64 Modern Dining Room Ideas and Designs

modern industrial dining room

Dining rooms should be convivial, welcoming and comfortable. It is a place to converge, to dine, to entertain friends and for families to spend time together. Modern dining homes ideas and designs are functional and efficient as they are stylish and beautiful. Have a dining room that will personify you and your style. Whether you are renovating or building, here are some great modern dining room ideas and designs to help you out;

1.       City Blue Chic

City dwellers will certainly love this streamlined and space-saving dining room idea. One side is set against a window seat to save space. The chic modern Scandinavian style is perfect for apartments with open floor plans.

trendy modern dining room

2.       Cozy Corner

You don’t need an entire room for your dining set. This dining area is snug in its corner. The placement is ideal to improve foot traffic. Minimalist styling keeps the room looking bigger than it is. The brick faux window wall is a great conversational piece.

elegant modern dining room nook

3.       White and Creative Pieces

Relieve your basic white dining room with few creative pieces. The large green wall feature gives a pop of colour, the golden stool is interesting and the dining table is unique with its recycled sewing machine feet. Modern with a touch of nostalgic.

bright modern dining room

4.       Waxed Wood Classic

Waxed wood dining rooms are classic. They have been around since our parents built their homes, and the style is still going strong. To give a modern touch to the cherished style, add modern cushioned chairs, clear the clutter and install current and awe-inspiring pendant lights.

waxed wood modern dining room

5.       Warm Rustic

Create the cottage kitchen charm by going rustic. Raw wooden table, concrete floors and a wood fireplace! A stack of firewood brings in the ultimate bucolic vibe. Keep it modern with clean walls, modern chairs and minimalist floating shelves.

warm rustic modern dining room

6.       Embossed Metal Ceiling

Clean lines, functionality and less adornment are the top trends of modern dining room ideas and designs. But a little glitz can always make things more interesting. An embossed metal ceiling adds a lot of shine without clashing with the room’s subdued modern theme.

elegant modern dining room

7.       Skylight Splendour

Modern dining room ideas and designs are light, airy and uncluttered. Refresh your stuffy and cramped dining rooms by adding light. A skylight will open the space, add natural lighting and is a great room feature.   

bright modern dining room

8.       Wood and Grey

This room exudes beauty in functionality. A minimalist dark grey pendant light, mirrored walls, natural wood table and serving bar and dark grey rattan sculptural chairs.

modern dining room

9.   Starburst Brown Dining Room

Modern, stylish and opulent. This is dining room with lots of personality! Ideal for homes and people who aren’t afraid of making a statement. The few adornments – the starburst chandelier and colourful wall art, speak volumes in elegance and gorgeousness.

opulent modern dining room

10.   Mix of Sand Colours

This is another modern Scandinavian designed dining room. The thin picture frames on the wall, the round pendant lights and the neutral rug are modern, subdued, and graceful. A touch of charming quaintness is injected with Danish bucket chairs in a lovely mix of different sand hues.

colourful modern dining room

11.   Dramatic Touches

When the room is small, go big on style and dramatic effects. Darker shades are more dramatic. Add glass, mirrors and shiny details to offset the dark tone. The bubble pendant lights, modern mirror feature and silver add-ons complete the eye-catching and dramatic dining room.

sophisticated modern dining room

12.   Elegant Minimalist

Beauty in simplicity. Sparsely decorated, each item carry a punch in style and excellent design. This dining room banks on space, efficiency and natural elements – natural lighting, bare concrete floors, clean walls and scrubbed wood.

modern minimalist dining room

13.   Nook Diner

Small doesn’t have to be drab. Copy the cool and urbane style of this city apartment dining space. The wall bench is comfortable and is a space saver. The area can double as a desk, while the window sill can be used to handle stuff when the table is busy.

apartment dining room

14.   Metallic Mesh Chairs

Take out your old and bulky dining chairs and replace them with these sleek and trendy metallic mesh chairs. The streamlined design of the chairs complements the modern dining room.

stylish dining room

15.   Glass Walls

Clean out and update a tired and stuffy dining room by removing walls! Install glass window walls that will let the light in and expand your room. Complement your modern sleek walls with minimalist interiors. It’s time to enjoy your garden views!

