and two pendant lights in shimmering glass.

mid century family room

8.       Metal and Wood Nesting Tables 

Make a statement with this modern yet industrialist designed nesting tables. Practical, space-saving and striking, you can DIY these storage and table pieces. You will need metal baskets and round wood slabs, and a day of productive work.  

steel nesting tables

9.       Comfy Greens and Greys 

Spend your family days and evenings in this subdued yet functional family room. Featuring all shades of green grey, from its wall, sofa and patterned rug. Add life to your design by displaying your life mantra and look back to your family’s great memories through the well-arranged set of pictures adorning the wall.

cosy family room

10.   A Window Seat 

Adding a window seat is popular to family room ideas and designs. This design speaks of practicality, comfort and style. The window seat lessens foot traffic and eliminates the need for space. Built-in wall shelves on both sides of the large are functional for storing photo-albums, books, board games and your much-loved displays.

window seat

11.   Photos and Mementos 

Reminisce about your best family moments together in a family room filled with photos and mementoes. Showcase the highlight your family’s memorable moments in open shelves. The cool and crisp white and blue room is relaxing, welcoming and comforting.

family room

12.   Cool Lakehouse 

Spend great times with the family in this stunning room with a magnificent view. The wide glass windows open the room to the natural lake backdrop. Natural elements dominate the room - the polished wood centre table adds grace to the reed rug and tan sofa. Soft touches of light blues add charm to the look.

lakehouse family room

13.   Pops of Gold

Be different and add fabulous pops of gold to your laidback design. The golden centre table looks posh and elegant. The sunflower inspired gold mirror highlights the room and lights up the soft white and blue interiors.  

posh family room

14.   Bright Pastels 

Let your family room be the favourite hub for kids with this explosion of bright pastel colours. The white walls serve as the perfect backdrop for the bright wall feature, the colourful striped rug and the mint green sofa. The playful throw pillows keep the mood light and fun.

pastel themed family room

15.   Organiser Wall 

Keep the clutter away and manage your files and documents! Family rooms are also ideal for kids to study and parents to work. An organiser wall will help a lot in managing files, receipts, all the much-loved recipes and keeping up with the family schedules. Transform drab steel wires into these posh wall baskets. Complete the strong look with your inspirational quotes to keep everyone driven for what’s ahead.

organiser wall

16.   Bohemian Maximalist 

Rustic, refreshing and personalized. Combine a vintage side table with a cosy sofa to rock a fusion of bucolic and feminine chic. Express your free spirit through bohemian themed paintings adorning the walls. And focus on details by adding patterned lampshade and pillows.

maximalist family room

17.   Stylish and Comfy 

Exuding sophisticated charm, this stylish and comfy room is ready to accommodate everyone in the family. The diamond-patterned Scandinavian rug is comfortable, toddlers are safe to run about the rounded edges of the centre table and adults will love the snug and cosy grey sofa. The crayon set wall feature and a golden chandelier show a touch of fun and unique taste.

urbane family room

18.   Shelves and Desks 

Sunny, fun and comfy. This family room is also a haven of books and educational toys! The built-in wall shelves let you manage clutter easily, while the assortment of comfy seats is inviting and fun. Study stations, a play table and window seats are added to accommodate every mood and activity.

study and family room

19.   Baby Blues 

Baby blues is a top favourite amongst family room ideas and designs. This bright and charming beach-inspired family room is designed for play and relaxing. One wall is dedicated to storage and display, effectively managing traffic and clutter, while the carpeted floor is ideal for play and tumble. The white and baby blue palette is soothing and light.

comfortable family room

20.   Reclaimed Pallet Wall Accent

A fusion of styles! Reinvent your generic family room to this rustic, industrialist and function-intensive hub. The custom-built reclaimed pallet wall feature is edgy and bucolic. Complete the quaint old-country theme with repurposed cube centre tables and a showstopping industrial inspired sunburst chandelier.

wood pallet feature

21.   Elegant and Luxurious

Elegant and welcoming, luxurious and subdued. This tastefully designed family and music room is underline simplicity and grace. The overall white interiors render the room bright, while the delicate touches of gold exude sophistication and luxury.

