40 Contemporary Living Room Ideas

contemporary elegance living room design

When it comes to small scale renovations, the living room is a space that should be prioritised as it becomes a home's focal room, hosting entertainment, relaxation and family time.  Prominent trends seen in contemporary living spaces include minimalist, monochrome and functional designs and features. Thankfully, we've moved on from thick carpets, eclectic colours, excessive florals and ornamental clutter. 

If you are looking for living room ideas and inspiration for your new home, or need new concepts for your living room renovations, look no further, as we've compiled 40 of our favourite contemporary living room ideas. 

1. Stripped Floors

One of our favourite trends seen in modern living room interiors are stripped floors. Enhance your pristine, high quality timber flooring, or hardwoord laminate with neutral accent rugs or ceramic tiles. 

natural colours living room

2. Shades of White

White living rooms are classic, current, and still preferred by many. Consider a white colour scheme when repainting this room, or perhaps introduce white with your leather upholstery. 

white and airy living room design

3. Bigger Windows

Modern living rooms are made more spacious with larger, wider windows. Focusing on clean lines and clear panes will create a timeless and classic appeal. 

simple opulence living room design

4. Rustic Inspiration

Adding a rustic feature to your living room decor will hint on a country chic aesthetic.  We love the modern feel of this unique and rustic chandelier, a welcomed change to crystal alternatives. 

rustic inspiration living room

5. Tamed Chandeliers

Chandeliers are still popular for living rooms, however intricate teardrops, curls and crystals are a thing of the past. Modern day chandeliers are simpler, concise, and functional, like this delicate lantern esque feature. 

tow storey lakehouse living room

6. Greys and Blues

The muted tones of blue and grey are very popular when it comes to modern interior design. Versatile in nature, a cool colour palette compliments the themes of industrial and minimalist spaces.

classy contemporary living room design

7. Repurposed Pieces

Give your living room character by adding one or two repurposed items.

repurposed crate box centre table

8. Dark Walls

Create a dramatic statement with a darker feature wall like  charcoal, navy, grey or black. 

dramatic matte grey walls

9. DressedUp ceilings

Floors and walls are not the only ways to create striking statements, why not create a sensational ceiling feature. 

upscale two storey living room

10.  A Green Corner

We've seen a real trend of indoor gardens especially throughout living spaces to lift monochrome colour themes and freshen the airflow.

posh minimalist living room

11.  Frameless Gallery

Heavy frames are out and frameless galleries are in. Bring the focus back to your photo with a setup similar to this. 

black and white wall photo gallery

12. Something Old

Pieces with history and character will give depth and personality to your contemporary living space. 

historical wall feature

13.  Muted Art

Conversational art pieces make great decor choices throughout the living room. We recommend selecting pieces that are interpretative and calming, think styles like abstract, monochrome and pieces with hushed colours. 

modern living room design

14. Splashes of Red

Red is a colour that is both loud and strong. Adding red accents to provide a pop of colour to the overall cool interior helps create a little drama without going over the top. 

luxurious grey living room

15. Industrial Lighting

A more masculine and structured lighting will create that industrial aesthetic. 

modern grey living room

16. Shelved Wall

Walls doubling as storage space are popular in apartments and smaller homes. Keep the lines clean and the clutter out.

upscale bachelor's living room

17. Horizontal Lines

Create a more spacious looking living room by highlighting horizontal lines. 

well-lighted classy living room

18. Orange Delight

Corals, apricots, and poppies are cheerful shades of orange that compliment neutral tones within your living room.

chic city apartment living room

19. Natural Lighting and Skylights

Open up your living space by introducing soft and natural light with wide windows and skylights. Perfection!

stylish living room with skylight

20. Bare Walls

Proving you don't need to dress up a wall to create a statement. 

white and grey modern living room

21. Print Clash

When it comes to soft furnishings, a clash of prints in similar colour palettes creates a visually interesting statement.

chic throw pillows

22. Bursts of Lemon

Charming lemon accents save the room from looking dull and dreary. Keep remaining decor muted and neutral to get the best effect.

modern artisan's living room

23. Writings on the Wall

Let your walls speak with a printed message.

statement walls

24.  Minimalist Shelving

The less, the better. Floating shelves are often painted to disappear into the wall to create that minimalist statement. 

cosy grey living room design

25. Neutral Curtains

Solid and muted colours are the theme of modern living room curtains.

modern sophisticated living room

26. Charcoal Themes

The most prevalent colour scheme of today’s living rooms is grey and charcoal – often complement by white, blue, or green.

space efficient modern living room

27. Neutral Rugs

Bare floors and neutral rugs make a great combination, when paired in modern living spaces.  Choose thinner rugs with muted designs and neutral colours.

classic charm in natural colors

28. Comfortable Sofas

Huge leather sofas and French settees are taken over by the more sensible and comfortable modular sofa. Popular colours include white, black, greys, blues, and charcoal shades. 

cosy apartment living room

29. Wall Decals

Wall decals offer a great alternative to wall paper and feature walls and are easy to remove and change. 

contemporary living room with wall decals

30. Recessed Lighting

Let your lighting highlight different interest spots by implementing recessed lighting. 

modern symmetrical living room

31. Fresh Centrepieces

Fresh blooms or a leafy plants in the centre of the room injects a bright spot of colour and lifts up the overall mode of the room. 

lovely living room with lilies

32. Glass Walls

Open up your space with a glass wall window display. 

contemporary sunken living room

33. Sleek Modern Fireplaces

Large cumbersome fireplaces are replaced with sleek and clean modern fireplaces.

double sided glass fireplace

34. Earthy Tones

You can rely on earthy tones to transcend the trends. Incorporate whites, greys, browns, blues, and greens throughout your interior design. 

spacious country manor living room

35. A Bit of the Sea

Touches of teals, marine, and turquoise bring in refreshing ocean tones. 

quaint and cosy seaside living room

36. Natural Elements

Stay away from unnatural decors and accents. Natural elements like coppers, silver, wood, stone, and gold are elegant and classy.

natural elements wall decor

37. A Touch of Purple

The colour purple adds an opulent and regal touch to a neutral room. 

capricious and regal living room design

38. A Bricked Wall

Create an industrial, loft feel with a brick feature wall. The red tone seen in household bricks will bring warmth to your living room.

classic country living room design

39. Black Accents

Black accents create a dramatic statement throughout a room, whilst providing an elegant and timeless appeal. 

dramatic colours for living room

40. Contemporary Wall Features

A geometric inbuilt feature wall will create a modern focal point within your living space. 

modern living room decor

Have you decided on your living room inspiration? Do you have any amazing contemporary living room idea that we haven't covered? Why not discuss it on our RenoForum!