50 Creative Kitchen Pantry Ideas and Designs

modern kitchen pantry

The kitchen is one of the rooms that are prone to clutter. Foodstuff, kitchen utensils, fruits, pots and pans, dinnerware, spice bottles, groceries, silverware and a lot more! With most of your household’s everyday essentials stored in the kitchen, you must find a way to keep them all safe, organised and stocked. A pantry is the kitchen catch-all for all items and is a must for all homes. Here are some of the many diverse kitchen pantry ideas and designs we love. Get design inspirations for your next kitchen upgrade!

1.       Butler’s White Pantry

White, efficient and bright!  The white overall theme makes the space look larger than it is. The open shelving, glass cabinet doors and the window make the room seem bigger.

classic white pantry

2.       Pull-Out Shelves

The pull-out shelves of this kitchen larder improve the storage ease and accessibility. No more knocking over things in the front to reach those at the back! The sleek light grey complements the white modern interiors of the kitchen.

pull-out shelves

3.       Charming Farmhouse

Spacious, stripped down and charming. All the things you need and none of the unnecessary. Good lighting, wide shelves, a room for everything and even a bit of counter space. The metal and screen partition are modern, sleek and ingenious.

farmhouse pantry

4.       Corner Shelves

Do not waste the hard-to-reach far corners of your cabinets. Installing lazy sally shelves will banish the unusable and inaccessible space. The aluminium gives a sharp and striking contrast to the black kitchen walls.

rotating shelves pantry

5.       Pantry with a Window

This smallish-sized pantry looks spacious, thanks to the great organisation and to the window. Opening the end of the room extends the vision and lets in a lot of natural lighting. Make the window as wide as possible and do not let anything impede the view.

complete kitchen pantry

6.       Pantry Containers

One trick to an organised pantry is having similar containers. Imagine this room with everything still on its original packaging, it would be a tumble of items - it would look cluttered, messy and crowded. These containers help you maximise the space is easy on the eye.

pantry containers

7.       Modern Drawers

Modern minimalist kitchens also need ample storage. This modern kitchen combined the elements by installing pull-out drawers inside sleek modern cabinets. Smooth on the surface, spacious and efficient in the inside.

pantry drawers

8.       A Corner Room

Even the smallest kitchen can still have a room for a pantry. This corner pantry is accessible and a space-saver, taking advantage of the awkward and hard-to-reach space in the corner of the room. The full wall shelves on both sides will give you enough room for all your kitchen storage needs.

corner kitchen pantry

9.       The Candy Store

Bring in some candy store glass jars to keep all your kitchen stuff organised and popping! The clear glass containers will let you see what it contains and save you time rummaging through things. The white interiors help make the room look more spacious.

bright kitchen pantry

10.   Barn Door

A barn door is a charming twist to the ordinary door. Rustic and edgy, the tar-black door makes a striking contrast to the white kitchen. Basket organisers complete the delightful pastoral look.

barn door pantry

11.   The Classic Butler’s

When you must have a place for each of your kitchen miscellany, this butler’s pantry is for you. Classic, organised and splendid. There are shelves and drawers for every item, a centre island for preparation work and a timeless look that is modern, elegant and efficient.

butlers pantry

12.   Swing-Out Shelves

When you don’t have the luxury of space, you must get creative with organising. This kitchen larder gets the most out of its available space with the swing out shelves. The installation not only maximises the space usage, but it also helps in organising the items and its accessibility.

swing out cabinets

13.   Quirky Accents

There is no rule that says you cannot decorate your kitchen pantry. While it is the last room that your visitor will get to see, make the room special and delightful for you. Add some quirky décors and personal touches to make it truly your own.

stylish kitchen pantry

14.   Produce Baskets

Wire basket drawers are perfect for produce and perishables that shouldn’t be in the refrigerator. Onions, potatoes, tomatoes and garlic are best left in the open. Adding a few produce drawers will keep them organised and stowed properly. 

wire drawers

15.   Under the Stairs

The space under stairs is just perfect for a kitchen pantry. Just add some shelves, light and a door! The half screen door will let the air in while maintaining maximum concealment. Adding a small caddy to hold frequently used items is a great idea!

pantry under the stairs

16.   The Larder

Efficient and accessible. This kitchen larder is ideal for smaller homes or for kitchens that don’t need as much storage. The cabinet can hold enough food items and even has several drawers for organisation. 

