55 Modern Scandinavian Interior Designs and Ideas

modern Scandinavian kitchen

Modern Scandinavian interior designs are characterised by clean lines, use of natural elements, understated elegance and functionality. It follows the minimalistic movement of neutral tones and minimal decorations. Modern Scandinavian uses a lot of wood, highlighting its natural grains and tones. Here are some Scandinavian design ideas and renovation tips;

1.       Cool Country

Minimalist with strong rustic vibes. Blue grey walls, bare wood floors and furniture and comfortable cushions all speaks of cool Nordic styling and functionality.

comfortable modern rustic living room

2.       White and Wood

White walls help make the room look bigger than it is. The classic Scandinavian clean lines and neutral colours make this minuscule kitchen appears comfortable and welcoming, not cluttered or confined.

small modern kitchen

3.       Black and White Wall Patterns

Liven up your living room with touches of bright colours and fun shapes. The psychedelic mesh patterned wall is fun and attractive, yet still subdued and classy. The herringbone patterned wood floor add an interesting detail.

black and white wall pattern prints

4.       Geometric Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are staples of Scandinavian interiors. From the metallic vintage orbs to the modern geometric shapes. These black steel frames are modern, streamlined and stunning!

Scandinavian geometric pendant lights

5.       Bursts of Yellow

What better colour to complement the cool grey Nordic shades than cheerful yellow? Brighten up your classic Scandinavian space with bursts of the perky sunshine shade.

yellow and grey modern living room

6.       Bucket Chairs

Scandinavian furniture is made to contour the human body, making it comfortable without the need for fluff. Scandinavian bucket chairs and armchairs are efficient as they are comfortable.

Scandinavian bucket chairs

7.       Pinks and Greys

Refreshing, light and elegant. Pink hues are feminine and sweet, while the greys bring in the elegance and sensible style. 

pretty pink and grey bedroom

8.       Ladder Towel Bars

The wooden towel bars add just the right touch of rustic sophistication to the stark styles of modern bathrooms. The reclaimed wood sink table lends character and bucolic country style to the rather simple room.

ladder towel bar

9.       Wood Panels

Modern Scandinavian interior designs use a lot of wood – in its most natural form, showing its natural grains and shades. This room let the graceful beauty of wood standout. Bare wood panels cover the walls, ceiling and floor.

wood panelled rustic kitchen

10.   Graphics and Pastels

Scandinavian styling also comes with colours! This bright and cheerful wall features both colours and graphics. A great representation of how best to combine exciting and structured, attracting attention without being too tacky or loud.

colourful patterned wall

11.   White and Marble

Combine the cool elegance of marble, stark beauty of white. You get this fabulously chic and timeless design. Keep the lines clean and the walls uncluttered. A few hints of colour – a fruit basket, a bunch of fresh flowers or a bright kitchen towel can give the room an interesting and changing focal point.

white marble modern kitchen

12.   Colour Blocking

Scandinavian design style is not all about neutrals, it also comes with bright colours! Combine hues with structure and shapes. The bright blue sofa is the centre of the room interior design. It is complemented with the blue rug and wall blocks.

pink and blue Scandinavian interiors

13.   Lines and Light

Common to modern Scandinavian interior designs are its use of light tones and simple clean lines. This chic modern living room features white walls, grey floors and touches of pinks and greens. Plants and throw pillows add interest points and texture.

bright and light modern living room

14.   Rustic Brick Wall

A wall of exposed red brick is a delightful surprise to a room dominated with minimalism. The warm red tones and rugged texture of brick offer a charming antithesis to the clean and tame design.

modern kitchen with brick wall

15.   Reclaimed Wood Piece

A reclaimed wood piece to bring in rustic charm. This old wagon wheel centre table is as interesting as it is a surprising choice for a living room piece. It provides great rustic touch to balance out the minimalist vibe of modern and neutral interiors.

cosy living room

16.   Black and White Dining Room

White is a top colour scheme for modern Scandinavian interior designs, most especially for kitchens and dining rooms. The use of highly contrasting shades effectively offsets the stark whiteness. Black is a classic complement to white.

black and white dining room

17.   Brass and Green

When you want to bright colours to go with your modern Scandinavian interiors, go with gem tones. Complemented with brass accents to add sparkle, shades of emerald and greens are vibrant, alluring and perfect for any room.

modern green bedroom

18.   Copper Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are top favourite decorating piece for the Scandinavians. They come in different shapes, colours and materials. Where everything else is plain and grey, you can always light up a room with dramatic pendant lights.

