50 Nifty Small Bedroom Ideas and Designs

apartment bedroom

There is a trend of building smaller homes. And aside from the master bedroom, secondary bedrooms are getting the down-scaling treatment. But the downsizing lifestyle has also trimmed away much of the personal stuff that would have cramped the modern bedrooms. Here are 50 awesome small bedroom ideas and designs that are smart, space-efficient and beautiful.

1.       White and Neutral

White and tan are two of the most timeless neutral colours. White and light colour schemes make the room appear bigger and more spacious. Placing large furniture – the bed and the desk to the sides and end of the room improves the traffic flow.

modern teen's bedroom

2.       Bed in a Nook

Charming, cosy and creatively designed. The installed bed appears like a comfortable wall nest. The design creatively hides the closets and shelves in plain view, creating a neat and cleaner space.

bed nook

3.       Trendy Wall Storage

Take your stuff off the floor! These trendy and attractive wall shelves are great for organising small odd items that you need to be on hand, not hidden away. They also double as wall features with all those funky shapes. 

trendy wall shelves

4.       Loft Sleeping Area

If the horizontal space is limited, go vertical. Building a middle loft for the bed creates additional storage underneath and smartly separates the sleeping area from the rest of the room.

bedroom with a loft

5.       Less is More

When designing small bedrooms, you will want to aim for a bigger and cleaner look. Simplify your design – less clutter, less colours and more space. Just add one or two stunning features that will capture the essence of the space.

small elegant bedroom

6.       Multi-Functional Add-ons

One of the popular small bedroom ideas and designs is to make everything you add to the room work double. The shelf is storage and light base. The stool functions are a nightstand and additional storage and can be used as a seat when needed.     

small bedroom

7.       Masculine Earth Tones

The cohesive colour scheme of this masculine bedroom makes it appear larger, despite going against the light colour rule. Thin horizontal lines everywhere also guide the eyes to look horizontal, giving the illusion of space.

modern small grey bedroom

8.       Hide-Away Bed

The bed is the biggest furniture in a bedroom, it also occupies the most space. Hiding the bed can free up a lot of space. This is an ingenious design to hide away the bed, create ample storage and still have a comfortable space to move around.

hideaway bed

9.       Wall Nightstand

Keep things simple and efficient. This creatively designed feature is all the nightstand you need. It has light installed and space to hold your bedside things. Go small and functional, but big on style and look.

modern wall nightstand

10.   Corner Bed

When you need at least a double sized bed but only have room for a narrow bunk, just push the bed to the corner farthest from the door and you instantly get the bed and the space you need. Use up the wall area above the bed for your storage.

corner bed and shelves

11.   Cosy Grey

This is one delightful and cosy bedroom. The light grey wall colour expands the room, is pleasing to the eye and is the perfect backdrop for the pretty yellow and white decorative add-ons. 

grey and yellow bedroom

12.   Lots of Light

When the room is small, you will want to bring in as much light as possible. This narrow bedroom appears wider and larger with the help of its white walls, large window and ample lighting. Pops of colours keeps it from being too ascetic and boring.

small white bedroom

13.   A Ladder Shelf

Ladder shelves are mobile and provides the needed storage without taking so much space. This well-designed corner ladder shelf will let you take advantage of that odd corner space.

corner ladder shelf

14.   Coastal Blues

There is nothing more spacious and larger than the sea! Evoke that sense of space and air by bringing sea colours to your bedroom. This white and blue room effectively uses the colour blocking technique with all shades of blue.

coastal themed bedroom

15.   Large Mirrors

Adding large mirrors is one of the time-tested and effective small bedroom ideas and designs. Mirrors instantly expands the room. It reflects light and is also a functional feature that doesn’t take much space.

large bedroom mirror

16.   Vibrant Colours

This is one warm, refreshing and vibrant room! Liven up your private space with colour. The key to avoid the overcrowded look is to have a light and neutral backdrop to set up the colours while keeping the overall design toned down. 