grand family room

22.   Kids’ Art Gallery 

Showcase your kids’ works of art in a wall gallery! Encourage creativity and brighten your family room by framing and hanging up their drawings, creations and art projects. This is an awesome way of personalising your room and adding a punch of style and character.

kids art gallery

23.   A Reading Nook 

Add a quiet corner for the readers in the house for them to enjoy a book in peace. It only takes a comfy seat and ample lighting to complete a reader’s nook. This subdued and cosy corner comes with a lot of class and elegance. The grey seat compliments the grey walls, while the white lampshade and wide window provide lighting for both day and night reading.

reading nook

24.   Cottage Greens 

Freshen up your family room with a combination of bucolic and invigorating green. The French glass doors ventilate the room and let the light in. Neutral tans and light browns get a zing from the soft green accents. The floral theme makes the room delightful, charming and welcoming.

cottage family room

25.   Classy and Cosy 

A fusion of functionality and straightforwardness adds up to this room that speaks sophistication. The welcoming sofa and chairs soften the effect of the edgy modern sharp patterns and corners. Keep things elegant by adding a classy ceramic lampshade, a few chic wall frames and choosing a neutral overall theme.

chic family room

26.   Basket Organisers 

Family rooms tend to get messy with kids around. Solve the problem by providing them with organisers to keep their toys, books, blankets and other odd kid stuff. This family room manages clutter with a wall of basket organisers. Everyone gets their own storage and the baskets add charm to the generic interiors. Smart!

basket organisers

27.   Bold Navies 

Use contrasting concepts to define a room. The bold and bright velvet sofa takes the room from bland to grand! The bright and deep navy shade is the perfect foil to the room’s white interiors. Keep accent décors to a minimum – neutral-toned carpet, tame wall accents and plain walls so as not to overdo the design. 

deep blue sofa

28.   Bare Wood Floors

A lovely nook to spend family evenings together. Nestled in a cosy corner, this hub is charming and stylish. The dusky shades of grey are complemented by ashy pinks and the warm wood tone of the floor. The bare wood floors give the room a clean and streamlined look while the outstanding gunmetal grey pendant lights make this family room unforgettable.

elegant hardwood floors

29.   Eclectic Patterns and Colours 

This is one happy and bright room! Too many ideas in mind? Bring it all out and never go less with this design that showcases colours and patterns! The unrestrained use of colours and patterns work in this design because they are balanced with plains and neutrals. The clock with built-in shelves is a unique and functional masterpiece that’s also a quirky addition to the room.

fun family room

30.   Work Desk 

Never let work cause you to miss out on the fun and bonding moments with your family. This smartly-positioned work desk will allow you to interact, monitor and watch your kids and family while at work. The red table provides a colourful pop and is a great organiser and space-saver with its pull-out cabinets.

red work desk

31.   Beach House Comforts 

Make every day feel like a vacation with this dreamy and laidback family room. The beach house inspired room takes in all holiday remembrances – the Aegean blue curtains with Greek patterned edging, pieces of dried corals and a tropical plant. The cosy sofa and soft blue throw pillows, grass weave window shades and patterned rug make the room cosy and comfortable.

beachhouse family room

32.   Luxurious Black 

Classy black with touches of elegant silver. The jet-black sofa is sleek yet comfortable, while the silver and glass tables look expensively stylish. Accent patterns add fun and make the room welcoming and entertaining. The milieu of whites, blacks, patterns and interesting accent pieces, the room is put together by the classic grey rug.  

black luxurious family room

33.   Chinoiserie Maximalist  

Bright, comfy and familiar. The lavish floral theme and ceramic displays look unrestrained and extravagant. The calm blue notes of the sofa and the patterned rug take the relaxing ambience of the sea into your home. Complete the look with a wall of family mementoes and a vintage chandelier. 

blue chinoiserie family room

34.   Wooden Couch Sleeve 

Save yourself from the effort of going back and forth to your kitchen to get your favourite drink and save your couch from spillage. This wooden couch sleeve can be DIYed, used as needed and could double as your writing pad in the family room. Simple, smart and functional.

