60 Beautiful Modern Bedroom Ideas and Designs

cool blue bedroom

Bedrooms are our private sanctuaries and we often design them according to our personal preferences – its style, colours and decors handpicked by us. Current design trends and lifestyle also affect the design, and it is the most recent and modern designs that reflect and match the lifestyle trends. Here are our collection of the latest beautiful, trendy and modern bedroom ideas and designs;

1.       Urbane Minimalist

The smooth surfaces, neutral colours and minimal décor give this bedroom its modern minimalist look. While the exceptional carpentry, efficient and creative design and high-end finishes give the room its urbane air.

modern city bedroom

2.       Scandinavian Meets Industrial

Sleek Scandinavian pieces combined with edgy industrial accents! The result is this striking and chic black and white bedroom. The pop of wood gives the bedroom a warm relief from the cool and edgy vibe.

industrial black and white bedroom

3.       Blue and Rustic

The blue-grey-white palette is a top favourite amongst modern bedroom ideas and designs. The cool colours are relaxing and welcoming. This bedroom adds some eye-catching wall wood accents and keeps the wood flooring bare for a good dose of rustic charms.

chic blue bedroom

4.       Efficient Shelving

Clutter and excessive décor are out in modern interior designs. Storage and organisers are ample and discreet. This modern bedroom keeps clutter at bay with the help of out-of-the-way shelves – not in plain view, yet still accessible.

discreet bedroom shelves

5.       Canopied Elegance

This updated canopy bed still personifies the elegance and luxury of the look. The modern take of the posh bedroom feature is sleeker and cleaner – plain black frame, no curlicues and trims. The marvellous chandelier and the tufted end of bed settee highlight the luxurious elegance of the design.

beautiful bedroom

6.       Zen and Natural

Nature, clean, calm. This Zen-minimalist bedroom features natural elements including bamboo, wood and stone. The organic colours help create a calm and restful environment. With the right design, less is more.

natural zen bedroom

7.       Purple Highlights

This ultra-modern grey and black bedroom gets a funky element – purple lights! Black concrete walls, bare hardwood flooring, fuzzy rug and glass globe pendant lights can get too common. But everything gets snazzier when the room is lit in purple!

black and purple bedroom

8.       The Greenhouse Bedroom

When you can’t get enough of the outdoors, bring it into your bedroom! This greenhouse-themed bedroom lets the outdoors in with its glass wall and skylights. Complete the look by adding a variety of potted plants.

greenhouse bedroom

9.       A Quiet Nook

A quiet and comfy nook for reading, relaxing or enjoying a glass of wine before bed. This is the perfect spot for when you want privacy or a comfortable place to sit down with your thoughts. Select the ideal corner, then furnish with a comfy seat, a footstool, a lamp and a side table.

bedroom nook

10.   White Bohemian

The free-spirited and bold bohemian style gets a modern and tamer look in this white bohemian bedroom. But the wild boho look is still evident in the carved headboard, the macramé pillows, textured sheets and the fuzzy rug. The monochrome white interiors is complemented by natural wood accents.

white bohemian bedroom

11.   Scandinavian Minimalism

Cool, efficient and functional. Scandinavian minimalism is a popular choice amongst modern bedroom ideas and designs. The predominantly white bedroom only has the natural wood tones of the cabinets and the cool green headboard to highlight. Décor is at minimal and every item is functional.

scandinavian minimalist bedroom

12.   Cool Modern Cottage

The charming cottage bedroom gets a modern makeover. Gone are the cutesy décor and clutter, but the room retained the wide windows, the wood bed frame and the charming wood siding wall. The cool blue shades give the room a modern air.

cool cottage bedroom

13.   Quirky Mix

This bright and welcoming bedroom gets a little bit of everything. The rattan chair brings in a bohemian flair, the sensible bed and bench are Scandinavian, and the clean walls and minimalist rug provide the modern look. The result is a chic and comfy bedroom.

quirky modern bedroom

14.   Mood Lighting

Use strategic lighting to highlight the features of the design. This ultra-modern bedroom features geometric walls and floating bed and side tables. Mood lighting placed appropriately will accentuate the unique features. The geometric pendant lights match the shapes and accents of the wall. Brilliant!

