45 Exceptional Outdoor Kitchen Ideas and Designs

elegant outdoor kitchen

Outdoor cooking and dining evoke a fun and celebratory spirit. Barbecues, beers, games, pool antics, laughter, pizzas, friends, picnics and family. The open-air inspires a cheerful and carefree atmosphere that cannot be attained indoors. Outdoor kitchens ideas and designs vary and are usually considered to fit individual needs and surroundings. Here are some of the most popular outdoor kitchen ideas and designs you can steal and pick inspirations from;

1.       Contemporary Black

Sleek, rustic and modern. Black vertical sidings for walls, vintage lamps and sisal rope cabinet handles. This outdoor kitchen was able to combine the chic contemporary with the charming farmhouse vibe. The reed roofing provides ample shade without closing off the space.

maritine black outdoor kitchen

2.       Hideaway Kitchen

Ready and accessible when you need it, protected and out-of-sight when you don’t. When you want nice outdoor barbecues during warm weekends and want to keep your kitchen implements safe during rainy days, this kitchen-in-a-box is a brilliant solution.

hideaway outdoor kitchen

3.       Grey Stone

Ultra-modern outdoor kitchen with a lot of archaic charm. Using primeval materials like rough stone and wood to create a sleek and modern kitchen gives the space a singular look. The shades of grey highlight its up-to-date styling.

modern outdoor kitchen

4.       Pergola Bar

Dress up your outdoor kitchen bar with a pergola! A pergola can provide shade and visually enhance the space, giving it definition and character. It is also the perfect setting for some string lights for a more dramatic effect on special on nights.

pergola bar outdoor kitchen

5.       Country Patio Kitchen

Enjoy afternoons and evening al fresco dining in this patio kitchen. Just add a grill and oven, counters, some storage and your dining table to your patio. The combination of brick columns, wood pallets, string lights and yellow counters bring out a charming country air.

country patio outdoor kitchen

6.       Shaded Kitchen

Unpredictable weather on your parts? You can easily close your outdoor kitchen when rain pours or when the wind becomes too strong for cooking and dining. The sleek vertical shades match the wall and complement the modern kitchen design.

outdoor kitchen with shades

7.       Southern Charm

The southern interiors is warm, welcoming, graceful and charming. The dark wood ceiling and posts foil the cool white floors and stone walls. The gorgeous wicker chairs, curved iron footed table and the antique chandelier give the space its remarkable southern look.

charming outdoor kitchen

8.       A Chiller Trough

Cold drinks are the best complement to warm days and hearty meals. Endless trips indoors to get cold drinks can spoil the fun. Adding a chiller is one of the smartest outdoor kitchen ideas and designs. Install a chiller trough on your outdoor dining table and you can enjoy a good supply of cold drinks within easy reach.

chiller trough

9.       Re-purposed Pallets

Your backyard kitchen and barbeque don’t have to be expensive to build. This repurposed pallet kitchen is spacious, practical, well-appointed and delightful. The tin roof provides shade and gives protection against sudden rain showers.

diy pallet outdoor kitchen

10.   Asian Lounge

Turn your unexciting outdoor kitchen patio into this chic and mesmerising Asian-inspired lounge. Vertical wood fencing, bamboo plants and floor seating convey the enigmatic eastern charm. Add a firepit to warm nippy nights and retractable canopy to provide shade.

Asian inspired outdoor kitchen

11.   Covered Patio

Convert your hardly used patio into this awesome pergola-covered outdoor kitchen. Build the kitchen counters and implements on the far side of the space, add two stone pedestals on the other side that will serve as the platform for the pergola posts. Its natural elements – rough stone and exposed wood give the kitchen a bucolic and brawny look.

covered patio outdoor kitchen

12.   White Boards

Build your own outdoor kitchen. This simple yet charming outdoor installation can be achieved with few planks of wood, tools and few hours of hard work. Start with the platform, then build the counters and pergola. The all-white concept complements the shiny chrome kitchen implements and stands out in its vibrant surroundings.

white cottage outdoor kitchen

13.   Pizza Oven

Barbecues are staples of outdoor kitchen cooking. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have your other favourite comfort food, like pizza! Add a pizza oven to your outdoor kitchen and enjoy hot homemade pizza and bread to go with your barbecues.

modern outdoor kitchen

14.   Rustic Barbecue Station

This is a man’s outdoor kitchen! Designed for endless barbecues, the modern grill is positioned dead centre with ample counter spaces on both sides. Stacked rough stone sides, bare wood flooring, reed slats for walls and stripped wood pergola all evoke the rustic rough and tumble cowboy vibe. 

rustic outdoor kitchen

15.   Posh Garden Corner

Elegant, opulent and stunning. This modern and classy garden kitchen and dining installation is a welcome addition to anybody’s backyard. Walled in two sides and slatted pergola overhead provide ample shade and privacy. The blue-grey-white combi gives the space its cool and contemporary look.  

