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75 Modern Rustic Ideas and Designs

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Can opposites really work into one design theme? Apparently, the modern rustic ideas and designs are one of the top favourite of today’s homes. The contemporary clean lines, minimalist themes are being paired with the warm and charming rustic styles. The result? A fashionably chic design with all the modern trappings and one that exudes the air and charms of home.

1.       Metal and Rope Lamps

Complement wood plank walls with edgy metal light pendants. The sisal ropes add a nautical mysterious look.

2.       Wood Beams

How do you warm up a laid back Hamptons living room? Add solid wood beams, rustic decors, and a rough wood centre table.

3.       Barn Wood Table

Add something warm and interesting to the clean and minimalist kitchen. This barn wood dining table looks a hundred years old, and have a lot of stories to share!

4.       Reclaimed Wood Wall Feature

Turn a basic modern bedroom into something unique and unforgettable. Install reclaimed wood pallets into one wall and maybe on the bed frame too.

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5.       Wood Slab Console

One of the top modern rustic ideas is the inclusion of distinctive bare wood pieces. Chic, creative, rustic. This solid wood console saves the room from being too bland, too generic.

6.       Washed Out Wood Plank Floors

Remove the carpet and let your hardwood floors breathe and show its natural texture.

7.       Sliding Barn Door

Bring the farm into your home with this sliding barn door. The natural wood grains of this bathroom door is a feature of its own. Sliding doors are ideal for space challenged homes.

8.       Kitchen Crate Storage

Can’t take out the farm off you? You can bring in a dash of idyllic farm life with this rustic kitchen detail.

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9.       Bare Wood Wall Feature

Bare wood planks installed to the wall add lots of character to a modern minimalist room. Keep it clean and smooth to complement the overall neat look.

10.   Modern Wood Centre Table

This extraordinary centre table is also a lamp! The design elements is just astounding, unique, and beautiful.

11.   Wood Slab Kitchen Island

Imagine this room without that gorgeous, chic, and eye-catching kitchen island countertop? Bland? Forgettable? Now, find a slab for your kitchen! 

12.   Solid Beam Stairs

This solid beam wood stairs is the epitome of modern rustic design. Clean lines and minimalism are modern elements, while the warm burnished wood grains are nothing but rustic.

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13.   Modern White and Wood Kitchen

This is a very modern kitchen – with its minimalist, earth tones, and non-fussy elements. Add bare wood panelling and you have a good dose of rustic charm.

14.   Bathroom Wood Shelf

This DIY bathroom shelve is easy to create, really eye-catching, small enough to easily fit any bathroom wall space, and packs a lot of charm.

15.   Rough Wood and Metal Table

Something rough and something polished. Part modern and part rustic. This dining table has enough character to highlight your dining room.

16.   Minimalist Bathroom Sink

This spa inspired minimalist bathroom is both contemporary and rustic. The sleek and bare wooden sink is complemented by the bare concrete walls and floors.

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17.   Chevron Arrow Wall Feature

The easiest modern rustic ideas and design inspirations are often the most creative. These chevron arrow wall feature is easy to do and gives your hall or living room that instant rustic allure.

18.   Wood Stools and Island Siding

Add a good dose of wooden charm to your rather plain and modern kitchen. Warm wood panels and wooden bar stools are all you need to lift up an ordinary kitchen.

19.   Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

This bathroom inspires rustic homes and the highlands. You can have your own farmhouse bathroom with weathered wood floors and door, exposed beams, and stone walls.

20.   Minimalist Wood Bench

Stylish and modern. Creative and rustic. Very interesting piece that would add fascination to any room in the house.

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21.   Exposed Wood Beams

Exposed wood beams are attractive as it is sensible. Most homes need beams, and while it’s there, might as well use them as a design feature too! This is among the very popular modern rustic ideas and designs.

22.   Bare Wood Ceiling

Can’t be without your carpets? Then put your hardwood floors up! This bare wood ceiling is inspired and just as good in infusing the room with rustic appeal.

23.   Rustic Wood Lamps

This rustic wood lamp can easily transform any modern and stony room into a welcoming haven. The warm glow highlights the natural wood grains, making this piece one of a kind design coup.

24.   Wood and Stone Pavers

These are ceramic tiles designed to look like driftwood and pebble stone pavers. You are able to get the old rustic look, with the convenience and durability of ceramic.

