60 Incredible Breakfast Nook Ideas and Designs

cosy breakfast nook

Breakfast nooks offer a comfortable space to enjoy your morning cuppa, a quick lunch or some late-night snack.  The tablespace is perfect for some paperwork while watching the oven, writing down your grocery list and additional kitchen counter space when needed.  These mini dining areas are adorable additions to your kitchen. We’ve got a collection of incredible breakfast nook ideas and designs you are bound to fall for!

1.       Blue Banquette

Streamlined, classy and cosy.  This squarish bay window nook is lined with a blue banquette on three sides and centred with a farmhouse table. Wide windows on three sides keep breakfasts well-lighted. The vintage brass pendant light lends a refined character to the modern design.

charming breakfast nook

2.       Rustic Minimalist

Start your day with this romantic booth for two that speaks functionality and simplicity. Its wall-installed chair and mounted table arrangement are highlighted by the authentic colour of bare wood showing your unique and gutsy style.

rustic minimalist diner

3.       Cottage Bay Window Nook 

This nook overlooking the garden is functional and charming. The circular space is cosy and inviting with its wide windows and comfy seats. Enjoy the sunlight while having breakfast on the convivial round wooden table. Its location lets you comfortably watch your oven or let your soup simmer.

bay window dinette

4.       Table for Two Dinette 

Opt for a clean and classy look with this contemporary design. The wall bench, built-in shelves and walls are all in white. Add a dash of bravura to your morning hub with this modern Z-chair. The glass pendant light complements the open scheme of the interiors.

modern breakfast nook

5.       Breakfast Corner

Maximize your corner space with this comfortable sectional couch. Huge frames adorn one wall and a red script on the other. The antique rectangular lighting fixture with candles that comes with a lot of drama and dazzle.

cosy breakfast corner

6.       Elegant Nook 

Booths are popular amongst breakfast nook ideas and designs. Embrace modern and neutral interiors with this nook for four. The centred window lets in ample light. The elegant glass and steel table and cushioned wall benches facing each other create a comfortable yet classy white and grey nook.

elegant breakfast booth

7.       Farmhouse Romantic

Make your statement with this bright and sunny farmhouse breakfast nook. The combination of colourful flowers, fruits and accents create that infectious perky ambience. The table set itself features a nice blend of comfy and stylish. White farmhouse dining set in a room surrounded by glass windows, letting you marvel the beautiful outdoors while enjoying your breakfast, and any other meal!

romantic farmhouse dining room

8.       Country Pine 

Urbane, unique and uncluttered. This design features wall bench and mounted table waxed to perfection. With its wide glass window and pendant lights, you are sure to get ample light day in, day out. A recessed wall shelve complements the modern and inspired design of the space.

breakfast booth with a view

9.       Periwinkle Charm

Start your day right with this elegant and romantic yet quaint breakfast area. In white and several shades of light periwinkle, the room is welcoming and lovely. The built-in shelves are stylish and functional, handy for displaying beautiful tableware while keeping them organized and within reach. The combination of a wall bench and classic white chairs make this hub ideal not just for meals but for official meetings too.

chic breakfast nook

10.   Window Breakfast Bar

This countertop breakfast nook is your station on the go. Perfect for quick breakfasts whilst going through your busy morning routine. The long wooden bar and metal bar stools setup is space-efficient, ideal for apartments and smaller homes. The wide windows open the horizon, while the golden pendant lights give definition to the space.

kitchen window bar

11.   Family Breakfast Station 

This commodious breakfast station can accommodate a large family. The sleek and rustic design comes with rattan chairs and corner wall bench ready to accommodate everyone in the house. Neutral shades and clean lines keep the space classy and subdued. While the eye-catching bubble lights add a quirky touch.

family breakfast station

12.   Greek Sophistication

Bask in the serene beauty of this black and white Greek-inspired breakfast nook. The classic design exudes sophistication and nostalgia. Refined patterns from its diamond window panes, hand-knotted rug and chair backs.  The geometric pendant candle holder completes the look of this chic and modern hub.

elegant window diner

13.   Surprise Pull-out Cabinet 

Who doesn’t like surprises? Personalize your morning booth with this ingenious pull-out cabinet to hold favoured drinks, condiment bottles or utensils. Keeping them hidden, yet handy! Additional storage comes with most breakfast nook ideas and designs.

pullout storage drawer

14.   Luxurious Oval Seating 

This breakfast table fits royalty. Its classic dining chairs, cushioned banquette and delicate chandelier all look posh and elegant Its white interiors. The flawless craftsmanship of the white oval table is simply a masterpiece. 

luxurious breakfast corner

15.   Cheerful Yellow

Sunny morning views are the best! And even during gloomy days, you can still indulge your favourite morning view with this glass-walled breakfast hub. The wide glass-paned window allows maximum natural light. Built-in shelves, comfy wall benches, wire-backed dining chairs and generous touches of yellow complete the cheerful ambience.    

