40 Ingenious Bedroom Closet Ideas and Designs

elegant bedroom closet

The challenge with closets and wardrobes is organisation and storage. We want our clothes and stuff to be safe, organised and easily accessed. We all want a closet with more storage spaces, accessible and efficient and stylish too! What we don’t always have are enough space, a great design or the idea of the perfect closet to inspire ours. Here are some ingenious, stylish and sensible bedroom closet ideas and designs to inspire your next bedroom closet;

1.       Behind the Wall

You don’t need to build a separate to for a walk-in closet. This behind the wall closet is efficient, modern and practical. The clothes are hidden away from plain sight, yet accessible and organised. The sleek ceiling lights are on point.

modern bedroom closet

2.       Powder Blues

The cool and soothing shade of blue helps turn smaller spaces feel cosier, more comfortable and less claustrophobic. Bright yet friendly to the eyes, powder blues makes the space appear bigger. This closet balances the pastel blue with silver and touches of rustic wood elements.

blue closet

3.       Man of the City

Dignified, efficient and sleek. This one-wall closet has all the space and places for the urbane city guy. Hanger space for coats and pants, shelves, drawers and storage boxes. The dark wood tones are foiled by the strategic lighting.

masculine closet design

4.       Cosy and Organised

Maximise closet space with efficient planning and effective built-in storage system. This cosy closet kept things organised by multiple shelving. Shelves are left open and kept to the walls for easy access. The exquisite chandelier lights up and brings in elegance to the space.

cosy organised closet

5.       Glass-fronted Drawers

Storing smaller delicate items and jewellery pieces inside drawers will keep them more secure and organised. However, finding items inside the drawers can be tiresome. Solve the problem with these glass-fronted drawers!

glass closet drawers

6.       Sliding Mirrored Door

Sliding doors help save space, while mirrors give the illusion of space. Maximise space with mirrored closet doors for your bedroom. This sleek barndoor design complements the modern and rustic vibe of the room.

sliding mirror closet doors

7.       Upholstered Footstool Storage

Make that pretty footstool functional too! Adding shoe pockets inside the seat creatively hides the shoes and organises storage. You can also use the space for magazines, accessories and even hide important items and documents.

closet footstool storage

8.       Sleek Black

This modern minimalist closet is also chic and edgy. Black as the dominant colour theme gives a contemporary polished look with an edgy undertone. Strategic lighting keeps the space bright, while the purple seats give a pop of colour.

black stylish closet

9.       Bath and Closet

Incorporating your bath with your closet makes a lot of sense. The layout will save you from going from one part of your bedroom to the other. This idea will also save a lot of floor space, perfect for apartments and smaller homes.

shower in a closet

10.   Accessible Plan

Instead of boxed shelves, this closet opted for the more open and accessible option – floating shelves. The bottom space is dedicated to drawers while the far end side is for hangers. A pegboard panel is installed to keep smaller items more organised, easily found and accessible.

floating shelves in closet

11.   Beach House Charm

Cool, relaxed and jaunty. The bright and comfortable ambience is inspired by the sea blues, relaxed lifestyle and natural elements. Perfect for the light at heart, nature-loving and outdoorsy personality.

seaside inspired closet

12.   Inner Storage Space

Smart and efficient. Adding another layer of storage to your cabinets maximises space usage. It is also handy for storing and hiding expensive items or multi-purposing the closet – this one as bag storage in front, an entertainment centre at the back!

hidden storage

13.   Handy Iron and Board

No need to run to the laundry room just to smooth out some creases and wrinkles. Have an ironing board installed in your closet for quick touch-ups. It’s your secret to impeccable outfits all the time!

efficient closet

14.   Nifty Corner Closet

Turning a random room in the house into a bedroom? Easily add a walk-in closet with these nifty closet corner idea. Chose a corner, install glazed glass walls with sliding door, add floating shelves and voila, you got yourself a closet! Easy.

corner glass closet

15.   Pull Out Wardrobe

Get the space of a walk-in closet and the accessibility of a wardrobe closet with these pull-out wardrobes. Space efficient, organised and smartly-designed!

pull out cabinet wardrobes

16.   Glass and Marble Luxury

Luxurious, elegant and structured. The cultured sheen of marble complements the dusky sophistication of wood tones, grey shelves and dark tinted glass walls. The floor to ceiling shelving makes sure there is space for everything.

luxurious marbled closet

17.   Peach and Beige

Bright, feminine, beautiful. Stylishly patterned flooring, bright beige interiors and pretty details. The intricate chandelier gives a hint of stylish grace, while touches peach provides the room a softer vibe.

pretty walkin closet

18.   Curtained Storage

No space for a closet? No problem. This curtained off wall shelving can perfectly serve the purpose of a closet – a space for clothes and stuff, organise clutter and keep them clean and snug. Using baskets and boxes will help keep things organised and your closet clutter-free.

curtained off closet

19.   Modern Glass Enclosed

Modern homes are all about space and minimalist interiors. This glass-enclosed walk-in closet eliminates the stuffy and dark corners of the traditional closet. The sleek glass walls open the room, creating an airy, spacious and modern bedroom.