modern luxurious bedroom

15.   Dramatic Colours

Bright, deep and dramatic colours will bring life and character to the stark white bedroom. The combination of cobalt blue, wine red, bronze and pinks is feisty and lively, while the light grey accents and white walls keep the room looking bright and airy.

colourful bedroom

16.   Rustic Mancave

Dominant, powerful, raw. This mancave keeps everything bare – concrete walls and floors and the wide glass window wall. The solid wood platform bed and matching side tables bring in a dose of warm rustic charm.

rustic masculine bedroom

17.   Charming Farmhouse

White, bright and charming. This modern farmhouse bedroom retained the charms of the design with its tab top curtains, wood bed frame, textured pillowcases and macramé accents. The white overall colour and the room’s minimal décor give its modern vibe.

charming farmhouse bedroom

18.   Modern Guest Room

Guest rooms are scaled-down master bedrooms – fully equipped and well-designed, but in a smaller size. This comfy and modern guest room includes a wide bed, a small closet and a dresser. The Scandinavian minimalist look is perfect for the nonspecific yet stylish guest bedrooms.

modern guest bedroom

19.   Asian Minimalist

This modern bedroom gets a lot of Asian inspirations in its design and look. The crisp white and tan blinds are an adaptation of the Japanese panel curtains. Bare wood flooring, white walls, crisp white sheets and minimal accents embody the modern minimalist look.

asian minimalist bedroom

20.   Cosy Black

Goth, dramatic, modern. The light-toned wood flooring gives this modish bedroom a bright relief from its all-black interiors. The funky triangle accents on the wall and on its beddings lift up the mood, while the golden touches give it a swanky vibe.

trendy black bedroom

21.   Iron Canopy Bed

A chic and modern bedroom with a hint of posh. The white bedroom keeps décor to a minimum, just a fascinating wall feature, a vintage rug, a tufted settee and a geometric chandelier to make the room interesting. The sleek iron canopy bed is the chic addition that put the look together.  

iron canopy bed

22.   Refreshing Greens

Bright and clean, modern and refreshing. This ultra-modern, super-sleek and extreme minimalist bedroom only has a bed, a pair of wall frames, pendant lights and a potted plant. The glare of the off-white walls and white floorboards are effectively subdued by the cool green accents.

modern white and green bedroom

23.   A Brick Wall

Industrial and rustic accents are often blended in with modern bedroom ideas and designs to give relief to the bland neutral colours and smooth surfaces. A brick wall brings in an edgy and charming touch to the clean environs of modern designs. The rustic wall feature and matching side tables add to the raw appeal of the room.

brick wall bedroom

24.   From Blue to Grey

Cool and dominant, yet charming and serene. This modern bedroom features blue, grey and all shades in between. The grey interiors, blue sheets and black accents create a dreamy and cosy sanctuary that is also stylish and gorgeous.

blue grey bedroom

25.   A Hanging Bed

Hide nothing with a hanging bed! This unconventional choice of bed is best for a smallish bedroom as it helps make the room appear bigger than it is. It is perfect for modern interiors and for special nonconformist people who just love to be different.

hanging bed

26.   Natural Shades and Textures

Natural wood grains, destressed concrete wall, neutral colours, amazing design. This all-natural bedroom is clean, calming and healthy. Following the minimalist rule of design, every piece in the room is functional, the design is conceptualised with comfort and efficiency in mind. Beauty in simplicity and natural elements.

minimalist bedroom

27.   Warm Autumn

Deep oxford and Prussian blues are coordinated with delightful rose pinks. The muted sheen of the golden accents – geometric chandelier, wall lamp and vase add an air of luxury. While decoration is at minimal, every piece is a magnificent work of art.

modern colorful bedroom

28.   Rustic Ranch

Rugged, rustic, beautiful. A modern take of the classic ranch bedroom, the design includes stacked stone wall, fuzzy rug, wood plank floor and exposed wood beams. The glass wall lets in ample light and offers fabulous views of the outdoors!

rustic ranch bedroom

29.   Dark Skies

The Prussian blue wall is modish, modern and stunning. It brings in a calming and cool effect to the room. The wood parquet floors, white sheets and accents keep the room from looking gloom. And the potted plants around the room help perk up the mood.