kitchen larder

17.   Tiled Within

Upgrade your humdrum kitchen pantry by adding subway tiles around its walls. The white tiles make the inside of the pantry brighter, sleeker and easier to clean! The open shelves offer ample storage and work space.

kitchen pantry

18.   Grocery Drawers

Eliminate grocery clutter with these grocery drawers in your pantry. Organised and accessible even to young kids, this storage system will help you clean up the counters and the cabinets for good.

pantry drawers

19.   Small and Efficient

Ample storage space for less room. Space and traffic management and design make this pantry efficient and smart. Sliding barn door, open wall shelves and floor plan all add up to a well-organised pantry. The adjustable shelving system will give you flexible storage options.

small kitchen pantry

20.   A Hidden Pantry

For people who would rather hide their kitchen implements and food stash, a hidden pantry can be the perfect solution. A regular cabinet door can lead to an actual pantry room! Keep the interior well-lighted and properly ventilated.

hidden kitchen pantry

21.   Elegant Grey

Cool, modern, elegant! This sleek pantry design complements the modern minimalist interiors of the kitchen. A wall of floating shelves provides enough room for storage without cramping the space. The frosted sliding glass door and front wall give a posh and chic look to the kitchen.

modern minimalist pantry

22.   Ladder Up

Pantry shelves go up to the ceiling, to make the most out of storage space. However, accessibility to the items decreases, and getting to the top shelves can be hard and sometimes dangerous. Installing a ladder is sensible and can save you from accidents.

kitchen pantry ladder

23.   Basket Organisers

No drawers? No problem! Use storage baskets to help organise your pantry. They are charming and flexible – you can change position and tags according to its contents. You can also the baskets to carry several items to and from the pantry.

kitchen basket storage

24.   Pull-Out Cabinets

Deep cabinets can hold more stuff but can also be inconvenient when trying to find or retrieve items from the back. Pull-out cabinets will give you the storage space you need and easy access to its contents.

kitchen pullout cabinets

25.   A Window Seat

Turn your kitchen pantry into a personal nook. Add a comfy nook with a seat or a window seat where you can take a breather, read a book or enjoy a drink, comfortably. This spacious pantry is made to look even bigger by its wide windows and light interiors.

charming kitchen pantry

26.   Steel Shelves

When you can’t commit a room for a pantry, or just don’t have one for it, these steel shelves can come in handy for your kitchen storage and organisation. Easy to set up and move, durable and multi-purpose.

steel shelves

27.   The Pantry Cabinet

Instead of assigning a room for your pantry, why not design a cabinet for it. This cabinet swiss knife has all the storage and organisation solutions for the kitchen. Drawers, sliders and shelves. Built into a corner for maximum accessibility, this pantry cabinet is ideal for smaller homes and kitchens.

pantry cabinet

28.   Lighted and Light

This modern minimalist pantry keeps the styling toned down – grainy wallpaper design, floating shelves and dark wood flooring. The effect is airy and light. The centre lighting is strong and bright daylight, perfect for a closed-in room. 

spacious kitchen pantry

29.   Spice Rack

Spices are kitchen mainstays. They come in smaller bottles and kitchens usually have at least a dozen of them around. Add a spice rack to your kitchen pantry to help organise your spice bottles. This spice rack is installed behind a cabinet door. The chalkboard wall is a clever detail!

spice racks

30.   Black French Doors

Timeless and stylish. A classy pair of black French door is all you need to glam up your kitchen. Frosted glass panes, curved shelves and strategic lighting. Classic and perfect!

classic kitchen pantry

31.       Vertical Pan Rack

We usually just pile up cookware to store and organise them. However, this would also mean rummaging through the inter pile when looking for a specific item. Install a section for your pans, baking sheets and other flat cookware. This will better organise them without sacrificing accessibility. The slots will let you adjust the width for a better fit. Smart!

vertical pan cabinet

32.       Hippie Wall Art

Hippie, rustic and fetching. This hole-in-the-wall kitchen pantry is a design feat! The brick wall and barn door drive in the charming rustic look, while the chalkboard brings in the hippie brilliant appeal.

rustic kitchen pantry

33.       Lighted Drawers

Kitchen pantries don’t usually enjoy a window or natural lighting, and it is dark in storage places like drawers and cabinets. Make sure you have enough lighting by installing drawer and shelf lights.

