45 Impressive Foyer Ideas and Designs

modern white foyer

The foyer is the frontend of our homes. This is the first room our guests see. This is where we receive our guests, where we first entertain them and sometimes the only room they get to see. Foyers offer the best opportunity for homeowners to make the best first impression. Do not skip decorating the foyer in favour of the living room. Here are some gorgeous and impressive foyer ideas and designs that will work in most homes of today;

1.       Major Impact

Stunning, spacious and striking! This foyer design is one to impress! Minimalist grey slate tiles for the floor, two-storey height and prominent art pieces on the walls. The smaller details are also remarkable – the wood bench, a potted orchid and a stunning chandelier.

impressive modern foyer

2.       Rugs to Impress

This modern farmhouse style foyer is quaint, welcoming and charming. The all-white interiors make the room look bigger and is beautifully disrupted by the bright and colourful area rug, adding to its already welcoming appeal.

patterned red area rug

3.       A Golden Welcome

Amazing gold touches that deliver a good dose of luxurious flair. The striking golden table is the perfect piece to transform this white and basic foyer to an unforgettable welcome. The matching gold stick lighting and gold accents fuse the look. The lovely orchid plant completes the posh exotic air of the design.

luxurious golden round table

4.       Modern Elegance

This foyer speaks of elegance and timeless style. The classic pieces including the wood framed mirrors, the modest bench and lovely area rug will transcend trends and time. The clean white walls, the minimalist wall feature and the hardwood flooring bring in the modern look to the design.

stylish foyer

5.       Narrow and Compact

This compact and narrow foyer is common to many houses that don’t the luxury of space. Its white walls and ceiling help keep the space roomy, while minimalist and functional accents help prevent clutter. The eye-catching chandelier adds a quirky touch to the design while being functional at the same time.

narrow cosy foyer

6.       Mirrored Entry

Opulent showstopper! Marbled floor, magnificent console table and a brilliantly designed accent wall with mirrors complete this elegant and posh foyer. The wall is also backlit for added impact, while exotic accents – orchid fan wall feature, potted plants and a bird accent give the room a unique and exotic warmth.

posh modern foyer

7.       Classic Colonial

Timeless elegance is vibrant in this welcoming and bright foyer design. Wainscoted walls, tufted seat, black and white checkered marble floor and the classic round foyer table have all outlasted styling changes and trends and are still on top of favourite foyer ideas and designs.

classic foyer design

8.       Entrancing White

Ethereal, bright, beautiful. This spacious and airy foyer design gets a lot of Mediterranean inspirations, from its arched glass windows and stone walls to the accents. The floor is bare except for the neutral floor runner rug.

elegant white foyer

9.       Interior Garden

Add a surprise element to your foyer to greet your guests! An interior garden is astounding and a great addition to any home. It opens up the space, lets in natural light and adds colour without cluttering the space. This modern foyer includes a modern interior garden that features potted banana plants and white stones.

foyer with interior garden

10.   Japanese Minimalist

Make the most of your limited space by going minimalist. This Japanese inspired foyer looks spacious because of its clean walls and floors, monochromatic interiors and absence of clutter. The potted bonsai plant that serves as its lone décor and focal point also bring in a pop of colour to brighten up the space. 

japanese minimalist foyer

11.   Art Zone

Bright and roomy foyers can also double as your art zone or gallery. Interesting art pieces will not only decorate and brighten up the room, but they will also entertain your guests at the perfect location. This arty foyer feature three colourful art pieces, a classic bench and skylights to keep the room well lit.

art gallery foyer

12.   Glassed In

Sunny and outdoorsy themes are amongst the top foyer ideas and designs. This foyer is elegant, welcoming and full of natural elements. Hardwood floor, bare cement walls, tan area rug and shrubs accent. The room is kept bright by its glass wall and clean walls.

countryhome foyer

13.   Marbled Elegance

Luxurious, elegant, beautiful. This foyer is designed to stun and impress! Its impressive marble floor is matched with equally remarkable décors including the arched doorways, matching wall lamps, round skylight and glass chandelier. At the centre and focal point of the room is the stunning silver lace-patterned mirror.

white marble foyer

14.   Modern Farmhouse

For the contemporary home, this modern farmhouse foyer design will easily fit into the current trends without going too far or different from the rest of the home interiors. The area is adjacent to another room, but the foyer is specified by the modern white tiles in herringbone. To complete the look is a minimalist console table, a round mirror and a vintage chandelier.

modern farmhouse entrance

15.   Showstopping Chandelier

A grand foyer like this deserves an equally grand chandelier. Complete the look of your foyer with a striking and matching chandelier. This elegant long crystal chandelier complements the luxurious and beautiful two-storey foyer. Find smaller chandeliers for a smaller foyer or more minimalist-styled for more modest ones.

