45 Inspired Home Office Ideas and Designs

industrial themed home office

A home office is a spot where you can get office tasks done sans the unnecessary noise and distraction. For dynamic individuals, entrepreneurs, home-based professionals, and even students, having a comfortable nook where you can do your job at home is very important. Create an office vibe within the vicinity of your home designed to make you feel at home, comfortable yet focused. Check out these modern home office ideas to see if you can pick out one that could inspire you;

1. Dainty Blues

A breath of fresh air and sunshine peeking through the window, with dainty blue details to break the all-white interiors. It's a perfect setup for those who wants natural lighting and a good view outside the house while you get busy at work.

charming home office

2. Private Attic

Turn your attic into an office setting by adding tables and chair to work on and installing built-in shelves to keep your records and documents safe. The attic is perfect for those who value privacy far from the noise and traffic.

attic home office

3. Abstract Elegance

Elegant and creative! Get the elegant office look in black and gold themes, superior furniture picks and abstract art pieces adorning the walls. One of the top modern home office ideas preferred by passionate and dynamic women.

creative home office nook

4. Cosy Bedroom Intrusion

Instead of the typical vanity table and chair adorning your bedside space, position a cosy work area where you can easily get a snooze when work is making you feel restless and woozy.

home office in the bedroom

5. Kitchen Workspace

Nothing is more homey than being in the kitchen. The place is sanctuary for many creative marketing executives, artists, and writers and the imaginative bloggers. Create a space in the kitchen where you can work and still feel at home.

home office in the kitchen

6. Corner Workstation

Turn an odd corner into an efficient home office. A multitasking hard worker or a busy mom will see the advantage of the spot, where everything is accessible and within your line of sight. All you need for your mini workstation is finding the perfect corner, a desk and few storage cabinets installed.

modern home office nook

7. Wall Cabinets and Shelves

Convert any room in the house into a home office by simply putting cabinets on the wall and turning it into book shelves to create a mini library at home. The cool blue-grey walls and natural wood tones adds to the light and airy vibe of the room.

Ikea themed home office

8. Dividers

Dividers and perfect space maximizer that can instantly create additional room without too much renovation work. Try setting up a two set wooden divider like this one and create the illusion of privacy.

home office privacy divider

9. Under the Staircase

There's that small empty space below the staircase which you can turn into a productive working space by installing a desk, adding a chair and cabinets for your documents, books, and printer machine.

under the stairs home office

10. The Living Room Office

The living room can also serve as your home office. This is one of the popular modern home office ideas for singles living in apartments. Keep furnishings small to leave enough space for a small desk.

living room home office combo

11. Basket Organisers

Add a touch of rustic charm into an otherwise sedate interiors by using baskets instead of the regular boxes and file cases. Basket organizers come in different shapes, sizes and designs to fit your needs.

trendy home office

12. Collapsible Minimalist Table

Perfect for smaller homes and on-the-go individuals, this collapsible wall-installed table can be your office when needed and folded when not. It saves space and complements the minimalist interiors.

collapsible home office desk

13. White Space

Convert your front porch or an end room into an airy and comfortable home office. When you need all the light you can get, wide windows and white walls are for you. The brushed steel fixtures help tame the all-white scheme.

white attic home office

14. Calendar Memo Board

That black board menu board in your kitchen's wall scribbled with recipes and menu for the week? Bring it into our home office and turn into your memo board where you can list your work reminders and To Dos.

calendar wall home office

15. Cookie Jar Organisers

Thinking of stashing away those empty cookie jars? Think of nature and recycle. Keep your office space neat, organised and hold your stash of paper clips, pins, and pens inside those jars. Ideal for crafty and creative individuals.

crafter's home office

16. Bold Pink

Are earth tones too boring for you? Add a splash of colour to your office space by installing bold and bright wallpapers. To avoid the cluttered look, just cover one wall with the wildest prints, then keep the other walls plain and your overall theme minimal.

pretty and fashionable home office

17. Cosy and Warm

Get creative by the fireplace! Warm up while you read and study. Nothing like a book-lined wall, a comfy chair and a warm fireplace to lit up your imagination. Just add a work desk to complete the setup.

home library and office combo

18. Motivational Nook

Add a motivational art piece to your area by quoting your favorite work mantra and generate that no-nonsense executive vibe. The classy minimalism of this design will get you focused on what are important.

minimalist home office

19. Music Room Inspo

Musicians need an office too! You can chill in the piano corner and get inspired listening to good ole classics while brainstorming on that paper you need to present in the morning or penning your next aria. Hold office inside the music room and get cosy while you work.

music room themed home office

20. A Family Affair

A home office for the whole family where mom and dad can do take home jobs while the children study. The combination of bright colours resonates a homey yet exciting feel.

colourful family home office

21. Racks and Squares

Iron racks squared in a frame to post memos and reminders and to dos. This serves both as a brilliant storage and organisation tool, as well as a display rack. Smart!

contemporary home office

22. Backyard Office Cabin

A home office doesn’t have to be inside the house. Build a small cabin in your backyard and use it as your office. It's still within the vicinity of your home but at the same time, it allows for more space and privacy to get things done.

backyard office cabin

23. Charming Wicker

Inject a healthy dose of wicker charm into your work area. This elegant wicker chair adds beauty to the stark simplicity of the room. A couple of complementing baskets complete the look and facilitates organisation.

