Shelving Styles for Contemporary Spaces

When it comes to contemporary interior design trends, shelving has become more than just a savvy storage option, creating a strong, visual statement in any given room. Whether you are displaying your personal library of glossy books, quirky collectables or indoor planters, avoid generic shelving options and instead try something creative and bold, like the following styles. 


Geometric shapes and patterns have become a key feature of modern, minimalist homes, creating a bold, eccentric statement within a neutral space. Using geometric style shelving will create a strong focal point within your space using crisp, clean and sharp lines. The combination of different shapes and forms will also make for a more spacious storage option. Keep the framework simple, opting for white or natural timber frames and fill with colourful, decorative pieces, floral planters and antique jars.  

Renoguide Geometric Shelving
Renoguide Geometric Shelving


Rugged in nature, industrial shelving offers a masculine edge to a living space, creating a strong and sturdy mounting to display your favourite books. Popular materials include urban wood, steel pipes and wrought iron. 

RenoGuide Industrial Shelving
RenoGuide Industrial Shelving


Create a homely shelving system with the use of a standing ladder positioned against the wall. Whitewash timber creates a soft, contrast against neutral walls and adds to the rustic appeal of  this makeshift shelving. The beauty of this option is that you can move and reposition this shelving whenever you like. 

RenoGuide Ladder Shelving


Bracket shelving has an open and organised aesthetic and allows for maximum storage. The benefit of this shelving system is that they are structured and sturdy in design, thereby able to hold a decent weight. 

Hanging Shelving

Hanging shelves create a modern and spacious feel throughout a space, whilst being gentle and delicate in nature. Suspend light collectables like photo frames, trinkets, candles and smaller vases. Embrace a nautical theme by selecting shelving with rope detailing.

RenoGuide Hanging Shelving
RenoGuide Hanging Shelving

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