30 Modern Home Office Ideas and Designs for the Family

family creative and office room

Home offices are now more of a necessity and less of a frivolous add-on. More and more people prefer the convenience of working from home. And with school age kids at home, setting up a family home office is a sensible idea. Here are top-notch family home office ideas and designs that are visually and efficiency exceptional;

1.       Added Colours

Easily transform any room in the house into a stimulating office and study area by adding fun and attractive colours. This simple white room is made interesting by the exciting rug and throw pillows.

modern child friendly home office

2.       Kinder Tables

Add enough work spaces for children. This family office setup is both efficient and fun. Parents get the work areas near the walls, while kids have the rest of the room for their study and crafting spaces.

colourful family home office

3.       Under the Bunk

Older kids want privacy and their own spaces. You can create a study area specifically for your teens without adding a room. Hoist up the bed and build a snug study area under it.

study area under the bed

4.       The T Desk

Maximise the work space without the clutter. This T desk can get you as much as four work areas, enough for Mom, Dad, and kids.

contemporary family work stations

5.       Window Seat

Family home office is not all about work. It should also be a welcoming and comfortable room where families can spend time together chatting or relaxing. This window seat is perfect for readers and dreamers.

family home office with wondow seat

6.       Multi Work Stations

Promote harmony and respect for privacy by providing a separate work area, storage space, and office equipment for each member of the family.

elegant family home office

7.       The Study Room

This study room is bare except for the rudiments. The minimalist design keeps distractions away and the mind focused on the task at hand.

smart basic study room

8.       The Family Corporate

The board room setup of this family home office is more suitable for families with older kids. The one-table arrangement promotes collaboration, sharing, and openness.

home conference office room

9.       Standing Corner Desks

Best for space disadvantaged homes, this family home office can perfectly fit into any nook. The strategic high desks are designed to prevent toddlers from messing up with your stuff.

corner home office with high chairs

10.   The Loft Office

Clear off your attic and create this spacious loft home office. The dedicated space is quiet, airy, and roomy – perfect for larger family office needs.

spacious loft home office

11.   Craft Room and Home Office

For families that crafts together, this home office has enough room for all your creative pursuits. The centre island is ideal for crafting and design work, and provides ingenious storage spaces underneath.

craft and home office room

12.   Modern Work Collab Stations

This modern dusky blue home office is space-efficient and fits the contemporary home designs of today. The wood slab desk adds a warm rustic touch to the rather too calm interiors.

modern home office

13.   Home School Room

A little like school, but a lot more fun and comfortable. The school-like atmosphere encourages your little ones to love school work and learning.

home school room

14.   Hallway Office

Not every home can have a specific room for a home office. No room? No problem. This hallway office setup provides all the space and home office needs for your family.

modern home wall office

15.   Bench File Storage

Creative storage will save you living space and keep your files safe. Use the space under your home office bench or window seats to store important and rarely used family documents.

bench file storage

16.   Family Office in a Closet

How about turning one of your spacious closets into a snug home office? This closet turned home office offer multiple work spaces, storage, and even a comfy day bed!

small family home office

17.   Classroom Setup

This looks a lot like a fun learning space! Let the learning, discovery, and creativity in your children’s growing minds flow freely, even when they’re home.

school room home office design

18.   Landing Office Space

Another creative use of home spaces – turn a rather awkward-sized landing into a comfortable home office! Add inspired décors like the interesting rug and lighting to give the room warmth and excitement.

landing family home office

19.   Family Creative Room

This family home office is scholarly enough for studying, and inspired enough for creativity. The Old England lamps evokes tuition, while the reed baskets suggests fun and ingenuity.

family creative and office room

20.   Smart Organisers

Pivotal to minimised distractions and focused work is a clean and clutter-free office. Creating specific places and storage for everything will keep your desks clear of clutter, spacious, and organised.

organised family home office

21.   Work and Study Table

This one-table home office setup is ideal for families who loves sharing and collaborating work. Best for dynamic and involved families, and when your kids are older.

modern work and study room

22.   Traditional Home Office

The hanging lamps, warm hardwood floor, office chairs, and storage shelves complete this traditional home office setup. But the old and tested systems are usually the most efficient. Just add power outlets for your computers and other modern installations.

multi station family home office

23.   Family Tech Station

This home office looks a lot like a startup tech company headquarters, in a good way. The efficient use of space, the unorthodox design, and the air of inspired ingenuity certainly fit the tech moguls of tomorrow.

modern tech start up office

24.   Home Office Neutrals

This well-organized corner office setup includes dedicated work areas, ample storage, and desktop space. The subdued colour scheme is pleasing and unobtrusive, while the high chairs inject a touch of creativity and fun.

traditional family home office

25.   The Family Library

When you need more than just a room to do your office work. This home office-library combo offers quiet space for your office tasks and a whole lot of room for other comforts – sofa for relaxing, shelves for books, and family gallery.

traditional home office and library

26.   Home School Spaces

Electric funky design for an office? When you have kids, this is your ideal home office! Lots of space, colourful walls, storage, and character!

office and study area

27.   Rustic Home Office

Modern minimalist design to complement a Zen home and living. The room is kept clean – basic white walls and furniture. A good dose of charm is added with the hardwood floor, and Nordic wood chairs.

modern Nordic home office style

28.   Off-the-Kitchen Office

When you can’t be away from the kitchen for long! This off-the-kitchen home office wall is perfect for homemakers who needs to be close to where the centre of the home is – the kitchen.

off-the-kitchen wall office

29.   Chalkboard Wall

Inject a child-friendly aspect to your staid home library – like a chalkboard! This rather austere home office design is actually efficient and sensible.

modern office with chalkboard wall

30.   Relaxed Farmhouse Office

A laid back office set up. The basic white room is energised by the eclectic choice of colourful chairs and rug. Enough work space for everyone in that large white table.

farmhouse home office design

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