50 Impressive Guest Bedroom Ideas and Designs

pretty bedroom

Guest bedrooms are special and have different considerations when planning and decorating. They are rarely used, but also needs to be handsomely designed as they are intended for guests’ use. Most guest bedroom ideas and designs are both nonspecific to accommodate most tastes in design and expensive to impress the guests. Here are some guest bedroom ideas and designs to make your guest bedroom special and impressive;

1.       Bright Farmhouse

Well-lit, comfortable, welcoming. This lovely guest room will delight even the most finicky guest. The understated interiors include a wide comfortable bed, white walls, white gauzy curtains, reed floor mats, pillows and a striking rattan chandelier.

charming bedroom

2.       Dreamy Blues

The cool and soothing shades of blue help induce rest and sleep. This comfortable and chic guest bedroom features different shades of blue. Balanced with white and strategic lighting, the effect is a calm, relaxed and cool bedroom.

beautiful blue bedroom

3.       Rustic Minimalist

Efficient, functional, beautiful. The timelessness of the minimalist interior design is grounded on its practicality and the absence of trendy décors that will go out of style. The added wood accents provided warmth and charm to this otherwise utilitarian guest bedroom.

rustic minimalist bedroom

4.       Comforting Textures

The use of white as the dominant paint palette is popular in guest bedroom ideas and designs; it is neutral, light and easy to complement and accessorise. The white interiors of this bedroom is the perfect background for the room’s focal point, the richly textured and comfortable bed.  

comfortable bed

5.       White Elegance

A grand white bedroom for your very special guests. No one can resist a sleepover when presented with this elegant and luxurious bedroom. An intricately patterned rug, a welcoming bed and gold carousel chandelier.

elegant white bedroom

6.       Closet for Guests

Adding a small closet or wardrobe for your guests is a thoughtful idea. Your guests will want to unpack and hang their clothes, especially those who will be staying for more than one might. Providing them with a specific space for their stuff will prevent cluttering and will notch up your hosting points.

small bedroom closet

7.       Cool Beach House

Checkers and stripes. White and greys. Charming, cool, relaxing. This beach house inspired guest room plays up the rustic charms of the reed footstool and basket, the shabby chic door feature, the vintage wall lamp and in the wistful white and grey palette.

beach house bedroom

8.       Pretty Yellows

Pretty and perky, fun and bright. The pastel yellow shades of this guest bedroom are warmly welcoming and cheerful. The blue and wood accents complement the bright shade and keep the rood cool and relaxing.

yellow bedroom

9.       Pallet Bedframe

You don’t have to spend a lot on your guest bedroom. This boho chic bedroom features a recycled pallet bedframe, a few framed images, a floor lamp, wall accents and groovy sheets. Your free-spirited guests will love the spontaneous and fun room interiors.

pallet bed frame

10.   Mirror Inside

Any guest will love a large full-length mirror in their bedroom. Being in someone else’s home, guests will naturally want to look their best. Mirrors are also great accents and can help in making the room appear more spacious.

bedroom mirror

11.   Boho Style

Elegant and polished, yet still, definitely a Bohemian. The chic rug livens up the white walls and curtains. The bright pillows give the bed a pop of colour. This colourful and tamed guest bedroom features the bright colours, the chic patterns and the tassels of the boho styling.

elegant boho chic bedroom

12.   The Daybed Solution

A guest bedroom is the least priority in smaller homes or city apartments. Hosting your guests is still possible, and comfortable with the versatile day bed. Sofa by day, bed by night. This graceful and classy day bed is perfect for a chic living room, as it is a comfortable bed.

elegant day bed

13.   Pretty Pastels

Pastels are bright, cheerful and fun. Creating a pastel-themed guest bedroom is easy and flexible. Just do the interiors in white or off-white, then dress up the room with pastel accents – pillows, sheets, frames and décor. Changing the colour scheme is as easy as changing the sheets and the pillowcases.

Scandinavian bedroom

14.   A Cosy Corner

Add a cosy corner where your guests can read, sip wine and relax before going to bed. A snug chair near the window, in the corner and next to a lamp, is ideal. This white tufted comfy chair is inviting and comfortable as it is stately and elegant. A must in many guest bedroom ideas and designs.

a bedroom nook

15.   Complimentary Goodies

Providing items that’ll make the visit comfortable and enjoyable as much as possible is a sign of a gracious and thoughtful host. Make sure your guests have everything they will need for their stay. These complimentary gold metal baskets look amazing and just the perfect holder for slippers, towels, candles and basic toiletries.

guest bedroom

16.   Orange Delight

A burst of bright colours is always a delight. This striking palette of dark grey, white and bright orange is both welcoming and cosy. The tree accents, textured sheets and candles all remind of the cool, nippy and colourful fall season.

