50 Small and Efficient Home Office Ideas and Designs

hanging home office

Technology has shrunk offices and phased out most office machines. Cloud storage and computing mean that we no longer need filing cabinets and space for chunky office machines like printers and scanners. The internet ended our reliance on printed books, journals and magazines. Technology advancements also shrunk our devices, and thus our need for huge office space. Here are some small home office ideas and designs for today’s homes;

1.       Wall Office

This sleek and modern home office doesn’t need a room or even a desk. Free up a wall in your home, add shelves for storage and a wide floating desk. Perfect for smaller homes and apartments.

office on a wall

2.       Ultra-Minimalist

Neutral colours, clean lines and efficiency. Set up your office anywhere in the house. This minimalist office nook is modern and can be in your bedroom, the hallway or in the kitchen. You’ll just need the space, add shelves and a desk.

modern minimalist home office

3.       A Black Niche

Small in size, big in style. Urbane and modish, this black home office design will fit right into any modern home or apartment. Matte black walls and bare wood shelves and desk. The black ergonomic office chair completes the look and the office.

black home office

4.       Creative Storage

Turn that odd corner in your house into a functional home office. With creative storage designs, you can make the most of awkward nooks. This small home office is built next to the bedroom closets and took advantage of the available vertical space.

home office storage

5.       Frame a Window

A window office is one of the most popular amongst small home office ideas and designs. It minimises foot traffic and takes advantage of the natural light. This small office frames the window, with storage on both sides and the desk under.

window home office

6.       Painted Wall

Cool, modern, colourful. Put in a creative vibe to your workspace by dressing up a wall with art – doddles, murals or painting. The ashy blue of the wall cools the white glare of the interiors. You can find amazing wallpapers with creative designs or put your artistic visions to it.

home office art wall

7.       The Corner Office

This apartment-sized home office has all the storage and functionality you need in a modern home office. Shelves on the wall, a triangle floating desk to make the most out of space and strategic power outlets! Well-planned efficiency.

small corner home office

8.       Office in a Cabinet

This is a fully functional office in a cabinet. Storage shelves occupy the top and bottom parts and a corkboard is installed in the middle. The desk is a flat drawer shelf that you can hide when you need to close the office. Adding wheels to the closet will allow you to set up your office anywhere in the house.

office cabinet

9.       Rustic Industrial

Rustic, industrial, functional. This space-saving multi-user office set up only needs a wall and few chairs. The floating wood shelves and wood slab desk give the rustic vibe while the black steel framing and support are definitely industrial.

industrial home office shelves

10.   Hallway Office

This classic hallway home office is compact yet spacious, modern yet traditional. Create the look by keeping the walls in neutral tones, the shelves clear of clutter and décors to a minimal.

home office shelves

11.   Grey Necessities

The elegance of grey is on display in this classy and utilitarian home office. No frills, just the necessities – a desk, a few shelves and a comfy chair. To get that posh look, make sure to pick only the best quality pieces.

elegant grey home office

12.   The Ladder Desk

Space-efficient, functional and practical. This tiny home office is also mobile as you can easily set it up in any room in the house. The ‘ladders’ serve as the storage and desk. This is just perfect for a single user in this electronic age, where we really don’t need that much desk space.

ladder office desk

13.   Royal Blue Wall

Cool as it is bright. Elegant and eye-catching. Get out of the bland and boring neutrals and paint your space with impressive royal blue. Add some creative storage and organisers and you got yourself an amazing home office.

blue home office wall

14.   Desk Organiser

Keep the clutter at bay with the help of this multi-purpose desk organiser. It holds pens, notepads and even your coffee mug. Perfectly positioned between the monitor and keyboard, it keeps everything out of the way and organised, while still accessible.

office desk organiser

15.   Lakehouse Inspired

Cool, bright and beautiful. This lake house inspired home office keeps the interiors spacious with its white walls and minimal décor. The reed rug and wood plank walls bring in the country charm.

country home office

16.   Cozy Corner

You only need a square metre of floor space for a complete home office. Among our top favourite small home office ideas and designs is this cozy office by the window. It has enough desk space, storage and a great view! Perfect for city apartments or smaller homes.

