40 Brilliant Study Area Ideas and Designs

modern white study room

Young children and students need a dedicated space at home where they can study, read, write and work on projects and crafts. Home study areas and homework zones are important to encourage learning and study. Here are some brilliant and creative study area ideas and designs to inspire your next renovation;

1.       A Dose of Motivation

A simple board with the right message can go a long way. Your message board can go creative, colourful or laidback. Just make sure you pick out a message that your child can relate to.

Dr Seuss message board

2.       A Lot of Colours

Everyone will appreciate a good pick-me-up when there’s a hard task ahead. Bright colours can instantly perk up the room. This streamlined and farmhouse themed homework zone is modern, functional and perky!

colourful study room

3.       Comfy Floors

Kids like mixing fun and learning. Play is also a very effective learning tool. Clean and comfy floors are highly recommended for study rooms for younger kids. Adding fun colours and shapes makes the room stimulating.

play and learning room

4.       Fold-Away Space Saver

Study areas don’t have to take up so much space. Fast becoming one of the favourite home study area ideas and designs, this fold-away study desk is ideal for smaller rooms or apartments. The table stand also doubles as the chalkboard.

fold-away study table

5.       Fun Shelves

Shelves are must-haves for office or homework zones where you tend to have lots of stuff – papers, files, gadgets and supplies. This imaginative and trendy shelving keeps the place tidy and organised and adds a fun element to the room.

modern study area

6.       Reading Loft and Desk

Readers need space to cuddle up with a good book. This reading loft and desk combo is a space saver. The bottom nook is perfect for study and writing, while the loft provides a comfortable and private space for reading.

reading loft and study desk combi

7.       Corner Nook

Install a study area for your young student right in his or her bedroom. This smart and functional study corner is smallish, but makes up with its ample storage and efficient design.

corner study nook

8.       A Writing Wall

While kids love to write on the walls, parents agonise on its ruin. Curbing their enthusiasm is not really the best solution. This is the best solution – a writing wall! Add to your study room, the nursery or anywhere in the house.

playroom with chalkboard wall

9.       Modern Hallway Study Nook

Today’s students only need a desk, few shelves and power outlets. This minimalist hallway study nook is best for geeky teens who are more into the virtual sphere.

modern hallway study nook

10.   Desk and Shelves

Your study area can also double as a wall feature. This creative desk and shelves piece is movable and is surprisingly functional and efficient.

desk and shelves study area

11.   Elegant Rustic Study Area

A dash of rustic amidst the elegance of white and gold. Brilliant and fascinating! The bare wood walls, vintage lights and frames add to the bucolic look. This is the perfect look for your stylish scholar.

elegant study nook

12.   Double Decker Bed and Study Desk

Teens and older students need more storage and space. That also goes the true to their study areas. While it is not always possible to give them bigger rooms, it is easy to build and install this bed and study area combo.

double decker study and bed

13.   School Room Desk

When you mean business. This old-school study desk is clear of its purpose and is aptly built with a seat, desk and storage. Small enough to fit into any nook in the house, this desk can be where it is convenient – kitchen, your child’s bedroom or in the hallway.

old school desk

14.   Perky Yellow Study Room

Studying shouldn’t be such a gloomy task. A bright yellow room will surely perk up the mood. This fun study room is well-equipped with desks, chair, cabinets and even a window seat.

yellow study room

15.   Wall Calendar

This is an elegant combination of the modern and the classic elements of design. The nailhead accents add a quirky lift to the rather generic desk. The wall is made functional with the addition of a chalkboard calendar. Smart!

classic desk and wall calendar

16.   Desk and Bed Combo

The space-efficient layout of this bedroom is perfect for small spaces. Teens who loves spending time inside their bedrooms will love ample space for study, dedicated area for the bed and the innovative arrangements.

white and red student's bedroom

17.   Rustic and Modern

This homework hub is ideal for multiple users. The niche station encourages concentration and also gives plenty of wall space for the shelves. Warm wood tones of the shelves and the desk blend well with the minimalist design.

modern study nook

18.   Under the Stairs Study Area

Make good use of your under-the-stairs space by converting it into study areas. Just install desks, storage and shelves. The under-the-stairs nook is popular for home study area ideas and designs.

under-the-stairs study area

19.   Homework Hub

Create your own little school room at home by adding a table, chairs, chalkboard and a display wall to a nice corner like this one. Install ample lighting and some fun and colourful touches.

kiddie study area

20.   Box Organisers

Don’t really need the study area for too long? You can still have a well-appointed and functional study area without permanently installing anything. You will just need a good-sized desk, lighting, a chair and few wooden boxes. Get creative with colours and just pile them up to serve as your storage shelves.

