55 Adorable Kid’s Bedroom Ideas and Designs

campers kid bedroom

Moving out of the nursery and getting their own bedrooms is a rite of passage for children. It signifies independence and gaining the right to privacy. At this age, you can expect your kids to start asserting their wants and expressing opinions, thus presenting you with a wide opportunity of customising their bedroom! Collaborate with your child to come up with the best bedroom ideas and designs. Here are some fun, creative and fantastic kid’s bedroom ideas and designs you and your child can draw inspiration from;

1.       Adorable Farmhouse

This charming, cosy and gender-neutral double bed kids’ bedroom is also a classic. Featuring a pair of rustic DIY pallet and plywood bedframes, a matching nightstand, adorable checkered sheets and a chevron bunting to highlight the farmhouse theme. The room gets an updated look from its blue-grey wall, light curtain and floating shelves.

farmhouse two bed

2.       Lush Jungle Look

Draw out your child’s inner adventurer with this amazing green jungle bedroom. The lush green leafy accent wall is matched by the cute leaf rug. The black canopy house bedframe is adorable as it is comfortable. Fill the room with cute adventurer’s accents like the travel suitcase and tropical animal stuff toys.

tropical lush bedroom

3.       Chic and Neat

Bright, neat and pretty. This delightfully light and bright girl’s bedroom includes light wood flooring, the lightest mint green shaded walls and white accents. The bedroom also features the most adorable items including the lace swing seat, a seashell chandelier and white bed with navy accents.

elegant kids bedroom

4.       Colourful Activity Corner

Open up your kid’s natural genius, imagination and artistic inclinations by adding a chalkboard on an entire wall. Complete the corner with colourful chalk, a collection of books and several education toys. Match the activity wall with a brightly colour carpet and a comfy seat.

kids bedroom with chalkboard wall

5.       Glam Twinsies

This is the ultimate girls’ bedroom for adorable sisters. Let your girls share this bright and glamorous bedroom with twin beds, peach and white walls, matching bed stools and chic fluffy white rugs. The classy vintage chandelier seals in the pretty and glamorous look.

chic twin girls bedroom

6.       Lego Lego

Bright, colourful and adorable. Your little builder will surely love this giant Lego bedroom. The perky colours, modern design and fun accents will give you and your child a lot of ideas on how to build up this room. This bedroom includes a Lego and robot accent wall, a loft sleeping area and Lego-inspired pillows and cushions.

lego themed bedroom

7.       Hideaway Bed

Space-saving, neat and perfect for kids who love to read. The platform offers a comfortable space for reading, lounging and for school or crafts work. The space underneath hides the pull-out bed and enough drawers for clothes.

hideaway bed

8.       Shapes and Patterns

This modern Scandinavian design is colourful, bright and fun! The minimalist interiors make it easy to keep the room neat and clean. The built-in bed features a fun headboard that also forms a half-roof. Have fun discussing with your child the patterns and colours to include in the room!

modern minimalist childs bedroom

9.       The Treehouse

Every kid loves a tree house! Why not build one in his or her bedroom? You can create this DIY pallet tree house over the weekend, and your child will be more than happy to help, especially with the decorations. Best for older kids, make sure you include safety features like handles, gates, nets and rails wherever necessary.

diy treehouse bedroom

10.   Secret Hideaway

A cocoon for your child to hide, a private space for her to read, play or take a nap, his or her secret place. Every child will love a special place where he or she can be totally by himself or herself. Make it snug and comfortable. A secret chamber only you and your child know about can also be a great safety feature.

secret room

11.   Pretty Canopy

Every girl who dreams of being a princess will surely love this delightful modern princess bedroom. Upgrade any modern bedroom into this whimsical space by adding a bed canopy house, wispy bed curtains, a fluffy rug and strings of firefly lights.

charming kids bedroom

12.   Boys’ Bunks

Dignified, orderly and urbane. Your older boys will love this neat and organised bedroom. Shades of blue and grey give the room a cool classy air, while the pair of lounge chairs lend an ‘in-control’ vibe. Keep the interiors classy and timeless with clean walls, great carpentry and minimal décor.

lakehouse bunkbeds

13.   Activity Corner

Create a fun corner for your child to play, keep her or his toys, read or work on a school project. This activity corner includes a cushy floor pillow, a whimsical canopy curtain, a comfy rug, a few shelves and a lamp for focused lighting. Baskets are great add-ons to help manage clutter and to provide extra storage.

