60 Inspired Home Office Design Ideas

pink and white corner office

Home offices are now a norm to modern homes. We all have acquired technological gadgetry, mobility, and mastery. We now work, play, socialise, communicate, and do business with computers. Thus, the need for home offices. Whether you are planning on adding a home office or renovating an old room into one, here are some brilliant home office design ideas to help you get started;

1. Modern Minimalist

Modern home designs favour neutral tones, clean lines, and minimal furnishings. This very modern office is all about efficiency, clean design and monochrome colours. 

minimalist home office

2. A Designer’s Idea Room

This is a designer’s modern office. Eclectic colours, fun shapes, and a collection of knick-knacks give the room lots of character. We are loving the opulence emitted from that statement chandelier. 

modern designer's office

3. Striking Rug

Give a rather plain home office instant colour and personality by adding an interesting and eye-catching rug.

white Victorian home office

4. Office in a Wall

No space for a home office? No, problem. Clean up a wall and you can have a complete and fully functional home office.  

small space home office

5.  Blue and Silver Glam

This silver and blue combination is all sophistication. Glamourous lampshades, patterned curtain and rug, and dark cabinets set the tone of the room.

glamourous Goth inspired office room

6. A Cork Wall

Adding a cork wall to your home office is a great way to control clutter and keep notes handy. The natural cork pattern adds a touch of fun quirkiness to the room.

cork pin wall

7. Modern Efficiency

Top home office design ideas favour minimalist efficiency. This little nook is all business. The ergonomic layout allows the user minimal movement and easy access to everything.

small minimalist home office

8. French Boudoir Inspired

Bring in old-world elegance to your home office. Stencilled wall, voluptuous curtains, and plush cushioned seats all speak of opulence and class.

Modish glam home office design

9. Space for Two

This compact office set up is great for young students or minimal office users who each want their own space and privacy.

study and office space for two

10. Sloped Ceiling and Skylight

Home offices are commonly added to smaller rooms and spaces like attics, basements, or under the stairs. This attic home office takes advantage of the sloping roof to add a well-placed skylight.

attic office with skylight

11. Pastels and Stripes

This upbeat and fun home office design doesn't look much like an office.  Perfect for people who can’t stay long in one.

uptown home office

12. The Executive Room

Create an impressive work space with this commanding home office theme. Overall dark tone of the room exudes undeniable power and might.

coffered cosmopolitan home office

13. String board

Running out of home office design ideas that will keep photos, notes, and whatnot visible, handy, but not all over the place? Try this clever string board organiser!

neatly organised home office

14. Countrified Desk

Using scraped wood for your desk adds a charming country flair to your office.

bare wood small office desk

15. Black on White

Effortlessly chic and timelessly stylish. Just paint the room white, and add in black accents. Viola!

white office with black accents

16. Long and Narrow Room

Grey is cool, fashionable, and elegant. It also makes this long and narrow room appear larger. Window facing desks and wall cabinets help keep things organised.

spacious home office room

17.  High Fashion Glamour

Elegant furnishings, stunning chandelier, and accomplishments on the wall. Feel the energy of high fashion drama and glamour with this fashion magazine inspired home office.

fashionable home office design

18. Chalkboard Nook

A very creative small space office design. Dark walls double as chalkboard and floating shelves keep the space open and appear more spacious.

hallway home office

19. Hidden Office Equipment

Transform your dated home office with this easy modern home office idea – hide the printers, scanners, and other bulky office equipment.

hidden office printer

20. Gold and Navy

Smart and stylish. This home office exudes style confidence and a lot of personality.

smart and stylish home office design

21. Strategic Lighting

Banish the lamps and install strategically placed lighting for a more modern and efficient office.

small corner home office

22. L-Shaped Desk

Create separate spaces for more dedicated use. An L-shaped desk can also accommodate two users while maintaining space distinction.

spacious L-shaped office desk

23. Modern Artsy

Achieve this look with the cool and charming grey and yellow combination. Add a few decorative pieces and finish with one dazzling art piece.

modern artsy office design

24. Under the Stairs

Put that under the stairs space to great use by turning it into your home office.

under the stairs home office

25. Grey Inspired

This design is modern, efficient and funky. Work gets done in the spacious desks, and movement is unhindered with the uncluttered floor.

geeky grey office room design

26. Open Shelving

Open shelving keeps your office roomy and open. Also great as a display frame as it is as an organiser.

home office with floating shelves

27. Calendar Wall

Cool, smart, and fun way to decorate a small home office wall.

calendar chalkboard wall

28. Dainty Details

This is a basic white room with many small charming patterns and details. The use of complementing additional colour tones keeps the room neat and put-together.

charming patterns and details

29. Room with a View

Window facing desks are popular among planners, designers, and writers. The instant view offer a welcome respite during intense mind activities.

