Whimsical Ideas for your Kids’ First Bedroom

space travel themed bedroom

When it comes to renovation, redecorating kids’ bedroom is a fun task! A child's bedroom should inspire creativity and dreaming and for this reason we recommend incorporating a whimsical dynamic into your bedroom interior using the following ideas as a guide. 

Take on a Theme

boat bed in a pirate themed bedroom
pretty pink girl's bedroom

A themed bedroom is a great way to inspire children to think creatively and explore their imagination. To get major impact, select a theme that excites your child and enhances their personality. Little adventurers would thrive in a jungle inspired room, while a galaxy room is perfect for a voyager. Is Frozen a popular movie in your household? Why not recreate Elsa's snowy kingdom using cool blue feature walls and icy decorative pieces. Lying in bed and falling asleep amidst objects of your dreams can help sustain your kids’ visions and ideas.

Get Loud with Colours

purple butterfly bedroom
whimsical garden bedroom

Add a sense of excitement into your child's bedroom with some vibrant colours. The combination of a pastel base with brightly coloured appliques has a dynamic effect. Keep things consistent by using similar colour palettes for bedding and accessories. 

under the sea themed bedroom

Dress up the Playroom

DIY cartoon playhouse
football themed bedroom

Make playtime even more exciting with imaginative pieces that inspire adventure. Things like a camper, teepee, a rope ladder and a wall map to track adventures are exciting for little explorers. 

Manage the Clutter

pink and blue baskets
orange and blue built in cube shelves
colourful drawers

It's amazing how quickly a kid's bedroom can turn from organised to hopelessly messy after playtime. Declutter your child's space by creating specific places for everything. 

Colourful storage options teach children about organisation and tidiness in a more engaging way.  


blue bedroom for young boys
orange bedroom with a loft bed

Personalisation creates a special sense of belonging for children, reiterating that there room was designed just for them. There are many ways to personalise one's bedroom, you can use lettering to spell out your child's name, print their favourite photos on a canvas, and showcase their artwork.