55 Functional and Inspired Kitchen Island Ideas and Designs

modern kitchen island with dining area

Islands are integral part of kitchens. They are usually placed in the centre of the kitchen, and are functional additions that provides extra counter space and storage. Kitchen islands are also the focal point of the kitchen design. Here are some functional and inspired kitchen island ideas and designs you can copy for your own kitchen plan or upgrade;

1.       Rolling Island

Who said kitchen islands have to be secured to the floor? This modern home features an open plan and a kitchen island with wheels. Ingenious idea for room flexibility and space maximisation.

large airy kitchen with wheeled island

2.       Elegant Breakfast Nook

Instead of a bar, install a breakfast nook in front of your kitchen island. This space-saving idea will work well in apartments. Who needs another room for dining when you can have your meals right in the kitchen?

classy kitchen with integrated breakfast nook

3.       Hideaway Bench Seating

Update your kitchen design by taking out the clutter and going for the cleaner lines. This creative idea of a pull out bench gives you a neat kitchen island and a seating when needed. Saves space too!

kitchen island with hideaway bench

4.       Modern Zen

Minimalism has taken interior design by storm. Lucky for us, it is functional, efficient, and beautiful. This Zen kitchen has minor trimmings and bluff, but is big on functionality, minimalist design, and efficiency.

modern rustic and minimalist kitchen

5.       Island and Diner

This is another smart and inspired way of saving space. Incorporate your daily dining area with the kitchen island! This modern kitchen island is kitchen on one end and dining table on the other. The seamless design offers flexibility of use.

modern minimalist kitchen

6.       Square and Spacious

When you need major countertop space, get this square kitchen island design. It can also serve as your informal dining area or the buffet table when entertaining.

elegant modern kitchen with square island

7.       Reclaimed Wood Planks

Give your kitchen some character with reclaimed wood planks. Let the natural grains of the planks add a warm rustic touch to the modern room.

small rustic mini bar

8.       Cooler Insert

Why do you need to hide the wine when you can have them on the table? Well, on this case, on the kitchen island. Just insert a wine or beer cooler, fill with ice, chill the wine and you’re ready to party!

kitchen counter with wine coller inserts

9.       Modern White Gloss

Among the best kitchen island ideas and designs is this no fuss style with this modern white gloss kitchen island. Keep it simple, modern, and striking.

contemporary minimalist white kitchen

10.   Wine Centre

Gone are the days of the musty wine cellars! Keep your drinks in the room and within easy reach with this under-the-counter wine centre. The kitchen island is perfect for that purpose.

under the counter wine rack and cooler

11.   Cutlery Keepers

The kitchen island is perfect for this sleek and modern cutlery organiser. For those who wants to have a place for everything and hates rummaging through drawers, use the ample space under your kitchen island as cutlery keeper.

kitchen cutlery organiser drawer

12.   Farmhouse Kitchen Island

What can be a charming and quirky addition to a modern kitchen? How about a rustic farmhouse kitchen island? Charming? Yes. Quirky? Definitely!

modern farmhouse kitchen

13.   Functional Efficiency

Adding major functionality features to your kitchen island is sensible. Under the counter is perfect for storage, organising, and small appliance niche. This swing out garbage bin is well-placed – hidden and accessible.

kitchen island with swing out garbage bin

14.   Pet Feeding Station

Are you wondering where to place your pet’s feeding bowls and kibbles? This is the perfect solution! One end of your kitchen island is ideal for a pet feeding station. Bowls fixed at the bottom and drawers for the food at the top.

butcher's block kitchen island with pet feeding station

15.   Smooth Curve

When you think you can abide with the stark minimalism of modern designs, inject a healthy dose of drama into your kitchen with this curved island. Keep the rest simple to get the balance of things.

elegant kitchen with curved island counter

16.   Narrow and Open

Want an island but your kitchen is too small? The solution is a narrow and open island. This simply constructed island lets you keep the fluidity of the room with the open drawers, and enjoy the additional counter space too.

charming cottage kitchen

17.   Dinnerware Storage Drawers

The ample space under your kitchen island is also ideal for storing heavy and delicate China and dinnerware. It is safer to store and retrieve heavy objects from lower cabinets or drawers.

