60 Ideas and Modern Designs with Bricks

charming apartment living room

Bricks have been with us since the medieval times. It is the most enduring construction materials because of its amazing characteristics that include durability, availability, flexibility and appealing flair. The use of bricks to incorporate character and allure to the sleek and modern designs is a popular trend. Here are our favourite ideas and modern designs with bricks.

1.       Red Brick Kitchen Accent Wall

A warm red brick wall perfectly foils the predominantly white colour scheme of this kitchen. The accent wall brings in an interesting facet to an otherwise lacklustre room.

contemporary kitchen with rough brick wall

2.       Rough and Rustic Bathroom

Rough stone bricks seamlessly complement the wood slab sink and vintage mirrors to create the ultimate rough country rustic.

rough and rustic bathroom

3.       Spanish Brick Floors

Warm, raw, and undeniably beautiful! Just like most ideas and modern designs with bricks, the unpolished brick floor evokes a lot of Spanish drama into the room.

hallway with warm red brick floor

4.       Whitewashed Brick Loft Walls

This bedroom is modern, comfortable, and stunning in its simplicity. The white painted floors and whitewashed brick walls denote an artistic and defiant spirit.

Bohemian apartment loft bedroom

5.       Rustic Brick Splashback

This elegant rustic kitchen showcases a herringbone brick splashback. The lightly whitewashed bricks are set in white cement, creating a warm and fascinating focal point of the room.

elegant rustic kitchen

6.       Tar Black Garden Wall

Add a tar black brick wall to your garden or patio! Black is the perfect background to bring out the brightest outdoor colours. No other colour can bring out the rich deep green the plants!

small backyard with black brick wall

7.       Red Brick Verandah Floor

Bricks are ideal outdoor flooring material. It is tough, eye-catching, and easy to maintain. The vintage colonial brick flooring sets off the bright white colour scheme of this verandah. The white curtains look refreshing and the sofa comfortable.

airy country verandah

8.       Pink Bathroom Walls

The Soho apartment style is very visible in this bathroom. Minimalist, efficient, industrial fittings, and the interesting pink-painted brick walls!

modern pink bathroom

9.       Mosaic Bathroom Wall

Are neutral colours too boring for you? Create a colourful bathroom hideaway with an incredible mosaic wall. A thousand of brightly hued glass bricks will turn a dreary bathroom into this exotic masterpiece.

mosiac brick accent bathroom wall

10.   Exposed Brick Ceilings

Take the brick designing up! This Soho apartment design is modern industrial for the walls, furnishing, and floor, and wildly unique and vintage for its ceiling.

Soho apartment with exposed brick ceiling

11.   Modern Entryway with a Touch of Brick

A touch of brick into your entryway intensifies the warmth and welcoming factor of your home. The weathered brick wall quietly adds an interesting element to the living space.

modern foyer with a brick wall

12.   Laidback Bohemian with Black Bricks

Celebrate free spirit and creativity with this cool and laid back living room inspiration. There is nothing like a black brick wall to bring out and let bright colours pop!

Bohemian living room with black wall

13.   Herringbone Brick Floor

Go for the classic and sophisticated look of the whitewashed brick floor. The herringbone pattern amps up the styling factor. Perfect for your kitchen, living room, verandah, deck, and outdoor living areas.

whitewashed herringbone brick floor

14.   Black Raw Bricks

Rough, polished, modern and masculine. This bathroom design of stone and glass successfully combined opposites – the rough and polished, medieval and modern, black and white.

modern black and white bathroom

15.   A Touch of Rustic with Brick Columns

One of the best ideas and modern designs with bricks uses bricks sparingly and wisely. Craftily add a touch of rustic flair to a modern room with brick columns. Interesting, dramatic, and tasteful. 

empty room with brick columns

16.   Brick Outdoor Shower

Create your own tropical paradise in your backyard. Dress up your outdoor shower with a rain shower head, tropical plants, and white bricks!

tropical outdoor shower

17.   A Hint of Brick

A hint of warm red bricks is enough to animate a very modern room. The raw and rough red brick back wall of an open cabinet is restrained yet powerful in playing up the cool and modern whiteness of the room.

white kitchen with red brick wall

18.   Industrial Brick Wall

How about a wall of industrial concrete bricks? Grey, unfinished, and modish. Complete the look with unfinished bare floors, minimal décor, and sleek industrial lighting.

contemporary industrial bed room

19.   The Eclectic Brick Wall

This room is flamboyant, full or personality, and beautiful! It reflects warmth, style, and a bohemian spirit.

colourful Spanish room with brick wall

20.   Modern Pale Brick Wall

Brick is classic, timeless, and sophisticated. It is also modern and contemporary. This pale modern brick wall perfectly complements the smooth, neutral, and minimalist room.  