sunny breakfast corner

16.   Farmhouse Banquette 

It’s time to upgrade your farmhouse breakfast corner to this cosy and welcoming booth. Dine and work on the rustic table of planked woods, polished but kept bare to show its natural tone. The charming white and blue printed banquette and bookshelves complete the warm countryside ambiance.

farmhouse breakfast booth

17.   Cosy Corner 

Enjoy meals, get work done or get creative in this comfy corner just off the kitchen. The tall windows let the daylight flood the space. The built-in benches save space.  Just add a table and you’re set. The burlap cushion and throw pillows inject a touch of rustic charm.

cosy breakfast corner

18.   Breakfast Bar and Caddy 

You don’t need a whole lot of space for your breakfast nook. This breakfast bar is ideal for smaller homes and apartments. Its sleek design maximizes the space but still makes it stylish and cosy. This little hub even has shelves to store utensils, kitchen rugs and makes your favourite bottle of wine handy.

breakfast bar and caddy

19.   Breakfast in the Library 

Smell the lovely and musty scent of the books whilst having a dreamy meal in this breakfast room. Dusky blue-grey tones dominate the interiors – in its chairs, walls and curtains. Warm shades of natural wood balance the cool theme. This breakfast room is also perfect for a relaxing coffee and tea sessions.

library breakfast room

20.   Magnificent Window Bay Nook 

Opulent, contemporary and picturesque. This magnificent breakfast bay is surrounded with glass windows on three sides. The glass-topped table and show-stopping glass chandelier complement the airy ambiance of the nook. The U-shaped banquette make the room comfortable and welcoming.

formal breakfast nook

21.   Southern Blues 

Let this blue haven inspire to start your day positively. From its charming farmhouse dining chairs, the blue cushioned bench to the colourful window drapes, this breakfast nook is adorable. The eye-catching hexagonal pendant lighting add an interesting and quirky touch to the space.

charming breakfast nook

22.   Rustic and Colourful 

A fusion of quaint and lovely. Indulge in this rustic morning hub highlighted with the use of rattan in its inventive light dome and wooden rattan chairs, and its unique vintage table. Add a stash of colourful throw pillows and fill the wall with bright frames.

rustic breakfast room

23.   Bright Chinoiseries

The glamorous Asian theme made charming and stylish. The interiors include a roundtable with farmhouse dining chairs and a welcoming window seat. The blue chinoiseries shade is apparent in the lovely window shades complemented by the figurine pieces on the table. The gold candlelight styled light adds a sophisticated touch to the bright room.  

chinoiseries breakfast bay window

24.   Kitchen Island Booth 

Contemporary and sleek. This morning booth is perfect for city dwellers. The carefully planned design comes with purpose and style. The roundtable booth gives you a 360-degree view of the kitchen, helpful when you’re preparing for your morning routine. Taking the modern vibe to the next level is the ceiling accent with hidden blue lights at its sides giving that cool and relaxing feel.

modern breakfast booth

25.   A Sunny Alcove

Invite sunlight to your everyday morning with this sunny alcove surrounded by glass walls, white interior and polished wooden floor. The wooden table is efficient with a window bench at one side and cushioned chairs on the other. Functional built-in shelves offer ample storage. Add a contemporary constructed chandelier to complete the look.

breakfast room

26.   Morning Serenity

Reflect and enjoy morning serenity in this quiet breakfast nook. Tucked away from the traffic, the nook is best for indulgent breakfasts and great conversations. Styled simply with rustic rattan chairs, a drop light and bench, the well-lighted hub is a haven.

cosy breakfast nook

27.   Delightful Purple 

This breakfast corner exudes elegance and style. Transform your breakfast nook to this classy concoction of comfy wall bench, paned window walls and flowing white curtains. The warm purple hue of its table and stool perfectly foils the bright white and perks up the space with colour. Complete this sophisticated look with this unique globe chandelier with bubble lights.

purple breakfast room

28.   Breakfast Bar and Island 

This elegant and modern breakfast bar gives ample space for you to eat your morning meals, get some work done or enjoy a nightcap. The minimalist design speaks functionality with the table that comes with shelves to store utensils, magazines or wine bottles. The high chairs can be stowed under, saving precious space and helping you manage foot traffic inside the house.

breakfast nook and bar

29.   Sunny Country Cottage 

Efficient, sensible, charming. This breakfast nook took the basics and make it delightful. Wide glass windows to let in light, cushioned bench and storage, a wide and sensible farmhouse table and a couple of metal chandeliers. Complete a quaint ambiance with a historical poster and bright throw pillows.

