50 Awesome Powder Room Ideas and Designs

elegant powder room

After your living room and dining room, the powder room is where your guests are most likely to go and see. Powder room designs and ideas usually reflect that of the homeowner. As much as your powder room should be beautiful and reflective of your personality, it should also be comfortable, convenient and adequately fitted and furnished. Here are some awesome powder room ideas and designs;

1.    Modern Moroccan

This white and grey minimalist is infused with a dose of modern Moroccan styling. The classic seamless Moroccan patterned wall gets a modern look by keeping the lines thin and contemporary. Warm brassware gives the room a sophisticated luxurious feel.

modern Moroccan powder room

2.    Grey Sophistication

This powder room is all business and cosmopolitan luxury. The well-appointed room passed on the frills and loud colours, opting for stylish accents and dominant grey interiors.

ultra modern powder room

3.    Tropical Allure

Tropical interiors are warm, charming and relaxing. This powder room takes advantage of nature’s refreshing and exotic elements - cool bamboo walls, bare wood floors and a live orchid plant to add to the alluring ambience. Taking centre stage is the mother-of-pearl shell basin.

tropical themed powder room

4.    Space Saving Floating Shelves

Top consideration for powder room ideas and designs is space or the lack of it. Make use of the vertical wall space to create more storage. This minimalist floating shelving can provide enough room for your powder room stuff, without taking any floor space and crowding the room.

minimalist floating shelves

5.    Mirror Subway Tiles

Add a little flash and shine to expand a rather smallish room. Mirrors are also popularly used to give the illusion of space. The use of subway mirror tiles in this powder room is a stroke of genius - classy, swanky and trendy! The ornate chandelier adds a tasteful touch of opulence.

upscale powder room

6.    Coppered Charm

Dainty, polished and elegant. This modern powder room is gracefully subdued - muted colour tones, clean lines and minimal decor. The copper basin glows a muted rich warmth and captures the cultured styling of the interiors.

elegant powder room

7.    Natural Elements

This is creativity at play. Inspired by the bright and dynamic outdoors, this room features a wall of Aegean blue pebbles, a slab of rough-edged wood for the counter and a bowl of green grass. The natural colours and elements complement the ultra-modern coolness of the interiors.

nature inspired powder room

8.    Marbled Elegance

You can always count on the captivating elegance of marble. Its intricate and unique natural patterns break the cool and smooth look of the stone and give its haunting beauty. Break the cold intimidating air of marble by accentuating the room with warm wood counter, an unpredictable mirror and a trendy drop light.

black marbled powder room

9.    Under the Stairs

You don’t need much space for your powder room. The space under the stair is just perfect for a well-appointed and well-planned powder room. Go minimalist, opt for the wall-attached sink and floating toilet. The pale grey tiling and seamless flooring complete the look of this simple and functional yet charming powder room.

under the stairs powder room

10.    Spa-Inspired Minimalist

Be inspired by the distinct charm of spa rooms and bring the look into your home powder room. Adorn the countertop with flowers and live plants. Give the floor an interesting break filled with smooth spa stones. To complete the relaxing air, add few scented candles, keep the lighting subdued and the interiors clean and simple.

spa themed powder room

11.    Framed Collage

Powder rooms are meant for visitors, so, why not create an entertaining room as well as a relaxing one? A blank wall filled with framed snapshots, artwork, meaningful quotes and pictures will tell them stories of you and your family. A very intimate and refreshing idea!

pictures in the powder room

12.    Refined Blues

Give your plain and boring blue powder room a good dose of classy and refined styling by upgrading the walls. This ornate blue wallpaper gives the room a regal and affluent feel. To balance the remarkable walls, minimise the accents and keep the rest of the room subdued.

blue ornate powder room

13.    Cool Contemporary

Tame down the blunt look of modern designs and make it look less intimidating by adding surprising accents. The striped natural wood of the wall panels, ceiling and countertops contrast the cool stone spaces. The slim hanging mirror, the towel bar and the recessed wall counters add cool and surprising elements to the interiors.

