30 Ingenious Backyard Home Office Ideas and Designs

garden backyard office

Home offices are becoming an indispensable feature of the modern home. The prevalence of personal computers, internet connectivity and work-from-anywhere setup has led to the need for a home workspace. The home office location and design are crucial to efficient work. Privacy, security and peace and quiet are the top considerations when deciding on the perfect corner to set up the office. The backyard office offers all of these plus the normalcy of leaving the house for work!

1.       Garden Shed

What better way to reinvent your shed than to turn it from a shovel storage to a charming and colourful home office! This design features all shades of green in the outside and bright yellows in the inside, not just to bring the feeling of excitement to work but to nurture your creative thinking day in and day out. 

green garden shed

2.       Recycled Pallet

Who says converting your shed to a home office is expensive? By recycling pallets, you can create this two-storey backyard office. Add chairs and tables of your choice and a little fireplace to complete that cosy homey vibes.

pallet backyard home office

3.       Rustic Minimalist

Simple designs are always striking. Bring out that clean and classy look by going beige with your favourite painting adorning your wall. The exposed beam ceiling and glass doors create an impression of a modest yet spacious office.

DIY backyard office

4.       Office in a Greenhouse

No need to travel a hundred miles to experience your great escape. This exquisite glass work with light-coloured furniture will take your experience to the next level by allowing you to enjoy nature while on the job. Well-lit by natural sunlight during the day and guarded by your vintage lamppost during the night.  

glass-walled backyard office

5.       White She-Shed

Express your feminine and delicate senses with this red and white themed office. Opening from a large French door with a chic chair and table to match your personality! Add a wooden cabinet to organize your work documents and stuff. And after a long day at work, what best to do but to sit outside on that refreshing mint coloured table set up with a cup of tea.

white office shed

6.       Office and Patio

Instead of the usual room office, why not try to expand and create your office patio where you can retreat after a stressful meeting or enjoy your garden with a cup of coffee after a successful deal. With the natural wood panels from floor to ceiling give a quaint yet expensively styled look.

natural wood backyard office

7.       Coloured Blocks 

Experiment with colours and shapes! This design is definitely out of the ordinary with its recessed front wall and windows with varying sizes of squares and rectangles matched by hues of different colours to give that perky atmosphere.

contemporary backyard office

8.       Enclosed Gazebo 

Clay roof tiles in warm terracotta, mint blue walls and surrounding glass windows. This office is fresh from a postcard! The white rattan table and chair add a healthy dose of charm. The amazing aesthetics of this hexagon shed will surely allure you to sit down and start working!

charming backyard office

9.       Modern Backyard Office

Go modern and maximize your space with this efficiently-designed office for two. The wide glass sliding door invites sunlight filtered through vertical wood slats, completing the picture of a classy yet contemporary styled hub. 

modern backyard office

10.   Green Cube Artistic

Encourage your artistic ideas with this cool and refreshing cube of everything that’s green. Its glass windows and door give you a clear view of the outside. Natural vegetation embracing the four-walled structure cools the interiors and give the office lots of character.

garden home office

11.   Glass-fronted Office

This glass-fronted home office lets you enjoy breathtaking views of your garden, the backyard or the panorama from afar while working.  Its white coloured walls give the impression of a spacious and well-organized workplace. Add a couple of comfy seats for you to enjoy a respite from the grind.

white modern backyard home office

12.   Garden Cottage

Don’t have enough backyard space? Not a problem! Refurbish your typical shed to this lovely yet perky garden cottage. Freshen up the interiors by replacing your old wood panels with awning windows to promote better air circulation and give that sense of a wider space. 

backyard office

13.   Office with a Roof Deck

Quick breaks are best taken on a roof deck. Upgrade your home office from a simple wood panelled structure to a multi-purpose centre by adding stairs leading to a roof deck fenced with wire and steel balustrades.

home office with a roof deck

14.   Minty Hub 

Contrasting designs create the perfect match! Stay vintage with a rustic wood tiled roof and opt for a refreshing modern vibe with refreshing white and blue interiors. Complete the look with white wrought iron furniture. The result, a picturesque workplace that is welcoming, comfortable and cosy.

green and white garden office

15.   Artist’s Studio 

It is a challenge to find designs that fit an artist’s sensitivity. This ingeniously designed studio is uncluttered and features open shelves ready to accommodate sketches, paintings and portraits. Its transparent roof panels and front glass wall let in ample sunlight to highlight the artistic beauty unfolding inside.

