Top 30 Teenage Bedroom Ideas

young Parisian bedroom

Redesigning a bedroom for your teenager is a more involved process then repainting walls and removing childish decorations. More often a bedroom interior is a direct reflection of their personality, so if you want to instil organisation and positivity into their daily routine, then the place where they spend a significant amount of their time should reflect this same idea. A great starting point is considering your teenager's interests and personality. Here are 30 of our top teenage bedroom ideas for upgrades and renovation;

1. The Hanging Bed

Instantly give the bedroom a wow factor by hanging the bed. Inexpensive, unusual, and a very creative way to revamp a room.

hanging bed

2. The Goth Princess

Not all girls love frills, flowers, and pastels. This pink and black combination will surely please your Goth princess.

pink and black Goth teenage room

3. Sporty Fun

Does your teenager love sports? Create a room that will encourage this sporty side.

sports themed teen's bedroom

4. A Chalkboard Wall

Visual learners will love a feature wall they can write on. Capture all those bright ideas with a built in chalkboard wall. 

chalkboard wall in teen's bedroom

5. Full Closet

Our top teenage bedroom ideas is the inclusion of a full closet. Time to take out those kiddie drawers and clothes boxes and to build in an organised, full closet. 

organized closet for teenagers

6.The Graffiti Wall

Let your teenager's budding creativity loose. Install a clean wall to let their creativity loose. 

graffiti and skateboards teenage bedroom

7. A Hanging Seat

A hanging chair or a swing will add a touchy of whimsy into your young dreamer’s private domain.

white wicket bedroom swing

8. Contemporary Style

This ultra-modern and minimalist scheme will surely impress trendy teens.

ultra modern teen room

9. Name on the Wall

Putting their name on the wall will surely delight your teenager. Be creative and do it in a style that fits their personality.

black and blue Goth girl's bedroom

10. A Study Area

One of the most sensible teenage bedroom ideas is a study area. Equip your young student with a comfortable and specific space for studying.

small space study area

11. Delightful Decals

This easy and affordable way to decorate walls also gives you endless designs, themes, and colour options.

black and white modern bedroom

12. Dreamy Lights

Some kids can’t sleep without lights on. Surprise your teen with cleverly installed night lights.

blue night lights

13. Soft Pastels

Pastels are popular choice for teenage bedrooms. Retain the colours of their former bedroom but choose a more mature and age-appropriate design.

pink and green pastel bedroom

14. Paris on White

Your budding fashionista and fashion designer would love the ageless appeal of a white bedroom. Bring in their favourite city and you'll have one happy teen.

young Parisian bedroom

15. A Window Seat

A window seat is a must for young readers and dreamers.

white and turquoise bedroom with a window seat

16. A Photo Wall

Do you have an aspiring photographer or does your teenager have an active social life? Your young one would certainly love a photo wall to capture their favourite memories. 

black and white photo wall

17. The Loft Bed

The loft bed is very popular layout among teenage bedroom ideas. It partly hides the bed, and provides more space underneath.

loft bedroom

18. A Guest Nook

Oh how kids love to invite friends over. Give them the needed privacy and space by providing a guest nook inside their bedroom.

bean bag seats and entertainment center

19. No Bed Minimalist

This grey and rustic room is a space-saver, modern, and cool! No teen could not love this.

modern minimalist teen bedroom

20. Old Hollywood Glam

This room has all the drama, charm, and glam of old Hollywood.

glamorous pink and grey bedroom

21. The Hidden Bed

Hiding the bed during daytime will free-up space needed for other activities. This design will work for teenagers who need additional space. The window seat can serve as the bed when needed.

multi functional bedroom

22. Sea Inspired

This is nothing ordinary in this room. Clean white walls, turquoise ceiling, stencilled wall, comfy bed, and flush carpet are all refreshing - reminding your teenager of the summer holidays. 

seascape themed bedroom

23. Brick Wall

This edgy and stripped bedroom has all the trappings that will excite your tough teen.

stripped and edgy bedroom with exposed brick wall

24. Bed on the Roll

Wheeled beds are fun, flexible, and interesting and instantly take out boredom from the bedroom. 

orange and blue bedroom

25. Funky Chandeliers

Keep decorations classic - think modern takes on the chandelier. 

orange and green teenage bedroom

26. Storage for Small Spaces

Help your teen manage clutter by providing enough storage for all their stuff.

closet underneath the bedroom loft

27. Window Bed

A window bed is charming and fun. Adding one is among the unusual but popular teenage bedroom ideas.

charming window bed

28. Creative Shelving

Install creative, functional and uniquely interesting shelves that will help manage clutter and also add pizazz to your walls.

Chevron shelves on black wall

29. Classic, Cool, and Clean

Transform a classic bedroom into something your teen would adore by infusing light colours and trendy walls.

classic coffered teen's bedroom

30. Rustic Barn Inspiration

This barn inspired rustic room will impress a young equestrian or any animal-loving teenagers. The black and pink wall feature makes the room fascinating and feminine.

barn inspired girl's bedroom

Do you have any creative teenage bedroom ideas you would like to add to our list? Why not discuss it on our RenoForum!