modern dining room with glass walls

16.   Silver and Viridian

No one will miss or forget dazzling style and pomp. This dining room is meant for entertainment, glamorous company and great times. The walls and furniture are elegantly subdued, while the silver touches and bubble drop lights add in the glitter.

bright and modern dining room

17.   A Little Bit of Everything

Bright, fun and interesting! A collection of your favourite things in a room. The mismatched chairs, the colourful rug and the beach painting. This dining room personifies a free-spirit, fun-loving and quirky person.

quirky modern dining room

18.   Modern Scandinavian

A fusion of style and functionality. Scandinavian-style modern dining room ideas and designs are stylish, sensible and minimal on décor. Designs favour light tones, natural elements and functional pieces.

modern scandinavian dining room

19.   Moody Navies

Dramatic dark colours can also work for dining rooms. The sombre navy walls and neutral floors and ceilings set the stage for the warm mahogany tones of the table and chairs. A bunch of bright foliage, flowers or a bowl of fruits can easily brighten up the room.

dramatic modern dining room

20.   Light and White

White kitchens and dining rooms are timelessly charming. Spice up your white dining room by adding patterns and grey accents. Soft grey walls, grey patterned rug and few potted plants add colour and texture without straying too far from the white colour scheme.

light and airy modern dining room

21.   Concrete Floors

Bare floors are in! Modernise a dining room by removing tired and faded carpeting or rugs. Leave the floor clean and bare. Complement the look with clean walls, sensible furniture and minimal décor.

minimalist modern dining room

22.   Statement Pendant Lights

Statement pendant lights can light up a room in more ways than one. These black and bold bubble pendants fill the space between the table and the ceiling. It also draws the eye to the fabulous dining table and chair set.

beautiful modern dining room

23.   A Glass Table

A clear glass dining table is perfect for the modern and sophisticated dining room. Clean, light and chic. Sleek white chairs, white walls and candle pendant lights complete the classy interiors.

futuristic modern dining room

24.   Table for Two

Small space living often incorporate dining rooms and kitchens into one. Space or no space, it is still nice to have a place dedicated to enjoying your meals. All you need is a sensibly-sized table, a couple of bucket seats and a small rug to define the space.

modern small dining room

25.   Luxurious Minimalist

Creative and subdued styling can convey luxury in a minimalist design. Plush seats, marble wall feature and an attention-grabbing modern chandelier give the room its deluxe facets, while bare floors, clean walls and dark table maintain its minimalist vibe.

luxurious modern dining room

26.   Crisp and White

Sparkling, refreshing and clean. This classic glass, white and metal kitchen and dining room combo is made sleeker and modern by the glass divider, low-back chrome and white chairs and chrome kitchen walls.

white modern dining room

27.   Square Table

A square dining table is always a surprising element to dining rooms. When everyone is fixated on a rectangular table, get off the customary and be unique! It’s also an easy and sensible way of getting people dine closer to each other.

elegant modern dining room

28.   Modern Shaker

Sparse and functional. Keep the good old charm of Shaker interiors with spindled Windsor chairs, a mid-century modern table, Shaker rug and period portraits. Add clean white walls and modern pendant lights for the contemporary touch.

modern shaker dining room

29.   Quixotic Blues

Cool, dreamy, romantic. This pensive blue dining room stirs convivial mood, creative inspirations and pleasant dining. The wide table invites gatherings and the sensibly designed chairs are light and comfortable.

blue modern dining room

30.   Farmhouse Shabby Chic

Charmingly old-fashioned and delightfully unique. A collection of quaint and graceful items - square eight-seater table, shabby chic turquoise chairs, Arabic rug, vintage chandelier and modish paintings on the wall. The highlight of this room is the upcycled plank table.

shabby chic dining room

31.   Eye-catching Colours

Modern dining room ideas and designs favour light and neutral colours, minimal furnishings and plain adornments. This modern dining room maintains the chic modern vibe and injects eye-catching colours to its sideboard serving bar. The result is modern and exciting room interiors.

modern Scandinavian dining room

32.   Casual Chic

Cheerful, elegant and beautiful dining room. Not too intimidatingly proper, not too relaxed. This dining room can host formal dinners, family meals, parties and gatherings. Great colour combination of yellows, greys and black.