kids activity centre

14.   Pinks and Greys

Charming, bright and pretty. This pink, gold and grey girl’s bedroom is efficiently designed and with a delightful modern theme too! The interiors are in cool pink and shades of grey, complemented with polka dots and gold accents. The bed frame includes a large storage drawer underneath and shelves at its foot. Wall shelving and baskets help manage the clutter.

modern pink and grey bedroom

15.   Cute Cloudy Room

This cloudy room is far from being gloomy! The cute cloud patterns adorning the walls and ceiling are panels that also house mood lighting. Cool grey dominates this modern design and is complemented by fitting sky blues and a rainbow wall feature. The window bench also doubles as a storage bin.

modern cloud themed bedroom

16.   Twin Separator

Twins or siblings close in age will approve of this convertible bedroom. This bedroom features a separator which can be drawn open or close as the kids want. Each side includes a bunk bed with ample storage underneath, a study area and its own play area. No more quarrelling of who gets what in the bedroom!

twin bedroom with separator

17.   Camper’s Delight

This delightful kid’s bedroom is modern and fun! The camper themed room includes a forest mountain mural, a sleeping space with a camper tent canopy and a comfy alcove below. Bright string ball pendant lights keep the room bright and the bare wood floors make it easy to keep the room clean and neat.

camper's bedroom

18.   Pirate’s Zone

Give your little pirate the bedroom of his dreams with this pirate-themed bedroom. Bright blue and white skies for walls, white and navy striped beddings, a balloon ceiling and ship pole accents. Complete the delightful rascal look by adding a wine barrel as a nightstand.

pirate themed bedroom

19.   Comfy Swing

This pretty and bright attic bedroom is every girl’s delight! The white overall interiors come with a delicate accent wallpaper, shabby chic furniture and comfy rugs. The highlight of the room is the charming swing seat. Just add pretty pillows and comfy blankets to complete the look.

swing seat in a bedroom

20.   Curtained Bunkers

Bunkers are a great space-saving option amongst top kids’ bedroom ideas and designs. These built-in bunker beds include a side stair to safely access the top bunk, safety railing for the top bunk and curtains for both top and bottom sleeping areas. The minimalist design features a predominantly white interiors with pale peach accents.

elegant bunk beds

21.   Sporty and Snug

Delight your sporty young one with this ring and court bedroom design. The ringed area added over the bed provide extra space for play, work and sleep. Other sporty features include a boxing bag, rope climber, and a basketball ring with matching floor paint. This will keep an energetic kid occupied!

sporty kids bedroom

22.   Blooming Colours

Bright colours, dainty flowers, amazing bedroom design! This adorable garden-inspired bedroom is colourful, fun and trendy. Complete the design look by adding a grass carpet, a gardener’s basket, a canopy house bed and a rabbit accent. The cute fairy door accent on the wall seals in the enchanting vibe of the bedroom.

garden themed bedroom

23.   Swim with the Whales

This kid’s bedroom features a colourful and stunning whale wall mural giving it a cool and captivating look. The North Pole theme also includes polar bears, icy white canopy curtains and star pillows. An activity wall includes gymnast rings, rope climber and rope ladders. A great bedroom design for a great, chill and active child.

north pole theme bedroom

24.   Modern Pastels

Cool, elegant, pretty. The ashy light tones of pinks and greys of this Nordic interior design bring in a modern and cool vibe to the room. Light and clean walls, bare wood flooring in a distinctive herringbone pattern, built-in cabinetry and a wide glass window to let the light in. The stunning features of the room are the whimsical grey wire mesh clouds floating from the ceiling. Adorable!

modern kids bedroom

25.   Creative Closets

This playful, colourful and fun closet design fits the gregarious child using it. The design includes lower handles for easy reach, open shelves for easy access and delightful door prints you can customise according to your child’s preference.

kids bedroom closet

26.   Dreamy Fairy Lights

Some kids can’t sleep in total darkness. Adding a few strings of fairy lights to your child’s bedroom can provide the mood lighting he or she needs and also a dreamy ambience. This fairy lights wall feature also includes snaps clipped to the strings for a more vibrant daytime look.

fairy lights bedroom

27.   Vintage Colours

The vintage vibe of this room is strong and amazing! The fun mix of colours resulted in a bright and stunning interior. Bright orange curtains, mustard yellow nightstand, a minimalist patterned rug and periwinkle wallpaper light up the room. Shiny wood floor, white ceiling and the classic drum lampshade give the room its adorable vintage look.