small apartment home office

17.   Working View

Create an illusion of space by opening up your walls. A glass window wall dominates one side of this home office, letting in natural light while giving you gorgeous views of the outdoors. Black steel frames give an industrial vibe, while the bare wood table adds in a touch of rustic charm.

office with a window

18.   Home Cubicle

Nothing shouts office like a cubicle. For added privacy and setting up boundaries, setting up your own office cubicle at home is not a bad idea. This helps when the office is situated in heavy traffic rooms or open floor layouts.

office cubicle

19.   Floating Shelves

Setting up home offices in the living room, kitchen or the hallways is not uncommon. It is a practical solution to fit in a new necessity without disturbing much of the home’s plan and design. Using floating shelves helps the home office become more cohesive with the rest of the house. You can use as storage for your office and/or as a display area with décor and knickknacks.

modern minimalist home office

20.   Farmhouse Charm

Cozy and organised. This farmhouse inspired home office is efficient as it is charming. The wire wall pockets can hold magazines, recipe books, record books and other knickknacks. Wooden table smooth with use, a vintage table lamp and a nostalgic chalkboard. It can’t get any delightful than this.

farmhouse inspired home office

21.   A Yellow Corner

Define space without putting up walls by painting it a different colour. This bright yellow nook is a mini home office set up in the living room area. The black pieces and touches bring out the colour and add a trendy vibe to the space.

small home office

22.   Off the Kitchen Nook

Put that awkward space in the kitchen into good use by turning it into this miniature home office. Turn a two-feet nook into a home office by adding a couple of floating shelves, a desk, power outlets and a chair. The stool in this home office makes the space appear more fluid and upbeat.

tiny home office

23.   Managed Wires and Outlets

A mishmash of wires is not only unsightly, but is also a hazard to your home. In today’s electronic world, we are hampered by multiple devices with their chargers, connectors and adapters. Manage wires and power outlets with this hidden desk pocket. It keeps wires safely stashed and out of sight.

discreet power hub

24.   Table and Chair

Your home office can be as little as a basic table and chair setup. This sophisticated mini home office comes with a plain table, a comfortable wire mesh chair, a desk lamp and a desk organiser. It’s all you need.

classy home office

25.   Work with Plants

Indoor plants provide a lot of benefits – they freshen the air, brightens the room and neutralises impurities and odour. Working with plants inspires growth and positivity. Attractive and hardy indoor plants include the snake plant, philodendrons, ivy, bromeliads, and dumb canes.

office indoor plants

26.   A Roomy Corner

A view is a must in most home office ideas and designs. This white window office looks airy and spacious without taking up too much floor space, thanks to its white overall scheme, the wide glass window and the minimalist interiors. A bright picture, wooden baskets and a potted orchid plant add in tasteful pops of colour.

office with a view

27.   White and Bright

White and light interiors give the illusion of space. This rather narrow home office looks wider and roomier than it really is because of its clean white walls, clear desks and ample lighting. Break the monotony of white by adding colourful plants, golden touches and black accents.

white modern home office

28.   Cable and Charge Hub

This small implement is a big help in managing your wires and cables. Cleverly designed to hold frequently used cables and wires, this discreet office wire hub is small enough to hide and can also be attached anywhere.

wire and charger organiser

29.   Glam Computer Station

Let your home office resonate your glam personality. This small home office is huge in glamour and chic. The gold-framed table that matches the wall feature frame, the glass chair and the fuzzy white rug and pillow are statements of luxurious taste and style.

glam home office

30.   Bare Necessities

This small home office means business. Bare and minimalist, it comes with all the necessities of a modern and functional work station. A wide desk, storage shelves, drawers, power outlets, a comfortable chair and ample lighting.

hallway home office

31.   Wall-Mounted Desk

When you really need a home office but do not have a square metre of floor space for it, this wall-mounted desk is your best solution. It is a mounted box, one side of which can be flipped down and serve as the desk and flipped up to close and secure the work station. Smart design.

wall office

32.   City Views

City apartments don’t come with ample space. This creative home office uses the outer windows of the flat and takes advantage of the views and natural lighting. You won’t need much space if two sides of your office are wide open.

