Features of a Beautiful Kitchen

charming farmhouse kitchen

The kitchen is the busiest room in any family home, being the place where families enjoy meals together and cooking enthusiasts prepare exciting and lavish dishes. A kitchen also presents the perfect social setting to host a catchup between friends. 

Make these moments more memorable by creating a beautiful and inviting kitchen using the following features. 

A Charming Window with a View

elegant cottage kitchen style

Washing dishes or mincing onions can be a lot less boring and tiresome when you have a lovely view to take in. Open up your kitchen with a strategically placed window and dress up with a charming curtain, modern timber blinds or a little potted plant on the window sill.

modern kitchen with green curtain

A Herb Garden

small herb plants

A few planters around the kitchen can really liven things up so why not create your own indoor garden with a combination of flavoursome herbs. A blank wall, a kitchen window sill, or a bare island are great places to cultivate your greens. 

herbs in indoor hanging pots
indoor kitchen wall herb garden

Camouflaged Garbage Bins

pull out garbage bins
camouflaged garbage bins

Your kitchen should be tidy and clean all the time so keep a couple of hidden garbage bins at the ready. Look for compact bins to hide under kitchen counters, sink cabinets, side tables or behind the counters. 

kitchen countertop garbage hole
under the sink garbage bin

Organised Storage

kitchen pull out vertical storage
organised spice bottles

Another important feature of a beautiful kitchen is organisation. Declutter your space by ensuring your utensils and containers are kept in a well thought out storage system. 

mesh kitchen organiser
sliding pot and pan hanger

An Art Piece

elegant modern kitchen

Introduce a feature art piece to your kitchen to add personality and life to the room. You can never go wrong with a delightful and nicely framed still-life, landscape, or a modern pop art piece. A small sculpture displayed on a counter or shelf also makes a great visual statement. 

Fresh Fragrant Centerpiece

white cottage kitchen style

Nothing is more delightful in the kitchen than a fresh centerpiece combining colour and fragrance. A bunch of lilies or gardenia will have your kitchen smelling sweet, while sunflowers add a happy and energetic vibe throughout the kitchen. Of course, a colourful bowl filled with fresh fruit will also look (and taste) delicious. 

modern farmhouse kitchen

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