vintage childs bedroom

28.   Alcove Bed

This snug alcove sleeping area is comfortable, adorable and gives the child a special personal space. The house cosy pattern evokes fun and playtime. Built into a wall, you just need to add the bed, pillows and sheets.

alcove bed

29.   Under the Sea

The amazing kid’s bedroom design features an under-the-sea theme, a loft and stunning wall murals. The large corner bed is built in and includes an overhead space that can be accessed through a curving staircase. The breathtaking design is balanced by the bare light wood flooring.

under the sea themed bedroom

30.   Schoolroom Add-on

Support your little genius by adding this delightful little schoolroom into his or her bedroom. The bright and encouraging corner features windows, a small table, shelves for books and school materials, baskets for toys and a playhouse.

kids study area

31.   The Skyroom

Enthralling, spectacular and frivolous. This sky-themed bedroom will sure take your child’s breath away. Featuring a flying carpet bed suspended by ropes, cloud-inspired floor and sky walls, this bedroom will take your child to breathtaking heights!

sky themed kids bedroom

32.   Cool Minimalist

Trendy and efficient, modern and charming. This fashionable kid’s bedroom takes on the minimalist trend – plain grey walls, neutral colours, clean lines and minimal accents. The efficient design includes under-the-bed drawers, a floating nightstand and strategic lighting that includes a nightlamp attached to the house canopy and mood lights on the ceiling.

modern minimalist kids bedroom

33.   Pink Princess

Your little princess will surely love this chic and pretty pink princess bedroom. Let her fairy-tale dreams come true with this ultimate princess bedroom featuring pink and white striped walls, a dollhouse glass chandelier, ribboned curtain valance and a pretty and comfortable bed with lace sheets and carved headboard.

pink princess bedroom

34.   Raised Bed

This trend of building a raised bed is both sensible and creative. The design provides a lot of space under the bed, perfect for discreet storage. Raising the bed also allows you to make use of vertical space. This modern minimalist bedroom features natural birch plywood for the base and wall, drawers and floating shelves.

raised bed

35.   Preppy Bright

Bright, colourful, delightful! This well-designed kid’s bedroom features striking amaranth and navy-blue tailored curtains and matching bed canopy, crisp white sheets with navy accents, light blue carpet and a carved side table.

elegant childs bedroom

36.   Indoor Playground

Give your hyperactive kid a bedroom he or she will love! Adding this indoor playground into his or her bedroom will give your child a playground he or she can access anytime! This indoor playground includes a climbing wall, gymnast rings, ladders and a climbing rope. To enhance safety, add a floor cushion, enough climber’s holds and ample lighting.

indoor playground

37.   Blue Jungle

Adorable and fun! This bright blue kid’s bedroom is cute and bright with fun designs and décor. The floor bed is perfect for toddlers and younger kids. The blue and white sky-themed wall is matched by the blue wispy curtains with white stars and dots. The added animal stuff toys drive in the jungle theme, while the bare wood flooring makes it easy to keep the room clean and neat.

blue kids bedroom

38.   Adorable Dollhouse

Build your baby doll her own dollhouse! This pink and purple dollhouse-inspired bedroom features a bed with an adorable dollhouse frame. The house canopy is built taller, with windows and curtains added to the foot of the bed. Walls, floor and ceiling are kept bare to highlight the dollhouse feature.

dollhouse bed

39.   Charming Farmhouse

This beautiful farmhouse bedroom is bright, charming and timeless. Your girl will surely love the large comfy bed with its white and pink gingham comforter, a flower-themed accent wall and the delightful pink barn door. To achieve the modern look, keep the rest of the room bare and clean.

farmhouse themed bedroom

40.   Window Seat

A window seat will not only provide extra seating when your child has guests over, but it is also a welcoming and charming addition to any bedroom. A must if your child is a reader or a dreamer! This window seat design features storage drawers underneath and shelves on the sides to maximise space. A matching roman curtain will complete the look.

charming bedroom

41.   Space Dreamer

This is one of the most popular kid’s bedroom ideas and designs. The deep blue of the ceiling provides a great backdrop to the star accents, while the white walls help keep the room bright. Complete the easy design with a few star-shaped lighting implements and space-themed beddings.

