60 Refreshing Ideas for White Kitchens

White kitchens have become a key trend in modern kitchen renovations, highlighting white cabinetry, glossy white tiling, white marble bench tops and splashbacks and white kitchen accessories and linen. When kept clean, white finishes create a fresh, polished aesthetic, open up small kitchen spaces, and create a timeless appeal. 

However, with white colour schemes becoming a key trend in modern kitchen renovations, your kitchen runs the risk of being too common and generic, so the trick is to add a pop of something refreshing and colourful to break the monotony. 

Here are 60 refreshing ideas to relieve the whiteness without compromising the magnificence of your white kitchen.

1. A Rustic Touch

Add a taste of country with a few wooden pieces. A wooden bowl, the breakfast table top, or exposed beams can easily warm up the chilly whiteness of your kitchen. 

rustic white kitchen

2. Fruity Centrepieces

Fruits are colourful, perky, and fragrant additions to a rather dour kitchen. Place a bowl of fruits in season like oranges, apples, lemons, or even bananas to add a homely touch to your kitchen. 

wooden food bowl with fruits

3. Bring in the Blooms

Cultivate few flowering plants in small pots and place them in the kitchen. Put the pots in the window sill, the kitchen nook, or the countertop to brighten up a spot.

modern Zen kitchen with orchids

4. Marbled Splashbacks

Marble splashbacks introduce interesting texture and patterning to an all white space. Not to mention, marble is very on trend in the real of interior design. 

Nordic white kitchen with marble splashback

5. A Sunny Kitchen Window Curtain

The right sunny shade of yellow will bring in the needed colour and energy to the kitchen.

white kitchen yellow curtain

6. The Herb Garden

Having your own indoor herb garden against your kitchen wall is not just about the aesthetics and convenience. Having this feature will also help to freshen the air and add a lushness to your kitchen. 

kitchen wall herb garden

7. Play up the Lighting

Coloured lighting adds an opulent quality to a white kitchen and throws interesting colours against the white glossy finishes.   

upscale modern kitchen

8. Colourful Upholstery

Explore a fresh colour palette with your upholstery. Teals and royal blues make an eye-catching statement and contrast nicely against the stark whites.

farmhouse white kitchen

9. Display your Coppers

Don't be afraid to use your kitchenware as a visual statement. The warm glow of copper will surely brighten up stark white kitchens.

traditional kitchen with copper pots

10. White and Grey

Keeping within a monochrome colour palette, grey features create a subtle contrast against the white. 

classic kitchen design with chandeliers

11. Open Shelving

Open shelving are a great way to showcase your fancy china, colourful dinner ware and statement coffee cups. 

white kitchen with subway tile walls

12. Le Noir ET Le Blanc

Black and white, the ultimate monochrome pairing. Black and white features create a classic and chic statement without even trying. 

black and white minimalist kitchen

13. Modernise with Chrome

Upgrade your appliances with modern chrome finishes. Because we love attention to details, we recommend you match your cabinet handles, faucets, & sink. 

contemporary white kitchen

14. Bowls of Goodness

Use decorative bowls to hold spices, fruits, flowers, bread, and sweets.

yellow flowers in a white and blue bowl

15. Textured Countertops

Break up the white with patterned and coloured countertops, think marble, tile, granite, wood, or quartz. 

laminate hardwood kitchen countertops

16. Transparent Containers

Use transparent glass containers to store kitchen staples like pasta, flour, sugar, oatmeal, cookies, and rice.

organised kitchen cabinet with glass doors

17. Interesting Rugs

Brighten up your kitchen floor with a colourful rug. Bold bright patterns create the most effective visual statements. 

traditional white kitchen with shaker cabinets

18. Blackboard Wall

Time to stop cluttering your fridge door with notes and messages and install a blackboard wall. Convenient and creative, this option will set your kitchen apart!

modern kitchen with chalkboard wall

19. Fresh Flowers

Cheer up your kitchen with a bunch of perky and bright flowers displayed in a glass vase. 

white kitchen with floating shelves

20. Colourful Kitchen Towels

Relieve white kitchens with brightly coloured kitchen towels.

charming farmhouse kitchen design

21. A Touch of Blue

Add cool touches of blue to break up the stark whiteness. Use marine or navy blue for more drama or turquoise or sea blues for a more refreshing effect.

white and blue kitchen with shaker cabinets

22. Stone Flooring

Smooth stone flooring will instantly give your kitchen a modern, textured finish. 

small kitchen with pebble stone floor

23. Mosaic Splashback

Incorporate a pattern into your splashback to create a strong focal point in your kitchen. 

white kitchen with goemetric backsplash and wood floors

24. The Brick Island

Warm red brick creates a more industrial feel to a clean white kitchen.  

red brick kitchen island

25. Basket Organisers

Use baskets to store bread, spice jars, recipes, small kitchen tools, and other knickknacks for a more old-world, european feel.

white cottage kitchen with baskets

26. A Pop of Red

White and red go together nicely and create a warm feel to your kitchen. 

red and white kitchen

27. Skylights

Embrace natural lighting with the use of kitchen skylights.

modern kitchen with skylights

28. Ceramic Sinks

Ceramic sinks give a little surprising detail to white kitchens and hint on an antique, vintage vibe. 