artist's garden studio

16.   Shingled Work Pod 

This shingled work pod is all business. Instead of intricate designs, the backyard office exudes efficient and streamlined interiors. Use asphalt shingles from wall to roof and pair it up with perfect white interior balanced by a black bentwood chair.

shingled backyard office

17.   Working View

Get inspired to work or simply monitor your surroundings with huge office windows. This home office lined with panelled glass windows is perfect for you. Secluded with walls and designed with minimal furniture, this room is ideal in keeping your privacy whilst enjoying the surrounding view.

garden home office

18.   Modern Scandinavian

Scandinavian design is best known for highlighting natural aesthetics. Simple and clean, its unfurnished wood from floor to ceiling and traditional fireplace give the feeling of warm serenity.  This is perfect for brainstorming and fostering free-flowing of ideas.

Scandinavian minimalist office

19.   Modern Office Shed 

Sleek, contemporary and enclosed. This modern office cube kept it plain yet striking by showing consistency on neutral designs and colours. It did not need its own window to show its unique charm of practicality and privacy.

private backyard office

20.   Shipping Container turned Office 

Sturdy, unique and stunning. This bright blue garden home office is a converted old shipping container. Add glass walls, a front deck and warm wood panels for interior walls. Planting the roof is a smart idea to help keep the interior temperature cool. The matching vibrant hues of blue and orange are stunning and set the mood for work!

shipping container turned home office

21.   Garden Office Retreat 

Try and keep it traditional with this wood panelled garden office. Let the light come through the French glass window. With very minimal renovation, this shed will feel close to home while keeping you away from the foot traffic and chaos.

secluded home office

22.   Maximum Views 

Bring traditional to the next level by adding character to your wooden shed. This Cape Cod Style home office looks like a retreat house in the woods. The glass doors and windows running around the office provide a magnificent 360 view of nature.

small backyard office

23.   Converted Shed 

Show your playful personality by decorating this converted shed with various mementos from your travels, interests and significant experiences. Keep the charming ramshackle ambience authentic with mismatched wall colours, random frames and a collection of different rugs.

shed office

24.   Office + Deck 

This backyard office is a combination of both elegant and laidback styles. Featuring sidings in light olive green with white accents, the corner office has never been quainter! Extending the office structure to include a deck will give you a space to indulge and relax after hours of work.

backyard office with deck

25.   Space-Efficient Corner Hub

This corner hub crushes the idea of crowded small spaces. Its sliding door opens to an organized and simple workplace. The light colours of the walls also add up to the illusion of broader space. High built-in shelves provide ample storage while keeping it away from traffic and taking advantage of the available vertical space.

corner garden office

26.   Cosy Tiny Office

No need for plush or intricate details, comfy is the new "in". This cosy tiny office in a tiny house gives enough space to store your favorited books and set your chair and table with a view outside. Enough desk space, plenty of light and storage space. You got all you need and nothing of the unnecessary extras.

tiny office in tiny house

27.   Skylights!

This home office shed, with its natural wood walls and exposed beam ceiling just upgrades everything with the light shining through the transparent roof. Manage the clutter with floor to ceiling open wall shelves. Efficient, functional, smart.

shed office with skylights

28.   Spanish Shed

Bring back the Spanish mood by trying this quaint and charming backyard office. The wood panelled door and small windows of this miniature villa eliminate noise and encourage privacy when you needed it. The garden with its water fountain is the idyllic setting that completes the picture.

Spanish style backyard shed

29.   Contemporary Backyard Studio

Go for a contemporary design that is rustic yet trendy for your office. The sliding doors with steel frames make practical use of space and open the room to the outside, extending the line of sight and creating an illusion of a larger room. The desk is set up in one end and a comfy couch at the other. A well-thought-out office arrangement.

backyard office with glass doors

30.   Accordion Doors

Go beyond the ordinary with these accordion doors that open up an entire wall of your backyard office and eliminates the need for space. Its glass and grey steel frames lend a modern and sophisticated look. And since we are going for extraordinary, add in an electronic signboard that will surely catch attention and boost that techy vibe in your workplace.

modern backyard office

Do you have any modern and creative backyard home office ideas and designs to add? Why not discuss it on our RenoForum!