modern casual dining room

33.   Golden Magnificence

This dining room is fierce, bold and colourful. It bursts with bright colours, rich furnishings and strong character. Gold-footed table and chairs! The attention-grabbing pen chandelier is magnificently designed. To lighten the impact, opt for more subdued carpet tones and wall features.

rich and bold dining room

34.   A Sidebar

Install a service sidebar in your dining room for efficiency and additional storage. This modern sidebar includes a wine cooler, silverware or dinnerware drawers and a trendy chalkboard wall, all that without hugging space.

modern dining room side bar

35.   Lakehouse Charm

Bring in the innocent charm of the idyllic lakeshore into your home and dining room. Warm, inviting and bright. Natural elements, cheerful colours and lots of natural lighting. This is a room everyone in the house would love spending in.

modern lakeshore dining room

36.   Dark and Sleek

Powerful, modish, sleek, marvellous. For people who are richly gracious, fabulously stylish and command powerful charm. Grand fireplace, arresting chandelier and a well-crafted dining set. No knickknacks, no fluff.

sleek modern dining room

37.   The Greenhouse

For the environment lovers, this greenhouse inspired dining room is perfect. Exposed brick walls for rustic touch, skylights for natural lighting, bare wood floors and scrubbed tables. Bring in as many indoor plants as you can.

greenhouse modern dining room

38.   A Map Wall

A modern dining room design for the classy, efficient and urbane home. Enliven a black modern wall with your city map! Interesting piece of art right on your wall.

city modern dining room

39.   Elegant Farmhouse

Capture the idyllic charm of the countryside with this farmhouse-inspired dining room. Open glass walls to let you enjoy natural lighting and great views. Wood slab table with metal legs for a dose of rustic sophistication. And pink plush chairs for comfortable, warm and gracious elegance.

modern farmhouse dining room

40.   Modern Plush

This modern home features an open floor plan that incorporates the kitchen and dining room into one. Open floor plans save space, but one must be careful not to crowd and clutter the room. The modern minimalist interior design is recommended to help minimise clutter – clean lines, neutral colours and top-quality furnishings.

opulent contemporary dining room

41.   Dark Elegance

Experience Zen in your dining room this dark elegant design. Bare hardwood floors, marble topped table, clean dark walls and comfortable chairs. Add a touch of bright colour to heighten the drama.

dark modern dining room

42.   Cottage Chic

Upgrade your basic cottage dining room with a lot of sisal. Large comfy sisal chairs, classic white walls and an upcycled door table with rough wood legs. The sisal-wrapped bubble lights are interesting as they are charming.

chic cottage style dining room

43.   Mid-Century Modern

This is an updated mid-century modern with a lot of cool colours. The signature chairs and chandelier of the era were kept, but the walls and ceilings are cleared and an all-glass table is added. Natural elements like indoor plants, rough wood counter, and centrepiece are added for interesting details.  

mid century modern dining room

44.   Quirky Minimalist

Minimalism can be staid, stiff and sparse. This dining room successfully added fun, fascinating and quirky details to the room, while keeping the facades if minimalism – bare hardwood floors, clean walls and light neutral tones. The result is a clean, modern and unique dining room.

modern minimalist dining room

45.   Cape Cod Charm

Keep it classy and timeless with one of the top modern dining room ideas and designs – the charming Cape Cod style. The round wooden table, white cushioned chairs, bare hardwood flooring and white walls bring in that comforting bucolic vibe.

modern cape cod dining room

46.   Mid-Century Modern Minimalist

Another way to update a mid-century style dining room is to clean it out. Take away the carpets, the wood-textured walls and the leather furnishings. Keep the chairs, the chandelier and the table, and add in a show-stopping rug and a minimalist framed picture.

mid century modern minimalist dining room

47.   The Round Table

Compared to the traditional rectangular dining tables, round tables are more relaxed and convivial. It is perfect for the informal and casual dining rooms or breakfast nooks. Throw in a round sisal rug, outdoorsy images and colourful indoor plants to lighten up the mood.