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25.   Dark Wood Kitchen

Bare walls and shiny kitchen appliances speak of modern designs. Walnut cabinets, wood countertops, and hardwood floors are all rustic. Perfect combination.

26.   Textured Wood Feature

Bring in a good dose of individuality, character, and rustic allure into your bedroom. This repurposed wood feature offsets the bare walls and floors, and gives personality to the room.

27.   Log Outdoor Lights

Give your yard the look and magic of the woodland. These log outdoor lights bring out the mysterious forest allure and the adorable rustic touch.

28.   Carved Wood Sink Vessel

Create your own spa bathroom with this awesome, very rustic, and ingenious carved wood sink vessel.

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29.   Farmhouse Dining Table

This table simply takes the centre stage!  Amidst all the white, polished, and clean elements in the room, the table’s rough, warm, and unpolished beauty shines through!

30.   Natural Elements

Bring in a lot of natural elements to warm up a cold and too clean room. The weave basket, braided hemp, and jute rug features give the room a lot of cosy feels.

31.   Scrap Wood Wall Feature

Get your rustic inspirations from least expected sources. Turn junk into something beautiful, like this wall with wood scraps! Very rustic, very creative.

32.   Wood Outdoor Planters

Instead of the plain black or white modern giant planters, go for the rustic wood boxes. The easy to do DIY are just as attractive and chic. It might even save you some dollars!

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33.   Modern Rustic Breakfast Nook

This smooth cedar wood breakfast nook is worth waking up to, every day! Cosy enough for your cuppa and eggs, and with a nice view to boot!

34.   Modern Kitchen Island

Modern rustic ideas and designs are popular in apartment kitchens. Modern elements – clean lines and efficient design are complemented with a dash of rustic for charm.

35.   Drift Wood Floating Shelves

Unpolished drift wood shelves give your kitchen a good dose of character. Interesting and attractively rough feature to take a break from the orderly and unfussy modern design.

36.   Wood Pallet Bathroom Walls

Repurposed pallets make a remarkable bathroom wall. Wood pallet walls serve the décor to this industrial styled bathroom with bare concrete walls and floors, and rudimentary plumbing and shelves.

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37.   Driftwood Lamp

Any room with light up with warmth with this chic and gorgeous drift wood lamp.

38.   Tree Branch Room Divider

Add a touch of woodlands with a tree branch room divider and natural jute rug. From mundane to extraordinary!

39.   Modern Rustic Garden

Tame and keep your garden clean and orderly with concreate blocks and modern landscaping. Keep it warm and welcoming with a rustic fence, wood detail, and a fire pit!

40.   Weathered Wood Backsplash

This ceramic tile splashback is designed to look like weathered wood planks. It gives your kitchen the desired rustic touch without the maintenance ease of ceramic.

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41.   Birch Log Centre Table

Creative and unique! This is a totally inspired rustic feature, only for the really, truly creatures of the land.

42.   Modern Rustic House Number

Little details give huge design impression. This modern and very rustic house number is eye-catching, contemporary, and stylish.

43.   Reclaimed Hardwood Floors

A modern rustic look is best for your beachfront home. Bare, minimal, and designs that banks on the natural beauty of bare wood and the environment.

44.   Wood and Rebar Railing

Get the forest cottage vibe with this solid log and rebar railing. Rough and strong elements with a lot of character!

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45.   Reclaimed Wood Mirror Frame

Got some rough and pitted logs ready for disposal? Hold off, you might also have a mirror that needs dressing up! Just clean, burnish, and you have a gorgeous rustic mirror.

46.   Log Coffee Table

Easily revive a boring modern living or dining room by bringing in a log! This log coffee table is so out of its elements, so unexpected, and so chic it’s the design highlight of the room!

47.   Wood Slab Light Fixture

This beautiful wood slab with all its natural curves and pattern truly enlightens the room! Choose basic light bulbs and keep the attention where is should be.

48.   Reclaimed Wood Pallet Wall

Hee-haw! You don’t have to work or live in a farm to have this gorgeous modern cowboy’s or cowgirl’s room! Just line a wall with reclaimed wood pallets, you’re set!

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49.   Solid Wood Shelves

Give your bathroom a cool sea vibe with this modern rustic detailing. The rough solid wood shelves remind you of smooth driftwoods, you can almost hear the crashing waves.

50.   Modern and Rustic Outdoor Space

Create your own cosy outdoor living space with rough wood seats, pallet wood tables, and grass weave rugs. Perfect for lazy afternoons and warm nights!