modern pale brick wall

21.   Weathered Brick Tub Base

Upgrade your bathroom’ generic look by installing a weathered brick tub base. The classic outdoor look translates into a countrified and charming interiors.

rustic bathroom

22.   Bare Brick Entry Steps

Dress up a forgettable entrance with brick steps! A nice welcoming pile of warm red bricks will also enhance your kerb appeal.

red brick entrance steps

23.   Boho Painted Bricks

Love to live with colours! You can paint your bricks anyway and with any colour you want. This glossy and vivid deep green splashback will surely brighten up any kitchen.  

green brick splashback

24.   Aged Brick Wall

Nothing like an intriguing back story and a conflict of designs to create an interesting room. Foil a stark all white room with an ascetic and aged brick accent wall.

white living room with rough brick wall

25.   Modern Blue Bricks

Inject some interesting hues to your standard rustic colour schemes. This classic rustic living is blued, polished, and fascinating. Thanks to its blue-painted brick wall and unique blue floor rug.

blue themed country living room

26.   Wood and Stone Bricks

This bathroom design was able to effortlessly combine elegance with rustic by using key materials from both styles. The wood plank wall and free-stacked stone bricks offer idyllic charm, while the chic chandelier, elegant curtain, and wrought iron décor are pure sophistication.

elegant rustic bathroom

27.   Medieval Brick Wall

Bring back the age of chivalry and ascetic splendour with bricks. The minimalist styling helps draw attention to the room’s most remarkable aspect – the wall.

spacious bedroom with rough brick wall

28.   Glass Brick Wall

Contemporary home designs are sleek, clean, and uncluttered. When you love bricks but don’t want to compromise the modern home design, go for glass bricks. They are functional, chic, and will perfectly complement any modern home.

glass brick wall

29.   Exposed Stone Wall

Exposing raw and rough brick walls is one of the popular renovation ideas and designing with bricks. The exposed brick stone wall transformed a hotel standard bedroom design into a fascinating and cosy bedroom.

rustic bedroom

30.   A White Brick Wall

When you want to bring out the vivid colours of the room, a white-painted brick wall is perfect. Spotless yet dramatic in texture. A white brick wall is rough and neat, chic and interesting.

chic living with while brick wall

31.   Something from the Outside

Use two different and opposing design genre to double the drama! This highly captivating bedroom includes chic floral prints and garden themed décor. Disparate from the grungy and city street style of its graffiti painted brick walls.

Soho city apartment bedroom

32.   Edgy and Rough

This upbeat and well-lighted room looks big for its actual size! The neutral shades, simple and minimal decoration, and open walls create an illusion of space. While the raw and rough red brick wall provides the charm and character of the room.

bright and sunny dining area

33.   Colonial Brick Wall Feature

Mix the weathered charm of aged colonial bricks with the sleek and neat contemporary home interiors. The result is unique, impressive, and creatively dazzling.

modern living room with colonial brick accent

34.   Greyed Brick Wall

Modernise the classic rustic look with sleek furniture, neutral tones, bare floor, and greyed brick walls. Amongst the popular ideas and modern designs with bricks is to lighten the bricks than the usual deep red tone to make it more cohesive with the current minimalist style.

rustic Scandinavian dining space

35.   A Rough Wall Accent

Rough and raw stone amidst all the sleek and neat lines. A section of rough brick wall is all you need to inject a wow factor to the conventional modern kitchen design.

modern kitchen with brick wall

36.   Slate Herringbone Bathroom Floors

Complement the contemporary bathroom design with something classic. Skip the tiles and stick to the good old brick flooring. You get a modern bath with a lot of character. 

modern white bathroom with slate brick floors

37.   Brick Room Divider

Most of the modern ideas and modern designs with bricks use the unpolished and warm charm of bricks to counter the smooth and clean lines and surfaces of contemporary designs. This sleek kitchen is made remarkable by the edgy brick room divider.

cottage kitchen with brick room divider

38.   Modern and Medieval Mix

Play up the character of your modern kitchen by adding an aged brick wall. The minimalist and efficient design gets a much needed allure and fascinating aspect from the unexpected wall of bricks.

modern kitchen with aged brick wall

39.   Charming Wall Insets

Use bricks to dress up blank walls instead of putting up pictures and frames. The trick adds charm and individuality to the room, while keeping it exciting and uncluttered.

modern living space

40.   Green Accent Glass Bricks

Accent glass bricks will let you add something fanciful and unique to your home while evoking the age-old charm of bricks. Fascinating, whimsical, and modern!