country cottage dining room

30.   Gunmetal Grace 

Who says grey is boring? This sleek design features a thick gunmetal table and a U-shaped banquette of the same tone. The interiors are kept predominantly white to highlight the greys. The elegant cylindrical lighting adds graceful touches of delicate pink and gold.

grey breakfast booth

31.   Bright Prints 

Bring fierce, bold and trendy into your dining table with this feisty breakfast nook. Infuse wild colours and prints – blue and white zebra stripe seat cushions, bright profusion of throw pillows and the breathtakingly striking red string pendant light. The glass chairs add drama and a touch of glamour. Balance the design with white interiors and wide windows to invite natural lighting.

colourful breakfast nook

32.   Window Seat and a Table 

Charming, chic and cosy. The comfortable window seat is complemented with a glass-topped round table and a couple of white farmhouse chairs. Pops of bright colours in the window shade and vase foil the neutrals black, white and dark grey floors. The light pink walls make the room decidedly feminine.    

apartment breakfast nook

33.   Pink Farmhouse 

Bring your childhood dream to life with this dollhouse-themed breakfast nook. Its white wooden chairs and table with drawers adorning are complemented with bright touches of pinks, greens and reds. Playful prints and accents bring out the fun and childlike enthusiasm in you.

pastel farmhouse dinette

34.   Modern Kitchen Island Dinette 

Express minimalism with this modern kitchen and dinette that’s sleek and contemporary. This spacious nook is uncluttered with a simple polished wood that’s also an extension of the white marble kitchen counter. The bar stools and overhead lights exudes modern industrial, while the bare hardwood flooring island panels and accents lend a warm rustic touch.

island and breakfast table

35.   Neon Mornings

Vivid is hot! Make your mornings warm and exciting with this bright neon hub of orange and pink.  The floral floor tiles, dramatic white lace wall frames and playful orange pendant light complete the colourful and perky look.

bright breakfast room

36.   Classic Breakfast Booth 

This timeless design is still among the top breakfast nook ideas and designs. Bring back cherished memories with this classic and delightful breakfast table set. The chandelier’s intricate design gives its elegant vintage look. The U-shaped banquette is roomy while the Shaker chairs bring in the nostalgic era of warmth and comfort.

classy breakfast nook

37.   Benches and Bucket Chairs 

Laidback and reserved. Welcome bright and breezy mornings in this striking breakfast nook. Cushioned benches line the walls for ample seating. While the handcrafted bucket chairs give the laidback holiday atmosphere. The waterfront theme is completed with the sisal framed mirror, globe lighting and blue and white throw pillows.

seaside breakfast nook

38.   Bohemian Blues 

Show your dauntless personality with this striking and blue bohemian look. Everything in this room is big and bold. From the painted walls and artsy wall accent, to the patterned floor mat and axial pendant light, the room exhibits creativity and originality.

bohemian breakfast room

39.   Wall-Mounted Table 

Make the most of your wall space with this space-efficient breakfast nook. Not needing a large space, the mounted table for two comes with built-in wall storage boxes and wall lamp on a swing arm. The easy-to-install table can also be brought down when not in use.  

portable dining area

40.   Cosy Mediterranean Dinette 

Bring the bright and warm Santorini to your home with this Mediterranean themed dinette.  Snuggled in a cosy is the elegant and comfy wall bench slightly curved to accommodate the standalone roundtable. The unique Mediterranean patterns in the window shade and accents lift the room from boring to amazing.

elegant breakfast nook

41.   Banquette Bench Storage 

Use your breakfast nook banquettes as extra storage. This classy nook in white, grey and blue is comfortable as it is delightful. Besides its striking look, the nook is also a functional space. It serves as a divider between the kitchen and the rest of the house and underneath the banquettes are ample storage space.

breakfast nook storage

42.   Rustic Farmhouse

Beautiful, rustic and spacious farmhouse breakfast area. The room highlights the warm wood tones of its bare table and polished hardwood flooring. The interiors are subdued with light neutral tones, reed window shades and white walls. The black classic Shaker chairs bring in charm and nostalgia.

large farmhouse breakfast area

43.   Refined Grey Banquette 

Grey and white. Cool and classy. Several shades of grey on white, the interiors scream urbane and rich! Adding punch to the modern and minimalist style are barely-there wall accents and a huge white globe lighting.

modern breakfast nook

44.   White and Bright Colours 

Brighten up a boring white room by adding in colours. Bright green cushions and pillows adorn the wall bench, warm leather brown line the wire chairs and a striking picture to light up the wall. Keep the room bright with a large globe lighting and a white faux animal skin rug.

colourful dining room

45.   Kitchen Island and Nook

The sophisticated greys of the kitchen are foiled by the warm wood tones of the breakfast nook. This is one of the practical breakfast nook ideas and designs. Right in the middle of the kitchen, the nook serves as a great place to take a breather from cooking and enjoy a cold drink, a good spot to wind down a busy or enjoy light and informal meals with the family.

kitchen and breakfast nook

46.   DIY Floating Benches 

This DIY breakfast nook idea is easy to accomplish and do not need extensive materials to finish. In a cosy corner, build the seats and the backrest of the wall benches using wood planks. Then add a table and some colourful pillows to brighten up the nook. 