51.   Reclaimed Pallet Wall

Relieve a severely modern and barely decorated hall with a rustic wall. No need to add colours or furnishings, let the natural wood tones speak volumes.

52.   Modern Farmhouse

Enjoy the modern amenities and comfort, but keep the warmth and spirit of the old farmhouse. Exposed beams and a natural wood dining table lend the rustic charm.

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53.   Modern White Pergola

Give your outdoor space a touch of rustic with this bare wood furniture set, rough stone floor, and white pergola.

54.   Repurposed Pallet Side Table

Create your own rustic furniture from wood pallets. This handsome side table is made from repurposed pallets and can give your bedroom or living room an interesting point.

55.   Lattice Wood Room Divider

This lattice wood divider is perfect for large modern rooms that need a nice rustic touch. Gives the interesting design detail, while keeping things clean and uncluttered.

56.   Branch Bed Posts

Why endure plain bare bed posts when you can have branch bed posts? Every bedroom deserved a creative and inspired design.

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57.   Bared Floors

Time to remove the carpets and let the wood floor shine. Let the room glow with the natural rustic wood grains of polished floors and staircase.

58.   Modern Rustic Pergola

A wood stump for pergola post, modern sofa, clean lines, and rough wood for centre table. This pergola is the perfect amalgamation of the modern design and rustic impressions.

59.   Upcycled Crate Organisers

This seriously inspired home office feature upcycled crates as organisers and stand holding the wood plank desk.

60.   Tree Stump Tables

Up the rusticity of your home design with tree stumps! This modern living room enjoys the creativity and natural charm of tree stump tables.  

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61.   Weathered Wood Walls

Get on the modern weathered chic style and win! Keep things trendy with uncluttered lines and earth tones, while injecting a lot of edgy style by adding weathered wood panels.

62.   Rustic Bathroom Sink Cabinet

This bathroom style is very energizing as it is rustic. Design is kept muted and basic in order to highlight the farmhouse charm of the wooden bathroom sink cabinet and the old-fashioned brass fittings.

63.   Wood Slice Floating Shelves

These lovely and fun floaters can be installed in any room in the house that need shelves! Keep the tree bark for its fascinating design.

64.   Rustic Bed Frame

If you can’t easily change the room, just bring in furniture to achieve that idyllic and relaxing rustic air. This bedroom only need a rustic bad frame to match the exposed beams.

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65.   Modern Rustic Deck

Creating modern rustic ideas and designs in modern homes is easy. This modern everyday deck is made remarkable by the attractive reed lamp shade and enchantingly patterned dining set.

66.   White Oak Planter Holders

Bring in these Scandinavian oak planter holders to showcase your indoor plants and to inject a nice rustic air into the room.

67.   Raw Wood and Black Tiles

Raw wood and black tiles in your kitchen gives off a very masculine and modern style. Rustic and unforgettably stylish.

68.   Burlap Curtains

Burlap as curtains? Why not! This humdrum room corner gets a lot of rustic styling gain from the charming burlap curtain and white wicker baskets.

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69.   Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are charming, pretty, and effective organising tools for any room in the house. Adding few baskets to your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or the library also gives the room a lovely rustic ambiance.

70.   Modern Rustic Bathroom

When contemporary trends lean to the more basic and least fussy, a nice wood wall is a sight to behold. Relieve the harsh concrete floors and the unadorned walls with the natural patterns of wood.

71.   Wood Barrel Soaking Tub

Add a homey touch of rustic to your city apartment bathroom by adding this charming wood barrel soaking tub.

72.   Reclaimed Driftwood Bar

Got a kitchen corner that needs a few nice touches? Add a driftwood breakfast bar. A little rough in the edges, but still as good-looking as and much more alluring than most bars you can get.

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73.   Charming Rustic Porch

The mat, the swing, and the basket accent! The muted colours of the walls and ceiling are perfect background for the vivid tones of the décor. This porch is a beauty as it is welcoming.

74.   Bare Wood Staircase

This is a very rustic solid wooden stairs! Ditch the carpet and let the natural wood patterns shine. The matching handrail completes the look.

75.   Rustic Pavilion and Swing

Build and enjoy this relaxing and rustic outdoor living space. The pavilion will keep you snug and warm when it rains, and cool during hot days. Perfect for your garden, deck, or as a rooftop retreat.  

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Do you have any awesome modern rustic ideas and designs to add? Why not discuss it on our RenoForum!