bright modern dining room

48.   Contemporary Sophistication

Do not compromise the beauty and elegance of your home. This sophisticated dining room is teeming with classy elegance and style. The hushed tones, comfortable plush chairs, well-designed chandelier and mirror wall accent speak of posh interiors.

sophisticated modern dining room

49.   Cottage by the Sea

There are no gloomy days when your dining is this sunny and bright. Wicker chairs, round dining table, a seascape picture and white everywhere. This is your vacation dining room, to enjoy every day of the year.

charming seascape dining room

50.   Modern Barn house

Turn a stuffy barn house into a fashionable living space with clean walls and dramatic accents. This dining room retains the charm of polished hardwood floors, the vintage round wire chandelier and the high ceilings. The recycled door table brings in the pastoral ambiance.

modern rustic dining room

51.   Warm Neutrals

Neutral colours can also be warm, hypnotic, energising and inviting. The features of this dining room are mostly warm wood tones, strategic lighting and bright greens. That is a lot of Zen in a modern room.

modern dining room

52.   Mismatched Chairs

This dining has a lot of character! An ordinary kitchen and dining combo turned fairy-tale whimsical. Quirky and charming. Unconventional and colourful. Shabby chic table and mismatched chairs.

charming dining room

53.   Rustic Industrial

Sharp, edgy and strikingly stylish. The vintage charm of the large Roman clock and ancient stone wall is balanced with the sleek metal furniture and geometric pendant lights. Just add a bunch of blooms to soften the edges.

industrial modern dining room

54.   Banquette Seating

Very modern and space-saving. The classy, plush and comfortable banquette are welcoming despite the limited space. The table is kept shiny yet modest, while the vintage stools and drop light give the space a cool and urbane vibe.

modern dining room with banquette seating

55.   Space Efficient

Smaller dining rooms can still look spacious. The trick is smaller and minimalist furniture. Less fuss and clutter. The bench seating, small light fixture and wide windows help the room look more expansive.

modern cottage dining room

56.   Statement Rugs

Give your own dining room your personality stamp by updating the rug. The rug is highly visible and very individual. This is an example of a modern minimalist room that focuses colour and style on its statement rug.

modern dining room

57.   Rustic Benches

Farmhouse benches are making it to the modern elegant dining rooms. Accompanied with a matching wood slab table, the glossy rustic benches bring a serious dose of rustic charm to the space. Candelabra lighting and diamond-patterned rug warm up the room.

modern rustic dining room

58.   Classy Contemporary

Tamed down in colours and shapes, this modern dining room’s interiors show strong Moroccan influences in its white figurine accents, patterned plush chairs and cool marble table. But the overall interiors with abstract wall features, clean walls and sleek lighting is classy contemporary.

classic modern dining room

59.   Breakfast Booth

A small breakfast nook fit for a country manor. Wide windows to accommodate wonderful views, comfortable banquette seating, reed window shades for a pastoral touch and a vintage candle chandelier for that unmistakeable opulent vibe.

modern breakfast nook

60.   Kitchen Island Extension

Not a few small modern houses are forgoing the formal dining room. This breakfast station is attached to the kitchen island, saving up more space. The formal elegance of the dining room is retained with the glossy wood table and Scandinavian seats.

modern kitchen and dining room

61.   Sycamore Live Edge Dining Table

Get edgy and raw rustic ambiance to the table. The table and bench wood slab is impeccably polished, but the edges are left to showcase its beautiful and unique curves. Perfect contrast to the overall refined elegance of the interiors.

modern rustic dining room

62.   Play up the Lights

Ample lighting always perks up a room. Install multiple strategic lighting to a windowless room, but take care not to overwhelm with bright lights. This room’s lighting fixtures include diffused lights from the chandelier, accent wall lamps and ceiling spotlights.  

elegant modern dining room

63.   Glitz and Gold

Tame the unapologetically posh and glitzy with classy details and minimalism. The soft sheen of gold is classy rather than crass. And instead of the intricate curves, minimalist lines are used to diffuse glitz.   

posh modern gold dining room

64.   Subdued Opulence

Still showing a lot of Mid-Century modern styling, this dining room gets an update from its cleaned-up walls and ceiling and more contemporary furniture. Retaining the posh velvet seat cushions, the legs are more made angular and modern.

modern dining room

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