50 Beautiful Bathroom Ideas and Designs

bathroom mirror wall

Bathrooms are the most personal and intimate rooms in the house. Aside from being comfortable, bathrooms also need to be efficiently designed and all parts working. While all of us will certainly demand a functional bathroom, there’s no reason not to want it beautiful and awesomely designed too! Here are some of the most amazing and stunningly beautiful bathroom ideas and designs you can steal;

1.       White Modern

Efficient, bright and beautiful. The white interiors make the room look bigger, with the frameless glass shower doors and the subtle lines on the floor relieve the boring all-white theme.

modern white bathroom

2.       Marble and Glass

The elegant glass and marble combo is a bathroom design classic, a timeless beauty. The rest of the room is kept plain white, to highlight the spectacular marble patterns. And glass reinforces the rooms delicate elegance and style.

white marble bathroom

3.       A Touch of Pink

The Carrara marble gives this modern bathroom a classic look. Its ashy pink ceramic tile accents provide a softer touch and its unique character. The minimalist black frames are very contemporary and stylish.

modern pink bathroom

4.       Wood Wonder

The warm wood tones of the floor foil the overall cool modern styling of this modern rustic bath. The grey concrete accent wall separates the bathroom from the closet and features a recessed shelf lined with wood to match the floor.

wood bathroom floor

5.       The Sunken Tub

Unique, modern, fabulous. The highlight of this posh and ultra-modern bath is the sunken tub, set on a raised floor and complemented with a small gas-burning fireplace. Wood patterned floor and the wood stack wall feature give the room a rustic warmth.

sunken bathtub

6.       Ocean Blues

This bright blue bathroom brings the ocean into your home! The flat faucet effects the gush of a waterfall, the blue and silver accent wall and the rock accents evokes the sunny outdoors. And the cool marble walls to balance it off.

white and blue bathroom

7.       Modern and Rugged

Dress up a wall and turn a basic modern shower into this stunning rugged enclave. Stacked stone wall, strategic lighting and rain shower heads make this bath a standout.

stacked stone bathroom tile

8.       Beehive Wood Tiles

Creative, unique and fun! The beehive wood tiles give a charming and imaginative vibe. The rough cement block walls give an edgy look, while the rimless mirror and frosted shower panel provide the contemporary feel.

wood octagon tiles

9.       Striking Uptown

This trendy and charming bathroom has tons of design details. From the bubble chandelier, the patterned floor and steel mesh basket to the steel ladder towel holder and stand-alone tub, every piece in the room contributes to its chic and stunning look.

chic modern bathroom

10.   A Green Wall

Offset the cold and bare interiors of a modern bathroom with a living wall. The grey walls, rain shower and seamless glass partitions are sleek and modern. Liven up the mood with a well-placed skylight and a green wall garden.

plants inside a bathroom

11.   Art Deco Classic

Capture the decadent, glamorous and colourful era of art deco. Complement the glossy navy wall tiles with a good dose of gold touches. Its marble floor bounces off light keeping the room bright and cheerful. 

blue and gold bathroom

12.   A Glass Tub

Posh, elegant and ethereal. This spacious and affluent bath tones down the glare of white by adding touches of icy glass. The light teal shade of glass tub is echoed by the floor feature. Silvery drop bauble chandelier emphasises the beautiful ethereal theme.

classy white bathroom

13.   Rustic Farmhouse

Rugged, raw and beautiful. This rustic farmhouse bathroom uses a lot of rough wood highlighting its natural warm tones and grains. Stunning brick floor and vintage lamps. The flowery rug and modern tub help tame down the ruggedness.

rustic bathroom

14.   Blue Rain Shower

Ultra-modern and minimalistic, this blue and white bathroom design is visually stunning. The rain shower perfectly complements the icy blue gleam of the shower. Plain walls of glossy tiles, modern drop lights, glass, and strategic lighting complete the sleek and streamlined modern elegance.

modern chic bathroom

15.   Copper Highlights

The right details in the right amount can turn your humdrum bath into a design feat. The generic grey minimalist design of this modern bathroom is turned from boring into exceptional, thanks to the precise addition of copper fittings.

modern gray bathroom

16.   Glamorous Chic

Elegant, timeless and posh. From the stunning black and white mosaic tile floor, the striking glass chandelier and the modern tub with gold claw feet, everything in this bathroom is extra. The white and grey walls are both modern and muted not to overpower the design.

