40 Adorable Nursery Decorating Ideas

space and planets themed nursery room

Welcoming the newest member of the family is such a glorious time. And preparing his or her room is part of the fun and excitement! This is your child’s first room, you simply have to do your best. Here are some of the most popular and well-loved nursery decorating ideas that will help you start creating your own special design.

1.       Seascape and Adventure

The blue colours of the seascape theme is cool, perfect for summer baby’s rooms. Let your designer imagination run wild with endless nautical shapes and things to add.

seascape adventure nursery room

2.       Pink Carnival

Bring in the bright colours and gay carnival vibe into your daughter’s first room.

Pink carnival nursery room

3.       The Baby Traveller’s Room

Let your child start dreaming of the places he or she is going. The traveller’s theme is also a great gender neutral option.

traveller's theme nursery room

4.       Bright and Foxy

A lot of colours to tickle your baby’s young mind. This room is definitely bright and stimulating.

bright foxy and colourful nursery

5.       Starburst Nightlight

Elegant and unobtrusive décor during the day, bright and exciting at night.

starburst nightlight for nursery room

6.       Sweet Princess Room

Sweet and graceful room for your princess. The simple delicate pink and white combination is classic and can easily be updated with more decorations as your baby grows.

sweet princess themed nursery room

7.       Baby’s First Photo Gallery

Let the walls feature the star of the family! A collection of black and white snaps highlights your appreciation and love for your greatest gift in life.

baby's first photo gallery

8.       The Royal Prince

A room fit for royalty! Nothing less for your princes.

royal purple nursery room

9.       Shapes and Patterns

Sophisticated and luxurious. This is another gender neutral room. Create fun and interesting shapes and patterns.

patterned gender neutral nursery room

10.   Dreamy Butterfly Mobile

Accessorise with this dreamy butterfly mobile. You can customise the colours, or just create one of each.

pink and grey butterfly mobile

11.   Deep Sea Blues

Turquoise, navy, teal, cerulean, azure, and sapphire. Put together these adorable sea hues for a wonderfully cool undersea adventure.

deep sea themed nursery room

12.   Pink and Grey Patterns

The pink and grey mix is charmingly sweet and spunky.  

pink and grey nursery room

13.   Mountain Wall Decal

Inject a couple of bright interesting colours to your basic grey room and you get a fun nursery! The mountain wall decal and racoons are fascinating and unique add-ons.

mountain wall decal for nursery room

14.   The Jungle Room

Let their adventure start now with this mesmerizing jungle themed room.

jungle themed nursery room

15.   Bambi and Friends

Paint the walls with your child’s first friends. Who are better than the sweet Bambi and the gang?

bambi and friends wall painting

16.   Monkey Curtain Tie Backs

Delightful and interesting details for the nursery. They can also double as your kid’s toys.

monkey curtain tie back

17.   Framed Storybook Pages

Got a favourite storybook? Frame the pages and line the walls. This will be something you and your child will share.

framed story book pages

18.   Starry Starry Wall

Let the greatest constellation converge in your child’s room! Whimsical and fascinating.

blue starry wall nursery room

19.   Blue Elephants

Elephants are adorable and one of the most loving animals in the world. Just like your bundle of joy!

elephant themed nursery room

20.   Rustic Log Crib

Get inspired by nature! This rustic log crib is gorgeous and unique.

rustic log crib in nursery room

21.   Colourful Feather Mobile

A delightful mobile to entertain your child. Colour from the stones, sparkle from the gems, and dancing feathers with the lightest breeze.

colourful feather mobile

22.   Woodland Wall Frames

Introduce your child to the adorable woodland creatures with some interesting wall art. You can choose gender specific or neutral colours.

woodland wall frames

23.   Nautical Fun Shapes

This remarkable nautical themed room includes sea shapes, creatures, and colours.

nautical themed nursery room

24.   Bamboos and Pandas

Let cuddly and charming pandas accompany your baby in the room. The bamboo painted walls complete the theme.

bamboos and panda decoration for nursery rooms

25.   Harry Potter Owl Lamp

A touch magical, a lot delightful! Stimulate your child’s wizard with this Harry Potter Owl lamp.

Harry Potter themed owl lamp

26.   Chalkboard Wall

No need to worry about your child writing on the walls, you have provided for it! The colourful pouf gives the room a whimsy touch.

chalkboard walled nursery room

27.   Dreamy Parisian

What is more dreamlike than a Parisian themed room? Starry walls, colourful drop lamps, and a vintage rolling crib!

vintage rolling crib

28.   Super Hero Quilt

Children usually develops an affinity with their bed stuff – pillows, stuff toys or sheets. This super hero quilt will be comforting and adorable companion for your child.

colourful superhero quilt for babies

29.   Whimsical Woodlands

Paint the wall with this woodland silhouette. Add hot air balloons and adorable woodland animal toys. Whimsical!

woodland decal and air balloons

30.   Pooh and Friends

Fill your kid’s room with memories of innocent fun and adventure.

Pooh and friends themed nursery room

31.   Rustic Outdoors

This rustic themed room radiates a strong character. The reclaimed wood plank wall, forest themed decals, and vintage lighting are reminiscent of the tough outdoors.

rustic themed nursery room

32.   Space and Planets

Your young scientist and explorer deserves a colourful room fit for the brightest and the fearless!

space and planets themed nursery room

33.   Blue Skies and Walls

This is a design feat. The feathery whites of the ceiling create the ethereal sky illusion. Black accents save the room from being too light and average.

Sky ceiling and walls nursery room

34.   Whale Shelf

Bring in a whimsical touch to your child’s room with fun animal shaped accents – like this whale shaped shelf. No room for ordinary here.

whale-shaped shelf for nursery rooms

35.   Colourful Air Balloons

Entertain your child with these colourful air balloons!

colourful air balloons decorations

36.   Starry Ceiling

Turn off the lights and turn the nursery into a magical starry place. Just perfect to lull your child to sleep.

lighted ceilings for nursery rooms

37.   Alphabet Wall

Everyone’s got to learn the letters, and nobody’s too early to start!  

letters of the alphabet on the wall

38.   Vintage Super Hero Theme

Before they watch them in the television or in the movies, introduce iconic super hero to your child early on. Fun and empowering.

vintage superhero comic wall art

39.   Baby’s Birth Wall Art

Your child’s birth is the most enthralling moments of your life, you’ll want to enshrine every detail of it. Create a wall art to remember it all.

baby's birth details on the wall

40.   Starry Nursery Mobile

This is an easy DIY add-on for your child’s nursery room. You can choose the colour to fit the room’s décor and make as many as you want.

blue and grey starry mobile toy

Do you have any interesting and adorable nursery decorating ideas that we haven't covered? Why not discuss it on our RenoForum!