modern blue bedroom wall

30.   Luxurious Minimalist

This elegant bedroom banks on exceptional carpentry, flawless finishes and impeccable styling. Wood wall accent, herringbone parquet floor, a vintage rug, strategic lighting and a chic tufted end-of-bed bench. The wide welcoming bed completes the look.

luxurious minimalist bedroom

31.   Cottage Blues

Cottage charms still work despite cutting down on the bling. This updated cottage-style bedroom retained the light colouring – ashy blues, greys and whites, the delightful curtains and the rustic accents. But the modernised and sleeker version eliminated much of the bric-a-brac and bright prints.

blue cottage bedroom

32.   Shapes and Shades in Black

Black interiors are becoming popular amongst modern bedroom ideas and designs. This luxurious and modern bedroom creates drama and variations of the colour by using different textures and shapes and highlighting the design with mood lights. 

luxurious black bedroom

33.   A Window Seat

A window seat added to your bedroom will boost the charm factor, offer an alternative comfy space aside from the bed, allow you to enjoy the views while snug and comfy and will dress up a window. A must bedroom feature for readers.

window seat

34.   Pretty Pink

Bright, pretty, comfy. This chic pink bedroom will be a delight to anyone who loves pretty and feminine things. The wood, concrete and pink wall combi manifest the modern mix of basic, rustic and bright. The wood elements of the room add the rustic charm, the pinks make the room pretty, while the greys and whites keep things cool and bright.

modern pink bedroom

35.   Updated Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern furniture can easily be integrated with modern designs. Update your mid-century modern bedroom by exchanging the thick furry carpet with a minimalist rug, the bright decorations with more neutral accents.

mid century modern bedroom

36.   Barn Style Sliding Door

Unique and unexpected, stylish and charming. Sliding barn doors are great when trying to save space but installing one to your modern home is also a novel idea. This dark indigo sliding barn door comes with a gold handle – a sleek and posh accent.

sliding barn door

37.   Dark Rustic

Who says modern designs are so bland? This minimalist and modern bedroom is very rustic and dramatic. The modish look is achieved without too many décor or colours. Dark stained wood panels for walls, pitch black ceiling, wood planks for floors, mood lights and a large comfy bed make up the room.

dark rustic bedroom

38.   Natural and Neutrals

A beautiful amalgamation of rough and polished, of cool concrete and warm wood tones. The unfinished concrete ceiling complements the smooth black vinyl flooring. Featuring natural elements and neutral colours, the highlight of the bedroom is the stunning bed platform and ceiling. Simply incredible!

bed platform and ceiling

39.   Built-in Night Table

Following the minimalist movement of efficiency and function, this built-in night table design is simply ingenious. It is attached to the bed, has ample space to hold things, a small drawer and matching wall lamps too.

built in night table

40.   Cosy Cottage

Chic as it is charming, classy as it is modern. The brightness of the room is toned down by the black accent wall. Golden pieces bring in an air of luxury, while the wood siding walls, the shiny hardwood floor and the wide comfy bed with crisp white sheets are all cottage classic.

black and white bedroom

41.   Bright Grecian

Bring in the bright days and warm Mediterranean air with this Grecian-themed bedroom. White walls, ocean blues and golden globe lamps will remind you of Santorini, while the delicate blue patterns on the sheets are definitely Greek – divine and ethereal.

white and blue bedroom

42.   Art and Design

Adding a piece of art to this polished bedroom completes this marvellous design – urbane and creative. Its clean walls, strategic lighting and neutral tones are modern and sophisticated, but it is the fascinating art masterpiece that makes the room exceptional.

sophisticated modern bedroom

43.   Floating Day Bed

This wall installed day bed is perfect for smallish bedroom and when saving up space. The centre of the room is left open to foot traffic. This bright and modern design includes shelves that also function as dividers, a white round rug, wood parquet floors and white walls that help the room look bigger than it is.

floating day bed

44.   Bright and Grey

Love those bright fluorescent colours? Although modern designs are all about neutrals, you can still add in bright colours even to your modern bedroom. This dark grey bedroom gets a dose of bright pops of colours from its eye-catching wall feature. The bright hues are reflected on the pillows and sheets, lighting up the entire room.

modern black bedroom

45.   Elegant Farmhouse

Elegant and luxurious, modern and beautiful. This bright and convivial bedroom has the charms of the farmhouse interiors and the elegance of modern design. The white overall interiors is complemented by patterned sheets and pillows and rustic charms from the shell chandelier and the jute rug.