wooden couch sleeve

35.   Sleek and Clean

Turn a generic white room with a burst of colour and interesting patterns. Complement the room’s simplicity with this eye-catching sunset-coloured sofa matched with a pyramid patterned rug. Throw in a couple of textured blankets and unique accent pieces for your own personal touch. Sleek and clean, yet absorbing and bright.

stylish family room

36.   Farmhouse Charm 

Charming, rustic and cosy. The brown sectional couch, wooden centre table, DIYed bench and bare hardwood floor gives the air of a countryside home. The patterned black and white rug and throw pillows a modern touch. This comfortable room is made for intimate gatherings, conversations and long TV hours.

farmhouse family room

37.   Striking Red and Black 

Strike with sophistication and colour. The couch is urbane and modern. The movable nesting tables are not just for style but are designed to adapt to your needs. The red rug is striking, while the chic red and white pillows give comfort and style. Tone down the powerful colour scheme by keeping the walls, floor and ceiling plain and neutral.

luxurious family room

38.   Colourful Shabby Chic 

Spacious, composed and charming. This room exhibits traditional charms and class. A huge shabby chic centre table takes on the centre stage. Big enough to accommodate books, candles and vintage knickknacks, this can also function as your kids’ work or play table. The pillows in various shapes, colours and designs, dress up the generic sectional.

shabby chic elegance

39.   Classy Coastal Blues 

This design takes the sea into your home with a punch of style. The light blue sofa is comfy, the white ottoman coffee table is posh and classy, while the leaf-patterned rug of royal blue and white is interesting and outstanding. Interesting sea-themed accents include the sailboat feature, starfish and coral pieces light up the room.

coastal themed family room

40.   Built-In Wall Storage 

Keep your family room clean and organized with this built-in wall storage that can hold everything in the room, from books and a TV set to rattan baskets and family mementoes. Add interesting accents and displays to spice up the wall. The hidden usable space in the bottom cabinets can store toys, documents, electronic gadgets and other family trappings.

built-in wall storage

41.   Chic and Comfy 

Catch up with your loved ones at the end of the day in this chic and comfy family room. The interiors showcase an interesting mix of contrasting vibes of urban and rural. Featuring neutral tones, the warm mahogany ceiling and the tan rug bring in the rustic feel. The comfy and generous white sofa is welcoming, while the burnished gold centre tables and the geometric pendant light are chic and refined.

cosy and comfy family room

42.   Charming Moroccan 

Bring in the warmth and unique style of Morocco into your home! Take the colourful and unique charms of Moroccan design into your family room. This cosy family room gets an upgrade with the delicate rattan chandelier, a matching rattan seat, a few potted greens and a beautiful patterned rug. Complete the Moroccan charm with a colourful pouffe.

moroccan designed family room

43.   Shine with Silver 

Flash with silver in this glamorous hub that is strategically positioned just beside your kitchen. Glimmering and functional, this family room is perfect for apartments or smaller houses. The generous touches of silver – bar stools, ottomans and table and seat frames add sparks to the basic white, grey and black interiors.

modern family room

44.   Mirror Wall Accent 

Mirrors are safe wall features. You can add a mirror to almost every room in the house. Too many family room ideas and designs, a wall mirror is more than just a décor, it is also functional. It is a mirror, a wall feature and a room extender. Choose a mirror accent that will fit your room’s design, your needs and your style.

mirror wall accent

45.   Red Brick Wall 

Reinvent your bland generic room into this hub of contrasting rough and soft elements. The soft shades of white, light blue and pink are comfortable and cosy. The classic canvas hammock, comfy knitted blanket and the exposed beams are nostalgic and rustic. The highlight of the room is the warm red brick wall – edgy, arresting and compelling.

rustic family room

46.   Enchanting Blush

The classic modern century look gets a current revamp with a soft touch. This ultra-feminine family room interior design features the pale pink palette – in its walls, rug and accents. Light orange, blue and tan touches break the monotony. The walls, ceiling and floors are mostly bare, keeping the room subdued and enchanting.

feminine family room

47.   Home Theatre  

Camping has never been more luxurious and stylish than this family room cum home theatre room. Elegant, sleek and opulent. The wide television screen accompanied by a huge sectional sofa and perfectly polished centre table are all warmed up by a deluxe fireplace adding a subdued glam.

