35 Luxurious Bedroom Ideas and Designs

white and gold luxurious bedroom

The bedroom is your private world, the sanctuary that liberates you from the routine of a busy life, a place where you rest your spirit and where you can be yourself. That’s why it is important to create a bedroom that can give you the serenity and comfort you need, with an equal dose of luxury and aesthetic appeal.  Before you start working on the numbers and worry about how much it might cost you to create the bedroom of your dreams, here are some luxurious bedroom ideas and designs that can get you into the creative vibe sans the splurging;

1.       Gold Accents

Anything plain and humdrum will never fail to look luxurious when touched by gold. This basic white and steel grey bedroom gets an opulent boost from some tasteful golden accents - pillow cases, gold insets in the wall and ceiling, gold touches on the furniture and a show-stopping gold chandelier.

opulent and luxurious bedroom

2.       Geometric Patterns

You can stick to your favoured earth tones and still achieve a luxurious vibe. Play with geometric patterns to give an understated bedroom an interesting feature. The minimalist drop lights are elegant and modern as they are functional and unobtrusive.

modern minimalist bedroom

3.       Shades of Blue

Blue is the most favoured colour in most luxurious bedroom ideas and designs. It is cool, relaxing and timeless. Use different shades of blue to capture a posh atmosphere. Paint the walls in royal blue, use varying shades on your pillowcases and sheets and soften and balance the deep color with touches of crisp white.

luxurious blue bedroom

4.       Pops of Mustard

Mustard is the perfect complement to the muted grandeur of grey. The ideal shade of mustard - the kind of yellow that’s not too bright, and the kind of gold that’s not too flashy, can do wonders in your bedroom. The interesting use of colour accents - koi fish decal, headboard backlights and accent pillows, adds drama to the setting!

modern luxurious bedroom

5.       Classic Double Doors

Make a statement with a grand entrance! Give your bedroom a stately feature - double doors! Match it with equally posh chandelier, Louis XVI seats and a dressed-up ceiling.

double doored luxurious bedroom

6.       Mesmerising Eclectic

Can’t decide on one central theme? Go eclectic and get a little bit of all the styles. This is an example of a mesmerising mix of modern, rustic, Mediterranean and a touch of hobo. The trick to making it work is by sticking a maximum of three colour themes, like this room plays on blues, browns and white.

eclectic bedroom design

7.       Tropical Hues

Bring in the enchanting and relaxing atmosphere of spa resorts into your own bedroom. The trick is to get as much nature in - reed flooring, varnished wood walls, shell chandelier and the biggest window you can get. Bask in the alluring and luxuriously serene vibe that only nature can bring.

luxurious tropical themed bedroom

8.       Silvery Delight

From the sheets to the wall, the chandelier on the ceiling to carpet on the floor, everything is silvery white. A combination of silk, cotton and furs, glowing under the soft white light from the chandelier, illuminating nothing short of luxury and dreamy princess feel.

silvery luxurious bedroom

9.       Asian Minimalism

A beautiful fusion of black and white. The yin and the yang. This bedroom features the balance of between light and darkness, practicality and drama, beauty and efficiency. The precise black and white is softened with Asian accents like bamboo prints and classic vases.

Asian inspired luxurious bedroom

10.    Golden Four-Poster

A classic add-on to most luxurious bedroom ideas and designs are canopies. Add a golden canopy to frame your luxurious bed. The soft glint of gold provides a rich contrast to the pile of comfy soft sheets and fur. Keep the walls muted and the furnishing understated. Exquisitely fabulous!

trendy luxurious bedroom

11.   Dark Elegance

Dark interiors spell mystery, allure and urbane style. Dark walnut walls match the bare wood floors, different shades of brown on the furniture and furnishings. The tan curtains bring the eye up, to the focal point of the room - tts dressed up ceiling and down to the highlighted bed.

contemporary luxurious bedroom

12.   Gold and Patterns

Another gold inspiration that’s posh and cultured at the same time. White dominated the interiors. The designer use gold to provide the room its highlights - the headboard and a pair of show-stopping lamps! Patterns of light grey are added to the floor, edge the ceiling and create an interesting wall mirrors.

luxurious white and gold bedroom

13.   Divan Diva

Elevate the luxurious comfort of your bedroom by adding a divine divan to the foot of your bed. Convenient and functional as it is decorative and beautiful. The varying shades of silver and grey add to the nonconforming and artistic character of the room.

delicately designed luxurious bedroom

14.   Room with a View

A great idea of creating a luxurious bedroom is by taking in the exterior as well. Enclose your bedroom in one-way mirrored walls. You will have uninterrupted views of your surroundings, which also gives an airy, “I’m on top of the world” vibe.

luxurious bedroom with a view

15.   Ornate, Classic, Magnificent

You can make the basic bedroom design look grand by adding just the right amount of luxurious touches. This white and blue bedroom gets its boost from the sensational chandelier, the silver ceiling trims, hints of gold and the ornate wallpaper design that perfectly complements the classic furniture. 

classic ornate luxurious bedroom

16.   Dazzling Night Stand

Love the cool and clean vibe of basic white and light bedroom but also wants a luxurious feel to it? Keep the bedroom interiors how you like it, then add one smashing item to give the room a power punch. This teal and white bedroom gets its boost from the pair of gold night stands screaming of pure unadulterated luxury.

opulent master bedroom

17.   White Magnificence

A plain white room can look so elegantly luxurious when added with just the right amount of stylish oomph. This white bedroom gets its chic feminine touch from the delicate flower mural, luxurious sheets and shadow-projecting lighting.

