45 Superb Bed Ideas and Designs

modern farmhouse bedroom

Beds are the main components of bedrooms. It serves the main purpose of the room – a restful and comfortable space where one can stay for an extended amount of time every day and contain some of the person’s most personal belongings. While the bed reflect the needs and style of the occupant, the bedroom’s design is often a reflection of the bed. Here are some superb bed designs and ideas to inspire your next bedroom upgrade;

1.       Rustic Minimalist

Efficient, modern, classic, beautiful. The design of this minimalist bed platform includes a square base, platform planks and a headboard, all of the same bare, rugged wood. You’ll just need to add a mattress, sheets and pillows.

rustic platform bed

2.       Under Lighting

This sleek lighting technique gives the illusion of a floating bed and adds a modern and posh look of the room. The strategically placed lights can also serve as the nightlight. Perfect for people who can’t sleep in complete darkness.  

modern bedroom

3.       Green Velvet Chic

Elegant and stylish, this eye-catching green velvet bed will fit right into any bedroom interiors. Its deep emerald base and headboard makes the white stand out, while its clean lines and elegant design give the room a gorgeous chic look

modern green bed

4.       Mid-Century Modern Pink

Shades of rose and dusty pinks dominate this mid-century modern bedroom. The ruffled pillows, crisp white sheets and comfy duvet complement the lovely pink headboard. The pink bedroom look also features a bright pink rug, white walls, golden accents and a striking steel grey nightstand.

pink bedroom

5.       A Hanging Bed

The monastic theme gets a chic upgrade. Featuring plain white walls, white ceiling and bare wooden flooring, the focal point of the room is the bed. A quirky hanging bed design that includes a wooden platform hung by think black ropes. On the bed are contrasting white mattress and white beddings.

hanging bed

6.       Brass and Glass

The elegance of glass gets a boost from the bright sheen of brass. This brass and glass four-poster bed gives the grand style a new level of luxury. Complete the look with white and printed sheets and a pair of matching lampshades.

glass and brass four poster bed

7.       Headboard Storage

A functional headboard can also be sleek and stylish. This wooden headboard doubles as storage and nightstand. With shelves smartly located in easily accessible places, you can use them for nightstand items like books, clocks, keys and magazines.

headboard storage

8.       Polished Platform

The high polish of the wood highlights its delicate grains and patterns and provides a striking contrast to the cool grey interiors of the room. The huge bed brings in a country rustic vibe to the cool and modern room.

polished wood bedframe

9.       Bohemian Blues

This wide and welcoming bed features white sheets and gauzy white curtains. Hanging from the vertical beams of the bed canopy, the curtains are parted and tied to the four corner posts. To highlight the Mediterranean inspired bedroom, bright blue accents and silver lamps are added.

bed with white canopy curtains

10.   Black Serenity

The cool and calm of black, the sleek and efficiency of minimalism. A floating black bed with black sheets and pillows is complemented by the black accent wall and grey rug. Mood lightings and the white curtains lighten up the space, while the bar pendant lights and bare walls bring in the modern styling.

modern black bedroom

11.   Pallet DIY

A beautiful and comfortable bed doesn’t have to be expensive. This pallet bed is easy to put together and doesn’t cost a fortune. Thoroughly clean and dry pallets before putting them together. Just add the mattress and sheets!

pallet diy bed

12.   Wrought Iron Elegance

Bring back the elegance and grace of wrought iron beds. The white-painted headboard and footboard give the bed a stately look, while its delicate brass posts evoke regal charms. Complete the look with an elegant bed end seat, a white net and trendy pillows.

iron bedframe

13.   Bright Mediterranean

This bright bedroom is filled with pastoral charms and sprightly beach-front vibe. In the centre is a huge, wood-framed bed with weaved rattan headboard. To complete the look of the welcoming bed are piles of snuggly pillows in different shades and designs, a thin duvet and a set of charming seats.

mediterranean bedroom

14.   The Golden Bedroom

A bedroom that exudes luxury while keeping the lines of minimalism. The white bedroom comes with ample touches of gold – a golden-poster bed, the sheets, wall frames and lampshade. A white woolly rug seals in the ritzy look.