glamorous bathroom

17.   Yellow Delight

A good amount of cheery yellow touches will certainly bring in sunshine into your bathroom. Varying shades of yellow complement the grey and white bathroom. Fun, unique and comes with a lot of personality!

yellow and white bathroom

18.   Painted Walls

Liven up your bathroom walls with your doodle. Why contend with the plain, generic and boring tile designs when you can create your own masterpiece in the bathroom? This one of the most creative bathroom ideas and designs we love.

artistic painted tiles

19.   Shower Skylight

This outdoorsy bath is complete with a skylight installed in the shower, wood style tiles everywhere and a few potted plants. But it is the skylight that creates the drama, completed the look and brought in the outside feel.

shower skylight

20.   Black and Wood

Zen and edgy, stunning and beautiful. The black interiors is countered with the warm wood tones and the glass wall that lets a lot of natural lighting in. The natural rock slab pedestal cleverly disrupts the extremely precise design.

modern zen bathroom

21.   A Hint of Persia

Upgrade a modern white bathroom into something beautiful and unique by adding some vintage pieces. A blush pink Persian rug adds a feminine touch while the archaic chandelier brings in the mystical feel.

persian accents bathroom

22.   Indoor/Outdoor

Incorporate the outdoors into your bath with glass walls! The glass wall and roofing create a seamless transition of the inside to the outside. Reinforce the theme by adding potted plants, a rugged rock wall and accents. Rustic, rugged and beautiful.

indoor outdoor bathroom

23.   Marbled Shower

Marble always shows up amongst the top bathroom ideas and designs. You don’t need four marble walls for a beautiful bathroom. Just one stunning marble wall is more than enough, especially if you have a very distinct Emperador dark marble. Keep everything else in the room plain.

marble accent wall bathroom

24.   Mirror Tiles

This is a beautiful, elegant and luxurious bathroom. The understated luxury of the design makes it beautiful, not gaudy. Adding mirror arabesque tiles provides the room with an elegant and unique feature, a whimsical air, a glamorous wall and an epic highlight.

chic bathroom mirror

25.   Bath with a View

When designing a room, it is important to highlight the best features. In this bathroom, the classic cathedral windows are definitely its most beautiful feature. Instead of hiding it behind a curtain, the windows are emphasised with accent colour and the tub placed next to it to make it the focal point of the room.

luxurious white bathroom

26.   Farmhouse Chic

Charming accents, patterned tile floor, rustic touches and the cosy setting make this farmhouse bath beautiful. Quaint baskets and copper framed mirrors give a pastoral feel – personal, friendly and comfortable.

cottage bathroom

27.   Black Herringbone Wall

Modern and glitzy, sleek and urbane. The basic black and white palette of the bathroom is made interesting by the use of different tile surfaces. White bricks on one wall, glossy black herringbone on one and octagon marble mosaic for the floor. The gold fixtures inject the luxurious glam feel.

black and white bathroom

28.   Spa Inspirations

Cool and comfortable, spa inspirations are common in top bathroom ideas and designs. This bathroom is a haven for the body and the soul. Wood accents add rustic charms, the muted lighting is cosy, and the clean walls and surfaces give the room its modern vibe.

spa bathroom

29.   Stained Glass Window

Ethereal and stunning. The exquisite detailing of this bathroom’s window is what makes its interior design a standout. A vintage bureau holds the sink and matching the floor, while the plain neutral walls serve as the background to the beautiful windows.

stained glass windows

30.   Bricked Modern

Give your modern bathroom a rustic slant by installing a brick wall. Neutralise all the modern coldness of a generic modern bath with the terracotta warmth, the rough texture and the vintage feel of bricks.

brick wall bathroom

31.   Cool Blue and Grey

This classic bathroom gets a cool spin with its blue and grey colour combination. Instead of the all-white classic, the design features cool shades of blues and greys. The elegant glass chandelier seals in the graceful look.

classy blue bathroom

32.   Country Barndoors

Give your classy bath a rustic touch with these country barndoors. The amalgamation of off-white shades gives the bathroom a softer look. The door pattern even matches the herringbone tiles! Complete the look with a vintage iron drop light.

modern farmhouse bathroom

33.   An Accent Wall

Another way to give your modern bathroom a special touch is by adding an accent wall. This modern minimalist bath design is made exciting by an interesting wood mosaic wall. Obstruct the plain black walls with warm wood tones – perfect!

modern black bathroom

34.   Vintage Elegance

Bring back the golden days of bathroom design with this timeless beauty. Reminiscent of manor baths, the interiors include a stainless-steel tub, mint subway tiles, vintage lamps and a globe drop light. Utterly remarkable.