contemporary powder room

14.    Tropical Lush

This is a magnificent design for a grand powder room. Marbled walls, floor and sink countertop give the air of opulence, but the highpoint of the room is on the luxuriant tropical lush wall. The vivid green of the wall is highlighted by the well-placed lighting.

grand tropical powder room

15.    Opulent Delight

This powder room compelling, dazzling and exquisitely charming. Perfect for the unforgettable home of someone strong and fearless. Not one shy to flaunt affluence, the room features the best of everything – marbled floors, silver tile wall, ornate mirror and the stunning chandelier.

white luxurious powder room

16.    Scaled-Down Efficiency

Efficient layout counts more than the square footage. This scaled-down powder room is perfect for smaller homes and space-challenged apartments. The placement of the towel bar, downscaled basin and minimalist interior design all contribute to creating more space than there actually is. The copper-toned teardrop lighting and octagon tiled wall give the room a trendy flourish.

tiny powder room

17.    Modern Rustic

The rustic look is one of the top favourites amongst powder room ideas and designs. Balance the stark efficiency of modern interiors with a good dose of bucolic charm. A mix of rustic touches – vintage drop lights, rope-framed mirror and a plank panelled wall. The clean lines and modern fixtures maintain the trendy look of the room.

very rustic powder room

18.    Navy and Gold

The right mix of colours and accents can spell the difference between a generic hotel room interiors and an inspired designer’s work. This everyday room is upgraded by the posh mix of royal blue walls, gold-lined sink table and mirror and delicate marble.

modern blue powder room

19.    Refined Symmetry

Explore the beauty of symmetry. Disciplined, coordinated, classic. The focal point is the fabulous marble sink bowl and minimalist modern mirror. The room is filled with signature accents but is kept understated and uncluttered by the plain brown sink cabinet and unobtrusive wallpaper.

sophisticated powder room

20.    Very Woody Contemporary

Out with the shiny tiled bathroom designs, and in with the rustic woody look. Install stripped wood panels to break the white walls and floor. For storage, add a few chunky floating shelves of the same wood shade. Plain white walls, minimal décor and modern lighting give the room its contemporary look.

modern rustic powder room

21.    Mirrored Ceiling

Go dramatic with this dark and elegant powder room design. The stone and glass interiors perfectly balance the delicate and grand themes. The dark stone tile walls, pebble tiles for floors and brick accents could look too imposing without the delicate glass sink bowl and clear glass lamps. To complete the awesome look is the full-length mirror that extends to the ceiling.

glamorous powder room

22.    Glam Red

Nobody will notice the size of this powder room if it looks this fabulous! Combine wine red with burnished gold and you get one glam interiors! The darker shade of red takes out the glare, and the marvellous granite countertop and dull sheen of gold give the room an elegant flair.

dark red powder room

23.    Spanish Elegance

There’s something about the Spanish intricate yet noncomplex patterns that reflect a festive and romantic feel. The colours are so endearingly elegant. Infused a romantic feel to your stark modern powder room by adding a Spanish colonial mirror against a wall of vintage patterned tiles. Muy elegante.

Spanish styled powder room

24.    Farmhouse Romantic

Farmhouses are endearing, laidback and pleasingly romantic. Create the classic and romantic farmhouse look in your powder room with wood sidings for the walls, bare wood for the door and sink and classic farm lamps. Decorate with printed pull-up curtains, wicker baskets Tuscan style mirror.

farmhouse style powder room

25.    Grey Hexagons

Colours and shapes can do wonders in turning a plain wall into something awesome. Retiling is the quickest option to upgrading bathrooms and powder room ideas and designs. Easily upgrade your ordinary powder room by installing a wall of dark hexagon tiles in different shades of grey. Streamlined, modern, eye-catching.

