Easy Fixes to Modernise Dated Stairs

Are you stuck with an outdated set of stairs? While many stair designs have proven timeless, some no longer fit in the present home styles. As stairs are usually the focal point of your foyer, your entire home can really be judged by the look and condition of your stairs. It is but natural that you want to make sure that your home is well represented by the stairs. And stair renovations in Brisbane are popular.

For any construction work, it is always recommended that you consult with the experts and professional renovators. To get you started on your next project, here are some easy fixes and ideas on how to modernise your stairs;


Remove the Carpet

Flush and carpeted stairs were popular a couple of decades ago. The thicker the carpet, the better. Modern homes are leaning towards cleaner lines and less fuss. You can easily update your stairs by simply stripping off the carpet and show the hardwood beneath. You might need to scrape off and sand away years of accumulated grime before you get to the natural wood pattern.

Timber Stairs


If your stairs have good wood quality and a good character, you might only need to give it a nice makeover stain. Staining is an easy solution to refresh faded, chipped, uneven toned, and out of style stairs. A new coat of stain and burnish will highlight the natural markings of the wood. An interior decorator or renovator in Brisbane can help you choose the new shade that will complement your home.


Upgrade the handrails

Replace dated handrails with more modern styles. Carved and chunky wood handrails have long been outdated. Contemporary options include wrought iron, or wood railings that are simple and minimalistic in style. Horizontal cables also give the modern minimalistic vibe. Another great option is to use glass for the railings.


Add lights

Adding lights to your stairs is really a good safety improvement. You eliminate the hazards of stumbling down unlighted stairs or the hassle of fumbling for the switch. This is especially advantageous to families with children and elderlies. Low lights placed strategically under the steps provide the necessary illumination while giving out a contemporary air.  

Lights Stairs

Get creative on the risers

The risers are the vertical flat portion of the stairs. This is the part that is most visible to the eye when the person is downstairs. Make this your canvass to innovate your stairs. You can add tiles, wall paper, stickers, stencil, or just paint it. You can go colourful, eclectic, classic, playful, and just about any way you please. The good thing is that you can always change your mind and do another remodel anytime.

Dress up the wall or underneath the stairs

Your stairs looks okay, and you don’t really want to change it. But still want to improve it? Work on the wall or the under-the-stairs area. Take out the boring, musty, and faded old pictures in outdated frames on the wall and replace them with fun and contemporary pictures, stencil, or wall decals. Instead of the usual brooms and supply room, you can use the space under the stairs as a tuck-away home office or a mini bar. It is also a good spot for memorabilia shelves.

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