apartment home office

33.   Burnt Orange Modern

Stylish, well-appointed and modern. The burnt orange wall defines the space and gives it a bright positive vibe. Cleverly designed shelves and storage system provides ample space.

modern home office

34.   Under the Stairs Nook

Make the most of your under-the-stairs space by turning it into this functional, space-efficient and well-designed home office. Floating shelves line the walls, a board for the centre wall and a utilitarian desk for your work.

small home office

35.   Hidden Files

Office files are important, and some documents are irreplaceable that keeping them safe is of paramount importance. This office file cabinet and safe is ideal for the home office. Its sleek design can fit right in any home design and interiors.

office file drawer

36.   Cottage Charms

Quaint lovely design, big modern functionality. This white cottage inspired home office setup comes with a charming L-shaped office desk with a curve, a matching display cabinet and a white spindle back chair.

white cottage home office

37.   Repurposed Palette Wall Desk

Great home office idea that doesn’t break the bank. You’ll just need a palette, cleaned and sanded smooth and a day to work on your home office. Add a shelve that will serve as your desk and a couple more for storage or office machines. Then install to a wall in a quiet corner in the house.

palette home office

38.   Corked Wall

Who needs a corkboard if you can have a wall of cork? The cork wall is unique, striking and functional. The use of natural wood tones on the walls and floor of the room seals in the modern rustic feel of the interiors.

rustic home office

39.   Wise Browns

The many shades of brown in this home office give a sophisticated urbane and modern look. From the warm umber and tan walls to the wood patterned cabinets and chocolate felt lined chair. Pops of green complete the earthy theme of the design.

sophisticated home office

40.   Closet Works

The closet is one of the most common small home office ideas and designs. It is easy to set up and a sensible idea. Just choose a section of your closet to be used as an office, add shelves as needed, power outlets and just pull a chair and get to work!

office closet

41.   Charging Drawer

Another smart idea to control clutter is by assigning and outfitting one of the drawers to be the charging hub. It keeps your devices safe and keeps the chargers in one place. Ask a certified electrician to set up a drawer for you.

charging drawer

42.   Chic Pink

Feminine, delicate and elegant. Rose gold frames to highlight the delicate marble. A chair in a wild orchid shade of pink, a delicately patterned rose rug and a healthy amount of gold and accents. Graceful, beautiful, luxurious.

pink home office

43.   Balcony Office

Turn one end of your apartment balcony into your home office. Add a small table or office desk, install two or three shelves and finish with some power outlets. You take advantage of that awkward space, get the best view and enjoy ample lighting.

balcony home office

44.   Office and Shelves

A home office doesn’t even have to look like one, thanks to cloud computing and storage and portable office machines. While the grey wall defines the space, this wall and shelves office can double as your display wall when you’re not working. Just grab a chair and hook up your computer to start working.

wall home office

45.   Modern Industrial

A sleek modern home office setup for your modern industrial home interiors. This black and dark wood desk and shelves combi is functional, trendy and is already a complete home office package.

industrial home office design

46.   Stripped Down Simple

This home office exudes a cool, collected and creative ambience. Bare concrete floor and walls, a panel of shelves, a small desk and a chair. The stripped-down simplicity of the interiors gives a no-nonsense feel.

stripped down home office

47.   The Office Bar

Technology made home office ideas and designs kept getting smaller and more basic. Just install a bar table against a wall or under windows, add accessible power outlets and pull a chair! This home office bar enjoys ample natural lighting and has enough space for more than two users.

office bar table

48.   Living Room Station

Sleek and elegant. Set up your home office right in the middle of your living room. This home office with a narrow desk and a comfy bucket chair is positioned behind the sofa, giving the user a good view of the room, more access to natural lighting and keeps away from major foot traffic.

living room home office

49.   Black and White Minimalist

Clean, bright and timeless. This black and white home office design is an upgrade from the all-white minimalist interiors. Patterned black and white tiles are added to the office wall, giving the space a modern bohemian feel.

black and white office

50.   Hole in the Wall

Smart cabinetry and a hidden home office. These beautiful cedar wood cabinet panels hide a home office. Great idea for a bedroom office. Use a couple of the cabinets for your office and the rest for your wardrobe.

closet home office

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