35 Luxurious Bathroom Ideas and Designs

elegant luxurious bathroom

The posh and magnificent bathroom – all to yourself or with your better half. Expansive, opulent and painstakingly designed. Bask in the ultimate luxury indulgence. Bathrooms also need to be sensibly designed for maximum comfort and space efficiency. Whether you are renovating a bathroom or designing a new one, you can find design inspiration from our collection of the most luxurious bathroom ideas and designs.

1.       Rain Shower and Tub

Fun and whimsical. Enjoy the childhood fun and exciting rain shower while luxuriating in a warm bath. A tub and shower are common features of a bathroom. But, putting them together will elevate your bathing experience. The wood themed tub gives the minimalist room a fascinating feature and warmth. 

rain shower bathtub

2.       Gold and Marble

Marble is a top element of luxurious bathroom ideas and designs, for both classic and modern interiors. This amazing bathroom features gorgeous white marble floors complemented with white walls, efficient lighting, huge mirrors and gold accents. Simply beautiful!

gold and marble bathroom

3.       Bay Window Bath

Soak in your favourite bath while enjoying stunning views from your bay window bath! This rustic bath includes a vintage chandelier, marble floors and distressed wood columns. The sunken tub allows you better vantage point and access to the faucets and other bath implements.

bay window bath

4.       Old World Opulence

Evoke old-world splendour with this chic and exquisitely designed bath. The pale pink interiors are highlighted by pink marble floors, tile wall feature, tray ceiling, a vibrant rug and a vintage chandelier. You can never go wrong with old world class and sophistication.

luxurious bathroom

5.       Exquisite Fittings

Elevate the drab and generic look of modern bathrooms with fancy fittings. The expensive sheen of copper gives the much-needed sparkle to this black minimalist bathroom. The extravagant black chandelier drives in the goth air.

black goth bathroom

6.       Scaled-Down Deluxe

Luxurious bathroom ideas and designs often comprise immense size and grandeur. But, that is not always the case. This scaled-down bathroom looks luxurious and glam. The keys to making a smallish bathroom look grand and posh are efficient floor planning and use of top-of-the-line materials and features.

luxurious apartment bathroom

7.       Concrete Minimalist

This monastic bathroom managed to turn basic into luxury. The bare concrete walls, concrete tub, bare floors and minimalist look complete the modern, efficient and stunning interiors. The efficient faucets and knobs installation also doubles as a floating wood shelf.

modern  concrete bathroom

8.       Rain and Cascade Shower

Up your showering experience with this complex rain and cascade shower head. End the painful blasts of ordinary shower. This shower will give gentle rain sprays and cascades of water. The wall sprays will make sure you’re covered from all sides.

modern rain and cascade shower head

9.       White Elegance

You can steal the look of this white elegant bathroom for your guest bathroom. The prominent white interiors and wide windows make the room look a lot bigger than it is. The white herringbone tile floor, marble and glass sink and chrome-framed mirrors add graceful elements to the look. 

classic white bathroom

10.   Onyx Stone Indulgence

Adding an onyx stone wall to your bathroom or the powder is a grand idea! This illuminated black onyx wall give the room a unique and captivating look. Backlighting onyx panels will showcase the stones’ mesmerising patterns, that glows onto the room.

bathroom with onyx walls

11.   Spa Inspirations

Bring in the luxurious elements of spa to create a soothing and relaxing bath. This spa-inspired bathroom includes black pebbles, reed curtains, concrete standalone tub and tropical plants. The glass door opens up to a pocket garden.             

spa inspired bathroom

12.   Statement Bathtub

Choose a standalone bathtub that can highlight the room. This extra long and wide tub is ultramodern and features clever underlighting, making the bathtub to appear as if it is floating. The wall mirrors and glass windows contribute to the minimalist modern look and make the room appear larger than it is.

modern bathroom with freestanding bathtub

13.   Black Marble

The elegant and spectacular black marble dominates luxe bathroom. It is luxurious, sophisticated and stunning. Glass and chrome are used so as not to divert attention from the marble walls. Add white accents and as much lighting as possible to lighten up the room.  

luxurious black marble bathroom

14.   Ornate Detailing

The striking blue wall is the bright point of the room. It adds character and quirky vibe to the otherwise austere looking bathroom. But it is the ornate detailing oo its ceiling that gives the room its elegant and classy look.  

sophisticated modern bathroom

15.   Bath with a View

Don’t let the amazing views from your bathroom go to waste, turn it into your own sanctuary with a view. Install glass walls and position the bathtub next to it. The stunning marble walls and floors give the bathroom the opulent air.

marble bathroom

16.   Copper Sophistication

This fabulous bathroom glows with the burnished shine of copper. The penny-tiled shower and baroque wall features dominate the room and balance the understated industrial vibe of its concrete walls.

concrete and copper bathroom

17.   Jacuzzi Surprise

Why limit yourself to a relaxing bath when you can have the calming and restorative benefits of a jacuzzi? This grand bathroom features a huge jacuzzi in its trendy and modern interiors. The wood slat floor, wall and ceiling gave the soothing spa ambience.