modern minimalist powder room

26.    Enchanting Maritime

Can’t get enough of the beach and maritime life? Bring the sea indoors with this maritime-inspired powder room. The soft teal gradient wall gives a cool rendition of the sea. Delightful nautical accents include the porthole mirror, the rope towel holder and bamboo framed traveller’s picture.

maritime themed powder room

27.    Golden Accents

A touch of gold can turn the ordinary room into an impressive one. Add just the right dose of golden trimmings to your powder room. A set of golden faucets, the diminutive towel holder and the gorgeous golden drop light are enough to give the glam look without overwhelming. The patterned wallpaper, marble countertop and wood accents keep the room from looking overdressed.

elegant powder room

28.    Dazzling 80s

This powder room brings back the vivacious and energetic 80s! The retro stripes, ball-lined mirror, classic pedestal sink and the chunky disco-ball chandelier are all reminders of the spirited and unapologetic era. The stripped wood floor keeps the room in the present.

retro styled powder room

29.    Wall-Mounted Sink

Even smaller powder rooms can look elegant and roomy. The secret is on using smaller fixtures and great floor-planning. Save ample floor space with wall-mounted sinks, glass floating shelves and well-placed towel holders. The clean walls, the use of diminutive accents and unframed mirror all contribute to the illusion of more space.

minimalist powder room

30.    Cubism in Mustard

Both cubism and the mustard shade are surprising choices for a powder room. But, this room makes both work, beautifully. The impressive tan and mustard tile wall cubism pattern is both modern and creative. Complement the look with a fascinating yellow glass lamp and modern fixtures.

modern yellow powder room

31.    Patterned White

White themes are amongst the most preferred powder room ideas and designs. But plain white is boring, aseptic and stark. The interesting patterns of this white room provide an ingenious break from the ordinary. Adding wood sink counter and reed pull-up curtain gave the room its lovely pastoral look.

modern white powder room

32.    Cottage Charm

While they come with large doses of rustic charm, the challenge for cosy cottage homes’ is space. This delightful powder room makes the most of every available space and filling it up with loads of charming bucolic accents. Slim floating shelves and the ladder towel bars provide ample storage without taking much space.

charming farmhouse powder room

33.    Stone-Walled

This stacked pebble wall is simply arresting as it is undeniably mesmerising, colourful and beautiful. The rough surface next to the other smooth walls and finishes of the room is an interesting contrast. Just add an orchid to drive in the relaxing and exotic spa ambience.  

spa-inspired powder room

34.    Pink Sophistication

Pink is delicate, bright and feminine. It is also strong, beautiful and sophisticated. This pink powder room speaks of strong personality – bold, fierce and demands to be seen. The round pink patterned wall is captivating while the bold pink tulips are daring. Add a dose of metallic sheen and you have one power room.

pink powder room

35.    Monastic Grace

Evoke the medieval charms with a monastic themed powder room. This regal and sophisticated design involves the imposing allure of rough stone and the warm radiance of natural wood tones. Few interesting accents gave the room its unique and personalised look.

stone and wood powder room

36.    Stony Sink

Amazing, unique and gorgeous. This stone-lined countertop is simply unforgettable. Pebbles and splashing water evoke the refreshing outdoors – most particularly a brook or a river. The rest of the room is kept understated – glass basin, plain walls and discreet lighting to highlight the remarkable stony sink.

stone-topped bathroom sink

37.    Classic White

White interiors are regal, timeless and beautiful when coordinated with the right furniture and accents. It’s also amongst the top favourite powder room ideas and designs. The trick to make the all-white theme work is to add texture and shine. This all-white bathroom in splendid and immaculate with lots of glass and pops of colours to break the monotony.

white powder room interiors

38.    Restrained Elegance

Elegant, glamorous and opulent. The unique cream rugged wall is the perfect background to highlight the posh sophistication of the room. The pair of modern wall lamps gives off just the right amount of glimmer to underscore the hushed perfection. To complete the restrained elegant design are the lighted counter, frosted glass sink bowl and fresh white orchids.

