8 Top Modern Kitchen Trends For Today's Homes

Kitchens of today are no longer built for the sole purpose of cooking. It is a growing trend for this room to act as a hub for all conversations, social gatherings and other activities. Apart from creating mouth-watering dishes, you can also turn your kitchen into a friendly hangout spot or a cozy rendezvous.

So if you are planning to renovate your kitchen for it to serve as a wonderful multi-purpose room, you may be aching to see some brilliant kitchen ideas. Remember to give it a deep thought and planning before executing the reinvention.Take a look at our list of magnificent and modern kitchen trends for today's homes.

Industrial Style Lighting

While performing culinary techniques on your dishes, it is very important to keep the kitchen well-lit. Industrial style lighting allows for high visibility during the evenings and remains on trend for contemporary kitchen renovations. Think black steel, stainless steel, old-fashioned style light bulbs, brass and industrial hardware to execute this masculine style. 

Kitchen Industrial Lighting

Modern Traditional Style

The combination of modern and traditional design elements is an influent trend seen in contemporary kitchen designs. Due to the ultra sleek, contemporary, warm and homey feel, it is only expected to become more popular in the coming years. Materials that can be used to create a modern traditional style kitchen can be a mixed of wood and stainless steel or wood and marble.

Modern Traditional Kitchen

Bold Colour and Fixtures

Bold features create a sense of excitement and luxurious drama to any room and have a fabulous effect in the kitchen. Why not paint the cabinets in a bold shade or incorporate larger light fixtures with colourful fabric for a strong focal point. 

Bold Kitchen Fixtures

Vertical Drawers

To experience something new, try switching your cabinets to vertical drawers. As there is no rule bounding home owners to only build horizontal drawers for their kitchen, why not try this fresh and space savvy solution? These tall drawers won't waste an inch of space by occupying the most unusual places in your kitchen. 

Vertical Drawers

Luxe Metallic

Stainless steel, chrome and silver are the most commonly used metallic materials in designing a kitchen. However, the growing trend right now involves the use of copper, bronze and gold for a luxurious feel. A kitchen with a golden shine never fails to stun.

Luxe Metallic

Floating Kitchen Ceiling

There are stunning kitchens that will make you look up. The striking kitchen below was designed by Hardcastle. The kitchen cabinets, wooden flooring, the row of clerestory windows and walls have been cleverly positioned to make an illusion of a floating kitchen ceiling.

Floating Kitchen Ceiling

Modern Kitchen Flooring

High-end and more elaborate kitchen tiles are expected to become more popular among households. Porcelain is another good option for a fantastic flooring. Different colours, design and patterns are about to be introduced in the market. The below image shows how kitchen flooring plays a big role in making a beautiful cooking area.

Modern Kitchen Flooring

High Efficiency Pull Out Shelves

No more digging into the dark with high efficiency pull out shelves. The current kitchen trends are all about the effectiveness of every tool. This only means that you have to invest even more on cabinets and pantry shelves. The modernised kitchen should be able to help you do housework more efficiently. Save yourself from the kitchen stress and consider implementing this awesome feature.

Pull Out Shelves