posh garden outdoor kitchen

16.   Retractable Canopy

Need some shade during the hottest time of the day but also don’t want a roof over your outdoor kitchen? The retractable canopy is the perfect solution for you, and one of the most popular additions to many outdoor kitchen ideas and designs. You can draw out the canopy when you need it and hide it when you don’t. 

outdoor kitchen with retractable canopy

17.   Small City Backyard Kitchen

You can turn even the smallest backyard into an outdoor cooking and dining delight. Install your kitchen implements to one side of your smallish city backyard and invest in a portable picnic dining set you can stow away when not in use or when it’s time to clear a spot for some dancing.

city backyard outdoor kitchen

18.   Modern and Sophisticated

This sleek and modern outdoor kitchen is for those who only want the best. The shiny grill comes with a hood vent, enough counter space and storage cabinets, comfy seats with a firepit-installed centre table. Minimalist concrete greys are matched with touches of blues and bare wood slats.

grey contemporary outdoor kitchen

19.   Rustic Kitchen Pavilion

Got a huge family to feed? Love inviting the entire team over? You will need a huge kitchen to take care of the cooking. This U-shaped kitchen pavilion provides more than enough work space and storage. The stripped wood panelling and roofing give the space a unique rustic and archaic charm.

outdoor kitchen pavilion

20.   Pool Cabanas

This outdoor kitchen is for people who loves entertaining! The poolside cabana is outfitted with a curved counter/bar, highchairs and an outdoor kitchen. The classic Greek columns and the rough stone pedestals match the bar and the kitchen sides give the cabana a stately and dignified look.

poolside outdoor kitchen

21.   String Lights

This standalone outdoor kitchen evokes the allure of the warm and dusty outback. Red bricks flooring, curved pergola and string lights are perfect for great dining, good conversations and unforgettable moments. A wood panelled wall on one side and a fireplace add to the warmth and cosy setup.

garden outdoor kitchen

22.   Sleek Grey

Modern, minimalist, chic. This streamlined outdoor kitchen is all about efficiency and style. The cool steel grey perfectly balances the tan brick walls of the house. Adding the pergola defines the space and highlights the contemporary styling.

modern minimalist outdoor kitchen

23.   Table Tops

Outdoor kitchens are for picnics, barbecues and fun. Sit-down meals are rare, rather, it’s take a plate and eat where you can affair. Adding table tops and mini-counters like this can provide hubs where you and your guests can enjoy your food and fun conversations, without the hassle of balancing plates.

outdoor table tops

24.   Old-World Romantic

Classic romantics are still on top of the most popular outdoor kitchen ideas and designs. Stone brick walls, arched terrace, candle chandelier, distressed wood ceiling and stone tile floors. All convey the old-world elegance and drama. While the wicker chairs add a good dose of rustic charm.

European outdoor kitchen

25.   Against the Wall

Building your outdoor kitchen against a sturdy fence – of concrete, stone or brick material, could save you a lot of space and costs. This small outdoor kitchen is both practical and efficiently designed. Sensible concrete counters, open grill with hood and touches of varnished wood to bring in colour and shine.

backyard outdoor kitchen

26.   Outdoor Kitchen Island

This modern and sleek kitchen island is the entire kitchen. It includes a sink with a faucet, stovetop, an oven, some storage and a lot of counter space. It is space-efficient, contemporary and easy to incorporate to its surroundings. You just need to locate the perfect location in your yard and install your kitchen island.

outdoor kitchen island

27.   Sail Shades

Sails shades are easy to install, can be removed when not in use and can provide ample shade during the sunniest time of the day. The minimalist theme of the white and grey kitchen feature clean lines, bare concrete walls and counters, steel grey high stools. The plain white and grey sail shades perfectly complement this sleek contemporary outdoor kitchen.

minimalist outdoor kitchen

28.   Refrigerated Drawers

Cool drinks are a must for warm day picnics, afternoon barbecue parties and even for cosy night lounging with family and friends. Keep drinks cool and handy by installing refrigerated drawers with your outdoor kitchen.

refrigerated drawers for outdoor kitchen

29.   Red Bricks

Red brick kitchens never fail to convey an old-world image of smokey, sumptuous and well-prepared meals. With the rough red bricks base, the polished wood cabinets and concrete counter, this kitchen has a strong and striking rustic feel.

traditional outdoor kitchen

30.   Open Shed

The design of this outdoor kitchen is so simple, yet so efficient, modern and beautiful. Full concrete walls on its three sides, the kitchen is built against its back wall with the front left open. The exposed steel trusses give the kitchen an industrial look, while the tan tile splashback is stylish and contemporary.