modern pantry drawers

34.       Black and Wood

Pleasantly sensible and enduringly elegant. This wood and black-walled pantry envisage warm and comforting food, prepared lovingly and served with joy. With shelves for everything and counter space for work, this pantry design will never go out of style.

classic country pantry

35.       Farmhouse Chic

Inject a good dose of farmhouse charm and to your modern kitchen by adding this shabby chic pantry door. The vintage light bulb, metal wire baskets and bare wood planks for shelves complete the pastoral vibe.

shabby chic pantry door

36.       Chalkboard Wall

Adding a chalkboard wall in your kitchen pantry makes a lot of sense! It is while in the pantry that you realise the stuff you need to buy, and the chalkboard comes in handy to jot down things before you forget them. Don’t let that wall space go to waste!

chalkboard wall inside pantry

37.       Butler’s Pantry in a Corner

Showcase your dinnerware, glassware and fine silverware collections in a butler’s pantry. This corner pantry also includes a wine chiller and plenty of counter space to work on. Strategic lighting in the cabinets and the eye-catching chandelier provides ample lighting.

elegant butlers pantry

38.       Classy Glass Doors

Elegant, gorgeous and posh. These gracefully embossed glass double doors speak of muted luxury, classy style and elegant taste. Paired with warm and grainy teak wood, the interiors charming as it is affluent.

luxurious glass pantry

39.       X-Cubes for Bottles

When you don’t have space for a wine cellar or enough wine bottles to fill one, keeping your wine collection in the pantry is not a bad idea. Add a couple of X-cube boxes for your wine bottles. Storing bottles in a pile is safer and easier for you.

kitchen pantry shelves

40.   Pantry + Home office

Your pantry can also double as your home office. It offers peace and quiet and the needed workspace. With the right planning, a desk and office storage system can be easily incorporated into the pantry. The end portion of this pantry is allocated to a tiny office, separating it with a wall of cabinets.

modern pantry with desk

41.   Wall of Shelves

Deep shelves are ideal for optimum storage, but for narrow rooms, like this kitchen pantry, deep shelves will overcrowd the room. To maintain its roomy feel, opt for a wall of lean and open shelves, go for lighter tones and make sure there’s enough lighting.

narrow pantry shelves

42.   Pegboard

Pegboards are flexible and a great space-saver. You can hang anything on in – pots, pans and other kitchen implements, without taking much space. This kitchen pantry put the back wall into good use by installing a pegboard.

pantry with pegboard

43.   Rustic Modern

A healthy dose of warm wood panelling will inject a charming rustic vibe to your modern kitchen. The slide-out cabinet is designed for optimum storage and ease. A fusion of style and functionality.

modern rustic pantry

44.   Pull-out Metal Drawers

This pantry looks spacious and airy because of the open shelving and white interiors. It also avoided boxes and cabinets. However, for produce and other smaller items, closed storage is required. The solution – pull-out metal drawers.

white basic pantry

45.   Grocer’s Room

This traditional pantry design is reminiscent of a grocer’s shop. The glass windows, crowded shelves and half glass door are endearing and chic. Complete the look with black accents and elegant metal curlicues.

grocer's style pantry

46.   Organiser Wall

The kitchen pantry helps keep your kitchen neat and pristine – uncluttered countertops, neat cabinets and walls. Aside from the groceries and dinnerware, you can also take in the bits and pieces of kitchen clutter. Install an organiser wall for all your recipes, notes and kids’ artwork.

spacious kitchen pantry

47.   The Silver Room

Stunning, elegant and luxurious. This bright and dazzling pantry is truly for the glamorous and opulent. The silver mirror subway splashback, the flawless cabinetry and efficient storage plan all contribute to the design success.

luxurious elegant pantry

48.   Pantry Skylight

Even if your pantry doesn’t have access to a window, you can still bring in natural lighting with a skylight. Opening the ceiling to let in light will also make the room look bigger. The white interiors help reflect the light making the room a lot brighter.

pantry with skylight

49.   Moving Parts

This pantry has a lot of moving parts. The service trolley comes in handy in transporting stuff from the pantry to the kitchen. Pull-out baskets and trays make for easier access, while the Lazy Susan allows optimum space usage.

country style pantry

50.   Sliding Glass Doors

Well-designed and stylish. The light grey and glass-paned sliding pantry door complement the classy off-white kitchen. White walls to match the interiors and wood drawers for a rustic touch.

modern classy kitchen

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