well lighted home office

30. Interesting Wall Feature

This room is made interesting and singular by the stunning wood and light wall feature.

contemporary home office design

31. Chevron Pastels

Pastel hues keep rooms light and airy, while the chevron patterned wall injects a touch of quaintness and fun.

blue and white chevron home office wall

32. The Gallery

This design will put your achievements, memories, and collection on display. The patterned chair and rug add a measure of quirky brilliance.

floating shelves gallery office

33. Modern Rustic

This modern odd design is anchored by a good dose of rustic flavour, giving warmth to the stark modern design.

modern rustic home office design

34. Pink Scrapbook Inspired

Scrapbooking finally has earned a space dedicated to the activity. Ample storage provisions, spacious desk top, and quaint wall colours to inspire creativity.

pink office and craft room

35. Add a Window Seat

A window seat is perfect nook to curl up and relax after long hours behind the desk. Install one in your office.

office window seat

36. Colours of Fall

Autumn is the most colourful of all seasons. Bring in various shades of orange and brown to create your own autumn room that will last the whole year round.

warm orange home office theme

37. A Burst of Colours

This room is not afraid of colours! The dark green walls, dark wood floor and table effectively set up the bright orange and blue. End result is an eclectically dynamic room!

glamourous office design

38. The Library

Home offices of today are the libraries a few years back. This amalgamation of the two will delight modernistic book lovers.

library and office combination room

39. Green and White

White shelves, chairs, and desks against a dusky jade wall makes a really cool and pleasing to the eye combination.

cool green tandem office design

40. Statement Walls

Keep yourself inspired and motivated with an inspiration message painted onto your wall. 

avant garde home office design

41. Basket Storage

These storage baskets are charming, pretty, and functional! Add some baskets to your office for a laidback country appeal.

straw baskets for office storage

42. Bring in Plants

Keep things lively in the office by bringing in a live plant. Plants freshen the air, add colour, and character to the room.

modern rustic office with plants

43. Glass Perfection

This creation of white, glass, and pink is contemporary, strong, and feminine. Try to find a stunning centrepiece for your room – like this pink, white, and brown chandelier.

pink and white glass corner office

44. The Corner Office

Everyone can have their own corner office – at home. Choose a quiet nook, preferably with a view, and install a desk.

corner window mini office

45. Black and White Photo Gallery

Fill a wall and create an impression with a black and white photo gallery.

black and white photo gallery

46. Gold Sophistication

Add a generous dose of gold into a basic white room. The glass topped desk and roses amped up the elegance.

sophisticated luxury design

47. A Window Wall

Modern, open, and inspiring.

modern office with window wall

48. Recessed Wall Bookcase

Keep your walls clear and contemporary with recessed bookcases. Wood flooring, discreet lighting, and glass topped desk add to the stripped down modern feel of the home office design.

recessed wall bookcases

49. Stylish Farmhouse

Bright and sunny, rustic and sprightly. This is one of the few home office design ideas that is sure to energise and inspire.

shabby chic farmhouse home office

50. Dazzling Wall Accent

The rather ordinary room design is transformed with a dazzling wall accent that carries a huge amount of wow factor.

luxurious home office design

51. Matte Black

Dramatic and modern, Matte black for your home office is clean, cool, and remarkable.

contemporary black and white home office

52. Glass and White

You can never go wrong with white. Create a light, classy, and airy room office with glass and a lot of white.

white elegance and glass

53. Geometric Wall Pattern

Add geometric patterns to turn a blank wall into a stunning home office feature. You can use stencilling, wallpaper, wall decal, or ceramics tiles for the design.

geometric ceramic tile wall

54. Modern and Compact

This small office design idea is trendy, minimalist, and space-efficient. The warm touches of wood materials balances the cool grey and white wall.

modern and compact home office

55. Red and Gold Dominance

This is a power room. The dark wall is made more imposing by the stunning red wall feature. Few splashes of gold makes the room exude opulence.

modish luxurious home office

56. Dressed up Filing Cabinets

Eliminate the old industrial metal filling cabinets of yesteryears and add this fun and upgraded version of it.

chalkboard filling cabinet

57. Pink on Concrete

Foil the cool and modern grey concrete with a charming pink accent.

industrial themed office

58. Floating Shelves

Discreet floating shelves tend to blend into the wall and push it back, creating a larger and more spacious room.

space saver home office

59. Ultra-Modern Glass and Chrome

This futuristic office design is both functional and beautiful.

glass and chrome home office

60.  The Lair

The design radiates raw masculinity and power. The interesting irregular walls and bubble lights are simply sensational and extraordinary.

the lair home office design

Do you have any inspired home office design ideas and improvement that we haven't covered? Why not discuss it on our RenoForum!