50 Moroccan Interior Design Ideas

Create your own Moroccan haven by injecting vibrant colour, exotic patterning and luxurious texture into your interior design with the following 50 ideas!

1. Blue Shades and Patterns

This room exudes a style that is distinctly Moroccan with the cool blue shades of the ocean and intricate patterning. 

2. Medallion Headboard

Add a touch of exotic to a plain white bedroom with an elaborate medallion headboard and matching bed covers.

3. Modern Moroccan Tiles

Add a little dose of stylish and modern Moroccan to your patio with these patterned tiles.

4. Moroccan Blue Detailing

It's amazing just how much a splash of blue really pops in an all white interior. 

5. Ornate bathroom

While on the dramatic side, this teal and black colour palette carries the mysterious, striking, and stimulating style of Morocco. 

6. Geometric Throw Pillows

Pile in plush throw pillows with classic Moroccan patterns as a means of exotic detail. 

7. Accent Lamps

Accent lamps are integral to Moroccan interior design ideas. These opulent lighting ideas looks just as great inside as they look outside. 

8. Modern Mid East

Touch upon a more modern look by selecting bright patterns with monochrome touches and unique lighting ideas.  

9.  Shaggy Rugs

Forget commercially manufactured carpet and rugs. Shaggy rugs are uniquely Moroccan and add a lot more character to a room.

10. Moorish Trellis Blue Tiles

Sophisticated, discreet, and exceptionally beautiful with a Moroccan influence. 

11. Rich Metallic Fabric

Forget cotton and wool. Infuse a lot of Arab charm and opulence to your bedroom, living room, or dining room by using rich metallic fabric.  

12. Purple Hanging Lanterns

Moroccan hanging lanterns are attractive as they are functional. Hang few lanterns where you want to illuminate as well as add charm and individuality.

13. Colourful Candle Holders

The best interior design ideas are focused on one focal element in the room. These colourful handmade candle holders can instantly light up a room!

14. Mosaic Bookshelves

These bookshelves are modern and Moroccan at the same time. Striking and well-designed too!

15. Moroccan Skyline Decal

A distinctive skyline decal and a solid bright Moroccan orange are all you need in most great interior design ideas.

16. Metal Candle Holders

Mysteriously beautiful, and distinctively Moroccan.

17. Classic Leather Ottoman Pouf

Another classic Moroccan item is the round leather ottoman pouf. Add a couple poufs to a room for that Mid-Eastern vibe.

18. Modern Moroccan Blues

Tame the wild bright blues with cool ashy greys. The streamlined interiors are modern, but the poufs and rich rugs are uniquely Moroccan.

19. Kitchen Cabinet Detailing

A delightful touch of detailing transform this kitchen from ordinary to special.

20. A Touch of Gypsy

Capture an exotic, old world Moroccan theme with these homely Marrakech curtains. 

21. Metal Trays

You only need to add few Moroccan metal trays to give any room a unique and warm personality.

22. Wall Tile Mural

Authentic Moroccan interior design ideas are openly opulent, wildly colourful, and beautifully detailed. This wall is all that.

23. Moroccan Floor Tiles

Interesting Moorish patterned floor tiles give this bathroom a warm and fascinating touch of the East.

24. Brass Vintage Chandelier

Moroccan hanging lamps come in many interesting shapes and intricate patterns. This round brass vintage piece captures the sophistication of the room.

25. Outdoor Lamps

Moroccan lamps are designed to cast interesting patterns when lighted. These outdoor lamps can also give any indoor room a touch of playful mystery.

26. Relaxed Modern

Want an amazingly gorgeous yet relaxing room? This white, blue, and silver ensemble both have the beautiful Moroccan appeal and the light relaxing atmosphere of cotton whites.

27. Marrakech Wall Accents

Rich, exciting, and bold way to dress up a blank wall.

28. Frosted Star Chandelier

Add a conversational and sensational piece to any room. This frosted star chandelier is unique, classy, and simply divine.

29. Delicate Black and White Rug

Transform an understated room with a hint of the East. The delicate patterning seen throughout the floor rug infuses Moroccan spirit without detracting too much from the rest of the interior. 

30. Intricate Brass Curtain Ties

Attention to details! These brass tassel curtain ties have an opulent effect when draped around beautiful fabrics. 

31. Patterned Stencils

Eliminate bare walls and ordinary rooms with this intricate lace patterned stencil.

32. Rustic Moroccan Patio

Laid back doesn’t mean ordinary. This regular patio is transformed into an amazing Moroccan haven with exotic seating and opulent lighting. 

33. Hand painted Moroccan Pottery

All you need is one or two brightly coloured, authentic hand painted Moroccan pottery pieces to liven up a room.

34. Colourful Bedouin Weave

Bedouin weaves represent the people who makes them – colourful, rich, and splendid. 

35. Modern Moroccan Pendant Lights

These Moroccan pendant lights have a streamlined and old worldly feel. 

36. Luxurious Bathroom Basin

This embossed bronze basin is a discreet yet spectacular show of elegant opulence.

37. Carved Wooden Screens

Simple and graceful pieces are essential to classic interior design. This basic black screen is modest, yet dramatically in nature.

38. Quatrefoil Mirror Accent

Bold and cultured, prominent and fabulous. Moroccan classic.

39. White and Gold Moroccan Shower

Nothing quite says exotic like an embellished marble shower. Achieve a Eastern inspired bathroom with a Moorish Trellis feature.

40. Colours of Morocco

Express Moroccan flavour with a rich colour palette like burgundy, scarlet, marigold, tangerine and fuchsia. 

41. Contemporary Black Lantern

This intricate monochrome lantern exudes a modern, Moroccan flavour!

42. Bright Coloured Poufs

Inject a playful natural into your interior with these vibrant coloured poufs!

43. Moroccan Textured Cabinets

Trendy and tasteful. Turn a plain room into interesting space by adding delicate Moroccan patterns to the cabinet doors.

44. Plates on the Wall

Hang blue and white Moroccan plates on the wall and instantly add texture and personality to a modern room.

45. Gold and White Silhouette Pendant Light

Understated elegance at its best.

46. Ceramic Tile Wall Décor

An interesting amalgam of brightly coloured and uniquely designed ceramic tiles to make one striking wall décor.

47. Mirrors of Morocco

Add a touch of vintage grace with these Arabesque framed mirrors.  

48. Moroccan Silvers

Moorish silver ornaments and décor come elaborately patterned, carved, or embossed. Elegant and attractive with a lot of personality.

49. Patterned Backsplash Tile

The muted tones and fun shapes save this contemporary backsplash from being ordinary.

50. Floor Pillows

Make any room unmistakably Moroccan by throwing in few brightly coloured and interestingly patterned,  floor pillows.

Do you have any inspired interior design ideas to creatively combine the ancient Moroccan designs with the blunt modern styles? Why not discuss it on our RenoForum!