Moroccan ceramic kitchen sink

29. Wall Art

Add a creative touch to your kitchen with some modern wall art. 

white kitchen with subway tile wall

30. Candles and Holders

Silver candelabras and colourful candles bring an enigmatic air and antiquity to your kitchen. Not to mention they create a romantic vibe for intimate dinners. 

elegant silver candlesticks

31. The Wicker Charm

Bring in the gentle country charm with wicker furniture. They look great against the white.

charming kitchen with wicker bar seats

32. Get Creative with Ceilings

Create something magnificent with your kitchen ceiling.

sophisticated modern kitchen with red ceiling

33. Splashes of Gold

A few splashes of gold is enough to evoke opulence without being tacky.

chic white and gold kitchen

34. Marbled Island

Marble will always be chic, contemporary, and magnificent. Use it as much as you can.

Japanese minimalist kitchen design

35. Chandeliers

Nothing says grandeur than a dazzling chandelier.

beautiful tranditional kitchen

36. Glass Walls

Glass walls will open up your kitchen and bring in all the colour and beauty of the outdoors.

white Hamptons style kitchen

37. Colourful Bar Seats

Make your bar seats the focal point of your kitchen. Bright red, black, or deep blue seats really make a visual statement against crisp whites. 

small modern kitchen

38. Bring out the China

Put your fancy China on display. They make an interesting conversational starter and breaks the whiteness of your kitchen.

various Chinese pottery and bowls

39. Brick Floors

White kitchen, red floor. Why not?

farmhouse kitchen with red brick floors

40. Wallpapered Cabinets

This works best for cabinets with glass doors. Bright coloured paper at the back of the cabinet will highlight your display.

white country home kitchen

41. Mug Collection

Love collecting mugs? Showcase them to add an interesting flavour to your kitchen.

blue and white mugs collection

42. Modern Clean Lines

Contemporary white kitchens work best with clean and uncluttered lines.

sleek and modern white kitchen

43. Exposed Beams

Nothing says country chic, quite like exposed wooden beams.

rustic country style kitchen

44. Hardwood Floors

Scrubbed or polished, dark or light – hardword is still the best surface for modern flooring. 

airy and well lighted kitchen

45. Vintage Lights

Infuse a sense of old fashioned  charm to your white kitchen.

old country kitchen style

46. A Splash of Orange

A splash of perky orange is enough to pick up glaring white kitchens.

vibrant orange kitchen design

47. Wrought Iron Chairs

A little something from the outdoors, with a little fresh colour.

French country kitchen

48. Silver Splashback

Bring up a little shimmer to your white kitchen without going against its all white theme.

mirror ball backsplash

49. Frosted Kitchen Cabinets

Frosting glass creates mystery and coolness to your kitchen cabinetry. 

contemporary kitchen with lighted cabinets

50. Succulent Centrepieces

The bright greens of succulents add the much needed pop of colour to a stark white kitchen. 

modern stylish kitchen

51. Terracotta Planters

Take advantage of the warm terracotta to infuse a little bit of colour to your kitchen.

Mediterranean style kitchen

52. Pastel Stripes

Pastel colours add a fresh, subtle pop of colour to your white kitchen. 

beachfront kitchen style

53. Mesh Cabinets

The patterns and designs of the cabinet doors will add depth to the otherwise flat whiteness.

classic kitchen style

54. Subway Tile Splashback

The structured pattern of subway tiles is familiar, sensible, and enduring.

small apartment kitchen style

55. Light Pendants

Light pendants infuse soft, warm colour to help soothe out the stark white colour theme. 

clean and modern kitchen style

56. Posh Breakfast Nook

Build in a charmingly lavish breakfast nook. This is where you will start your day, so you might as well make it comfy and luxurious.

posh breakfast nook with a view

57. Pewter Power

Use the dull shine of pewter to contrast against the whiteness.  

modern farmhouse kitchen design

58. Black Flooring

Black flooring makes a visually dynamic contrast against the white finishes. 

modern farmhouse kitchen

59. Gingham Checks

Nothing shouts country, good food, and clean-living like gingham checks.

Asian chic kitchen design

60. Wine Bottles Display

Wine bottles come in many different shapes, colours, and designs. A showcase of wine bottles will instantly infuse colour and elegance into any white kitchen.

white minimalist kitchen

Do you have any amazing white kitchen idea that we haven't covered? Why not discuss it on our RenoForum!