space themed bedroom

42.   Cabin Bed

For the child who loves adventure and camping, this cosy and comfortable cabin bed will surely be a delight. Bring in the air of adventure and thrill to his or her bedroom by building this easy to put together cabin bed. Complete the look with a vintage lamp, a reed area rug and fairy lights to outline the cabin.

childs cabin bed

43.   Blazing Colours

Bright, colourful, delightful! Blazing colours, striking patterns and fun prints fill the room. One of the white walls features dots, a runner rug in colourful stripes, a colourful striped drum chandelier and a wide welcoming bed with bright and colourful sheets! The creative pullup net toy storage is just as fun and inspired.

colourful kids bedroom

44.   Young Flyer’s Room

This is the perfect bedroom for the little pilot in the house! In several shades of blues, this adorable bedroom features vintage aeroplanes – hanging planes, planes on the wall and printed on the beddings. A blue roman curtain completes the wide window, while the navigator compass on the area rug seals in the exciting theme.

aeroplane theme bedroom

45.   Private Nook

Let kids explore their potentials and enjoy freedom by providing them with a private nook. This two-bed kids’ bedroom gets creative with its bed locations. While one is ordinarily set on the floor, the second one is set on a loft. Further up is a private nook with a skylight. The loft bed and the private nook are both accessible through a treehouse ladder.

treehouse kids bedroom

46.       Captain’s Stateroom

Fun, creative, stunning! This design will surely amaze and delight your little sailor. The boat-inspired alcove serves as the child’s play area and private place. The cleverly designed portholes give the space a lookout and the ladder resembles the real ones on boats. Soft blue flooring, white walls and a wide comfy bed complete the look.

boat inspired kids bedroom

47.       Butterfly Dream

For the little princess who loves butterflies, this is the perfect room. This fantasy bedroom includes a fairy tale canopy, butterfly accents on the ceiling, a fluffy rug and a classic chandelier. The all-pink interiors also feature delicate details including the wall-ceiling trim, the French vintage chair and matching bed.

glam princess girls bedroom

48.       Cool Colours

The modern princess’ bedroom. Neat and bright, the white overall theme is complemented by the cool turquoise and grey. Clean floors, walls and ceiling. The space-efficient bedroom features a daybed set to a corner, a chest that doubles as the bed-end seat and storage, while the miniature desk is just perfect.

cool modern kids bedroom

49.       Boy’s Vintage

Bring back the good and chivalrous days with this vintage-themed bedroom for your little guy. Classic metal bed, night table and desk give the room a nostalgic vibe. Vintage lightings, the wire bin and the faded wall accents complete the look.

boys vintage bedroom

50.       Nautical Blues

Striking and fun creation for your gregarious little boy.  The deep blue accent wall and carpet set the nautical theme and are complemented by the nautical prints and stripes of the pillows and sheets. The colourful pallet seat, comics on the wall and box shelves liven up the vibe, while the white ceiling, walls and curtain help keep the room from becoming too gloomy.

blue boys bedroom

51.       Pretty Farmhouse

Welcoming, comfortable and pretty bedroom for your sweet child. The traditional design includes a white four-poster bed, wood plank flooring, clean white walls and gauzy curtains. Peach and blue accents are added to eliminate the starkness of white. Charming and bright!

pretty farmhouse kids bedroom

52.       The Train Room

Kids will adore this train bedroom! This customised choo-choo train styled bunk bedroom is fun, creative and colourful. A window bench provides seating and storage and can also be their play area. When your kids love to play, then let them play until bedtime!

train kids bedroom

53.       Yellow and Grey

Cute, striking and charming. This adorable bedroom will impress even the most finicky child. The all-white room is dressed-up with bright yellow curtains and matching bunting, soft grey rug and a house bed with grey canopy. The charming yellow bed also matches the curtains. Fill the room with your child’s favourite toys!

charming modern kids bedroom

54.       Fairy tale Dreams

A charming and whimsical bedroom for your little princess. The welcoming bed is dressed-up with a crown canopy and voluminous bed curtains. The delicate peach wall shade matches the bed curtains and sheets. The butterfly accents give the room its whimsical air, while the crystal chandelier add in a glamorous flair.

charming girls bedroom

55.   Bright Coastal

Colourful, bright and cosy. All the excitement of this delightful bedroom rests on the brightly coloured rug. The matching white beds are welcoming and comfy. Completing the charming look are the eye-catching ball chandelier, the alluring bedside table and lamp and the seaside scene wall feature.

two-bed kids bedroom

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