family theatre room

48.   Bright Beach House 

Dreaming of Maldives and the tropics is easier if you bring in a lot of inspiration. This beach house themed family room is bright, warm and colourful, and comes with a lot of vacation home vibes. The wide square centre table can also serve as a work or play table. Wide glass windows let natural lighting in and natural elements of bare wood and reed give a summery feel all year long.

beachhouse family room

49.   Surprise Element

Eliminate boring from your family’s list of traits with this explosion of colours in the room. The striped rainbow rug matches the blast of colours on the paintings on the wall. Not to mention a big surprise by the corner. Make your surprise element unique and specific to you and your family. This could be a hilarious or slightly inappropriate family picture, a token from a special event or a surprising piece of furniture.

colourful room

50.   Black Dominance 

Black is beautiful, dominant, powerful and compelling. Take your love of the colour and bring it into your home. This sleek, black family room personify the traits of black. The soft sofa fabric and shag rug add comfort, while the gold-accented glass tables shine elegantly to light up the room.

black family room

51.   Potted Plants 

Indoor plants add touches of bright colours to the room and also help freshen and purify indoor air. Certain plants absorb toxins and impurities from the air giving you and your family a healthier environment. These uneven set of white ceramic pots on steel pedestals advantageously showcase the plants.

indoor plants

52.   Door Wall 

Open up your family into the garden! Installing a door in the entire expanse of a wall will open the room to the views, fresh air and lots of natural lighting. Spacious and spectacular! The white interiors keep the bright theme of the room, while the industrial-themed round metal chandeliers draw the attention to the room’s high ceilings.

open wall family room

53.   Bright and Sunny 

Let the sun shine in this bright, cosy and comfy room. The glass-panelled window walls invite sunlight and open the room to the outdoors. The three-seater sofa is inviting, while the use of neutral colours gives the room a stately elegance, a preferred look for family room ideas and designs of families with older children.

elegant family room

54.   Colourful Scandinavian

Charming, efficient and bright. This striking Scandinavian design adds bright and deep colours to the its normal palette of neutral grey and white. Interesting patterns add depth to the room. The tiny and streamlined patterns, the clean walls and the use of bare wood accents keep the room true to its minimalist style.

colourful Scandinavian room

55.   Extra Seats 

Add extra seats without using up extra space. Maximize space and functionality with this natural coloured centre table that comes with little surprises. It has four lounge chairs you can pull out for unexpected guests or for kids to use while playing or doing school work on the table.

pull up seats

56.   Family Snaps Gallery 

Smile at your family’s best moments everyday with this family gallery in your family room. Highlight your best memories and laughs through the arrangements of photos adorning the wall. Complement the gallery with subdued interiors – neutral tones, minimal accents and comfortable sofa. 

family photo gallery

57.   Vintage Coastal 

Light and airy, rustic and coastal. Relax in this comfortable and uncluttered room for the family. The natural reed mat, vintage chairs and wooden table give the room a bucolic charm. Highlighting the coastal theme is the eye-catching painting of the sea matched with the glass panelled industrial pendant light and huge candle accents.

vintage coastal family room

58.   Mismatched and Charming  

This cosy family room is welcoming, cool, mismatched and charming. The mismatched sofa set comes in different patterns and colours. The wood tones of the bare wood floor contrast the cool grey and white walls and ceiling. The flower burst chandelier is quirky, while the the burnished iron centre table gleams its subdued elegance. Exploding in personality, this style works!

mismatched sofas family room

59.   Poufs and Pillows

This family room skips the sofas and achieved maximum comfort. While only featuring a divan sofa, the room is filled with comfortable pillows, poufs and beanbags. A colourful and comfortable rug covers the floors, making it safe for kids to sit or lie down on. This design is ideal for families with younger kids.

pillow family room

60.   Scandinavian Greys 

The consistency of neutral colours shows love to the unpretentious Scandinavian interior designs. Using the cool grey palette, the room focuses on luxury, comfort and efficiency. Accents are kept minimal, this room exudes expensive style, class and simplicity.

Scandinavian style family room

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