40 Sensational Kitchen Splashbacks

Installing a new splashback can completely transform a tired and outdated kitchen, by creating a strong focal point within your layout. No longer just an afterthought, contemporary splashbacks feature more elaborate designs, having moved away from traditional tiling and favouring unique materials and textures. From engineered stones with raw finishes to brassy highlights, we've got 40 sensational splashbacks you are bound to love!

1. Wood Panelled Splashback

wood panelled splashback

Add an refined, modern feel to your kitchen with a high quality, timber panelled splashback. Versatile in design, timber splashbacks compliment both light and dark cabinetry and bench tops. 

2. Geometric Splashback

geometric pattern kitchen splashback

Introduce a vibrant, playful streak to your kitchen with a geometric pattered splashback. Muted colour palettes such as teal, grey and white will help to downplay the boldness of this pattern.  

3. Distressed Mirror Splashback

distressed mirror splashback

If you love a worn, vintage style kitchen, then this distressed mirror splashback will suit your humble abode. We love the utility rod that has been installed to allow for simple storage. 

4. Pressed Metal Splashback

pressed metal splashback

For a textured splashback, this pressed metal motif adds an interesting dynamic to a polished kitchen layout. 

5. Red Splashback

red splashback

Lift the colour palette of your kitchen with a vibrant red splashback. 

6. Window Splashback

window splashback

Invite the natural lighting into your kitchen with a window splashback and enjoy meal preparation with a view.  

7. Textured Glass Splashback

textured glass kitchen splashback

Glass splashbacks have a refined elegance and this textured variation offers a strong focal point within a modern kitchen. 

8. Textured Black Matte Splashback

textured black kitchen splashback

Edgy and bold, a black textured splashback will create a dramatic framing for white cabinetry. 

9. Wavy Textured Splashback

wavy textured splashback

This wavy splashback idea has an emphasis on clean lines and structure, making it a perfect choice for minimalist kitchens. 

10. The Oxidized Brass Splashback

oxidized brass kitchen splashback

Oxidized brass is a great material for a more industrial style splashback. Teamed with bold copper light fixtures and stainless steel bench tops, this splashback idea will redefine the term urban kitchen.  

11. Glossy Subway Tile Splashback

glossy subway tile kitchen splashback

Traditional subway tiles stacked horizontally will give your kitchen a classic air and allow for versatility with your decor. 

12. Speckled Glass Splashback

speckled glass kitchen splashback

A great initiative of the glass splashback idea. The fine speckled pattern has a modern look and feel and compliments other textured surfaces like marble and caesarstone. 

13. Copper Kitchen Splashback

copper kitchen splashback

Modern interiors are seeing a prominent inclusion of copper materials from tap fittings to trendy appliances, we can't get enough of a rose gold feature.

14. 3D Splashback Wallpaper

kitchen splashback wallpaper

Add a decorative element to your splashback with 3D wallpaper. This geometric flower pattern is both modern and feminine in design, creating a strong focus within this clean kitchen. 

15. Calacatta Marble Mosaic Splashback

calacatta marble mosaic splashback

This calcatta marble mosaic splashback features a texturised design, making it a great feature for minimalist kitchens.

16. Bold Monochrome Pattern Splashback

monochrome patterned kitchen splashback

Who says monochrome colour palettes should highlight block colours? This fantastic geometric motif creates a strong focus within a neutral kitchen. 

17. White Tiling with Black Grout

herringbone subway tile splashback

This combination of white subway tiles and black grouting executes simplicity with an edge, allowing for darker finishes and fixtures throughout your kitchen. 

18. The Patchwork Idea

patchwork tile splashback

Introduce a more homely feel to your kitchen with this colourful patchwork tile splashback. We love the subtle pastels and purple tones used throughout this inspirational kitchen. 

19. Wood & Tile Combination Splashback

rustic wood and tile splashback

Who would have thought that timber look panels interspersed with antique tiles would look so good? Rustic chic!

20. The Intense Print Splashback

geometric pattern splashback

Bold, bold, bold! This idea certainly pops when complimented by a simple interior - think natural materials, monochrome and balance. 

21. 50 Shades of Hexagonal Grey Tiled Splashback

grey shades hexagonal tile splashback

If you love the different shades of grey, then this striking mosaic splashback is the design will complete your kitchen interior. 

22. Cobblestone Splashback

cobblestone kitchen backsplash

Not just for landscaping and pathways, cobblestone becomes a unique material to construct a modern, statement splashback. 

23. Marble Splashback

marble kitchen splashback

A marble splashback is both luxurious and opulent, seen as a major trend within modern interior design. 

24. Stainless Steel Mosaic Splashback

stainless steel mosaic splashback

The dull shine of brushed stainless steel create a luxurious statement within kitchen interiors. 

25. Raised Kitchen Splashback

raised kitchen splashback

Add depth and dimension to your splashback with this raised stone design. 

26. Brushed Metallic Splashback

brushed metallic splashback

The rough finish of a brushed metal splashback will reiterate the raw, modern aesthetic of your kitchen interior.  

27. Chalkboard Splashback

chalkboard kitchen splashback

The chalkboard splashback doubles as a functional and visual element to your kitchen interior. Not to mention it allows for you to your favourite flavour combinations and recipes. 

28. Nordic Splashback

nordic splashback

Achieve a Scandinavian style interior with natural finishes and muted tones.  

29. Black Minimalist Splashback

black subway tile kitchen splashback

A black subway tiled splashback allows for understated elegance, whilst creating a strong focal point within your kitchen. 

30. Exposed Brick Splashback

exposed brick splashback

Rustic and raw in design, exposed brick adds an earthy, urban feel to your kitchen, and creates warmth throughout your interior. 

31. Blue Handmade Tile Splashback

blue handmade tile splashback

A tranquil cooking environment is created with this teal handmade tile formation. 

32. Octagonal Tile Splashback

octagonal tile splashback

This geometric mosaic tile motif highlights clean lines and great shape, perfect for the modern, minimalist kitchen!

33. Metal Mosaic Tile

metal mosaic tile splashback

Adding a little bit of glamour to a kitchen, this metal mosaic splashback transforms a simple kitchen into a place of luxury!

34. Glass Splashback with Painted Grey Backing

grey glass splashback

Evoking a calming mood, this glass splashback with grey backing will reduce any kitchen fails you may be used to having...Hopefully!

35. Large Stone Tiled Splashback

large stone tiled splashback

Forget the small tile formation, these large stone tiles create an open and spacious feel throughout your kitchen. 

36. Stacked Wooden Splashback

country wood stacked splashback

If you love a country kitchen, then this wooden splashback creates the perfect rustic statement. 

37. Fireclay Splashback

fireclay kitchen splashback

With a matte finish, these black fireclay tiles have a clean, bold aesthetic, perfect for modern kitchens. 

38. Pottery Tile Wall Decals Splashback

pottery tile decal splashback

Why not let this Moroccan inspired splashback spice up your kitchen with it's refreshing colour palette, vibrant print and personality. 

39. Clear Glass over Timber Veneer

clear glass over timber veneer splashback

The combination of glass over a timber veneer creates a refined, polished statement suitable for modern kitchens. 

40. Charcoal Splashback

grey charcoal splashback

Simple and striking, this charcoal splashback contrasts nicely against the white cabinetry and modern decor.  

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