40 Modern Minimalist Ideas and Designs

modern minimalist kitchen

Minimalism and downsizing are two of the hottest trends in housing today. People are opting for smaller homes, minimal décor and fewer possessions. The minimalist home perfectly fits the dynamics of today’s society – energetic, positive, progressive. Instead of acquisitions, people are spending more on travels and experiences. Thus, homes are more of sanctuaries and less of display centres. Clean, restrained, efficient. Here are some modern minimalist ideas and designs for the homes of today;

1.       The Utilitarian Bathroom

Bright, clean, beautiful. The bright white overall interiors is amply complemented by the black accents and fixtures. This is a modern, efficient and complete bathroom, with everything you need and none of the fluff.

white minimalist bathroom

2.       An Efficient Foyer

Plain walls, thin lines and neutral colours all point to the minimalist interior design. The uncluttered styling creates cool beauty and calmness to the space. Best for narrow hallways and smaller homes.

minimalist foyer

3.       Wood Works

Natural elements like wood, metal and plants are common decorative essentials in minimalist ideas and designs. They add colour, texture and character to any room. The brightness of white of this cosy bedroom is matched by the warm tones of the wood accents – floor, shelves and furniture pieces.

rustic minimalist bedroom

4.       Hallway Office

Say goodbye to bulky offices desks and messy storage system. This modern and minimalist home office is small enough and stylish enough for the hallway. Wooden shelves and wall desk complement the hardwood floor, rattan chair and tan accents. Pretty and efficient.

minimalist home office

5.       Cool Grey Walls

Neutral colours are aligned with the minimalist movement. Grey is a top hue in the minimalist ideas and designs because of its cool tone and because it can easily complement other minimalist colours and elements. This grey bedroom is cool, relaxing and lovely.

grey minimalist bedroom

6.       Banquette Dining

This breakfast nook is charming as it is efficient and well-designed. Snug is a corner, space is maximised by the built-in banquette and movable table and bench. The wide window draws in ample natural light, while a rustic pendant light keeps the corner bright at night.

minimalist breakfast nook

7.       Plain Ceilings

Minimalist ideas and designs shun excessive décor and unnecessary elements. Ceilings are mostly plain white or any other neutral colour, while lighting elements are kept obscure or underplayed. This charming minimalist living room keeps its focus on its centre elements – light blue sofa set, silver floor lamp and a large art piece.

stylish minimalist living room

8.       Calm Environs

The absence of clutter in a minimalist room results in a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. This extreme minimalist dining room features white walls, natural wood tones and amazing carpentry work. The corners and curves of the design highlight both precision and smoothness.

relaxing minimalist dining room

9.       Multi-Purpose Pieces

One key element of minimalist is its sparse furnishing. The fewer items in the room, the better it is. To achieve this goal, multi-purpose furniture are often used. This sleek round centre table features a hidden storage compartment, very handy with keeping the clutter away from plain sight.

round centre table with storage

10.   Japanese Minimalism

The minimalist movement originated from the efficient and sparse interiors of Japanese homes. This beautiful Asian-inspired bathroom features smooth wood panelled walls, clean counters and minimalist fixtures. Relaxing, comforting and efficient.

wood panelled bathroom

11.   Creative Storage System

A minimalist home still has its own share of accumulated possessions and clutter. However, it is also able to manage clutter and keep it away from plain view. This teenage minimalist bedroom shows some creative ways of incorporating storage into the room in a way that it does not obstruct the design.

compact teen bedroom

12.   Just White

White is clean, bright and timeless. It is also beautiful for interiors when done right. Minimalist ideas and designs have a lot of white because of its neutral tone and universality. This very stylish white kitchen includes whitewashed floorboards, classy accents and white everything else.

modern all white kitchen

13.   Blank Space

One secret to the spacious and relaxing minimalist environs is the blank space. Walls, shelves, floors and counters are kept empty on purpose. Creating a blank space gives a breathing and relaxing room for the senses. 