luxurious golden bedroom

15.   White Space-Saver

This white bed comes with a second pull-out bed and a lot of storage. The second bed will come in handy for sleepovers in the kid’s bedroom or a surprise second guest in the guest bedroom. A space-saver and multi-functional bed.

pullout double bed

16.   Charming Farmhouse

This four-poster bed captured the charms and comforts of the country. Its iron post comes with gauzy white curtains. The bright and lovely farmhouse interiors comes with white walls and ceiling, natural jute rug and a pair of chairs made out of woven natural fibres.

elegant farmhouse bedroom

17.   The Minimalist Platform Bed

The Asian minimalist meets modern Scandinavian styling. The basic platform and mattress bed comes with crisp sheets and pillows. The stark room of white walls and concrete floors relieved by an eye-catching modern Scandinavian rug.

modern minimalist bedroom

18.   Sunken Bed

This bedroom shows the ingenuity of Japanese woodworking and minimalism. The room looks barren with only the floors, a shelf, a night table and a sunken bed showing. The secret is on the floors, where the storage is hidden. No clutter, just serenity and tidiness.

japanese minimalist bedroom

19.   Curtained Comfort

A beautiful, comfortable and tranquil bedroom. The gorgeous bed features thin cobalt curtains and light purple bed covers. Matching purple window curtains, white fuzzy rug and elegant furnishings complete the chic interiors.

bed with canopy curtains

20.   Scandinavian Pastels

Cool, modern, comforting. This bright bedroom design includes light grey walls, light-toned wood floors, wide windows, gauzy white curtains and a bright orange pendant light. A huge white bed takes centre stage and features pretty grey and pink covers and pillows.

modern pastel bedroom

21.   Charming White

This bright white farmhouse style bedroom gets a lot of charming points from its accents including the natural woven grass shades, handcrafted wood cabinets and vintage lampshades. But the room’s best feature is the high, comfy and snuggly white bed with an elegant portman headboard.

modern white farmhouse bedroom

22.   Loft Bedroom

Take advantage of your bedroom’s vertical space by constructing a loft. This loft bedroom design features a platform on one side of the room. On it is the sleeping area with a bed, a nightstand and a swing seat. The side of the platform includes shelves for storage and a mini home office with a retractable desk.

loft bedroom

23.   Moroccan Inspired

Capture the warmth of the East with this Moroccan inspired bedroom. Carved Moroccan headboard, exquisite chandelier and Moroccan rugs dominate the room. The bed evokes the warmth, luxury and comfort of the design with its fringed covers and pillows.

moroccan inspired bedroom

24.   The Alcove

A great space-saving design ideal for a loft or smaller bedrooms. Constructed against one side of the room, the alcove bed is snug and comfy and doesn’t need a lot of space. This alcove bed features a thick mattress, warm sheets and a wall light for bedtime reading. Storage drawers are also added to the space under the bed.

alcove bed

25.   White Elegance

This all-white bedroom exudes elegance, style and luxury. The white bed features the classic tufted oxford headboard, crisp white linen sheets and pillows and a tufted bed end bench. Complementing the look are the white patterned rug, silver-edged frames and posh furnishings.

elegant white bedroom

26.   Minimalist Wooden Canopy

Rustic, minimalist, unique. Adding a canopy bed quickly transforms a boring bedroom into a quirky personal space. The strings of lights bring in the charms and a lot of character to the room.    

modern four-posted bed

27.   Modern Greys

This lovely Scandinavian bedroom features several cool shades of grey. The walls, floors, bed covers, furniture and accents are all in different texture and shade of grey. Complementing the cool interiors are warm touches of wood. Perfect.

grey scandinavian bedroom

28.   Shabby Chic

A little whimsical, very romantic, a hint of rustic, absolutely charming. This quaint shabby chic bedroom features shabby furniture and accents, crisp and ruffled white linen sheets and vintage accents. Just lovely.

shabby chic bedroom

29.   Rounded Luxury

For non-conformists who want their strong personalities to shine, this very unique, surprising and quirky bed is a superb choice. Its amazing round shape is exceptional, while the corner headboard is a design feat. Why be square when you can get it round?