grand foyer with chandelier

16.   Black and White

Chic, cosy and stylish. This foyer design doesn’t need much room to showcase its gorgeous details. A gold-footed black console cabinet, gold and glass candle holder wall lamps, a square-patterned mirror and a vintage chandelier. Its white walls beautifully set off the accents, while its shiny dark wood flooring is perfect for the patterned runner rug.

chic stylish foyer

17.   Entrance Rotunda

Grand, lavish, stunning. A rotunda will set the welcoming mood of your home. It will provide your guests with a quick look into your home while giving them the grand welcome they deserve. The ship wheel ceiling design also hides the wiring and serves as the base for the ceiling lights. The metal round table is imposing as it is remarkable, while the patterned floor feature is impressive.

luxurious rotunda foyer

18.   Urbane Finesse

This is a great urbane and sophisticated design for smallish foyer spaces like in apartments or smaller homes. The white lower wainscoting of the walls is matched by the gorgeous grey wallpaper. The stunning silver and white console table is complemented by the striking silver accent. A colourful painting completes the cultured look of the room.

elegant modern foyer

19.   Greens Added

Adding plants as decoration is sensible and a healthy option. Plants help purify and refresh the interior air and add bright colours to the room. This modern cottage foyer is brightened up by the plant additions. To match the bright greens are white walls, dark wood flooring, rustic wood pieces and a vintage area rug.

cosy charming foyer

20.   Minimalist Hamptons

Welcome your guests with sunny days and warmth with this Hamptons-inspired modern minimalist foyer. White walls, light-toned wood flooring, a reed area mat and a chunky wooden console table. The minimalist frames add a quirky touch, while the glass accents underline the seaside theme of the design.

white minimalist foyer

21.   Bricked Farmhouse

Charming, rustic, modern. This efficient foyer design is also lovely and welcoming. The updated farmhouse design includes red brick flooring, white wood-panelled walls, a wooden console table and an eye-catching round mirror in a slab wood frame.

modern farmhouse foyer

22.   Welcoming Bench

Adding a welcoming bench into your foyer design is a considerate and delightful thought. It will give your guests an option to sit down and relax. The charming cottage-inspired interiors is completed by the plant-themed wall frames, the rustic bench and the beautiful wood parquet flooring.

charming farmhouse foyer

23.   White and Beautiful

Bright, spacious and stunning. This awe-inspiring white foyer is elegantly designed to match a grand home. Showcasing its modern white staircase, the walls feature wood panels and mirrors and the floor of delicate marble. To add colour are the single potted plant and the wire and elegant bulb drop chandelier.

luxurious beautiful foyer

24.   Bright Coastal

This beautiful and cosy foyer is bright, sunny and cheery. The light blue accents underline the coastal theme of the design that includes white walls, white and blue striped rug, a Capiz shell chandelier and a Hamptons-inspired staircase and balustrade. The repurposed wood console table brings in a touch of rustic charm.

coastal foyer

25.   Gorgeous Grey

Modern, modish, gorgeous. This modern take of the gothic look is streamlined and striking. The dark grey walls are relieved by the white ceiling, light-toned wood flooring and white modern area rug. To complete the look are the beautiful ebony wood console cabinet and the imposing huge round mirror.

dark modern foyer

26.   Timeless Chic

Classic and elegant. Beautiful and charming. This cosy and timeless foyer design features a black console desk with gold trimmings, fussy stools, arched windowpane mirror and a cascade of pink flower accent. Best for apartments and smaller homes with limited foyer space.

chic apartment foyer

27.   Amazing Skylight

Skylights instantly light up any room in the house. Adding a skylight to your foyer will ensure you bright and cheerful welcoming space. This modern foyer includes a big skylight, minimalist granite flooring, white walls and a black round entryway table. A modernistic wall feature, a mirror and eye-catching flower vases complete the impressive look.

elegant foyer with skylights

28.   Spanish Villa

This Spanish-inspired foyer has all the warmth, charm and elements of a sunny villa. A bright patterned rug dominates the space and is complemented by the side stairs with iron railings, a console table, clay pots and a huge potted plant.

spanish inspired foyer

29.   Wood Works

This bright and charming foyer features a glass wall that provides a great view of the outdoors and also lets the light in. The heavy wooden door is matched by the carved console table, hardwood flooring, a carved figurehead wall feature and reed-inspired lighting. Completing the idyllic design are the huge potted bush and white and brown patterned rug.

suburban home foyer

30.   Luxurious Classic

Beautiful, elegant and luxurious. This airy, two-storey foyer includes a patterned floor design, white walls and ceiling, an elegant round entry table and a showstopper chandelier. Classical columns, delicate black iron rails and a pair of huge greens on both sides complete the look.

luxurious classic foyer

31.   Entrance Organiser

When space is too cramp to include a console table, go for a built-in wall organiser. This apartment foyer features an entrance organiser that includes a couple of floating shelves, a built-in cabinet and a mirror. The shelves can hold your essentials, décor and help manage clutter.