open shed outdoor kitchen

31.   Open Air Corner

Modern, organised and inviting! This outdoor kitchen is set up almost like an indoor room. The dark grey wood slats walls and kitchen base are relieved by touches of light greys – counters, floors and the huge wall clock. A built-in wood fireplace can provide warmth during nippy nights.

contemporary outdoor kitchen

32.   Colourful Bar Stools

Add pops of colour to your traditional, rustic or minimalist designed outdoor space. These colourful bar stools can instantly enliven your outdoor kitchen. This rustic wood and brick brown kitchen bar gets a much-needed touch of fun and cheery vibe.

outdoor kitchen stools

33.   Rustic Kiosk

Staycation is fun! And compared to the real deal it is also cheap and can be easily arranged. You can enjoy all-year-round staycation fun and spirit with this outdoor kitchen kiosk. Always ready to open shop during holidays, special occasions and weekends. Ideal next to pools, edge of the garden or even on rooftop decks.

kiosk outdoor kitchen

34.   Metal-Screened Pergola

This outdoor kitchen is beautiful, generous and opulent. Wood plank flooring, metal dining set and black pergola with etched metal screens. All markers of a dynamic, carefree and contemporary design, the most favoured amongst outdoor kitchen ideas and designs.

elegant outdoor kitchen

35.   L-Shaped Pool Bar

Grill for the barbecues, ice tub to cool drinks, generous counter space and seats to rest on. This L-shaped pool bar doesn’t take much space, yet so functional and efficient. The green-grey stone brick side is both modern and timeless.

L-shaped poolside outdoor kitchen

36.   Kitchen with a View

Amazing views and good food are some of the best things in life. If your home is lucky to have gorgeous views, why not enjoy both at the same time by constructing an outdoor kitchen. This state-of-the-art compact kitchen island has all the kitchen implements you need. Just add a couple of seats and company.

modern kitchen island for the outdoors

37.   Fenced Kitchen

Want to build an outdoor kitchen but neighbours are too close for comfort? This is usually the case in many city and suburban communities where backyard space is limited. A fenced outdoor kitchen is the solution. The vertical slat fence of this kitchen is modern and provide more than enough screen without hampering the outdoor vibe of the space.

fenced outdoor kitchen

38.   Cool Concrete BBQ

Modern, rustic, minimalist. This outdoor kitchen hits high scores on both design and efficiency. The cool concrete theme is contemporary as it is practical for outdoor structures. Modern grill, mini refrigerator, ample storage and counter space – this kitchen is party ready.

modern outdoor kitchen

39.   Charming DIY Kitchen

This cottage kitchen is cute, charming, welcoming. Why bring in your garden produce when you can prepare them outdoors? This small garden kitchen can fit right into your garden corner. Add a cosy chair to rest and enjoy your food.

DIY outdoor kitchen

40.   Kitchen and Bar

Convert your backyard pavilion into this classy outdoor kitchen. The timeless design features an L-shaped kitchen with granite countertops and grey stone base. A chandelier is installed in the middle with drop lights over the dining counter. Wicker chairs, both high chairs and lounges provide the charm and elegance.

elegant outdoor kitchen

41.   Country Bricked

So country, so charming. The most natural of all outdoor kitchen ideas and designs. Light stone bricks, exposed bare wood beams, a stack of firewood and old-fashioned oven. Modern implements – modern grill and roaster, a TV and spotlights, complement the look while improving kitchen functionality.

country outdoor kitchen

42.   Glass Windows

This is an indoor/outdoor kitchen achieved by its wide awning glass windows. Ideal for poolside or garden installation. Just put up the windows when you’re having your picnics and parties and close them up when cooking indoors. Add a fold-down counter and few stools to complete your outdoor kitchen setup.

white cottage kitchen

43.   Backyard Kitchen Pavilion

This standalone outdoor kitchen is sufficient to host huge events and entertaining like outdoor parties, garden soirees and family holiday get-togethers. The fully-equipped kitchen covers most of two walls and the centre is features an eight to ten sitter dining table. Well-lit, the pavilion also comes with two long benches for resting, lounging or even naps.

backyard kitchen pavilion

44.   Tuscan Air

Bring the warm Tuscan air into your backyard by constructing this Tuscan-inspired outdoor kitchen. Patterned tile floor, sleek grey pergola with climbers, wood plank table and wrought iron chairs. And don’t forget to include the patch of lush and aromatic herbs.

Tuscan outdoor kitchen

45.   Galley BBQ Station

This is a small galley kitchen, without walls. Two counters on both sides, one for the kitchen and cooking implements and one for dining counter and bar. The ends of both counters serve as the base for the pergola posts. The rustic theme includes the lumber pergola and stacked stone base. The pergola rafters are also slanted strategically for optimum shading.

pergola outdoor kitchen

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