minimalist living room

14.   All in Black

Edgy, modern and impressive. This modish and elegant bathroom sink features black in many forms and texture. Glossy black marble with delicate white veins, matte black wall and accents, black wood sink cabinet and an eye-catching black stone basin.

modern black bathroom

15.   Plants for Colour

Potted plants inside the house don’t just help freshen and purify the air, they also add colour and perk up the rooms. The bright greens, reds and yellows of plants complement, add pops of colour and boost the neutral and understated minimalist interiors.

indoor potted plants

16.   Clean Walls

Clean, simple, stylish. This modern minimalist home skipped the hodgepodge and fuss and went for the simpler, cleaner and clutter-free way. Walls, floor and ceiling are kept bare, paint colours are white or close to white and décors at the minimum.

ultra modern minimalist living room

17.   Tans and Pinks

A colourful take of modern minimalism. This beautiful bedroom introduced delicate shades of pink and browns to add a good dose of fun and colour. Accents are kept to minimal – a mirror, a vintage wire light pendant, a potted plant and a jar of wispy ornament. Modern and beautiful.

modern pink bedroom

18.   Concrete Kitchen

Popular amongst minimalist ideas and designs are bare concrete walls, floors and ceilings. The unpolished and cool grey concrete aligns with the minimalist design principles – neutral colour, bare and simple. This modern kitchen added wood boards to its flooring, white walls and ceiling and a concrete slab for its counter.

modern concrete kitchen

19.   Accent Colours

Going full on minimalist can be boring or underwhelming to some people. Adding accent colours like this elegant living room infused sea green accents can perk up the neutral tones of the interiors. Just make sure that the added colours complement the dominant minimalist tones of the room.

luxurious modern living room

20.   The Raised Bed

An easy trick to create more storage space without cramping a small bedroom is by raising the bed. This narrow bedroom designated the end far from the door as the sleeping and storage area, clearing the rest of the room for movement and other activities. The seamless white ceiling and walls help create an illusion of space, while the light wood floor and cabinetry add charm and character to the room.

small minimalist bedroom

21.   Floating Shelves

Shelves are great home features to help manage clutter, maximise space and display ornaments. For the minimalist home, floating shelves are favoured as they the least intrusive and are the least to disrupt the wall structure. Solid white, black, grey or wood tones are the most preferred floating shelves colour.

minimalist floating shelves

22.   The Blocking Technique

There is a technique to achieve variety within a minimalist room, the blocking technique. This entails dividing a large portion of the room, wall or floor and dedicating one design for each section. The result is an organised design of combined genres. This classy living opted for the rustic wood boards for its upper walls and clean white and grey for the lower part. 

modern rustic living room

23.   Skylights

Light, bright and airy room interiors are popular in the minimalist home design. This spacious and bright kitchen is further enhanced by its huge skylights. The white interiors is complemented with wood accents – floor, cabinets, stools and the kitchen island. Charming, bright and modern.

modern kitchen with skylights

24.   Behind the Walls

Ingenious cabinetry is behind most of the minimalist’s clutter-free look. By building clever storage spaces, designing multi-functional furniture pieces and home designs that hide almost everything from plain sight. This compact laundry area is set behind a wall. You get an accessible laundry and a clean minimalist wall when it’s not in use.

hidden laundry

25.   Colour and Texture

This warm, welcoming and bright bedroom added tiny details and texture to its otherwise plain minimalist theme. Pops of colours on the rug, tiny puffs on the beddings and the warm bronze shade of the sheets that complements the mirror frame turn up the heat from the usual cool minimalist to a warm and bright modern room.

trendy minimalist bedroom

26.   Minimalist Wall Art

The minimalist wall art matches the overall theme of the design – elegant, streamlined, understated. Thin frames of neutral colour, uncluttered prints and patterns, minimal use of bright colours. This collage of plant-themed prints is in black and white background and frames with diffused colour accents.

minimalist living room

27.   Green and Grey

Cool, breezy, comforting. This edgy bedroom takes on the spirit of the ocean – the nonchalant style and brazen disregard of the expected. The cool grey of the bare concrete walls and floors provide an enigmatic air, while the foamy green and white bed is comfortable and welcoming.