DIY floating benches

47.   Sunny Corner Dinette 

Stunning, contemporary and airy. Welcome sunshine into your mornings in this lovely breakfast nook with surrounding glass windows and lots of sunshine. The sleek marble and metal table and vintage glass chandelier lend a romantic and chic allure to the interiors.

sunny breakfast corner

48.   Natural Colours

Stay neutral and enjoy its authentic and simple beauty of nature. The bright white room is toned down with warm beiges and browns from natural elements – rattan, wood and reed. Add a pop of colour by bringing in potted plants, a bowl of fruits or a bunch of flowers.

white breakfast corner

49.   Charming Pastels 

Wake up to this animated and perky breakfast nook of charming pastels. The dining set is composed of corner benches and farmhouse dining chairs in powder blue with white accents. Add a colourful and striking painting and few bright pillows. Complete the colourful combo with a bright metal candlelight chandelier to give that romantic vibe.

bright breakfast nook

50.   Delightful Baby Blues 

Pleasing to the eyes, intimate, and cool. This bright yet subdued interiors are welcoming and comforting with its ample natural lighting and seating. The farmhouse charm of the nook comes from the patterned seat cushions, the elegant drop chandelier and the delightful baby blues of the interiors.

cottage breakfast corner

51.   Breakfast Balcony 

Take your breakfast on the balcony. Enjoy the views and the meal while getting your daily dose of vitamin D! Simply set up a picnic table and a couple of chairs on the most comfortable spot of your balcony. It can also double as your work desk. Indulge sunny mornings for as long as the season allows you to.

balcony breakfast

52.   A Charming Nook 

This charming nook off the kitchen is ideal for breakfasts, coffee breaks, midnight snacks and even a spot to get work done. The lovely furniture and chandelier create a welcoming and elegant nook. Wild roses and brightly coloured pillows give the space its feminine charm.

kitchen breakfast nook

53.   White Kitchen Window Bar

Streamlined, modern, uncluttered. This white kitchen window bar serves its purpose and more! It maximizes the space whilst letting you enjoy the morning view with your cuppa and favourite book. The antique gas pendant light gives the space a touch of shine and an interesting detail.

kitchen window bar

54.   Golden Glamour

Dazzling and fascinating. Rich and urbane. The bold and dominant golden hues are tamed by the cool blue accents. Every piece is a conversation starter. The myriad of texture and patterns give this room a different and arresting look.  

luxurious breakfast nook

55.   Modern Boho

This modern and tamed fusion of hippie and bohemian styles works. The delightful nook is predominantly white, with charming details to give it a quirky touch – delicate wall accent, patterned pillows and a round reed lighting. The thick comfy cushioned benches provide ample seating while the wide glass windows let in natural lighting.

charming breakfast corner

56.   Bright Corner Dinette 

You don’t need windows when you have this huge golden dome lighting to brighten a nook. This corner dinette features white clean walls to reflect the light, the floors are left bare and accents are kept minimal yet delightful. Beauty in simplicity and functionality.

elegant breakfast corner

57.   Cosy Breakfast Booth

Maximise space with this snug booth placed in an unused corner of your house. Its wall couches facing each other offer enough seating, while the commodious table can cater meals, kitchen work and even paperwork. Brighten up the space with few colourful pillows and glass windows. 

breakfast nook

58.   Breakfast Bar by the Window 

Some of the favourite breakfast nook ideas and designs don’t come in a nook. Turn a wall into this efficient and functional breakfast bar. Install a bar that will serve as the table and countertop. Add high stools that can be stowed under when not in use. Enjoy morning views with your coffee or work. A pair of hanging pendant lights will keep it bright any time of the day. 

window breakfast bar

59.   Gorgeous Breakfast Nook 

Stunning, graceful and regal. This breakfast nook excels both in style and functionality. The classic furniture dominates the room with gracious charm, while the intricate details of the chandelier brings in a haunting vibe. The sofa can double as a day bed.

elegant morning room

60.   Shabby Chic Charm 

The farmhouse shabby chic is foolproof and classic. Create the laidback and charming atmosphere with white interiors, farmhouse furniture and a pottery collection. Keep the nook well-lighted with a couple of vintage pendant lights in chains. And don’t forget to add your unique personality by hanging personally significant newspaper pages.

shabby chic dining area

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