35 Colourful Living Room Ideas and Modern Designs

modern living room

Modern interior designs are going for the bland and neutral colours, to the despair of colour lovers. But this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a colourful home that you love. While many would forego bright colours and intricate designs in favour of the understated and muted styling trend, some will choose to combine the modern elements with bright colours! With the right styling and colour combinations, you can get trendy styles of today with the colouring you prefer. Here are some colourful living room ideas and designs that work;

1.       Bright Retro

Bring back the fun and carefree vibe with psychedelic prints and bold colours. This effervescent and charming living room is a mix of mid-century modern furniture, bright colours and modern grey walls.

retro living room

2.       Delightful Pastels

Soft tones and pastel accents bring a delightful look to white interiors. This modern living room gets a colourful makeover from the lovely pastel pieces thrown into the mix.

pastel living room

3.       Proper Pinks

Pink lovers’ delight! The soft pink walls and sofa are complemented by the hot pink pair of single-seater sofas, a pink flamingo wall art, a colourful area rug and elegant gold accents. Beautiful!

pink living room

4.       Ocean Deep

Take the bright colours of the ocean and bring them in for a refreshing, striking and exciting living room. Bright shades of yellow and pops of red offset the deep tones of navy blue, cerulean and ocean green.

blue green living room

5.       A Colourful Wall

Elegant, luxurious and stunning! Instantly turn a plain modern living room into this spectacular and exceptional living room by going grand with your walls. This unforgettable room features an emerald sofa, a deep ruby footstool and a striking wall art.

exotic wall mural

6.       Lush Greens

Modern, clean and easy on the eyes. When you want colours but not the brightness, this charming green living room is perfect. The charming interiors include rustic wood accents, white walls and floors and a tufted satin emerald sectional.

green sofa sectional

7.       Mediterranean Chic

Perk up an unforgettable living room with chic and bright Mediterranean colours! This modern farmhouse living room features velvet throw pillows, poufs, a bright red Persian rug and several potted plants for lots of green touches.

colourful living room

8.       Stunning Orange

This amazing living room combines bright orange hues with the warm tones of brown. Apricot walls and ceiling, deep rust curtains and tangerine sofas balance the warm chocolate sofa, rustic mirror feature and blush carpeting.

luxurious orange living room

9.       Enthralling Hues

Add character to a generic modern living by throwing in some bright colours. This spacious living room features white walls that serve as the perfect backdrop to its colourful accents – in shades of purple and enigmatic blues.

colourful living room

10.   Bold Patterns

This living room features elegant pieces and eye-catching patterns that make up for its lack of colour diversity. The palette includes white, light greys, black and a lovely shade of grey-green. Beautiful.

bright elegant living room

11.   Mustard Walls

Bright, cheery and welcoming. Modern minimalism can also be bright and colourful. This charming living room keeps the furnishing and décor at a minimal – white sectional with matching throws and centre table and plain white floor. The striking mustard wall is complemented with yellow accents scattered around the room.

yellow living room

12.   Rustic Bricks

The rustic vibe, the deep warm tones and the interesting patterns combined give this welcoming, charming and cosy living room. The exposed brick wall, fussy pillows and rug and wall accents add to the quirky and personal touch of the room.

rustic living room

13.   Stately Browns

Serene, elegant, dignified. The understated charms of brown, the stately elegance of dark blue and the luxurious sheen of gold. This living room has the style and grace of timeless designs.

stately living room

14.   Rainbow Colours

Can’t decide which colour of the rainbow to pick for your living room? Then pick them all! This bright, fun and colourful living room proves too much of one thing can also be beautiful. But, keep the walls, floors and ceiling plain so as not to overwhelm the look.

rainbow living room

15.   Tamed Maximalist

It is easy to go overboard with the maximalist look. Keep your maximalist living room from looking overdone and tacky by keeping the general palette to three colours max – green and peach for this one, and to minimise on smaller accents.

maximalist living room

16.   Modern Magenta

Bold, bright and modern. This contemporary and stylish living room borders on minimalism with its plain walls, minimal accents and solid colours. But, instead of the safe neutral tones of modern minimalism, the design opts for the more eye-popping magenta.

red wall living room

17.   Throw Pillow Colours

The easiest way to brighten up a humdrum living room fast is by throwing a bunch of throw pillows! Go wild with colours, textures and patterns. And you can just as quickly change the look by simply changing the pillowcases.

