Carrera Marble vs White Granite: The Surface Debate!

white granite kitchen island counter
Carrera marble countertop

Carrera marble and white granite are two of the most popular countertop materials. Both are durable natural stones that create beautiful and elegant kitchen countertops. When it comes to availability, marble is rarer than granite and therefore more expensive then it's alternative. In saying that, Carrera marble is the most common and affordable marble type in the market, and in comparison with premium white granite, can be cost effective. Either way, both Carrera marble or white granite countertops instantly add value to your home. So, which is the better choice when it comes to kitchen countertops?

Carrera Marble Overview

Marble countertops are timelessly beautiful, a clear indicator of a luxurious kitchen. The stone itself comes in different colours and patterns, with white being a popular choice for modern kitchens. Marble veining is unique and varies in cuts, therefore no two slabs are the same. Carrera is the most common and affordable type of marble. There are two types of marble finishes – the polished, or glossy mirror-like marble, and the honed, or the opaque marble.

elegant Carrera marble kitchen island

White Granite Overview

White granite is another great alternative for luxurious kitchen countertops, being striking, durable and readily available. When it comes to the design, the natural minerals present in the stone create unique, detailed markings, similar to marble veining. Granite can be engineered, mixed with resin for a more manufactured look and feel, however most prefer the raw beauty of natural granite.

fabulous white granite kitchen island

Advantages of a Carrera Marble Countertop

Marbles are the high-end of countertop materials. Its light hues and delicate veins give the air of luminous elegance and luxury. Carrera marbles are white with a slight grey-bluish tint. Carrera marble is exceptionally durable, making it popular for kitchen countertops and sculptures.  

Carrera marble kitchen island counter

Advantages of a White Granite Countertop

As a material, granite is extremely tough and can withstand high heat, pressure and the elemental ravages of minerals and acids. The colour is constant and enduring, meaning it won't fade. Granites are also non-porous and sanitary for food contact and processing. White granites like the Kashmir whites give charm and class to any kitchen.

impressive white granite kitchen island countertop

Disadvantages of a Carrera Marble Countertop

Marbles are porous and prone to damage due to constant exposure to acidic materials like vinegar, wine, most fruits, and certain types of vegetables. Marble surfaces are more vulnerable to staining, cracking and scratches than granite alternatives. Once scratched, marble will absorb liquids that will lead to discolouration. To avoid this, constant resealing is required, making it a high maintenance surface.

If the idea of this worries you, it might even be worth going for a honed Carrera marble, as the matte finish disguises etches and stains more effectively than polished surfaces. 

While Carrera Marble is a more affordable type of marble stone, you will need to factor in labour costs for reseals over time to ensure it's protection. 

Carrera marble kitchen countertops

Disadvantages of a White Granite Countertop

Granite is a more common stone than marble, and as a result don't carry the same level of opulence. The installation of granite definitely calls for a professional as it can crack under extreme weight or pressure if it is installed incorrectly. So if you are looking to DIY your kitchen, then stay clear of granite. 

Similar to marble, granite needs to be resealed frequently to avoid staining. Granite is a porous surface which means it can harbour germs and bacteria if it isn't resealed properly. 

Aesthetically, white granite isn't pure white in colour, but more of a light coloured material with natural flecks throughout it. It is also important to note that the seams of granite slabs are difficult to disguise when installed. 

white granite kitchen countertops

In a Nutshell

Both Carrera marble and white granite offer high quality and beautiful materials for modern kitchen countertop. Sturdy in structure, both are durable materials that require frequent resealing to maintain their appearance. If you are going for an opulent, clean white surface with interesting patterning and veining, than Carrera marble is a great choice, just watch out for spillages and acidic materials as Carrera marble absorbs liquids readily and stains easily.

However if you love natural inflections and raw beauty seen in natural stone, than granite proves a great alternative to marble. Having been installed by a professional and sealed correctly, your granite should withstand heat, environmental factors and fading. 

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