modern round bed

30.   Chic Country Browns

Snug and welcoming, this brown country bed will impress even your most particular guests. The wood-framed bed is piled high with a comfy mattress, pillows and sheets all in country checks, browns and adorable pinecone prints. You may want it for your master bedroom too!

rustic brown bedroom

31.   The Hideaway Bed

This smart hideaway bed design is perfect for smaller homes and city apartments where floor space is a premium. The bed is hidden under the living room platform. Living room by day, bedroom by night.

hideaway bed

32.   Charming Black Filigree

Bring back the timeless charms of the black iron filigree beds. The iron bed frame features an exquisite artwork for its headboard and footboard. The delicate design features flowers and animal accents. Simply beautiful.

black iron bedframe

33.   Boho Wilds

Bring the nature in! Bringing in the outdoors is one great way to transform a boring bedroom into this amazing wilderness. The low platform bed features a triangular canopy, white sheets, boho pillows and lots of jungle accents – vines, branches, potted cacti, and Tiki statues!

jungle themed bedroom

34.   Cool Modern

Cool, tranquil, modern. Plain grey concrete walls, bare wood planks for floors, a grey minimalist rug, a copper pendant light and a matching nightstand. The welcoming bed features pillows and sheets in different shades of cool grey and pretty pinks.

modern bedroom

35.   Woven Seagrass Bed

A bring modern bedroom, filled with natural elements. This nature-inspired bedroom features a woven seagrass bed, white walls and plant accents. Touches of grey tone down the brightness and draw the eye to the design’s exquisite details.

woven seagrass bed

36.   Basket Bed

This basket bed is unique, whimsical and marvellous. The curving rattan base holds a platform for the mattress and extends to a headboard hood and a smaller footboard hood. A really extraordinary bed for that special person.

basket bed

37.   Hidden Wall Bed

Turn your living room into a nice and comfortable bedroom instantly with a hidden wall bed. Comfortable and can accommodate up to two people, this bed is perfect for the odd guest or for smaller apartments where space is at a premium.

convertible wall bed

38.   Tufted Grace

The highlight of this elegant and luxurious bedroom is its classically designed bed. Featuring a tufted cavendish headboard and matching footboard, a pair of similarly tufted chairs and crisp white sheets and plump pillows, the bed is beautiful as it is welcoming.

elegant luxurious bedroom

39.   Coastal Charms

This classic and luxurious coastal-inspired bedroom features vintage bedframes with rope panel headboard and footboard, jute rug and bright blue accents. The bright interiors and the snug comfy bed evokes the lazy and dreamy charms of beachfront homes.

coastal classic bedroom

40.   Stylish Pinks

A charming bedroom for an elegant lady. The pink bed features a classic cavendish headboard, high mattress, crisp white sheets and glorious cascades of gauzy curtains in blush. An elegant blush end bed settee and copper-framed coffee table complete the look.

elegant pink bedroom

41.   Hampton Comforts

This bright and charming bedroom evokes the cool seaside breeze. Featuring white walls and curtains, jute rugs and braided jute pouf, the interiors is all about fresh outdoors and nature. The huge bed with maritime blue and white colours seals in the comfortable and elegant Hamptons style.

white and blue bedroom

42.   Bed and Storage

This is more than just a bed. A storage system is seamlessly incorporated with the bed, the footboard, side and under the bed are strategically placed shelves, while the top also serves as the nightstand. Clever design that saves space!

bed with storage

43.   Cosy Industrial

Dress up a vintage pipe bed frame with crisp linen sheets and pillows and match the room’s interiors to its cosy industrial vibe. Redbrick wallpapers, iron pendant light and bare wood flooring. Grey touches highlight the cool look.

vintage pipe bed

44.   Bay Window Bed

Wake up to bright mornings by positioning your bed against a bay window. Natural lighting streams in from the three panels of windows. The slatted headboard is perfect for this design. Complete the bed with white sheets and soft pastel pillows.

bedroom with bay window

45.   Minimalist Steel Frames

Modern, sleek, minimalist. This stunning bedroom scraped the fluff for the bare minimalist look. The result is a cool, utilitarian and beautiful space. The bed is made of a thin iron frame supporting a sleek mattress. The wall frames and wire pendant light complements the bed design.

modern industrial bedroom

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