large copper pendant lights

19.   Nordic Skies Tinge

Soft colours dominate the modern Scandinavian interior design. Dove grey, ashy blue and light glacial greens amongst the top choices. Soft, indeterminate, dynamic, like the famed northern lights.

modern grey Scandinavian bedroom

20.   Stone and Glass

Natural elements are big in Scandinavian interiors. Natural slate floors and walls give this modern bathroom a cool and clean ambiance. Glass accents add interesting points, while the wood pieces complete the Scandinavian look.

elegant modern bathroom

21.   Bare Wooden Floors

Bare wood floors are key feature of the modern Scandinavian interior designs. Clean walls, wood furniture pieces and neutral colours complete the classic uncluttered design.

modern Scandinavian interiors

22.   Grey Concrete Walls

If you can’t decide on a colour, you can leave your concrete wall as is. The cool grey shade of bare concrete perfectly captures the Nordic mode – cool, enigmatic and stylish. Brighten up the room with bright whites and glass accents.

romantic grey bedroom

23.   Modern Rustic

Easily infuse Scandinavian influences into any modern clean room. By simply adding identifiable pieces like bucket seats, rough rustic pieces and slim steel lamps, you transform a modern generic room into a warm and rustic enclave.

white modern rustic living room

24.   Photos and Artistic Prints

Modern Scandinavian interior décor are mostly made of functional items – furniture, lamps and throw blankets. Walls are left bare for most part, but if you want to hang something, it is usually an artistic photo or graphic art design. Frames are kept clean and understated.

white mid century modern room

25.   Copper Tones

This warm, beautiful and fascinating room is definitely Scandinavian, with strong Oriental influences. Although copper, gold and brass are common to modern Scandinavian interiors, they are used minimally. The liberal use of copper brought out gorgeous shine that offsets the plain walls and floors.

modern minimalist living room

26.   Mismatched Light Bulbs

A bit eccentric, a lot fascinating, completely Scandinavian. This charming collection of random light bulbs defies order and discipline. Goes perfectly well with the odd collection of chairs.

Scandinavian dining room

27.   Soft Pastels

This cosy and delightful living room is the welcoming and charming, the Scandinavian style. The omnipresent bare wood floors and white walls are complemented with soft pastel sofa, patterned rug and bright colourful accents.

charming pastel living room

28.   Bold Abstracts

When most of the room is pale and neutral, use accents to bring in colour! This bright and bold wall art delivers the colour and serves as the focal point of the room. Add few touches like the bright throw pillows to match the piece.

colorful modern living room

29.   A Skylight

The efficient use of natural light is integral to Scandinavian home design and planning, hence large windows, light shade preference and glass walls. This room is made even brighter and lighter by the skylight.

white and light Scandinavian interiors

30.   Wire Mesh Chairs

Minimalist, modern and sensible. Wire mesh chairs are eye-catching as they are practical. You can easily repaint them with new shades. You can bring them out during warm days or use them inside with fuzzy throws in colder weather.

black wire mesh chair

31.   Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are practical and efficient storing option. The Scandinavians have forged are way to make floating shelves fashionable and chic. This corner built-in shelves are well-organised and gracefully fits into the room.

minimalist floating shelves

32.   Scandinavian Triangles Floor

How do you make a dynamic and stimulating room while keeping it clean and lean? With shapes and shades! This interior design is almost devoid of any furnishings. The style all comes from the geometric shapes, complementing shades and interesting prints.

modern Scandinavian interiors

33.   Graphic Wall Arts

Minimalist graphics arts and designs perfectly complements the modern Scandinavian interiors. The basic lines, minimal use of colour and fascinating rendering fit right along with the cool and uncluttered neutral interiors.

mid century modern living room

34.   Indoor Plants

The use of natural elements as decoration is fundamental to the modern Scandinavian interior design. When you want to inject a burst of colour, the best way to do it is by adding plants into the room. Plants offer endless different forms, structure and colour choices.

potted indoor plants

35.   Charcoal Walls

Darker wall shades give Scandinavian interiors a strong dramatic ambiance. Interesting shades of dark blue, green and greys are preferred. To lighten up a dark room, add plenty of white and light accents, like the white furniture and peach accents of this lovely bedroom.

peach and grey bedroom

36.   Hanging Bowl Chair

Cosy and comfortable. This snug chair can also double as a swing. Great seating addition to any room in the house, even outside.