small apartment foyer

32.   Timeless Rustic

This modern farmhouse foyer design still banks on rustic charms and uses a lot of pastoral accents like the checked area rug, the minimalist iron chandelier and the tin pail planter. The space gets a modern look from its white walls, bare floors and neutral tones.

modern farmhouse foyer

33.   Classic Round Entry

The focal point of the classic round foyer is the round entryway table. It serves as the welcoming feature and usually includes a potted plant, a vase of flowers and other decorative and personalised accents. A matching chandelier and rug complete the foyer look. This white lakeside home foyer features a round wooden table and a round jute rug.

white lakehouse foyer

34.   Wall Gallery

You can use the foyer as a gallery to showcase your art collection, your favourite prints or your family photos. Turn an average foyer into a special and unique space by adding your personal gallery. This foyer highlights special family moments in black and white prints hung on a dark wall. Spotlights are added for emphasis.

foyer with gallery

35.   The French Mansion

This French-inspired design includes exquisite details, elegant pieces and a timeless colour scheme. Carved seats and console tables, vintage gold cage lanterns and a pair of large gold-framed mirrors dominate the space. The marble floor is kept bare and the walls and ceilings white. A bright blue wall feature adds a good dose of colour.

beautiful european foyer

36.   Muted Pastels

Inject cool colours into your elegant foyer without disrupting its dignified air by going for muted pastels. This classic foyer gets a colourful and cheerful boost from its patterned area rug and matching striped seats. The two-storey foyer is kept well lit and airy by the huge glass windows and white interiors.

charming classic foyer

37.   Curtained Hall

Bring in a good dose of enigmatic flair into your foyer by adding these dramatic full-length curtains. This very rustic foyer features exposed wood beams, bare wood floors, a carved wooden console table and pastoral accents. Drive in the drama with golden curtain ropes, black ceiling and black cage lanterns!

rustic curtained foyer

38.   Gothic Glam

Dramatic, gothic, stylish! This modish foyer achieved the right mix of modish goth and modern chic. The high-backed chair, red orchids and black console table deliver the drama, while the glass jar chandelier and huge shabby chic framed mirror bring in the quirky and trendy vibe.

goth style foyer

39.   Accent Wall

Let your wall be the décor! Creating an accent wall for the foyer will provide a great feature to the room. The accent wall of this cottage-style foyer serves as the perfect backdrop for its rustic implements – a reed mat, a couple of baskets, black iron lanterns and a dramatic iron and wood console table.

pretty cottage foyer

40.   Classy Elegance

Elegant, beautiful, refined. A graceful look that can transcend design trends and styles. Lovely light walls with wainscoting, a timeless settee, an umbrella stand and a glass globe pendant lighting. The three-footed coffee table mix in a hint of whimsy while the imposing wall piece is both modern and timeless.

beautiful elegant foyer

41.   Modern Cosy

Home trends are going smaller and minimalist. This compact foyer features modern styling that includes the dark grey walls, bare floors, rustic accents and minimal décor. The wooden bench also doubles as the console table, while the hall is lighted by a single pendant bulb. Dramatic pieces include the wooden ladder, a huge black-framed mirror and the pair of glass boxes with black trims.

modern grey foyer

42.   Silver Sophistication

This classy foyer is gleaming of chic and elegant styling. The neutral off-white interiors is dominated with silver accents – chrome floor lamps, brushed silver console table and a matching mirror in a silver frame. The cat statue brings in an interesting aspect to the design, while the marble flooring underlines the luxurious design.

elegant foyer

43.   Neat and Nice

Cheerful, welcoming, bright! This efficient, neat and beautiful foyer features light-toned wood flooring, white walls, an imposing round entry table and a staircase with classic railings. The lush potted plant and the huge wall accent add pops of bright colours to the room’s neutral palette.

minimalist modern foyer

44.   Colourful Bohemian

This beautiful foyer includes bright colours, wild patterns and eye-catching bohemian accents. The restraint styling of the boisterous genre gives the room a more modern and elegant vibe. The wild swirls in the wall are in muted grey, colourful glass accents are limited to just one, while the bench only has two pillows. Focus is on the bright red patterned rug that dominates the space.

modern bohemian foyer

45.   Panelled Walls

Classic, refined, elegant. The streamlined design of this foyer makes it timeless and beautiful. The walls and ceiling are all in white and the floor of light wood is bare. The wall panelling adds character and depth, the orchids are whimsical, while the pair of narrow wood slab console tables bring in a rustic touch. The only extravagant piece in this design is the striking glass chandelier.

classic white foyer

Do you have any beautiful and impressive foyer ideas and designs to add? Why not discuss it on our RenoForum! Also, check out our collection of amazing living room ideas and designs for smaller homes here.