dinnerware drawers kitchen island organiser

18.   Island and Bench

Do you have young kids who would rather hear stories while cuddled up than perched on bar stools? Love cooking as much as you love reading? Do not let your kitchen work stop you from doing things you love. Build a bench for that!

kitchen island with bench

19.   Bare Wood Planks

Add a serious breath of rustic air into your modern kitchen with this wood panelled kitchen island. Keep the wood rough and bare, its warm tones contrasting the cool white, black, and grey of the room.

contemporary kitchen with wooden island

20.   U-Shaped Gathering Island

This U-shaped kitchen island is made for gathering and entertaining. The design provides lots of counter space. Ideal for large families, serious chefs, and people who loves entertaining.

spacious U-shaped kitchen island

21.   Brick Kitchen Island

Warm bricks facing gives this kitchen island an impressive affluent feel! Keep the rest of the room toned down to contrast the wild texture and hues of the bricks.

rustic kitchen with brick island and backsplash

22.   Book Shelves

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, not just cooking or eating, but also other things like chatting, studying, creating meal plans, budgeting, and working. Yes, we need book shelves in the kitchen.

mini library in the kitchen

23.   Rough Hewn Wood Countertop

This walnut kitchen island countertop is a show stopper. The natural cambers, rich grains, and warm tone of the walnut slab is allowed to shine and capture the essence of this creation – naturally stunning!

walnut wood slab kitchen island counter

24.   Luxurious Mable Island

Go fabulously sumptuous with this all marble kitchen island. The simple construction let the marble’s natural vein patterns take centre stage.  Simply exquisite!

fabulous kitchen with luxurious marble

25.   Modern Rustic

Rough stone tiles for floors, vintage lighting and seating, stone countertops, weathered wood panelling, and natural tones, and stark kitchen design. Sensible and beautiful.

modern rustic kitchen design

26.   Storage Shelves

Not much overhead cabinet space? No problem, you got the kitchen island. Use up part of the under-the-counter space for some open shelves or cabinets.

elegant and modern kitchen

27.   Upcycled Pallet Island

Cool DIY kitchen island idea! Just clean up some wood pallets, put them together, and paint. The in-between space are great for additional storage and kitchen organising.

re purposed wood pallet kitchen island

28.   Penta Counter

Regular shapes aren’t just good enough? How about this pentagon island counter? Smart idea if you have a corner kitchen.

classy kitchen with pentagon shaped island

29.   Pull-out Work Table

When kitchen counter space are premium, this pull out work table will provide additional work area without crowding your kitchen. Just stow it under the island when not in use.

pull out kitchen work table

30.   Modern Chic

This unique kitchen island design is sensible as it is stylish. The construction is no-nonsense – clean lines, practical, and efficient. The patterns of the weathered wood is played up by the rug, chic and classy!

chic apartment kitchen

31.   Strategic Lighting

Lead the eye where you want it to be. This kitchen clearly wants to highlight its island. Its simple construction underscores sophistication and refined styling.

ultra modern kitchen with strategic lighting

32.   Dry Storage Drawers

Efficiency in the kitchen is a must, thus things are given a specific place, ideally within easy reach from where it is needed. Putting dry storage drawers in the kitchen island is smart, as this is where you usually work on meal preparations.

dry produce kitchen drawer storage

33.   Small and Efficient

This kitchen island is so small, yet unbelievably efficient. Every nook and cranny counts!

small and efficient kitchen island

34.   Vintage Sideboard Island

A vintage sideboard turned kitchen island! Of course, you can’t possibly throw away such treasure, but, use in the kitchen? Yes, yes, yes!

vintage sideboard turned kitchen island

35.   Modern Storage System

This kitchen island is wholly used as the kitchen storage system. Given its accessibility and space, this is indeed one of the best kitchen island ideas and designs.

modern kitchen organiser drawers

36.   Patterned Tile Facing

Give you kitchen a dash of Moroccan styling. The patterned Moroccan tiles of the kitchen island works well with the subway tile walls and stark simplicity of the kitchen design.

modern Moroccan style kitchen

37.   Sleek White

A kitchen island is a construction in the middle of your kitchen that gives you additional work space, a convenient dining area, and maybe some storage space underneath. This white kitchen island is just that – sleek, simple, and efficient.

small and modern white kitchen

38.   Butcher’s Block Countertop

This is a classic and one of the most popular kitchen island ideas and designs. Practical, works with any kitchen design, and beautiful without being ostentatious.

classic butcher's block countertop island

39.   Microwave Niche

Creating specific place for everything will help clear out your kitchen counter of clutter and things. This microwave niche is sensible, accessible, and just perfect.

under the counter microwave niche

40.   Rustic Scandinavian

Why settle for an island when you can have this incredible structure? The kitchen island is fitted with solid wood post and beam, wood countertop, and eclectic seating. Boho flair!