elegant farmhouse bedroom

46.   Concrete Etchings

Innovative, urbane and exceptional design for a modern bedroom. The polished wood bed frame extends to include night tables. Creative lighting gives the room depth, and the geometric pendants lights are striking. The highlight of the room is its concrete wall that features creative etchings.

modern concrete bedroom

47.   A Window Bed

A window seat and a bed in one. This space-saver design features alcove bed installed next to a window, giving you a snug bed with wonderful views. White interiors, light-toned wood flooring and pink alcove. The alcove gets ample lighting day and night from the wide window and the huge ball lighting.

alcove window bed

48.   Graceful Green

Graceful green and gold accents give this bedroom a polished and elegant look. The delicate wallpaper is fascinating and ethereal, while the deep Sacramento green is regal.

elegant bedroom

49.   Chic and Canopy

Delightful, modern and stylish. This bright and airy room gets its chic flair from the sleek black canopy bed and matching black and white beddings. Its white interiors and light-toned wood floors keep the room looking spacious, while the potted plants bring in a breath of fresh air.

black canopy bed

50.   Bed and Closet

This bedroom plan is fluid, space-efficient and popular to many modern bedroom ideas and designs. The sleeping area and closet are divided by a wall, no doors between the two. In tune with the dynamic and minimalist design trends.

bedroom closet

51.   Warm Nordic

Scandinavian interiors are minimalist, modern and efficient. It also commonly includes cool colours like blues, greens and greys. This modern bedroom features the Scandinavian design but in warm tones of reds, browns and pinks. Lovely.

warm scandinavian bedroom

52.   Pastel Nights

A bright bedroom with dreamy colours. Instead of the usual white or grey, the walls are in blush pink with one accent wall in deep blue dusk with star accents. Excellent carpentry in the ingenious cabinet and shelving. Curves are a common theme and can be seen around the room – the rug pattern, the headboard and the pendant lights.

pastel modern bedroom

53.   Dramatic Wall Accent

Small and numerous decorations are out in modern bedroom ideas and designs. You either go quiet or get big and bold with a statement piece. This exceptional bedroom design includes bare walls and floors but makes a bang with its vintage globe chandelier and dominant wall accent.

wood wall accent

54.   The Platform Bedroom

Ideal for apartments, smallish bedrooms and teen bedrooms, the platform bedroom plan is great for saving space and organising. Instead of a bed frame, the mattress is placed on a platform that is also a storage system. Underneath are drawers and the dividing wall doubles as the cabinets.

small apartment bedroom

55.   Modern Rustic

Bright and airy, spacious and modern. The design is centred on the solid log platform bed. Crisp white sheets and curtains, bare wood floors, white walls and creative lighting. The stunning gold wall feature highlights the simplicity and grandeur of the design.

modern rustic bedroom

56.   Grey and Concrete

Natural elements are big in modern bedroom ideas and designs. The fewer embellishments, the better. This modern and cool bedroom keeps its concrete floors bare and its walls and ceiling painted white. The gauzy grey curtains and beddings accentuate the cool greys of the design, while the striking wall feature breaks the monochrome.

modern concrete bedroom

57.   Teal it Chic

The deep teal tone of this modern bedroom is the base and the highlight of the design. The astonishingly and beautiful walls serve as the backdrop to crisp white beddings and the charming wood shelves and night table. The vintage bulb pendant light boosts the dramatic flair of the design.

teal bedroom wall

58.   Striking Rug

Cool, striking and stylish. The royal blue and white patterned rug put together the charming room and tones down the glare of its white walls. The charming curtains and exposed wood beams add in a good dose of rustic farmhouse vibe.

blue farmhouse bedroom

59.   Screen Dividers

Walls aren’t the only option to separate the sleeping area from the closet or in-suite bath. This metal screen divider is arresting, sleek and chic. It defines the space without encroaching the room and obstructing the view. The metal and wood combi of the interiors give a stunning industrial rustic look.

metal wall screens

60.   Rustic Parquet Wall

This elegant and luxurious bedroom hikes up its modern rustic look by installing a wood parquet accent wall! The natural tone of wood gives warmth to the cool interiors of grey walls, bed and carpeting.

rustic luxurious bedroom

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