colourful study desk

21.   Closet Homework Station

Turn a closet into a homework station, instantly. Just take out the stuff in it. A closet already has shelves that you can use as a desk and storage. You can easily lock it up when you’re away.

study area in a closet

22.   Old School Study Desk

Choose a nice corner in the house – less traffic, well-lighted and airy, bring in an old school study desk, perk up the walls with colours and bingo, you have a functional and fun homework station for your kid.

blue study room

23.   Nordic Contemporary

The simplest study area ideas and designs are also the most efficient and sensible. Simple, elegant and smart. This streamlined study area is all sensible design and style. Desk, lighting and storage. Simplicity at its best.  

Scandinavian style study area

24.   Loft Study Area

Put to good use that awkward loft space. The rather smallish and longish loft space is perfect for a study area. The area is also most likely to be airy and well-lighted. Minimise clutter by building the desk and the shelves against the wall.

loft study area

25.   Study Box

Another great space-saving idea! Instead of a desk, install a box into the wall. The box will serve as the desk, storage and dedicated study space. You can install the box anywhere in the house and add additional storage underneath.

girl working in a study box

26.   Hallway Homework Station

Whether you have more than one child or you’re going to use the space as your home office, this long desk in the hallway will serve the purpose sufficiently. Shabby chic table and chalkboard frame. The individual slots at the back of the chairs help keep things organised.

shabby chic desk in the hallway

27.   A Prodigy’s Room

Some kids need their own space. If your child prefers to study on his own, install his study area in his room. The desk and storage are tucked next to the closet. This will give him the privacy and space he needs.

study area in the bedroom

28.   White Delight

This is a delightful study room any kid will love. Build the white room with desks, shelves and chairs. Then let your child help you pepper the all-white room with pops of bright colours.

white study area

29.   Corkboard Wall

Artwork, test papers, reminders and a whole lot more papers can easily clutter or get lost on your desk and study area. Keep things simple by installing a corkboard wall. It also comes in handy in displaying great artworks and crafts.

study area with cork board

30.   A Student’s Study and Bedroom

This is a modern and efficient room design for teens and students. The bed is tucked away next to the window. A desk and shelves installation serves as a divider.

small student's bedroom

31.   Modern Industrial

Steal this modern industrial look for your teen’s study room. Pipes, steel and aluminium sheets are used instead of wood. The plain grey concrete wall reinforces the powerful ambiance.

modern industrial study area

32.   Dreamy Pink

A pink and sweet study room for young lady. The colour scheme is predominantly white and tan, complemented with various shades of pink. Spacious desk and shelving for storage contributes to the fun, sensible and charming ensemble.

white and pink study area

33.   Play and Learning Room Combo

Play is the first tool to learning. Start your kids’ learning process early by installing a school zone in the playroom. Kinder table, chairs and a chalkboard will encourage reading, writing and artistic activities.

play and learning room

34.   School Room at Home

When you have multiple kids in the house, it is recommended to have a school room at home. Here you dump all your school stuff – bags, projects, papers, books and art supplies. This is also where you do homework, projects and study lessons. Make it a functional and fun room. Add tables, storage shelves, ample lighting and fun colours!

home school room

35.   Globe Pendant Lamps

Add a dose of whimsy to your study nook. These globe pendant lamps are creative and fun! Perfect to light up any home study area ideas and designs.

globe pendant lamps

36.   Closet Nook

No room for a desk? Use up one of your closets. Take out the door and install shelves and power outlets for lighting and computers.

tiny study nook closet

37.   Kiddie Activity Hub

Building an exciting and fascinating activity hub for young learners will encourage fun activities and also teach them to teach them a good lesson on organisation and keeping and doing things in the proper place.

hut kiddie activity area

38.   Window Desk

When you only need space for writing and studying, this petite window desk is a good option. Right where natural lighting is best, the window desk offer a comfortable space to read, write and study. Pocket shelves on the wall provide storage space.

window desk table

39.   Shared Hallway Homework Area

This is fun and functional family homework area. Placed in the hallway, parents can supervise kids on their homework. Fun pictures and pillows indicate individual spaces. The design is geared to go with the home’s interior décor.

kids study area

40.   The Learner’s Loft

When you have a whiz kid in the house, you have to provide the motivation and the proper learning environment. This well-equipped learner’s loft have ample work spaces, storage, lighting and fixtures to stimulate young minds.

study area loft

Do you have any awesome and brilliant home study area ideas and designs that we haven't covered? Why not discuss it on our RenoForum!