hanging basket seat

37.   Wood and Stone

Clean and minimal doesn’t have to be plain and boring. Using the natural beauty of wood and stone, transform a basic modern kitchen into a chic and gorgeous living space.

modern kitchen

38.   Creative Shelving

Get creative with your walls and shelving while keeping it clean and uncluttered. Decorating a wall doesn’t always have to involve frames and features, it can also mean additional storage! It’s the functionalism of modern Scandinavian interior designs.

built in wall shelves living room

39.   Rustic Wood Beams

This very rustic and very modern kitchen uses three kinds of wood shades and textures. Light tan wood grains for kitchen cabinets, knotty pine for the floor and rough walnut beams in warm deep tones.

white modern rustic kitchen

40.   Diamond Patterned Rug

Make your modern living room more comfortable by adding a Scandinavian diamond patterned rug. The added texture creates a more inviting touch without disrupting the clean and minimalistic look.

small scandinavian living room

41.   The Dark Room

For the non-conformist and lovers of anything grey – this bedroom offers the perfect mix of mystery, chic and functionality. The use of several shades of grey is sexy. Bursts of white give the room the needed light points.

modern minimalist dark bedroom

42.   A Furry Throw

Scandinavian interiors can sometimes be too plain and unambiguous. Instantly transform a humdrum living room into a fabulously stylish one – with a furry throw! The cosy texture and the refreshing burst of colour relieve the space of its starkness.  

modern living room

43.   Minimalist Perfection

This modern bathroom is complete with all necessities, and none of the fluff. The perfect minimalist. Add a touch of warm wood accent and you get a very sensible Scandinavian inspired bathroom.

white minimalist bathroom

44.   Modular Shelves

Stylish, functional, sensible. Every room can use a Scandinavian modular shelving. It comes in many colours, flexible and movable. For its elegance, beauty and functionality, this black steel modular shelving is a winner.

black modular shelving

45.   White and Cosy

Turn a corner into a cosy inviting space with some Scandinavian style decorating. White walls and furniture expands the space, to light blue rugs provide colour, an expandable wall lamp and wooden three-legged nesting table and stool.

small white living room

46.   Roses and Blues

If you want to go bold, use colours. This dramatic and beautiful bedroom is full of character and charm. The deep blue wall is complemented by delicate shades of roses, neutral greys and an arresting wall feature.

modern elegant bedroom

47.   Patterned Scandinavian Baskets

Scandinavian baskets are beautiful and functional. The baskets can either be made of hemp, rattan, seagrass or birch slats. Usually decorated with black strips and patterns, the round or square storage baskets come in all sizes and designs.

Scandinavian storage baskets

48.   The Angled Lamp

The angled lamp is a fixture in all modern Scandinavian interior designs. They come in different sizes and made of different materials, but they all come adjustable, functional, tall and slim. You can add one in the living room, in the bedroom, and in the study.

tall adjustable lamp

49.   Modern Scandinavian

Fascinating, clean, minimalist. All items count. No fluff, no clutter. The modern Scandinavian style is all functionality, natural beauty and grace.

modern scandinavian dining room

50.   Patterned Kitchen Floor

In keeping with the modern Scandinavian minimalism and functionality, this kitchen feature clean walls, neutral colours and uncluttered countertops. The drama comes from the patchwork patterned floor!

modern scandinavian kitchen

51.   Bohemian Chic

Combine the warm and bold Bohemian style to the clean and impeccable chic of Scandinavian interiors. You get a room full of character, graceful yet bold, remarkably elegant.

modern small living room

52.   Customised Wall Cabinetry

Built-in cabinetry is the open secret of Scandinavian’s uncluttered walls. Cabinet doors are fitted to appear like part of the wall when closed. So, you get a seamless, clean wall finish.

modern built in cabinets

53.   Scandinavian Triangles Splashback

You can also have the grey-green-white Scandinavian triangles for your splashback. The interesting and attractive pattern is also modern and elegant. It is the perfect colourful foil to the whites, greys and wooden pieces in the room.

modern scandinavian style kitchen

54.   Geometric Rose Lamps

Upgrade from the usual round or square Scandinavian pendant lamp. These geometric rose lamps are fabulous, striking and unique. They don’t just add the light, but also colour style!

geometric rose pendant lamps

55.   Boho Charm

Getting too much of Scandinavian décor items don’t make your home cluttered, it makes you a charming Boho space! The congregation of Scandinavian baskets, rugs, wood furniture and graphic prints is the amalgamation of the restrained Boho chic and elegance.

Modern boho interior design

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