orange bedroom

17.   A Work Table

Aside from the usual bedside table, providing your guests with a desk is a great idea, especially if you know a lot of people who are working mobile. They will appreciate a small desk where they can write or work on their computers.

bedroom desk

18.   French Glam

Elegant, glamorous, timeless. This white bedroom features a comfy bed, a French divan, antique French side tables and a showstopping classic crystal chandelier. In understated white, eggshell and ivory, the room is exquisite and stately.

glamorous white bedroom

19.   Florals and Pinks

Delicate and graceful. Feminine and pretty. This alluring bedroom is timelessly beautiful with its floral theme in soft pinks and orange tones. The welcoming bed is adorned with a floral duvet and textured pillows.

beautiful bedroom

20.   Snug and Efficient

Guest bedrooms are usually the smallest bedroom in the house as they are also rarely used. But that doesn’t mean we decorate them any less. This snug and compact guest bedroom has all the accruement to make your guests comfortable – a comfortable bed, more than enough lighting, a bedside table and a bureau for the guests.

small guest bedroom

21.   Room with a Balcony

Extend your hospitality and treat your guests with wonderful views from the guest bedroom balcony. Ideal for beach houses, country homes, mountain cottages and even city apartments! This white beach house bedroom is spacious, tranquil and beautiful.

white bedroom with balcony

22.   The World on the Wall

A traveller’s bedroom, a comfortable bed for the night and a world to explore. A poetic accolade to your guests. The old-world map, bare wood plank floor, plain sheets, pendant light and plain gauzy curtains give the bedroom a nostalgic vintage look.

vintage world map wallpaper

23.   Blues and Greys

Cool and modern, minimalist and tranquil. The bare grey concrete walls and wood plank flooring are signposts of modern minimalism. The different shades of blue complement the greys for a cool and dreamy atmosphere. The round glass wall feature, the steel grey side table and the pendant lighting give the room a good dose of industrial impression.

modern bedroom

24.   Double the Fun

A warm, welcoming and fun guest bedroom. Installing two single beds will let you accommodate two guests to a room and is common to many guest bedroom ideas and designs. The lively room elements include the framed doodle wall feature, the patterned rug, bright orange beddings and the blue bedside table in between the beds.

twin beds

25.   Full House

Hosting multiple guests at the same time is a breeze if you have a multiple bed guest room. This bedroom includes bunk beds that can accommodate up to six guests. Installed against one wall, the other side of the room is open to foot traffic and to showcase the remarkable patterned rug.

bunk beds

26.   Cottage Charm

Nobody can resist a classic bedroom that brought memories of growing up. A charming Victorian metal bed frame, a comfortable bed, vintage lampshades, antique bedside tables and warm comforters. The checked bed skirting and the colourful framed cow just sealed in the charms.

farmhouse bedroom

27.   A Window Seat

A charming window seat will provide seating without the need for additional space. Built around a window, the bottom, top and sides can be great storage spaces. Just add a foam, some pillows and a throw blanket to complete the snug and comfy nook.

window seat

28.   Rich Colours

Rich colours, elegant pieces and impeccable styling. The old rose bed is complemented by the satin duvet in peacock shade. While the dark ocean green walls provide the perfect background for the golden accents – the wall lamp, the geometric chandelier and the vase. The white sandy carpet balances the room’s dark tones.

luxurious bedroom

29.   Canopied Elegance

A canopy delivers a luxurious and graceful look. This bedroom features a slim steel canopy that matches the geometric glass chandelier, white bed curtains, a blue vintage rug and a fashionable bed bench. The wall accents, footstool and gold basket complete the elegant bedroom.

bed canopy

30.   The Attic Room

Bring your attic to good use by turning it into this comfy and beautiful guest bedroom. The sage floor brings out the whites of the walls and ceilings, while the strategic lighting emphasises the amazing ceiling structure.

loft bedroom

31.       Gifts Caddy

Make your guests feel welcomed and appreciated with this gifts-bearing caddy. Fill it up with goodies that will make his or her stay comfortable and enjoyable – toiletries, towels, snacks, the Wi-Fi password! Many people are shy about asking their host for this minute items, be a good host, have it in their room waiting for them.

bedroom caddy

32.       A Comfy Nook

Turn a comfy nook in the hallway into a snug sleeping area for a guest. Every home should have a guest bedroom, but for smaller homes or apartments, this could be a challenge. Solve the problem by designing some areas of the house to double as the guest room – your reading nook, the couch or the office area could transform to accommodate a guest for a night.

day bed reading nook

33.       Loft Accommodations

Convert a section of your loft area into a guest bedroom. The loft or attic will provide your guests privacy and a space of their own. This loft bedroom features skylights that brighten up the space, a small desk and a comfy bed. It also doubles as the home’s library.