luxurious powder room

39.    Luxurious Minimalist

With the right materials and accents, you can achieve a luxurious vibe in a minimalist design. This powder room banked on exquisite marble floors and walls, a chrome and marble sink cabinet, a large contemporary mirror and a pair of elegant wall lamps. Clean, lavish and simply astounding!

classically elegant powder room

40.    Cool Concrete

This cool and modern powder room doesn’t need the frills and finishes to look complete. The concrete walls, floors, sink and ceiling are left bare and unadorned. Cabinetry is modern and sensible, also left bare to show its natural and warm wood tones. The white ceramic sink bowl and backlit mirror complete the cool avant-garde look.

concrete themed powder room

41.    Chalkboard Wall

Bathrooms and powder rooms are indeed the best places to think! Why not catch all your thoughts, express your feelings or just have fun and get creative with these chalkboard walls? Chalkboard walls for your powder room is a fun, creative and ingenious idea. Don’t forget to keep a stash of chalk handy.

powder room with chalkboard walls

42.    Bursts of Blue

Bring in a dose of warm Egyptian ambience with this blue and white powder room design. Break the beautiful white interiors with bursts of Egyptian blue patterned wallpaper with matching blue penny floor tiles. Complete the look with that gorgeous white and gold Cleopatra mirror.

blue and white powder room

43.    Delightful Penny Tiles

All-white themes are on top of the most popular powder room ideas and designs. To make your white powder room unique, cover the splashback and the entire wall with penny tiles. It provides the texture and delightful character to this all-white powder room. The rest of the interiors are kept sleek and modern – wide, frameless mirrors, minimalist chrome fixtures and elegantly marbled countertop.

modern all-white powder room

44.    Magical Lighting

The eloquent lighting of this powder room spells the charm and magic to create that sensational effect. The overhead light highlights the frosted sink bowl that reflects a dramatic glow that fills the room, bringing out the warm wood tones of the counter and the unique vertical patterns of the wall.  

elegant powder room

45.    Extraordinary Wall Decals

Turn an ordinary powder room effortlessly by adding some surprising details. This modern and dreamy mauve powder room instantly transport you to the balmy outdoors with a vivid lakeside decal covering an entire wall. Creative decals give you limitless options and designs.

mauve modern powder room

46.    Black and Gold

Striking, impressive, unforgettable. The black and yellow combination is simply arresting! Backlit recessed shelves are used to illuminate midnight black wall. The same gold backlights are used on the ceiling, reflecting the pale gold floor. Tone down the drama with modern white and chrome fixtures.

dark modern powder room

47.    Ocean Blues

Bring in the posh Hamptons vibe with this coastal powder room design. The cool interiors feature a fascinating textured Aegean wall and dainty herringbone floor tiles in all shades of ocean blues. Seascape accents including the sisal-framed mirror, seaweed artwork and the reclaimed wood shelf complement the classy and refreshing interiors.

seascape themed bathroom

48.    Cool Dazzle

Credit the creative and strategic lighting of this powder room for its dazzling effect. The intricately patterned wall is backlit to highlight the unique silver design. Hidden lights are also installed under the floating counter. Shiny metals complement the dazzle – the gold and silver vases, the aluminium basin and the silver crusted twig accents.

luxurious powder room

49.    Rustic Luxury

Add pastoral charm to your powder room with rustic interiors. Unique wood patterned counters, willow wicker baskets and the vintage tin water bucket all evoke the charming and serene countryside air. While the glass tiled wall and modern fixtures give the contemporary look.

modern rustic powder room

50.    Darkly Dramatic

Turn your smallish and dark powder room into a dramatic, cosy and fantastic space. Strategic lighting that includes the blue footer lights, the hidden wall lights and the overhead lights create an illusion of more space. Accents are skipped to save space, but the dark brick wall gives the character the room needs.

dark and dramatic powder room

Do you have any ingenious, stunning, and beautiful powder room ideas and designs we missed, and you’d like to add? Why not discuss it on our RenoForum!