Bohemian style kitchen with wood beam

41.   Undercounter Fridge

Are you constantly running out of fridge space? No need to buy another refrigerator, you simply don’t have space for that. But you do have enough space in your kitchen island that you can convert into a cooling and storing system.

under the counter mini fridge

42.   Plain and Practical

Plain and practical doesn’t mean boring and drab. This is one of the most innovative kitchen island ideas and designs that captured both beauty in its simplicity.          

Scandinavian style kitchen

43.   Classy X-Form Island

The X-form kitchen island is a classic and still is one of the classiest kitchen island ideas and designs. Upgrade your entire kitchen but keep your X-form kitchen island for an utterly refined air.

elegant kitchen with black island

44.   White and Wood

Modern and simple. Beautiful and sensible. This white on wood kitchen design is a favourite for kitchen renovations and upgrades.

minimalist white and wood kitchen

45.   Lowered Counter

Young kids in the house means no high stools and seats. You can keep your kitchen island and bar, just lower the counter to meet safer seats for your kids. Smart parenting? Smart idea.

modern kitchen

46.   Grey Weathered Wood Island

Love this cool seaside cottage style kitchen. The weathered grey kitchen island, vintage lighting, and hood add a healthy dose of rustic, nicely complementing the clean white walls and shiny appliances.

seaside house style kitchen

47.   Pull-out Spice Organiser

Keep your spices near the stove and dining area. The kitchen island is perfect for a pull-out spice organiser – small bottles to use up that odd space and easily accessible.

pull out spice organiser kitchen island

48.   Rustic Farmhouse Inspired

This is a farmer’s kitchen. Re-create the same homey and charming air in any kitchen by adding a lot of farmhouse trappings – the roughhewn kitchen island, wicker baskets, vintage lamps, and bare walls.

rustic farmhouse kitchen

49.   Black Modern

Never been a black kitchen so brightening! This no frill contemporary kitchen design features basic colours, minimalism, and a fascinating blend of rustic. The simple black kitchen island is complemented with the stools of lighter tones.

minimalist black and wood kitchen

50.   Metallic Upgrade

This is one fabulous kitchen island! Make the most out of your smallish kitchen by adding in a lot of metallic embellishments. Use gleaming metallic tones like gold, chrome, copper, and silver as much as you dare.

urbane apartment kitchen

51.   Contemporary Island Design

Nothing seemed impossible with the latest kitchen island ideas and designs. This unique kitchen island features floating shelves in front, and a dining area at one end. It looks amazing, and the design works!

modern kitchen island with dining area

52.   Modern Grey Minimalist

Update your kitchen by modernising the island. The walls, ceiling, floor, and even the drop lights all look charming, yet antiquated. The style is balanced by the sleek and modern minimalist kitchen island.

vintage apartment kitchen

53.   The Caddy Island

This small kitchen island with wheels is perfect when you want flexibility of your space. Best for apartments where space is premium. Use the island when cooking, and roll to one side when partying.

small kitchen island with wheels

54.   Romantic Spanish Villa

Add the idyllic charm of the old Spanish country home kitchen with this functional and practical kitchen island. Drawers at the top and shelves underneath. This is one delightfully hardworking kitchen where good food, happy times, and lovely memories are made.

classic spanish villa kitchen

55.   Polished Metal Clad Island

Take out the frill then add some sheen. That’s how you upgrade a boring, confused, or dated kitchen. The copper tone is beautiful as it is interesting.

white and copper modern kitchen island

Do you have any functional, inspired, and incredible kitchen island designs and ideas to add? Why not discuss it on our RenoForum!