minimalist bedroom

28.   Bare Floors

The beautiful texture of the wood is on full display in this amazing modern minimalist home. The stairs and floor feature smooth wood boards that showcase its natural grains and textures, giving the cool and perfect home character and depth.

modern minimalist home

29.   Black and White

The contrasting hues of black and white complement each other perfectly. This chic and modern kitchen uses both colours to its full advantage. The charcoal black counter, cabinets, sink and splashback provide a striking kitchen work area, while the upper portion of the room in white keeps the space bright and airy.

modern black and white kitchen

30.   In-Wall Shelves

In-wall shelves provide the needed storage space without cluttering the room. Since the space is behind the wall surface, walls are kept clean and incessant. This all-white in-wall shelving offers ample space for small items that would otherwise clutter the room. Great for the living room, the bedroom or hallways.

minimalist shelves

31.   Classic Marble

Luxurious minimalist! The minimalist design is meant to be frugal, efficient and functional. But it can also be fabulous and luxurious. This magnificent kitchen follows the rules of minimalism – clean walls, neutral colours and efficient design. But it also uses the best materials available – marble counters and splashback, silver fixtures and an eye-catching minimalist chandelier.

modern luxurious kitchen

32.   Modern Minimalist Bedroom

To keep this monotone room interesting, strategic lighting, use of different textures and excellent carpentry are needed. The off-white overall colour of the room can be boring without the clever under lights, impeccable cabinetry and textured floor, bed and beddings. Cleaver placement of an out-of-place accent like the twigs disrupts the tedious consistency of the room.

white minimalist bedroom

33.   Moody and Modish

The colours in this edgy minimalist living room are all diffused with grey to achieve its moody vibe. Old rose pink, ash blue and grey-green accents are modish, striking and fun. The white ceiling, light wood floorboards and strategic lighting keep the interiors bright and well-lit.

modern living room

34.   Strategic Lighting

Awesome lighting highlights the features of the room and creates the mood desired. This modern living room keeps the décor and accents to minimal, but its lighting to the max. Using a lot of in-wall light fixtures and recessed ceiling light settings, lights are provided but the clutter is kept to a minimum.

rustic minimalist home

35.   Amazing Organisers

The extensive storage system of minimalist homes includes specific organisers. This kitchen organiser is strategically located in the kitchen counter – accessible, but away from plain view. It includes specific places for different kitchen items, making organising easy.

minimalist kitchen island organiser

36.   Nature’s Elements

Bringing in and incorporating natural elements is common in many minimalist ideas and designs. The reed area rug, bare wood beams, pottery, twigs and stones provide contrast to the smooth walls and floors and contribute to the earthy and rustic vibe of this modern living room.

cottage style living room

37.   Compact Comforts

Because of the efficient designs, functionality and absence of fluff, minimalist rooms don’t have to be large to accommodate all its essentials. This small bathroom already has a modern stand-alone tub, a shower, a lavatory with a cabinet and a toilet. The white overall interiors help make the room look bigger, while the black accent fittings add in elegance and chic style.

small minimalist bathroom

38.   Glass Walls

Glass walls are elegant, timeless and minimalist. Adding a glass wall will save you from decorating it, while it entertains you with wonderfully unpredictable and constantly changing views. Glass wall also lets in ample natural lighting, necessary to the minimalist ambience.

living room with glass wall

39.   Minimalist Area Rug

Minimalist ideas and designs often call for bare and unadorned floors. But area rugs are also welcome as long as they follow the rules of minimalism. This trendy minimalist rug is the perfect complement to this small and chic apartment living room. White with random grey stripes, its colours and design are very minimalist!

small minimalist living room

40.   Clutter Control

It takes a lot of effort to keep homes clutter-free. The secret to the neatness of many minimalist homes is its clutter control system in place. This laundry room is impeccably neat and clean. The baskets displayed aren’t just for the aesthetics of the room, they are also there to control clutter and help organise the usually messy room.

modern minimalist laundry room

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