luxurious bathroom with a jacuzzi

18.   Rustic Allure

Charming, enigmatic and cosy. This bathroom gives a lot of rustic charms, mysterious air and welcoming comfort. The rough brick wall and wood floors and ceiling bring in a pastoral look while the brass candle holders and etched drop lights add the eerie charms.  

luxurious rustic bathroom

19.   Bath and Balcony

Enjoy the glorious view while indulging a bath. Add a balcony to your bathroom, install glass doors and a freestanding bathtub near the balcony. This white curved tub perfectly fits the modern and sleek interiors of the room.

bathroom and balcony

20.   Statement Chandelier

Instantly upgrade your humdrum bathroom into a fabulous bath by adding a statement chandelier. This glass leaf chandelier effortlessly lights up the room! Its delicate details match the all-white opulence of the bathroom.

beautiful white bathroom

21.   Marble, Mirror and Brass

Elegant, refined, lovely. The extravagance of marble, the sheen of brass and the optical extensions of mirrors provide the restrained elegance of the room. The all-white walls set the perfect canvass to highlight the dull glints of brass accents.

elegant bathroom

22.   Black Gold Elegance

The rich combination of black and gold give the interiors of this bathroom a swanky look. Black marble floors, black geometric sink and seats, and the carved ceiling accent set the room’s expensive design. But the sleek black bathtub set in a mirrored pedestal with a gold accent takes the breath away!

black and gold luxurious bathroom

23.   Sunken Tub in a Dais

This glitzy bathroom features marble walls and floors. The tray ceiling includes hidden lighting and the tub is set in a dais. The elaborate setup includes marble stairs, a TV screen and black marble wall to contrast the dominant white and to highlight the pedestal.

luxurious bathroom with a dais

24.   Divine Interiors

This bathroom is fit for the stars! The heavenly theme includes a painted ceiling, a candle chandelier, Roman columns and glass windows with delicate cames. The cream interiors is complemented with light blue accents.

bathroom with ceiling painting

25.   African Skylights

Bring in the warmth and exotic expanse of the African desert into your bathroom. The white and tan tones, desert grass accent and the minimalist interiors evoke the arid beauty of Africa. The wide and unadorned skylight brings in ample natural lighting and mimics the bright desert sun.

modern bathroom with skylights

26.   Tropical Paradise

Bring the warm tropical opulence into your bathroom. This lush bathroom features a rain shower, a circular freestanding tub and a lot of tropical plants. The potted plants are the room’s main decoration. They add colour and help freshen the indoor air.

bathroom with plants

27.   Tin Tub and Arts

Grungy, artsy, quirky. This look is perfect for the free-spirited, the nonconformist, the daring. A wall is left derelict, as a statement. While the standalone tin tub matches the bare concrete floors. The highlight of the room is the piece of art that adorns the wall – emphatic, eloquent and splendid.

old building bathroom

28.   Spa and Bath

This is a complete relaxation and pampering centre. On top of the regular bathroom implements, luxurious facilities like a jacuzzi pool and a sauna room is added. The overall modern interiors comprise of bare stone floors, clean walls, glass and minimal décor.

bathroom with jacuzzi and sauna

29.   Stately Elegance

Classy, light and beautiful. This stately bathroom is aristocratic and luxurious without overdoing it. Beautiful chandelier, cappuccino marble tiles and gold trimmings lend the expensive look. Cream and light grey hues accentuate the overall white interiors giving it depth and character.

classic posh bathroom

30.   Marble Dais

Exquisite details and design precision give this bathroom its marvellous look. The overall white interiors help create a bigger room, the lighting obscure and precise and the exceptional ceiling feature eye-catching. But on its front and centre is the marble dais for the round unique tub. Fabulous!

elegant white bathroom

31.   Mother of Pearl Floor

Let the subtle and refined sheen of mother of pearl shine from your bathroom floors. These tiny hexagonal tiles are dainty, elegant and stunning. The iridescent white tiles are classy and will complement any luxurious bathroom ideas and designs.

mother of pearl bathroom floor

32.   Cool and Fiery

This bathroom manages to look cool and fiery at the same time. The nonchalant richness of white marble floors and walls are complemented by the black ceiling accent, drawers and wall accent. While the chrome arabesque chandelier gives warm light, the wall mounted electric fireplace keeps the room warm and comfortable.

elegant bathroom with fireplace

33.   Dressed Up Ceiling

Highlight the ceiling as much as the other aspects of the room. This window bath features a sunken tub in a dais, a floor-to-ceiling glass window and a fabulously dressed-up ceiling. The sunburst ceiling uses yellow lights to create the yellow sunshine glow.

bathtub in a dais

34.   Glass and Marble

This marvellous marble bathroom is a classic amongst luxurious bathroom ideas and designs. Clean, light, graceful. The white ceilings and glass implements help maintain the light and airy interiors. Add a couple of personal accents like the glass lighting and a framed image.

white marble bathroom

35.   Shower and Sky

Bring the outdoors in! This bathroom features a clear glass skylight in its shower, giving you a clear view of the sky! The sleek rustic vibe from its dominant wooden theme is modern, pastoral and outdoorsy.   

shower with skylight

Do you have any elegant, opulent and luxurious bathroom ideas and designs to add? Why not discuss it on our RenoForum!