green glass bricks

41.   Minimalist’s Brick Wall

Hate the clutter but love the character of old brick homes? You can keep the walls, exposed and weathered for charm and character. Take out all the clutter and replace it with simple, elegant and basic pieces you need.

exposed brick wall

42.   Rough and Aged

Complement a dated look with an even older accent. The old on old design trick will give you a powerful and cultured effect. The resulting look evokes an urbane, sophisticated, and a slightly rough and intriguing character.

rough and aged brick wall

43.   Black Brick Accent Wall

Dull metal tones, a lot of wood accents, and a sombre wall of black bricks. The dark painted brick matches the overall strong, imposing, and creative interiors.

modern black brick wall

44.   White Bricked Kitchen

Add texture and fun to your city apartment space using bricks. This apartment is predominantly industrial steel, concrete, and wood. The white brick kitchen matches the style and adds a lot of charm and personality. 

industrial apartment loft

45.   Modern Brick Wall Feature

Cut the monotony of the room and highlight a wall with bricks! This contemporary foyer is imposing and elegant. It is made exceptional by a wall of interesting brick wall!

modern two storey foyer

46.   Weathered Stone Wall

Bring out the natural charm of your older home by exposing all those remarkable stone walls. Let its beauty and character shine and lend an extraordinary and captivating feature to a comfortable room.

cosy living room with weathered stone wall

47.   Indoor and Outdoor Walling

This is one of the most interesting ideas and modern designs with bricks. One continuous wall for both in and out of the house! The glass wall is the almost invisible partition that separates the outside from the interior of the house.

brick and glass walls

48.   Arched Brick Hall Accent

Inject a hint of Mediterranean architecture with an arched brick in the hallway! The natural grey tone complements the modern interiors, but it is the unpolished texture of the bricks that adds personality and individuality.

grey arched brick doorway

49.   White Brick Loft Feature

This toned down and unfussy loft design include hints of wild prairie and farmhouse vibe. Bare wood plank for floors, exposed beams, and the unassuming yet attention-grabbing white wall of painted bricks.

modern loft with white brick wall

50.   Modern Brick Fireplace

Brick fireplaces and oven have been around for so long. Bricks are the best in withstanding heat and fire. Include a remarkable focal point to your contemporary living space by adding an old-fashioned brick fireplace.

modern house with brick fireplace

51.   Rustic Country Home

This country home is both old and new. Designs and material are modern, but the inspiration is a classic. Brick fireplace, wood floors, solid wood beams, and candle lamps are timeless classics, while the rough bricks, wide glass walls, and floating shelving are all contemporary.

modern country home with brick fireplace

52.   Rough Colonial Brick

The best ideas and modern designs with bricks are in the kitchen. Install aged colonial brick wall to ruffle off the unforgiving lines of your modern kitchen. The rough and surprising wall will instantly turn a generic modern kitchen into an extraordinary one.  

white modern kitchen with rough brick wall

53.   Farmhouse Verandah Brick Wall

Unpolished red brick walls, wood shutters, and rocking chairs exude the idyllic charm of the farm, farm living, and the iconic farmhouse. This verandah is welcoming as it is uniquely eye-catching.

farmhouse verandah with rockers

54.   Old Red Brick Wall

Balance the sleek modern lines of your kitchen by installing a wall of red bricks – aged, roughened and weathered to perfection. The contrast is wonderfully intense and dazzling.

modern kitchen with red brick wall

55.   Accent Brick Floor

Create the ultimate rustic dining room with rough wooden table, weathered wood ceiling, and whitewashed brick floor. The charming window panes and white walls lend sophistication and to tame the rather wild room design.

charming farmhouse dining room

56.   Charming Bricked Patio

Make the most of your small city patio by using as much space as you can. Take advantage of your neighbour’s brick walls. Highlight the gorgeous red tone with creeping greens and colourful flowering plants.   

small patio with red brick walls

57.   Castle Rock Walls

This countrified bedroom features castle rock walls, exposed beams, and a reed rug on its bare stone floors. The lovely and charming old castle vibe is fit for royalty, and the masters of the house.

master bedroom with stone brick walls

58.   Distressed Brick Wall

Contemporary, light, and exciting. This Soho inspired living room has the artistic touches, the luxurious details, classic inspirations, and the laidback feel.

chic soho apartment living room

59.   Old English Brick Splashback

Add a bucolic touch to your modern kitchen with an Old English brick splashback. The deep red tone brightens up the dark colour scheme of the room and perfectly complements the rustic touch of the rough wooden table.  

red brick wall splashback

60.   Contemporary Brick Wall Accent

Upgrade a boring wall by adding a modern buff brick accent wall. The light natural colour tone and the edgy stone texture perfectly matches the contemporary minimalism of today.

modern brick wall

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