loft guest bedroom

34.       Colourful Bohemian

This colourful bedroom personifies the wild child, the life of the party, the free spirit, the old soul. Bright colours, bold patterns and potted plants. Wild and loud, welcoming with a blast of dazzling colours, a comfortable bed and a lot of vintage pieces.

bohemian guest bedroom

35.       Silver and Blues

Elegant and dignified. The room is all about class and timeless styling. Cool cotton beddings in white and blue, a tufted headboard, a gauzy curtain that lets the light in and a wide comfortable bed. The seaside theme of the prints, accents and frames bring the whimsical and carefree vibe of coastal living.

elegant bedroom

36.       Suitcase and Shoe Rack

It is the duty of the host to make sure their guests are comfortable and at ease and providing them with everything that would make their stay more enjoyable. This simple furniture speaks a great of your thoughtfulness and hospitality.

suitcase and shoes stand

37.       Whimsical Farmhouse

Rustic, homey, delightful. This bedroom radiates your grandmother’s apple pies, lazy afternoons and warm meals. Pops of red uplifts the neutral whites and charming plaids. The cow painting is the perfect awesome addition to the delightful, welcoming and charming room.

farmhouse bedroom

38.       Behind the Curtains

Curtains can provide privacy and serve as room dividers. When you don’t have the luxury of space for a guest bedroom, you can still provide a cosy and comfortable sleeping spot for your guests with curtains. This hallway nook is turned into a temporary bedroom by curtaining off the space.

curtained bed

39.       Dressed Up Bed

If you want to impress your guest, provide for them a comfortable, welcoming and beautifully decked out bed. At the end of the day, your guests will only truly care about the bed. This luxuriously dressed up bed feature extravagant satin sheets and comforters and pillows in different shapes and textures, all in the fanciest fabrics.

luxurious bed

40.   Refreshing Green

Refreshing, cool and breezy. The cool green shades are reminiscent of warm summers by the lake. Complemented with crisp whites and baby blues, the ambience is of the outdoors. Touches of tan and potted plant accents complete the cool and charming look.

lakeside theme bedroom

41.   Modern Industrial

Quirky, modern, urbane. Stark grey walls of bare concrete, floating shelves, black accents and the crumpled beddings in different shades of grey show a dynamic and confident personality. While the perfume bottle pendant lights inject a good dose of fun element to the otherwise sombre interiors.

modern industrial bedroom

42.   Striking Wallpaper

This fabulous guest bedroom is furnished with the best pieces possible. An intricately patterned rug, a crystal chandelier, a comfortable bed and a matching bedside table set on either side of the bed. However, the wow factor of the room comes from the bold and striking wallpaper accent.

elegant bedroom with wallpaper

43.   Elegant Beach House

The fun seascape theme of the room is matched with the cool white and grey interiors. Airy and bright, the room is definitely a delight. The clean grey walls, white accents and wood flooring contribute to the modern styling, while the classic white French doors give the room a romantic feel.

beach house bedroom

44.   The Murphy

You can still host your guests comfortably even without a proper guest bedroom. This entertainment centre can transform your living room into an instant bedroom, thanks to the Murphy bed you can pull down when needed and hide as you like.

living room murphy bed

45.   Charming Cottage

White interiors, wood board walls, wide glass windows and a charming window seat. All the features of this cottage-inspired bedroom bring out all the charms. Completing the dreamy guest bedroom is the huge, comfortable and welcoming bed.  

white cottage bedroom

46.   Canopied Glam

Impress your guests with this fabulous, glamorous and luxurious guest bedroom. Fuzzy footstools, eye-catching wallpaper and the dressed-up bed put on a dramatic show. But the highlight of the design is the gold canopy – marvellous, rich, magnificent.

gold canopy bed

47.   Very Rustic

Good old-fashioned hospitality, warmth, comfort. This cosy room will remind you of warm welcomes, great food and amazing company. Bare floorboards and matching ceiling, daintily printed sheets, ruffled curtains and vintage accents complete a very charming, very rustic interiors.

rustic cottage bedroom

48.   A Guesthouse

A guesthouse will provide your guests with the ultimate comfort and privacy. Equipped with the basic needs of your guests – a wide comfortable bed, bathroom and a kitchenette. This is great for longer stays and for couples of family guests.

backyard guest house

49.   The Dark Room

Using black and other black colours for your interiors is tricky and can go wrong easily. The key to a successful goth or dark room design is balancing the mood. The dramatic black walls and floor of this room are contrasted by the light ceiling, bright yellow accents and the rustic touches of wood, bedside tables and the hemp rug.

black bedroom

50.   Sunny Mediterranean

Airy, bright and spacious bedroom. Give your guests a warm Mediterranean welcome and vacation accommodations. White walls and ceiling, dramatic rugs, a large comfortable bed. Dress up the bed with bright and warm Mediterranean colours and patterns then add rustic touches like the wood bench, hemp rug and potted plants.

Mediterranean bed room

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