40 Ingenious Kitchen Cabinetry Ideas and Designs

grey modern minimalist kitchen

Kitchen cabinetry is a major consideration in your kitchen planning and design and for most requirements, storage is always a top priority. To maintain a neat and beautiful kitchen, adequate space for food preparation, dinnerware and crockery, utensils, and appliances is needed. Aside from storage and cupboard space, the general appearance of the room is hugely influenced by the look and feel of your cabinetry. Whether you are aiming for aesthetics or efficiency, we've compiled 40 ingenious kitchen cabinetry ideas and designs inspirations to get you started. 

1. Pot Hanger Glider

Keep your pots well organised and accessible using this sliding hanger. 

pot hanger slider

2. Corner Drawers

Make use of that hard-to-reach corner space by installing drawers that can accommodate smaller utensils, dinnerware, or kitchen tools.

rustic kitchen cabinet corner drawers

3. Vertical Spice Pull-out Organiser

Keep your spice jars organised and out of site with this vertical pull out drawer.

sliding spice organiser

4. Cabinet Enders

Cabinet end sides are usually just plain and blank spaces. Utilise the space by creating a slim cabinet that can hold kitchen stationery, pens, keys, and other small items.

cabiner ender storage

5. Corkboard Door

Say goodbye to your messy fridge door. This simple kitchen cabinetry hack keeps your notes, receipts, and other small pieces of paper organised and out of sight.

inner cabinet corkboard door

6. Swing Out Panels

Clever way to use that space in front of your kitchen sink. Perfect to hiding dishwashing implements while keeping them handy.

kitchen sink swing out panels

7.  Modern Minimalist

Modern kitchen cabinetry is minimalist – with clean lines, muted monochrome colours, and minimal embellishments.

modern minimalist kitchen

8. Flat Stackers

Dedicate at least one lower cabinets for your baking pans and large dishes. Creating horizontal segments will separate and keep pans and dishes in better shape.

flat stacking kitchen cabinet

9. Microwave Shelf

Rather than occupying a space on your countertop, conceal your microwave in a clever and accessible shelf design.

microwave shelf with hinged door

10. Dark and Lighted

Dark and black kitchen cabinetry is a rising trend in modern interior design. Offset the dark cabinetry with built in lighting for an opulent look. 

contemporary black kitchen

11. Vertical Louvered Doors

Conservative and modern in design, the vertical lines create height and depth within the kitchen cabinetry. 

vertical louvered kitchen cabinets

12. Uncluttered

Contemporary kitchens are uncluttered, with neutral earth tones, and immaculate cabinetry.

sleek modern kitchen

13. Metallic Screen Doors

Metallic screen doors let cabinets breathe, eliminating stale cabinet air. The gleam of chrome, aluminium, bronze, or brass brings in an air of luxury.

kitchen cabinet with metallic screen doors

14. Pie Turners


Offering an extra dimension to your cabinetry, these pie turners offer a great space to store your pans. 

kitchen cabiner corner with carousel

15. Distressed Wood

Bring in the old country charm to your kitchen with distressed wood cabinetry. The golden ornate handles lend elegance to the room.

rustic farmhouse kitchen

16. Open Enders

Add some open shelving at your cabinet ends. These offer the perfect opportunity to display colourful pieces or frequently used utensils. 

kitchen cabinets with open shelves

17.  Hidden Spice Rack

hidden spice rack storage

This elegant cabinet panel is perfect to hide a spice rack – keeping the spices right where you need them. 

18. Metallic Knobs

Brass, chrome, pewter, and other metallic tones make fashionable kitchen knobs. The muted shine of metal perfectly complements the plain monochrome of today’s kitchen cabinetry.

metallic kitchen cabinet knobs

19. Basket Insets

Leave some of the cabinet slots open. Instead of installing doors, use basket inserts. Very charming and efficient – especially if you have to move or use the contents somewhere else.

cottage style kitchen with basket storage

20. Window Cabinet

Need more cabinet space and a kitchen window but don’t have enough space for both? Build a cabinet over the window! The glass doors allows the light in and helps to open up your kitchen. 

modern upscale apartment kitchen

21. Industrial Pull-Up Door

A mechanical pull up door keeps cabinets open when you need it to. This is ideal for countertop cabinets that store small kitchen appliances.

space saving kitchen cabinets with pull up doors

22. Ventilated Produce Bins

This is a great way to keep produce aired, organised, out of the way, and fresh for longer.

ventilated metal produce bins

23. Grey and Gold

The grey and white theme for kitchen cabinetry is the latest hot trend in kitchen design. Add a dash of gold and you get a dusky, modern, and elegant kitchen.

elegant grey and gold kitchen cabinets

24. Vertical Wine Rack Inset

Fill the gap between your cabinetry and the wall with an eye catching storage element. We love the look of this wine rack!

vertical wine rack insets

25. Eye-Popping Red

Make your kitchen front and centre of your home. This defiant glossy red cabinetry makes a bold statement of what’s chic and enthralling.

vintage cherry red kitchen

26. Tilt-Out Trash Bins

An efficient and ingenious way of hiding the trash, while keeping it accessible and manageable.

tilt out kitchen trash cabinet

27. Luxurious Pewter

This ultra-modern kitchen cabinetry is all about luxury and business. The pewter cabinets are understated and elegant, while the space planning and design optimise storage space.

luxurious modern kitchen

28. White Modern

The benchmark of today’s kitchens are neutral colours and uncluttered lines. Update your dated kitchen by re-facing cabinets with plain white doors with minimalist handles.

clean and modern kitchen

29. Open Display

Your upper cabinets can also serve as your display gallery. Showcase your fancy dinnerware and collections with open cabinets.

farmhouse kitchen with doorless cabinets

30. Slide Out File Organiser

Keep your recipe books handy yet out of the way with this creatively designed slide out file organisers.

kitchen slide out file organiser

31. All-Out Rustic

Work up that old country charm with an all-out rustic kitchen cabinetry.

old country kitchen

32. Dark Wood and Gold

This combination of dark wood and gold is simply stunning. To keep it classy, have the rest of your kitchen décor understated.                 

minimalist modern kitchen design

33. Interior Lighting

Installing lights inside your cabinets is not only functional, it also draws the eye to where you want it.

charming lighted kitchen cabinet

34. Island Enders

Space under the island is usually taken up by leg room or utilities. However, island enders are commonly free and are great spot for heavy, chunky, and often used utensils.

kitchen island drawers

35. Wood Textured

Let the unique grains of the wood do all the talking within your kitchen by pairing with a minimalist design. 

bare wood kitchen cabinets

36. Glass and Coloured Back

Introduce pops of colour into your kitchen, with a coloured backing for your glass panelled cabinets. 

Mediterranean white and blue kitchen cabinets

37. Sliding Cabinet Doors

Space saving, and efficient, this design creates a modern statement within your kitchen interior. 

sliding kitchen cabinet screen doors

38. Swing-Out Shelves

A nifty way to organise small items and optimise cabinet space. 

double layer cabinets with swing out panels

39. Invisible Handles

Ultra-modern kitchen cabinetry do not feature visible handles. It is integrated in the door, either as a side or bottom groove or as a tap-release mechanism.

sleek and modern kitchen design

40. Wall Cabinetry

One common feature for contemporary kitchen cabinetry is minimalism. This cabinet is custom-built and designed to disappear. With all doors closed, your kitchen cabinetry blends into the wall. 

modern kitchen wall cabinetry

Do you have any ingenious and clever kitchen cabinetry ideas that we haven't covered? Why not discuss it on our RenoForum!