charming vintage bathroom

35.   Metallic Highlights

What makes a modern bath design with concrete walls and nothing much else, incredible?  Add copper highlights! The penny tile mosaic floor and the matching ornate wall accent takes the bathroom from boring to amazing!

metallic ornate bathroom

36.   Muted Luxury

Elegant luxury is timeless colour schemes, minimal accents and luxurious pieces. This ashy blush bath is an epitome of the tamed luxurious – two-toned walls, gold accents, marble and an art piece.

elegant luxurious bathroom

37.   Bright Portuguese Tiles

Loud and colourful, bright and ostentatious. The gaudy Portuguese tiles are front and centre of this bathroom. To balance the look, keep everything else plain. The key to successfully using loud elements is by balancing it with tame ones. Thus, the colourful tiles are perfect for minimalist modern interiors.

colorful tiles bathroom

38.   Modern Charcoal

Goth, dark, beautiful. This modern bath resonates a strong and creative character, not one to be boxed with expectations and conformity. Patterned tiles and creative lighting are used to give the all-black interiors more texture and depth.

black goth bathroom

39.   Stones and Peebles

Beachy and bright, this bathroom design will pick you up even in the coldest of days. Stones and pebbles are used to give the interiors its outdoorsy and sunny feel. The rough stone wall, wood themed floor and rattan baskets complete the fresh nature look.

spa inspired bathroom

40.   Navy and Whites

Dress up your white bathroom by adding navy. The deep blue hue is perfect to counter the bright white glare. The tasteful patterned white and blue tile floor and blue upper wall paint are enough to bring in the cool vibe. A good dose of marble and gold fittings give the bathroom its luxurious look.

white bathroom

41.   Exceptional Lightning

Light and bright! This modern bathroom gets a lot of help from creative lighting. Strategic lighting brings to focus the great features of the bath – exceptional wall, recessed shelves and floor. A showstopper pendant lighting brings in a chic and edgy vibe.

modern bathroom

42.   Dressed Down Elegance

The key to elegant designs is to use only the best materials and nothing much else. Marble walls, gold-framed mirrors and white fixtures. The dark wood accent gives the room a rustic warmth to balance the cool interiors. Beautiful!

elegant marble bathroom

43.   Emerald on Marble

Match the cool elegance of marble with the icy brightness of emerald. The modern chrome bathroom fixtures perfectly complement the colour scheme, while the vintage glass and iron chandelier add in the drama.

elegant and luxurious bathroom

44.   Splendour of Gold

Bask in the warm glow of gold and feel the splendour of its richness. The gold tile mosaic accents are the highlights of the room, the rest of the room can either emphasise it – the strategic lights or is balance it, like the plain walls and floor.

golden bathroom

45.   Tile Mosaic Accent Wall

This ordinary bathroom gets a major enhancement – an extraordinary accent wall! The bright mosaic tile includes shades of pink and copper, giving a delicate yet sparkly effect. Creative lighting and wall construction helped highlight the wall.

white bathroom

46.   Ornate and Timeless

Some bathroom ideas and designs are meant to last. Claw feet tub, gilt-framed mirrors and a classic lamp chandelier. Vintage wall lamps, silver drawers and an ornate wall. Fabulously beautiful, stunningly elegant, timeless.

classic elegant bathroom

47.   Beauty in Simplicity

Beautiful in its austerity, this bathroom design draws a lot of its visuals from natural elements. Bare cement walls and floors, steel fittings, clean lines and a well-placed skylight. Simply breathtaking, modern and efficient.

modern minimalist bathroom

48.   Crystals and Lights

Bring in extra sparkle with lots of crystals and lights. This spectacular show of bling and baubles befits a glamorous and queenly personality. The centrepiece crystal spa-tub deserves all the attention it gets. Matching the mesmerising and stunning tub is a splendid crystal chandelier.

luxurious bathroom

49.   Modern Industrial

Modern with an edgy side. This industrial-themed design includes a lot of black steel accents, wood-themed tile wall and shower floor and chrome fittings. To balance off the strong ambience, the cool and snowy while beehive tile design is perfect.

rustic industrial bathroom

50.   Farmhouse in the City

Bring in the farmhouse cheer and charm into your city bathroom. The subway tiles and white colour scheme is coordinated with the rustic vibe of the baskets and the wood plank ceiling. Add in a second rain shower head, a shower seat and a beautiful patterned floor.

beautiful farmhouse bathroom

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