wicker home office chair

24. Dark Elegance

This room is replete with raw, powerful vibe. Artistic and efficient. Ample storage shelves, a simple desk, and statement chair scream business. But the horse picture and the unique horse hide rug speaks rich elegance and style.

refined modern home office

25. The Breakfast Table

Who says you need a table for your home office? Or that you can only use your breakfast table during lazy mornings when you feel like eating in bed? Turn the table into something productive and enjoy late hours of snuggles on the sheet while prepping for the business report you need to complete prior to deadline.

home office in bed

26. Dressing Room Office

A dressing room is a must-have for women. It’s where they get prep up for the day and pampered at night. It is also private, and ideal for office work. Add a work desk! Another multitasking inspiration by turning it into a beauty slash work area.

dressing room home office combo

27. Golden Lady

Smart, elegant, and sophisticated. The gold theme is without the glitter, perfect for that iron lady who means business. The room is kept comfortable and welcoming by the soft green accents and interesting decor.

sophisticated home office

28. Black Wall

This minimalist hallway office is both modern and striking. The black and grey theme gives a masculine and purposeful vibe. Warm wood storage shelves keep things classy and engaging.

modern minimalist home office

29. Modern Academic

This inspired work space is designed for office sharing. The desk is big enough for two with designated storage for each side. Pops of yellow brightens the room, while the newspaper print walls gives the room the savant air.

modern academic home office

30. Elevated Platform

The idea is to create a space where you separate the home office from the rest of the room, without taking much space. This is best for studio apartments or bedrooms. The platform against the wall provides access to wall storage, while underneath serves as additional storage or space for a hideaway bed.

platform home office

31. Closet Makeover

The closet setup is one of the top home office ideas for space-challenged homes. Got enough space in your closet that is not being used? Put it to good use and set up your tiny hideaway home office. You already have storage shelves, just fashion one to serve as your desk.

closet home office

32. The Individualist Pair

You want to work together with your partner in the same space but also want a sense of privacy? This style will give you sufficient work space without compromising distance from one another.

home office tandem

33. Built-in  Wall Organiser

No space for a file cabinet? No problem! You can use the wall as your file organiser. Build wooden slots attached on the wall where you can stash your papers and office supplies. Balance the stuffy office air with interesting prints on the upper portion of the wall.

wall pocket office organiser

34. Visual Affirmation

Dispel the sluggish air with few visual affirmation and boosters. Positive reminders can also be fun and eye catching. The all-white scheme of this work space is pleasantly complemented by the black details. Chic!

modern home office desk

35. Makeshift Minimalist

This rustic makeshift table gives room for the no-nonsense hard working professional who can make do with anything just to get things done. Pastoral touches including the baskets, natural wood boxes, live plants, hats and the horn feature all add to the hippie quirky charm of the setup.

makeshift ladder work space

36. Greyscale

Well-appointed minimalism. This modern home office is luxuriously complete with all work amenities - ample work spaces, storage, a couch to rest or entertain guests on and great lighting. The clean lines, muted colours, and clean walls keep the room looking spacious and trendy.

grey minimalist home office

37. Glitzy Blue

Get smashing style with colours and shine! Not for the shy ones, this gold and blue confection speaks loudly of brilliant creativity and aplomb. Cover an entire wall with shimmering gold patterns and tone down the glitz with deep blues of the curtains and lighting details.

fashionable home office

38. Backyard View

Nothing like the great view of the garden to inspire you. The glass wall not only opens the room to the outdoors, it also lets natural lighting in. Great view, classic frames, sensible desk and ample storage shelves make up for a delightful office to work in.

home office with a view

39. The Backyard Office

The good ole shed we always have to hold tools and other garden implements, can also be converted into an out-of-the-house office. For professionals who value privacy and quietness, yet also want to stay close to home while working, the out-of-the-way work space could just be the solution.

backyard home office

40. Stoney Stunning

Powerful and impressive. Ingenious and imposing. This office needs a person just as strong and creative. The use of natural elements - stone, wood, and gold highlights its design feat. If there’s a person who can haul that rock inside, it’s that person setting behind the desk. Respect!

luxurious home office

41. Homey Industrial

Upgrade your home office style by adding these steel-framed storage racks. The cool glimmer of steel and the unfinished wood furnishings lend an industrial air to the room. Tame the edgy styling with ample lighting, comfy chair and colourful rug.

charming home office

42. Edgy Creative

Take home the industrial office mania! Unfinished ceiling, steel matting walls, futuristic chairs and bare floor. The cool shades of steel grey is livened up by pops of sunny yellow. This is a room where creative inspirations are born, developed and sustained.

industrial home office

43. Cafe at Home

Bring home the cafe atmosphere and get the creative energy flowing. Add a quirky table to use as your desk and a few mismatched chairs. The adorable knick-knacks like the vintage chandelier and the recycled bottle vase help create the busy and cheery cafe vibe.

cafe home office

44. Black and White

Modern, clean, efficient. This black and white home office features the efficiency of minimalism and the modish look of the two-tone styling. The world map silhouette wall accent, the calendar and destination books denote a traveler. You can add your own accents to personalise your space.

black and white home office

45. Stripped down Comfort

Turn a simple office setup into an elegant work place by accentuating it with classic prints, an eye-catching checkered carpet and a couple of old-fashioned adjustable lighting. And keep it comfortable and efficient with sensible desks, comfy chairs and clean work spaces. No frills, no nonsense, just plain, homey work space.

modern home office