bright small bedroom

17.   Beautifully Basic

Create small yet beautiful bedrooms by adding in all you need and not much else. Guest bedrooms don’t need expansive storage or personalisation. This is the perfect example of a guest bedroom – basic, comfortable, neat and welcoming.

small white bedroom

18.   Pull-out Headboard Storage

That small space behind the headboards can be used as creative hiding nooks for your small valuables. It can also serve as a hide-away nightstand. The idea is to have specific spaces for your stuff and if you can hide them away from plain sight, the better.

hidden bedroom headboard storage

19.   Pastels and Daybed

A daybed is just as comfortable as a regular bed. It is also smaller and can be transformed into a sofa or a couch during the day. Complemented with pastel colours and accessible storage, this is perfect for kids’ rooms.

pastel kid's room

20.   Beige Monochrome

While white walls help expand the room, it can also be too ascetic, boring or too sterile for some. Break down the dreary whites with off-white shades. Beige is a cool, interesting and popular neutral shade that complements almost all other colours.

beige teen's bedroom

21.   Mirrored Walls

White walls, mirrors, large windows and sliding doors – all the space creating features in one room. Visually double the size of your bedroom by installing mirrors on the wall. This bedroom features a wall of mirrored sliding closet doors.

white and mirrored bedroom

22.   Black and White

The right styling can make small can also be chic and fabulous! Large and bold black and white colour blocks, smart and discreet storage and a full glass window that lets natural lighting in. Small is the last description for this bedroom.

modern black and white bedroom

23.   Floating Shelves

Open storage spaces like floating shelves and open closets offer the needed space without cramping the room. The open feature lets the room retain its width.

small bedroom with office

24.   The Apartment Bedroom

Apartment style bedrooms are generally small, comfortable spaces that make the most of every nook and cranny available. This small bedroom comes big on style with its predominantly white palette, efficient use of space and pretty touches of colour and décor.

white apartment bedroom

25.   Under-the-bed Storage

Do not let that ample and accessible space under the bed go to waste. It can store almost anything, easily accessible and away from plain sight. Storage options include built-in drawers, pull-out baskets or boxes.

under the bed drawers

26.   Modern Uptown Pink

There is nothing not to love about this modern uptown girl’s bedroom. The minimalist décor includes cohesive shades of pink, stripped down furniture and an unmissable wall art feature. The room is on the small side, but no one is complaining.

trendy pink bedroom

27.   Pull-out Closets

A clutter-less room is always better and bigger. Step up your organising features with efficient storage. Pull-out closets let you access hard-to-reach nooks and are ideal for odd-shaped spaces like under the stairs or attic rooms.

pull out closets

28.   High Wall Shelves

Free up floor space and take your stuff high up. Store your rarely-used stuff out of the way. Install shelves high up the wall to make use of the space. Smart organising trick!

bedroom wall shelves

29.   Large Windows

Use windows to open your bedroom and visually expand its size. Large windows will not only allow natural light in, it also extends the line of vision, creating a visually larger room.

bedroom with large windows

30.   White and Pink Minimalist

This small pink and white bedroom design is both charming and minimalist – design concepts that rarely combine. White walls, pink and grey accents, mirrors. Texture is added with the fluffy rug.

white and pink bedroom

31.   Behind-the-door Organisers

Closet doors are great organising platforms. It is accessible yet hidden. It is the perfect place to hide small odd stuff that you need every day. Just install shelves, hangers, hooks or bars.

closet door storage organiser

32.   Platform Bed and Storage

Save up money on buying a bed and save up space in your bedroom. Just buy a mattress and build a storage platform. You get a seating area, a bed and a lot of storage. This is one of the nifty and awesome small bedroom ideas and designs.

bed in a platform

33.   Gold and Teal Minimalist

Make a small bedroom go big on style with colour! The bright gold bed captures the eye, while the dark teal wall balances the glare. Together, you have one captivating bedroom. Never mind if it’s on the small side.

gold and teal bedroom

34.   Private Sleeping Space

Need a sitting room but don’t have much space? Just curtain off your bed and you get your own private space. Ideal for studio apartments and for older kids’ bedroom. Keep the room classy and uncluttered with professionally installed ceiling to floor curtains.