modern glass-walled closet

20.   Warm Lights

Ample lighting is essential to closets, which are often in the inner parts of the house, with very little to no access to natural lighting. Avoid harsh glaring bright lights. Instead, opt for the more relaxing, softer and toned-down warm lights.

elegant bedroom closet

21.   Hidden Jewellery Storage

This jewellery storage is behind a mirror or a framed picture. Stashing your valuables away from plain sight and obvious places is practical and boosts its safekeeping. This wall storage within the closet is accessible, safe and organised.

wall jewellery storage

22.   Wood and White

Classy, modern and timeless. The white interiors help brighten up the room, while its wood elements keep the space warm and charming. The reed floor mat adds to the elegant rustic feel. The pull-out shoe rack keeps shoes out of sight but easily accessible and organised.

modern closet

23.   A Private Nook

Your closet can also be your special personal space. Adding a window seat or a comfortable nook will afford you relaxing spot to read, nap or work without distractions or interruptions.

white charming closet

24.   The Cosmo Guy

Sophisticated, urbane, a man of the world. The cosmopolitan guy deserves a closet that complements his lifestyle. This spacious, stylish and efficient closet fits the busy, successful and stylish.

sophisticated closet

25.   Skylights Delight

Closets are often located in the inner parts of the house, without windows and natural lighting. But, even when you don’t have outer walls, you can still access natural lighting from the ceiling! Skylights will instantly brighten up your closet, naturally, easily.

closet with skylights

26.   Pants Wall Rack

This pants wall rack can be installed inside a closet cabinet, against a wall or behind the door. The space-saving organiser will give you easy access to your pants, better view for choosing and crease free pants all the time.

pants wall rack

27.   Brown Indulgence

Plush, well-appointed, elegant. The classic luxurious closet. The warm and rich brown wood tones give just the right balance between elegant grace and lavish indulgence. Understated, but not drab. Classy, but not flashy.

elegant classic closet

28.   Clean and Cosy

White with few touches of light greys and blush. Despite its size, this closet offers a lot of space. The light and bright interiors is also efficiently designed – storage spaces to the sides, the window at the end provides ample lighting, additional space in the centre isle storage and a comfy seat in the middle.

white cosy closet

29.   Elegant Minimalist

Wall cabinets, a wide window, white interiors and gold trimmings. Stunningly elegant, graceful minimalist and utterly organised.

elegant white closet

30.   Closet Spinning Organisers

Make use of every inch space of your closet with these spinning shelves. The spinners will help you access and use the innermost corners of your closet. Ideal for storing shoes, folded clothes and even for hiding rarely used items.

closet spinning shelves

31.       Chest Bench

Rustic sophisticate, with an air of rugged character. The modern and minimalist hardwood floors and wood shelves are juxtaposed with an antique leather studded chest. This closet design fits the efficient, dynamic, stylish and strong personality.

rustic modern closet

32.       Elegance of White

For the lady of the house, or the princess. This elegant and charming white bedroom closet is charming, bright and spacious. Graceful grey accents break down the monotony of the all-white interiors. Mirrors, delicate patterns and a comfy seat will make every girls’ heart happy.

elegant white closet

33.       Closet and Laundry

Efficient, sensible and smart. A space-saving hack perfect for smaller homes or apartments. Installing the laundry inside the closet will not only save room, but it will also eliminate the hauling of clothes from one room to another.

closet with laundry

34.       A Glass Wall

Break away from the traditional dank and dark closets. A glass wall to one end of your closet is enough to bring in all the lighting you need. Open shelves to the sides and the wide interiors make the room spacious. The colourful rug adds fun and perky touch to the room.

bright bedroom closet

35.       Behind-the-Door Pockets

Closet doors offer storage. It is perfect for organising smaller items that you need often, like undies, accessories and jewellery. You can install shelves, bars or racks to keep things organised and accessible.

closet door storage

36.       Shades of Pink

Pretty and fun, sweet and bright. This pink bedroom closet is not all glam and style. It is also efficiently organised, brightly lit and has enough storage. The bright pink wall, a colourful bench and miniature chandelier will delight every girl’s heart.

pink bedroom closet

37.       Industrial Shelving

When your closet is also part of your décor. Imaginative, sophisticate and bold. Copper pipes serve as the shelves, the bars and the frames. This is not all about clothes and storing them. Sections are dedicated to display, giving the space a personal and nostalgic touch.

modern industrial cloth storage

38.       Grey Sophistication

For the modern woman who values her time and doesn’t compromise on style. This modern minimalist bedroom closet design is unpretentiously stylish, sensible and luxurious. Black touches to the grey interiors give the room a strong yet elegant air.

modern elegant bedroom closet

39.       A Window Seat

Charming as it is practical, installing a window seat in your bedroom closet will give you a nice personal corner to relax. This smallish closet is made to look more spacious by placing the storage spaces to the sides and adding lots of mirrors.

charming bedroom closet

40.   Open Nook

Forget about separate rooms for your bedroom closet with this open nook design. This closet removed the doors to create a free-flowing open nook. Storage to the sides, a wide bench in the centre and the show-stopping globe chandelier to complete the look.

open door bedroom closet

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