feminine luxurious bedroom

18.   Moroccan Rug

A bright Moroccan rug is all you need to bring in the rich colours and warmth of the Mediterranean. The designer took advantage of the ceiling height and ample natural light streaming in. The exquisitely designed chandelier and the deep crimson of the rug provides the much-needed posh factor to the rather generic bedroom.

bright and beautiful bedroom

19.   Modern Scandinavian

Turn the stripped-down Scandinavian-styled bedroom into something opulent and upscale. Except for a sensible rug and a minimalist print, the walls and floors are kept at a bare minimum. But the charming rose-gold bowl and piles of comfortable sheets made up for it. This is a room that is focused on comfort as much as in looks.

luxurious Scandinavian bedroom

20.   Black Concrete

Black is beautiful, sleek and luxurious. This modern take on minimalism leaves the black concrete walls and wood floors bare. Patterned sheets, silver night lamps and a vintage telephone! The trick to turn somber to chic is the clever use of interesting pieces, shades and patterns.

modern dark bedroom

21.   Classic Structured Room

The classic structured bedroom never fails to deliver luxurious elegance and style. Shades of brown dominate the interiors. Beige and camel for the walls and ceiling, patterned tan carpet for the floor, with deep brown accents to highlight the room. The triple layered square lighting installation is so opulent, it simply takes your breath away.

sophisticated beige bedroom

22.   Redefined Interiors

Make a move away from the conventional. Instead of the classic bedroom attributes like nightstand and lamp, cotton sheets and fluffy pillows, opt for surprising elements like leather accents, darker colours, and a leafless tree in a vase!

modern luxurious bedroom

23.   Shades of Purple

Purple is grand, commanding and royal. Choose several shades of purple to dress up the room. Lighter shades like lavender and mauve for the floor, walls, and ceiling, and deeper tones like mulberry and wine to accentuate the room. Don’t fill the room with lots of bric a brac. Few handpicked exceptional pieces for accents will suffice - delicately stunning chandelier, dainty wall accents, and eye-catching night lamps.

classic luxurious bedroom

24.   Patterned Mirror

Indulge your artistic side and play around with geometrical designs to adorn your walls and bedroom floor. Think of diamonds - geometric, glitzy and shiny. While diamond-encrusted bedrooms are near impossible, get the next best thing - mirrors! With the right installation and lighting, you will get the same dazzling result.

mirrored modern bedroom

25.   Cottage Dream

Combine charming with luxury. Give your country cottage bedroom the rich transformation without stripping away its inherent charm. Add a bed canopy and drape the bed with sheer white curtains for a princess like feel. A pair of comfy wicker chairs and the window seat add to the charm while the well-lighted, clean white interiors and expansive space provide the opulent vibe.

luxurious farmhouse bedroom

26.   Shimmery Velvet

The most popular bedroom ideas and designs include velvet! Upgrade your cool and comfy blue-grey themed bedroom to posh and plush by simply adding velvet! Its luxurious texture and dull shimmer are just what you need to achieve bedroom luxury without going overboard.

midnight blue luxurious bedroom

27.   Statement Chandelier

Another way to depict luxury in the bedroom is by simply adding a fabulous chandelier. This square drop lights piece takes centrestage of the grey and pink bedroom. Complement with luxurious covers, silken pillow cases and timeless furniture.

modern luxurious bedroom

28.   Canopied Moroccan

Bring on the chic and exotic Mediterranean charm into your bedroom with a canopied bed. Immaculate white sheets are luxurious. Add touches of bright Aegean blues and a couple of mysterious Moroccan lamps. 

luxurious white canopied bedroom

29.   Whimsical Woodlands

Go magical with a woodlands themed bedroom! This adorable teal, white and grey bedroom will capture the heart of any dreamer. Adorn the walls with whimsical forest decals, light wispy curtains and a white sprig-inspired chandelier.

whimsical themed bedroom

30.   Rustic Farmhouse

Your farmhouse bedroom need not be frumpy and austere. Take out the basic look and bring in luxurious to the room while keeping its rustic charm. A fresh coat of white paint will instantly lighten the mood. Add crisp and comfy sheets and pillows. The built-in wood headboard and wooden vases and few vintage and interesting knickknacks give the room character.

modern rustic farmhouse bedroom

31.   Pink Princess

Not too pink, not too white, just radiantly lovely. This bedroom is perfect for girls who love a posh girly room but hate the frills. Peach cushioned walls, fluffy grey rug pink and white bed and a pair of gorgeous drop lights all add up to a sophisticated and sweet bedroom.

luxurious pink bedroom

32.   The Round Bed

The round bed is a breathtaking break from the usual four-cornered and four-poster beds that we are used to. When you don’t want your bedroom to look typical, a plump, round bed placed in the centre of the room will give more of a morning room ambiance. Comfortable, cosy, and dressed-up.

luxurious round bed

33.   Bohemian Colours

Inject a healthy dose of drama into your bedroom with bright bohemian colours. The iron brass headboard highlights the rich setting, while the dark wood paneling resonates old-money. Complete the look by adding colourful velveteen cushions and pillows in paisley and animal prints.

rich bohemian bedroom

34.   A Two-Storey Vastness

Let the room be the luxury, or the size of it. This two-storey bedroom speaks of opulence. No additional implements needed, just the room, a bed, a wall of glass and panels of sheer curtains. Strategically placed lighting adds to the posh and modern vibe of the room.

modern two storey bedroom

35.   Moroccan Night Lamps

A single adornment can make the difference between plain and affluent. It could be a statement chandelier, an extraordinary rug or a timeless and beautiful lamp. This golden Moroccan night lamp features an etched shade that will fill the room with dramatic patterns when the lamp is lighted.

Moroccan night lamp

Do you have any beautiful, modern and luxurious bedroom ideas and designs to add? Why not discuss it on our RenoForum!