Decorators’ Plants for the Living Room

elegant white Grecian living room

Indoor plants are a great way to freshen up a neutral space like a living room, by introducing vibrant colour and natural beauty to your interior design. Plants are also functional in nature, proving to be effective air purifiers and air fresheners. We've added the following types of plants to our shopping list, not only for their visual impact but also for their healthy qualities. 

Bamboo Palms

classy living room with bamboo palm

Bamboo palms add warmth and brightness to dull spaces. Offering a space saving option, their eye catching height makes them ideal for room corners. You'll find their tropical, sunny ambience of the palms help release moisture into the air, thereby improving your room's humidity even during cooler days. 

Snake Plants

indoor snake plant
snake plants in square planters

Snake plants are a tough low-light, low water indoor plants, making them very low maintenance with their upkeep. Their graceful lines and exotic patterning add a dynamic element to any space, allowing them to liven up neutral zones. While most plants are active during the day, Snake plants work to release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide at night. 


indoor white lilies

Interior designers and decorators simply love Lilies, as their create a colourful and sophisticated statement. Making a great focal point, Lily planters look great on coffee tables and other surfaces. Lilies are also proven air purifies and thrive well in low light, cooler temperatures. 

Aloe Plant

small aloe vera plant

The Aloe plant is best known for its healing qualities and ability to absorb harmful chemicals in the air. Alongside it's environmental advantage, Aloe plants become a statement with their vidi green shades and spikey appearance. 


philodendrons in wall basket
philodendron centre piece

Philodendrons are leafy vines that are relatively low maintenance, requiring moderate light and low water. Create a mystical, secret garden aesthetic by displaying these plants in a mounted wall planter. 

Spider Plants

hanging spider plant

Spider plants are easily grown, very versatile, and are great air cleaners – eliminates many harmful toxins in the air. You can plant them in hanging planters and let the vines grow downward. Spider plants also make interesting centre table pieces, with the vines spread outward.


indoor red anthuriums
indoor pink anthuriums

Anthuriums have a shiny appearance, blooming a thick-petaled, colourful flower, adding an fresh pop of colour to a minimalist space. For a visual statement place a single Anthurium plant in the centre of your table or a series of different coloured plants along your window sill. 

English Ivy

English Ivy in a pot
indoor English Ivy on the wall

Creepers provide a fresh and lively addition to a living room, offering versatility through their hanging or standing display. English Ivy is best known for it's air filtering and purifying properties, alongside it's sunny green leaves. 

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