40 Best Bedroom Interiors!

bedroom interior inspo

Creating a beautiful bedroom requires a combination of strong furniture choices, attention to interior detail, well balanced colour themes and minimal ornamentation. From luxurious and opulent designs, to humble and rustic spaces, we've compiled our favourite 40 bedroom interior trends. 

1. Modern Loft Bedroom

modern loft bedroom

Bring a little Brooklyn to the bedroom, with this trendy loft inspired interior. Exposed brick walls add a rustic, urban feel to simple bedroom. 

2. Bedroom Window Seat

bedroom with window seat

Enjoy the natural light in your bedroom while reading your favourite novel, with a window seat. Seat's with built in drawers offer great storage solutions. 

3. An Elevated Bed Frame

elevated bed frame

Take your bed frame off the floor, with this elevated timber platform. Modern and rustic in design whilst adding dimension to your flooring. 

4. Industrial Elements

Rustic lighting and androgynous furniture help create an industrial feel throughout a bedroom. Not to mention, we love the modern statement made by this caged bed frame. 

5. Starring Ceiling Bedroom

starry ceiling bedroom

Do you love sleeping under the stars? Why not embrace a more magical lighting option with this starry light installation. 

6. Mounted Bedframe

unique headboard

A mounted bed frame is the perfect way to add a little interest to a black wall. 

7. Sloped Ceiling Bedroom 

bedroom with sloped ceiling

The contour of sloped ceilings creates an intimate space within a bedroom and redefines old world charm. Not just for attics, sloped ceilings look best when combined with light and airy colour palettes and furniture that is proportional. 

8. Hanging Beds

hanging beds

Defy gravity with these fantastic, suspended beds. 

9. Minimalist Interior

minimalist bedroom interior

Understated and chic, minimalist bedrooms require airy and monochromatic colour palettes, raw timber finishes and greenery. 

10. Renovated Victorian Inspired Bedroom

victorian bedroom interior

Relive the gorgeous Victorian era with these ornate arches, after all old world craftsmanship is timeless and classic. 

11. Simple European Bedroom

european bedroom

Think open plan, think rustic. This airy bedroom with an open ensuite will have you thinking you've escaped to Greece!

12. Refurbished Attic Bedroom

attic bedroom

It just goes to prove that Cinderella was ahead of the game, with her shabby chic bedroom interior. Refined, attic bedrooms are very popular in modern interior design. 

13. High Ceiling Bedrooms

high ceiling bedroom

Rooms with high ceilings create enjoyment for a interior design enthusiasts, creating a spacious canvas to work with, and promoting a sense of freedom with a room's architecture. Make the most of your free space with free flowing draping and netting. 

14. Bedroom with a Room Divider

bedroom with room divider

Corner off your sleep head quarters from your robe with a simple room divider and enjoy an organised, well thought out space. 

15. Rustic stone wall bedroom

rustic stoned bedroom

Escape to the country with this rustic, stone wall feature and enjoy the warm ambience created. 

16. Spacious Wood Panelled Bedroom

wood panelled bedroom

Love the understated elegance of polished wood? Why not create a feature wall using rich timber panels. Create depth within your bedroom by placing the panels horizontally, or increase the illusion of space by displaying vertically.  

17. White urban bedroom

white urban bedroom

Embrace a fresh, minimalist colour palette with the colour white. From bedding to storage options, white furniture has a very modern and clean feel.  

18. Tonal Bedroom Colours

stone wall bedroom

Exploring simplicity with tonal colours, think taupe, mushroom, ivory and tan when redecorating your bedroom. 

19. Masculine Interiors

You don't have to be a man to enjoy a dramatic, edgy and masculine interior. Clean lines, darker palettes and natural materials help to create a more masculine theme throughout a bedroom. 

20. Earthy Tones

Copper, rust, tan and taupe have become popular choices for bedroom decor. Why not add warmth to your bedroom interior with an earthy colour palette. 

21. The Industrial bedroom

Industrial bedroom

Raw, rough and unfinished surfaces become the foundation of industrial themed bedrooms. From storage options to greenery, select decor with rustic finishes and personality. 

22. Unique Fitted Wardrobe

fitted wardrobe

A crafty idea for those who love obscure and unique feature walls.

23. Oriental Garden 

bedroom decals

Create a beautiful, oriental influence with the use of strategically placed floral decals. Play on a subtle colour palette with the use of muted pinks and blushing nudes. 

24. Moody, textured bedroom

moody textured bedroom

Those with an artistic flair will love the ambience of this moody, textured bedroom. 

25. Bold Bedroom Flooring

bedroom floor tiling

Simple carpet just won't cut it in this chic bedroom. Create a statement with your flooring by opting for an optical print. We definitely recommend monochromatic colour patterns for that crisp and classic aesthetic. 

26. Doorless Frames

Create a statement entry to your bedroom with this doorless frame and open up your space. 

27. Mediterranean Tiled Bedroom 

Tiled Mediterianian Feature

Proof that wall tiling is not just for the bathroom, this Mediterranean pattern will introduce an exotic theme throughout your bedroom. 

28. Rustic Columns

rustic exposed beam bedroom

Adding an outdoors touch to a rustic bedroom with these raw, timber columns. 

29. Antique Pillars

bedroom with concrete pillars

Adding 18th century architecture to a modern bedroom landscape, creates an interesting visual juxtaposition. 

30. Open, Glass Bedroom 

Transform your bedroom into a homely greenhouse with this open, glass layout. Of course a scenic view helps! 

31. Interesting Windows

bedroom with porthole

Interesting window frames are making their way back to modern interior design trends. We're favouring the porthole!

32. Coffered Ceiling

bedroom with coffered ceiling

Create a country chic statement with a coffered ceiling. 

33. Room with a view

Are you lucky enough to have city skyline views from your bedroom? Take in the sights with these full wall windows!

34. Minimal Living 

Leave walls blank and furnishings neutral to create an understated, minimalist space. 

35. The Hideaway Bed


Create a sense of mystery within your bedroom with this hideaway bed option. Not to mention space saving!

36. The Dark Den

Dramatic colour choices create a sense of luxury, especially when paired with opulent light fittings and vivid artwork. 

37. Beachside Bedroom

The combination of white wash walls, shabby chic furniture and light blue bedding creates a relaxed, holiday away from home ambience, seen in beachside cabins. 

38. Framing Small Spaces

Rather than try to optimise space, frame small spaces with clean lines, simple bedding and standing lights. 

39. Peaked Ceilings

Add depth, dimension and interest to your bedroom with a peaked ceiling. Emphasis the contour with statement lighting. 

40. The Sleeping Haven

bedroom renovation ideas

For those who prefer a more private corner of the bedroom, then this curtain placement will work wonders, creating a tranquil sleeping haven. 

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