colorful throw pillows

18.   Green and Gold

Luxurious, dignified, fabulous! This incredible gold and green living room executed the perfect blend of posh and style. The expensive brilliance of the gold accents deliver the deluxe vibe but is effectively tamed by the stately airs of deep green pieces.

luxurious living room

19.   Metallic Accents

This elegant living room glows from the muted lustre of metal – a little bit of gold, copper, bronze, silver and chrome all over the room. While the dark Aegean blue walls and gunmetal grey curtains complement the metal tones, white elements keep the room looking bright and spacious.

elegant living room

20.   Coastal Blues

For those who would like to add colour to their living room but hate the glare, this coastal themed design is perfect. Bright, cool and charming. Powder blue walls and light blue accents complement the white and grey of the room.

coastal living room

21.   Unforgettable Rug

Add a showstopper rug to upgrade your living room from humdrum to awesome! This stunning and colourful patterned rug instantly transformed the bright and modern living room into a chic and unforgettable hub.

bright colourful patterned rug

22.   Purple Passion

Mesmerising, regal, beautiful. Offset the neutral tones of modern designs with bright and elegant hues. This modern grey room gets a huge dose of passionate colours from its velvet purple sofa, a matching wall art, golden accents and the perky and colourful area rug.

purple living room

23.   Colourful Chic

Classy and elegant, modern and colourful. This urbane living room design is tasteful and intimate, with a very prominent personal touch – the colourful portrait on the wall. Matching the wall art is the deep teal sectional, elegant grey rugs and marble-topped nesting tables.

chic living room

24.   Bold Yellow

Perky, sunny and cheerful. This bright living room will never fail to perk you up! The honey-yellow leather seats are matched by the huge yellow and grey wall art and the golden accents. The Prussian blue wall and accents and the luxurious white carpet balance the glare of yellow.

yellow living room

25.   Modern Navies

Cool, minimalist and colourful. Modern living rooms ideas and designs can also have fun with colours. The elegant interiors of this living room include modern styling – plain walls, blank spaces and minimal accents. But it also makes a bold statement with the navy-blue sofa to complement the cool ambience.

modern blue living room

26.   Flowery Farmhouse

Upgrade your charming farmhouse living room into this chic and bright room! The flower accents on the curtains, throw pillows and centrepieces bring in bright colours without the tackiness. The rustic effects of the exposed wood beams, jute rug and bamboo window shades boost the charm.

flower farmhouse living room

27.   Rustic Drama

Luxurious and dramatic, charming and enigmatic. A modern living room with a lot of character and charm. The wooden accents – beams and tables add a warm welcoming glow, while the dark elements – wall, sofa and accents contribute to the dramatic flair of the room.

modern rustic living room

28.   Shades of Red

Bright and colourful, but not too much. This contemporary living room features the current styling trends – clean walls, bare floor except for a minimalist rug, minimal décor. But, instead of going for the neutral tones common to modern interiors, it goes dramatic with reds, pinks and black.

modern red living room

29.   Chic Chinoiserie

Treat yourself to some Oriental chic by adding a Chinoiserie wall accent to your living room. The colourful forest scene is matched by the bare wood floor, the vintage lamp and the pastel throw pillows. Colourful, mesmerising, beautiful.

oriental wall art

30.   A Candy Mix

A bright mix of pastel tones and candy shades. This delightful living room combines modern design elements with bright colours. The result is a sleek, clean and stunning modern living room without the dreary colours.

colorful modern living room

31.   Bohemian Vibes

Spice up a modern living room with boho colours. The bright colours and intricate prints and patterns of the bohemian textile bring colour and character to this otherwise stark and monochrome living room.

boho chic living room

32.   Elegant Olive

Whimsical, mesmerising, magical. This stunning living room features the enchanted forest theme. The olive sofa set is complemented by dried twigs and flower accents, intricate detailing in the tables and mirror and the fanciful wall décor. Elegant and enthralling.

green living room

33.   A Wall Gallery

Perk up your living room with some art! Using the most public room in your house to display your art collection makes sense. You decorate the room and give incredible works of art the exposure, attention and admiration they deserve.

art gallery

34.   Bright and Cosy

This smallish living room makes up in colour what it lacks in size. The bright unapologetic red makes the room pop, while the cool steel blue wall tones down the glare. The yellow shades keep the room bright and perky.

red living room

35.   Bold Colours

Chic, luxurious and stunning. The bright blue couch makes the room pop with colour and excitement. A mix of brightly coloured pillows and a fascinating piece of art on the wall complete the vibrant look of the living room.

colorful living room

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