elegant small bedroom

35.   Charming Rustic

Nothing goes better with small bedrooms than the rustic charming look. Create the lovely farmhouse style with lots of wood implements, neutral earth tones and country accents.

rustic bedroom

36.   Headboard Shelves

Custom built headboards to make it more efficient and functional. This kiddie bedroom design incorporates the bed with the headboard shelves. Creative and efficient use of space!

children's bedroom

37.   White Modern

This design gives a modern twist to the basic bedroom. The room is updated with contemporary add-ons including the white modern bureau, large minimalist mirror and the scaled-down windows. The all-white scheme is relieved with thin black line accents.

white minimalist bedroom

38.   Built-in Bed and Storage

Building the bedroom with the closets is another one of the most space-efficient small bedroom ideas and designs. You can use half of the room for the bed and closets, and free the other half for traffic and other stuff.

built in bed

39.   Tall and Narrow Closets

Get the most out of your limited space by building tall and narrow closets. It uses up the space of the entire height and are also better for organising. This bedroom installed the closets and desk at one end and placed the bed at the other end, clearing the middle space for traffic.

tall closets small bedroom

40.   A Nook for a Nightstand

This gorgeous bedroom includes a smart space-saving feature – a nook for a nightstand! You can forget about the side table; all you need is a nook to place your stuff. The overhead light installation also eliminates the need for a night lamp.

bedroom headboards

41.   Cool Blue

Cool, cosy, neat and fun! The dusky blue-grey shade is fascinating as it is comforting. Placing the bed to one side leaves the middle free for traffic. Smartly installed storage include under-the-bed drawers, side drawers and fun box shelves.

blue teens bedroom

42.   Corner Shelves

Do not let any useable space go to waste. This corner floating shelves takes advantage of the odd corner space that would easily be ignored. It is so functional – serving as storage and organising help, it doubles as the nightstand too!

small corner floating shelves

43.   Overhead Lighting

This tiny bedroom would have looked cramped if not for the overhead lights! Install a skylight if you can, if not, substitute with a pair of large lighting emitting warm glow. The floating shelves at the end of the room provide much-needed storage that is also accessible without crowding the already limited space.

tiny bedroom

44.   Sliding Closet Doors

Sliding doors are nifty and attractive space-saving idea since you don’t need the additional space allowance for opening doors. It can also work best for space-challenged bedrooms.

sliding closet doors

45.   White Boho Chic

This Boho style white bedroom just skipped the closets, and it worked! Instead of closets, storage is in the form of hanger bars, shelves and boxes. Clothes on hangers serve as a colourful backdrop for the bed. Knitted bed covers, gauzy curtain and a dramatic chandelier add character to the room.

Boho style bedroom

46.   Stacked Modular Shelving

The best way to solve horizontal space problem is by going vertical. These stacked modular shelving is flexible and movable. You can cover the entire wall, move it to the other side of the room, paint the boxes and even use it as tables and seats.

modular shelving

47.   Raised Bed and Storage

When you don’t have enough space for both bed and closets, put your entire storage under the bed! Raise the bed as much as possible then build storage drawers underneath. This bedroom also uses the window sill as a nightstand.

teen's small bedroom

48.   Skylights

Open the room to get as much natural lighting and illusion of space in. Aside from the window and skylights, this bedroom also has white walls and minimal décor that could cramp space.

small bedroom with skylights

49.   White Brick Wall

Clean, neat and comfy. Focusing on what’s important, this classic white bedroom achieved maximum comfort for such a small space. The rustic brick wall adds a lovely rustic vibe to the white bedroom.

white bedroom with brick wall

50.   Pretty Moroccan

This bedroom is stylish without going overboard and roomy despite its limited space. The key is its white walls that projects space. A sprinkling of small, interesting and colourful accents – gold lamp, bright pillows, exciting rug and a classically elegant nightstand gives the room its character.

white and pink moroccan bedroom

Do you have any gorgeous and space efficient small bedroom ideas and designs to add? Why not discuss it on our RenoForum!